Company profile: Columbia

Company profile: Columbia Co. Mercyhurst University RIAP Class 300 Pia Frascatore

Fall 2012

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Company profile: Columbia

Contents.............................................................................................................. 2 Executive Summary...................................................................................... 5 Value Chain...................................................................................................... 6 Timeline........................................................................................................ 9 Top Management:....................................................................................... 13 Marketing activities and trends................................................................... 20 Marketing:................................................................................................ 20 Trends:....................................................................................................... 22 Operations/Capacities.................................................................................... 23 Strategies....................................................................................................... 27 Coldblack®:................................................................................................... 43 Garment......................................................................................................... 44 Layered Thermoplastic Non-Woven Textile Elements................................................ 45 Cellulosic Substrates with reduced absorbent capacity having the capability..................... 46 Temperature responsive smart textile..................................................................... 47 Waterproof moisture-permeable underwear and waterproof moisture-permeable liner ........48 Heat management system................................................................................... 49 Holographic Patterned Heat Management Material.................................................... 50 Zoned Functional Fabrics................................................................................... 51

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Company profile: Columbia

Columbia Sportswear is a strong company, attracting audiences to their luxurious products despite tough economic times, reaching record highs in sales i. Their expansion is consistent even in the uncertain economy. Their strong business plan is based on new technology, this innovation requires large investments and thus and large gamble ii, counter acted by out sourcing the responsibility for production and sales to other companies. The structure is further stabilized by the versatile in background and ideas, present on the board of Directors iii. The rising costs of materializes, will soon be squeezing profit margins, and in this changeling field, flexibility will be keyiv.

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Company profile: Columbia

Key Intelligence Topics
Sources Key Finding Implications for Colombia Sportswear Co.

Strategy Models

1. Market development
Marketing and Trends

Redefining the brand through advertising

Strategy Models

2. Market Penetration
Marketing and Trends

Expanding into new markets

Value Chain 3. Innovation & Development Patent analysis Strategy Models

Competing through superior functionality and assessing that strategies profitability in this market.

Financial analysis 4. Stagnant Economic Growth STEEP Sources Key Finding Implications for Colombia Sportswear Co. May cause reduction in sales if prolonged.

PRIORITY: A HIGHEST IMPACT 5. Market development

Strategy Models Marketing and Trends

PRIORITY: A HIGHEST IMPACT Redefining the brand through advertising

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(see product portfolio) 2) Corporate weaknesses/potential challenges: a) Future of company very closely tied to the future of the Boyle family. in this changeling field. spawned from their diverse backgrounds. and marketing) c) Production outsourced.(see financial report) b) Diversely of ideas in board.Company profile: Columbia Company Overview Executive Summary Columbia Sportswear is a strong company. reaching record highs in sales v. this innovation is a big investments and thus and large gamblevi. this is a vulnerability in a changing market. this will attract consumers even as prices rise. the changing market may lead to non-absorbable cost increases. (see management) b) Luxury item. specialized production. flexibility will be keyviii. in that the direction of the company is focused on continuing to achieve goals in their current manner (see marketing) d) Diversified market. Rising materializes costs have been seen to problematic for the retail market. attracting audiences to their luxurious products even in tough economic times. (see management assessment) c) Strong leadership. (see STEEP) (not held by company) 5/2/2013 Page 5 of 94 . as seen in the record high sales of the past two years. niche market. This Risk is countered by the versatile in background and ideas. this phenomena will soon be effecting Columbia’s profit margins. 1) Corporate strengths : a) Profitability. (see product portfolio. present on the board of Directorsvii. Their strong business plan is based on technology. Their expansion is consistent even in the uncertain economy.

