Mr. P.S.P., a 43 year old General Manager reported with complaints of pain in the abdomen.

The complaint had started after taking Erythromycin tablets for throat infection about 10 months ago. He would get severe, constant pain in the abdomen (epigastric region) throughout the day. He also had a constant hot feeling in the abdomen, mostly at night; he would get up in the middle of night and keep tossing in bed due to the same. He would become restless during pain and would not feel comfortable in any position. All investigations done were normal. He also complained of passage of mucus in stools; he had taken treatment for Amoebiasis without any relief. He would have to rush to the toilet immediately after eating. The patient had marked anxiety about illness and fear that he would die due to this. The anxiety about the pain was so marked that even the thought of pain would produce jitters in the patient. Because of this, he had developed anorexia and loss of weight. His thirst had increased and he would frequently drink a glassful of water. His sweat was very scanty. He was sensitive to cold in general and intolerant of it. Sleep would be frequently disturbed due to the chief complaint and would often dream of office matters and business. By nature he was very irritable and would get angry very easily. He also had a lot of anxiety about his work and preferred to be in company of people. He had suffered from Typhoid and Rheumatic fever in the past. His father had complaints of acidity, his mother had Facial paralysis and his maternal aunt had undergone valve replacement for a valvular defect. Besides this, there was no history of any other illness in the family. Based on the above history, he was prescribed Silica 30 for his complaints. A week later, he reported that his sleep and the burning in the abdomen was better. The color of his stools had also changed from black to yellow. Another 2 weeks later, he reported with no further improvement than the last time. He said that the burning was worse at night time and on lying down, with lot of restlessness. Based on this, he was prescribed Arsenic Alb. 200. He reported 2 weeks later with more than 60% improvement. His treatment was continued on similar lines for about 2 months at the end of which he would get the burning very rarely and he had also started taking spicy food now. Over a period of time, it was observed that his anxiety had also come down and he was much more calm than before. His treatment was concluded thereafter and he was told to report to us in case he developed any other complaints in future.