China and Vietnam 99% of  Operations:  Employment:xiv • December 31: 3. with strong plans to expand. Their growth is substantial. Their success is based on patents for innovative.  Production:xiii  Externalized: • • • Products produced to company specifications by independent manufacturers located in 15 countries. (not US) Vietnam and China accounting for approximately 67% of 2008 apparel production footwear manufactured in three countries. and this leads to both high liquidity and vulnerability ixx.Company profile: Columbia Value Chain Summary: Columbia is a truly global company. China and Vietnam 99% of 2008 footwear production. (not US) Vietnam and China accounting for approximately 67% of 2008 apparel production footwear manufactured in three countries.163 full-time employees ♦ 1. Most other operations are externalized.  Production:xii  Externalized: • • • Products produced to company specifications by independent manufacturers located in 15 countries.  Supply Chain:  Inbound logistics  Accounting:xi  Externalized: • Deloitte & Touche LLP independent registered public accounting firm for Columbia Sportswear Co. functional fabrics and brand loyalty.737 in United States ♦ 985 in Asia 5/2/2013 Page 6 of 94 .

163 full-time employees ♦ 1.97 per share. they are not as numerous as one would expect from such a large brand name.26 per sharexvi  2009 profit $67 million.  Sales and Marketing:  Stores are generally stand alone in larger communities. as opposed to a mall presence. While their locations are international. where customers can directly order  Out bound logistics:  1.737 in United States ♦ 985 in Asia ♦ 320 in Europe ♦ 121 in Canada.2 billion salesxvii  Human resources:  Employment:xviii • December 31: 3. $1.48 Billion annual sales 2011xv  Profit $77 million. or $2. Infrastructure: • • Headquarters: 14375 NW Science Park Drive Portland. Oregon 97229-5418 United States Phone: 503-985-4000 Fax: 503-985-5800 5/2/2013 Page 7 of 94 Global Cooperate offices and Distribution Centers: All company holdings and property leases: .Company profile: Columbia ♦ 320 in Europe ♦ 121 in Canada.  Their strength is the reach of online retailer:  Available in fallowing languages and countries. or $1.

Gertrude Boyle's children may have been presented with executive jobs.Company profile: Columbia History and background Summary: This is operated as a family company. and this may drive them to out preform. Insect Blocker®. and out sell their competitors. 63% of the company remains with the Boyle founding familyxix. xxv Timeline •Apparel Magazine names Columbia as a top innovator •US and Canada Columbia sponsored ski teams podium in events around the world •Technologies developed: Omni-Wind® BLOCK. Omni- 5/2/2013 Page 8 of 94 . The company has a strong focus on innovation. Omni-Heat® Thermal Electric •Columbia launches e-commerce •Titanium® golf line introduced •Technologies developed: Omni-Shield® Advanced Repellency. Omni-Freeze® ICE. 2012 Omni-Wick® EVAP •Columbia sponsors the US Frestyle Ski Team •The Peak 2 Peak™ Jacket wins Outside ™ •Magazine's Gear of the Year award 2011 •Technologies developed: Fluidpost® & Fludframe®. Onmi-Dry® Ultrabreathable. regardless of their public stature. somewhat prematurelyxxxxixxiixxiiixxiv. Waterproof :OutDry •Forbes names Columbia one of the top 100 most trustworthy 2010 •Technologies developed: Omni-Heat® Thermal Reflective.

Omni-Freeze® Advanced Cooling •Omni-Shade® Columbia's proprietary sun protection technology developed 2008 •Columbia celebrates its 70th anniversary •Official Sponsor of Team Columbia. Distribution Center opens •5+ million visitors to website •Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games: Official supplier to NBC Sports •Eco-Challenge official provider 1996–2002 2002 2000 1998 •Columbia acquires Sorel •Company goes public •Sydney Summer Olympic Games: Official supplier to NBC Sports 5/2/2013 Page 9 of 94 . is released •X Games official supplier 2002–2005 2005 •4 Star Distribution Center opens •Columbia acquires Mountain Hardwear 2004 2003 •Company reaches $1 billion dollars in annual sales •Cambrai. France. One Tough Mother. former team High Road •Columbia acquires Montrail and Pacific Trail Products •Available in 72 countries 2006 •Gert's autobiography.Company profile: Columbia 2009 Shield Blood 'N Guts®.

takes over the company because of her husband’s death at age 47xxvi •Gert Boyle designs first fishing vest •Columbia Hat Company becomes Columbia Sportswear Company 5/2/2013 Page 10 of 94 . a housewife.Company profile: Columbia •Omni Dry®: High-performance moisture management technology developed 1997 •Special Olympics: Official supplier to Team USA •Columbia Comfort System introduced 1996 1995 •PFG introduced •Flagship store opens •GRT: Gear for Rugged Trekking and Travel line introduced •America's Cup: Official sponsor to America3 •Convert and Titanium lines introduced •Lillehammer Winter Olympics Games: Official supplier to CBS Sports •Rivergate Distribution Center opens 1994 1993 1991 1986 1985 •Footwear line introduced •Omni-Tech®: Columbia's proprietary waterproof-breathable technology developed •First Bugaboo™ Parka revolutionizes how downhill skiers dress •Sportswear line introduced •The Mother of all ad campaigns begins 1984 1982 1975 1970 1960 •Youth line introduced •The Columbia Interchange System® is introduced in the Quad™ Parka •Columbia first to introduce Gore-Tex® parka •Company goes international •Gert Boyle.

Company profile: Columbia 1938 •Columbia Hat Company established by Gertrude Boyle's parents when they fled Nazi Germany when she was 13. 5/2/2013 Page 11 of 94 .

Director of Widmer Brother Brewing Company Interim Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing since August 2012 Director of Craft Brewers Alliance Inc. was published in 2005 Compensation: Salary$842. an expert for every field. Trustee to Lewis and Clark College 1970 .present Chairman of Columbia Sportswear Co. Key members of the board are older. mediated by the family core. 2008 Director of Northwest Natural Gas Co. started to help mother with family company while finishing senior year of college Director of Columbia Sportswear Co. since 2003 Annual Compensation: Salary $859.424 *Data is at least as current as the most recent Definitive Proxy. The remarkably diverse backgrounds are apparent. Timothy P.423 All Other Compensation (Stock) $66. since July 1. Boyle xxixxxx President and Chief Executive Officer Employment: The University of Oregon. but the rage of ages and the seemingly generational set up of power. BS Journalism 1971 General Manager. since 1983 Autobiography: One Tough Mother.423 Total Annual Compensation$842.896.601 Total Calculated Compensation$1.Top Management: Columbia holds a very specialized board of directors.289 Total Calculated Compensation $1.400.231 All Other Compensation (Stock)$28. leads one to believe and change in this structure would not destabilize the company to any great degree.110 5/2/2013 Page 12 of 94 .375. since 1978 president and chief executive officer of Columbia Sportswear Company since 1989 1999-N/A. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Gertrude Boyle xxviixxviii Chairwoman of the Board Employment: University of Arizona with husband (degree not found/completed) House wife President of her parents' company in 1970 after the death of her 47 year old Husband and her refusal to sell the company for $1.

com. Babson J. Chairman of Nominating & Governance Committee and Member of Audit Committee ESCO Corporation2003-N/A Director OVISO Manufacturing Concord.2002-Present Director. Stephen E. Chairman of Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee and Member of Compensation Committee Columbia2003-Present Director. Director of Retail Stores 5/2/2013 Page 13 of 94 . \co-owner of Moonstruck Chocolate Company. Inc. since April 2002.1975 Independent Director of Columbia Sportswear Company since July 1993. SnapNames.500 Total Calculated Compensation$203. Inc. Golden Northwest Aluminum Holding Company. Director. Inc. Sarah A.988 Background: Daughter of Gertrude Boyles Board of Directors since 1988 2001.Columbia Sportswear Company. Bany xxxvxxxvi Total Calculated Compensation$161. Albers xxxixxxii Total Annual Cash Compensation$43. Attorney at Stoel Rives LLP 1978 partner Stoel Rives LLP 1984 to February 2002 Stoel Rives LLP chairman July 1999 to February 2002. Inc. Executive Vice President of Brand Development 1979 -1998.D. a Northwest private equity firm. Director ESCO Corporation Director Columbus Foods Director LLC Director Little Red Services.566 Background: President and Chief Executive Officer of United States Bakery. Inc.1998-Present Director. Director National Frozen Foods Corporation Director New Seasons Market Director Northland Transportation Company Director Tidewater Holdings.1985 General Manager of Franz Bakery. xxxiiixxxiv Employment: Board of Directors since July 2002 chairs the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Managing director in Endeavour Capital.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Murrey R.

financial Consultant Director of First National Bank of San Diego until its sale in September 200 Director of Columbia Sportswear Company since 1989. Director. George xxxixxl Compensation: $192. 1999 – 2005 Kryptiq Corporation and McKesson Corporation Director of Creative at Red Bee Media Limited.701 Background: President and Chief Executive Officer of Torrey Pines from 1980 to 1990 Columbia Sportswear Co. Former Director. Manufacturing & Enterprise Services of Intel Corporation. “audit committee financial expert.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Andy Bryant xxxviixxxviii Total: $7.246. Columbia Sportswear Company Walter T.418 Background: 5/2/2013 Page 14 of 94 • • . Chief Administrative Officer of Intel Corporation2007-2012 Executive Vice President of Technology. Director.300 Background: Columbia sportswear Director. Kryptiq Corporation 1999-N/A. Chairman of Audit Committee and Member of Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee. Convera Corp. Intel Corporation Prior. Board of Directors of Synopsys. 2005 1981 as Controller for the Commercial Memory Systems Operation Chief Financial Officer in February 1994 Senior Vice President in January 1999 Chief Financial and Enterprise Services Officer1999 Chief Administrative Officer 2007 Ford Motor Company Chrysler Corporation. Director. since 1989 banking industry1991 to 1998. Synopsys Inc. Member of Audit Committee and Member of Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee. McKesson Corporation *Data is at least as current as the most recent Definitive Proxy Edward S. 2005-Present. Columbia Sportswear Company 2008-Present. Klenz xlixlii Compensation:$183. Inc. Director.”. 2009-2012 Executive Chairman. Chairman of Finance Committee and Member of Audit Committee.

Member of Audit Committee and Member of Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee. 1989-Present. Western Wireless Corporation 1997-Present. Member of Compensation Committee and Member of Audit Committee. 1997 Former Chairman. Treasury Wine Estates Americas Company Tulane University Vintage Wine Trust Inc. Stanton xlvxlvi Total compensation: $282. Member of Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee and Member of Compensation Committee. 1998-N/A. Director. Columbia Sportswear Company 5/2/2013 Page 15 of 94 . Co-Founder. America West Airlines LLC 1996-N/A. from 1982 to 1997. US Airways Group. Member of Compensation & Human Resources Committee and Member of Corporate Governance Committee. 2000-Present. Member of Audit Committee and Member of Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Managing Director of Fosters Group Ltd & Foster's Wine Estates since 2001 Former Director and Director of America West Holdings Corporation. Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee. Inc. Inc. Firethorn Holdings LLC Co-Founder and Chairman. Inc. in 1976 president of NIKE’s Japanese subsidiary from 1995 to 1997 2011-Present. Partner. Former Director. Chief Executive Officer. Inc. 1992-N/A. America West Airlines LLC Beringer Wine Estates Holdings. Director. US Airways Group. Member of Audit Committee and Member of Nominating. Columbia Sportswear Company John W. Growth Technologies International. LLC 1988-N/A. Director. and Chairman. Chief Executive Officer and President. Former Chairman of the Board. Inc. Lin Broadcasting Corp. Trilogy Equity Partners Director. Foster's Group Ltd. Nelson xliiixliv Total compensation: $150. Beringer Wine Estates Holdings.681 Background: Vice President of NIKE. Trilogy International Partners. Joined NIKE. Interpoint Corp. Former Director. Inc. Vintage Wine Trust Inc.599 Columia Sportswear . Columbia Sportswear Company 2005-Present. Former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Director. Inc. Ron E. Former Director. Director and Member of Audit Committee. Advanced Digital Information Corporation 1990-N/A.

Inc. Clearwire Corporation Prior to Reverse Merger with WiMax. 360networks. Former Chairman of the Board.• • • • • • • 1998-N/A. T-Mobile USA Broadband Solutions. 2008-Present. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Executive Chairman and Chairman of Strategic Committee.Independent Non Executive Director and Member of Audit Committee. Omnipoint Corporation 2000-N/A. Clearwire Corporation 5/2/2013 Page 16 of 94 . 2006-2007. Inc. Former Director. Former Director and Member of Audit Committee. Alltel Corporation 2008-N/A. Hutchison Telecommunications International Ltd. 2000-Present. 2004-Present. Former Director.

The gear portrays that this line is not meant for the daring adventurer’s survival. Making causal winter sports comfortable. families with children who enjoy winter sport. Columbia Sportswear® :xlvii Colombia cloths are aimed at the upper middle class. The accessories available are targeted for everyday use. This line is functional fashion. and appeasing enthusiasts alike. and unique patterns. day away rolling bags. the target audience would not need survival level equipment. tailored to flatter. “Technology”:         Omni-Heat Reflective Make Your Own Heat Omni-Heat Electric Heat on Demand Omni-Freeze Ice Sweat Activated Cooling Omni-Freeze Advanced Cooling Insect Blocker Keep Bugs at Bay Omni-Shield Blood 'n Guts Resist and Release Blood and Guts Techlite Lightweight Performance Omni-Grip Advanced Traction 5/2/2013 Page 17 of 94 .Products and Services • For visuals see appendix Brand Portfolio: 1. bright colors. and school ready backpacks. such as skiing and snowboarding. It is apparent that while marketing for this line highlights functionality. This trend is made apparent by the extensive children and toddler lines. rather the common Man's comfort in his modest outdoor pursuits.

         Fluidpost & Fluidframe Smooth Transition and Stability Outdry Water Not Included Omni-Wind Block Breathable Windproof Omni-Dry Ultrabreathable Waterproof Omni-Tech Waterproof Breathable Omni-Shield Advanced Repellency Omni-Wick Evap Wicking Accelerated Omni-Wick Advanced Evaporation Omni-Shade Sun Protectio  see patent analysis 5/2/2013 Page 18 of 94 .

Mountain Hardware is based on utility. and high quality footwear for outdoor and endurance enthusiasts. to stylish loafers. the joggers and park walkers. This brand has considerable brand loyalty that will ensure their security in the future. To fully prepare all comfort conscious families. This brand has a strong children’s line and their own jackets. There are a wide variety of tents ranging from Bivvies’ (a sort of sleeping bag cover) to high altitude mountaineering shelters. securing their marketability. yet functional. these products are well crafted and alluring.2. This diversity should help them remain stable in the long term.Pacific Trail® “The casual enjoyment of the outdoors” li For casual wear to water gear. 3. rather than fashion. Mountain Hardwear®xlviii It is obviously apparent that unlike the flag ship brand. From the fashion forward water proof boots. namely NIKE. Sorel®xlix High end. 4. Weather proof pants. Montrail®: “Create and deliver the best fitting high-performance. These shoes are for those who require shoes that will last them through a marathon or 10 marathons. As well and all the other survival gear you may need. which perfectly illustrates the audience this brand is for. Sorel is the meeting of fashion and utility. such as tents and rock-climbing accessories.”l Montrial is a brand meant for those who like to enjoy their outdoor activity closer to home. on their summer expeditions. 5/2/2013 Page 19 of 94 . for the serious sneaker wearing consumer. There is a proud link that states “shop alpine climbing”. Naturally there is high pressure from other brands. This line is renowned for their durability and functionality. to the well-designed children’s line. base layers and coats designed for survival in the most extreme conditions are marketed here. which in fact look more like plastic igloos than tents and are cable of providing shelter for months in the worst conditions. 5. Pacific Trial is a family centered brand aimed at making clothes that will survive outdoor tomfoolery.

as opposed to treating themselves”liii. Values & Membership: We Encourage: • Reduce • Reuse • Recycle • Purchasing Recycled • Chemical Reduction • Energy Conservation • Outdoor Industry Association: Eco Working Group. 70 photovoltaic (PV) on Headquarters building. 100 KW grid-tied solar electric system. The fully represent the tactic where one convinces their consumer that in purchasing unnecessary or frivolous products. Far more effective than pop-up ads in my personal opinion. • Environment and Product Safety Committees in American apparel and footwear association: “sharing expertise and best practices. including after hours.”lvi 2009. The Energy Management System consists of two projects. although these too are utilized on popular sites such as Pandoraliv.” Portland Flagship and Seattle stores LEED citified for 5/2/2013 Page 20 of 94 EnergyManagement: • • • • . reduce carbon impact 2.”lv Women's Rights: • HERproject: Sex-ed for adults (manufacturing workers). 1) installing programming logic code to enable ‘sleep mode’ for conveyor belts . “Our Rivergate Distribution Center implemented an Energy Management System that reduced conveyor belt energy usage by 23%.. weekends and holidays.Marketing activities and trends Marketinglii: Summary: • The proceeding programs are in fact. proudly displayed on the Columbia website. they are in fact contributing to a better world. and 2) installing Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)” “Our Computerized Lighting Control Management System at Headquarters shuts off lights when not in use. “60% increase in the number of prenatal medical visits among workers as well as a 41% increase in knowledge of STD symptoms.002 in 25 yrs. Bargaining group to greater impact on environmental issues. empathy causing marketing campaigns.

reduces the use of adhesives by almost half. Comprehensive up-to-date RSL and require our suppliers to comply with these principles. Outlet stores. Techlite™ Manufacturing process 5-10% EVA . “print release” system at Headquarters. conventional 3040% waste. decreases traditional print waste and default to double-sided printing Our Restricted Substance List (RSL) To protect workers. Perimeter Stitch Technology Perimeter Stitch Technology is a method of stitching an EVA midsole to the shoe upper. Recycled Polyester Processing polyester synthetic fiber from recycled materials instead of petroleum decreases the need to mine non-renewable resources. the environment and consumers from harmful substances. Color-Core™ Synthetic fabric dying process that uses 80% less water than conventional dying processes.• Material conservation: • Retail Commercial Interiors Certification. energy-efficient lighting 2010. Water-Based Adhesives Chemical solvent-based adhesives emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Water-based adhesives virtually eliminate emission of VOCs. • • • • • • • • • • • • • 5/2/2013 Page 21 of 94 . reduction of VOCs.

Dodd-Frank may potentially the force to impact.  “Insurance coverage and indemnification to cover these risks.  Remarkable consumer appetite for nonessential high priced items dispute market weakness.Trends:  Production costs. as plaintiffs' counsel continue to target the fashion industry. Conception trial of false advertising on “free cell phones” was ruled out of order.  Payment methods are diversifying gift cards.lvii In the new dynamic shift efficient production secrets will be more coveted as the race to do more with less is rejuvenated. the economy has not spurred the interest in utility provided by higher quality sportswear. lviii While high priced high fashion is facing a fall off. responsible consumer credit lines lx. and mobile payment systems.  Consumer protection after wake of the Supreme Court decisions in Concepcion and WalMart.  California's Proposition 65 consumer warning law: Resulting with a suit involving fashion accessories. at least in relation to high technology clothing like Under Amor and Columbia. squeezing profit margins of retailers across the market. Adding to the raising importance of testing. least there is a violation of law caused by the misconceptionlix. will be extremely beneficial. including mitigating potential risks created by franchisees and third-party vendors” lxi 5/2/2013 Page 22 of 94 . credit cards. The gender discrimination suit against Wal-Mart was overruled. and material costs are raising.

 Production:lxiv  Externalized: • • • Products produced to company specifications by independent manufacturers located in 15 countries.Operations/Capacities Summary: Columbia is a truly global company.  Supply Chain:  Inbound logistics  Accounting:lxii  Externalized: • Deloitte & Touche LLP independent registered public accounting firm for Columbia Sportswear Co. China and Vietnam 99% of  Operations:  Employment:lxv 5/2/2013 Page 23 of 94 . and this leads to both high liquidity and vulnerability. functional fabrics and brand loyalty.  Production:lxiii  Externalized: • • • Products produced to company specifications by independent manufacturers located in 15 countries. with strong plans to expand. (not US) Vietnam and China accounting for approximately 67% of 2008 apparel production footwear manufactured in three countries. China and Vietnam 99% of 2008 footwear production. (not US) Vietnam and China accounting for approximately 67% of 2008 apparel production footwear manufactured in three countries. Most other operations are externalized. Their success is based on patents for innovative. Their growth is substantial.

December 31: 3,163 full-time employees ♦ 1,737 in United States ♦ 985 in Asia ♦ 320 in Europe ♦ 121 in Canada.

 Sales and Marketing:  Stores are generally stand alone in larger communities, as opposed to a mall presence. While their locations are international, they are not as numerous as one would expect from such a large brand name.

 Their strength is the reach of online retailer:  Available in fallowing languages and countries, where customers can directly order

 Out bound logistics:  1.48 Billion annual sales 2011lxvi  Profit $77 million, or $2.26 per sharelxvii  2009 profit $67 million, or $1.97 per share, $1.2 billion saleslxviii  Human resources:  Employment:lxix • December 31: 3,163 full-time employees ♦ 1,737 in United States ♦ 985 in Asia ♦ 320 in Europe ♦ 121 in Canada. Headquarters:  14375 NW Science Park Drive Portland, Oregon 97229-5418 United States Phone: 503-985-4000 5/2/2013 Page 24 of 94

Fax: 503-985-5800

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Summary: As out lined in their annual investor report, the company has a few key strategies for the following year, namely further innovation in fabrics and a marketing campaign to young fashion forward women. Product differentiation and brand diversity are historic strategies they wish to continue. Columbia also has a lucrative policy of out sourcing their production to the lowest bidder, allowing for increase liquidly.

 Inspire brand loyalty:  Product differentiation to match their near exorbitant prices, a casual line. Highlighted in their 2012 letter to investors, they seem to be angling the product line to be supported by fashionistas, to support the brand with their spending habits  Hands off manufacturing:  Innovation of fabrics in the US within company.  Manufacturing at the lowest price, by independent companies; generally abroad.  Sales through independent stores.  Dividing names brands to target different markets * (see product analysis)  Diversification came about by the purchasing of smaller companies. The result in a strong diverse consumer base where tough clothing from innovative fabrics, are not only applicable but adored.

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2 billion in 2009.General Financial Performance Summary: Sales in 2011. were 1.200 Key competitors for Columbia Sportswear: Under Armour:  Sportswear Market leaderlxxiii 5/2/2013 Page 28 of 94 . up from 1.4 compared to $268.000 to $600 a pair ◦Columbia jackets: ▪$400 Adult ▪$200 Child ◦Columbia base layer: ▪$100 Top ▪$75 Bottom ◦Columbia snow pants: ▪$ 200 Adult ▪$100 Child Total costs for a family of four: $7. This translates into a stock value increase of $4 in the last 4 years despite economic uncertainties lxx. lxxi Basic Stock Informationlxxii Market Cap.831. (Mil) $ Shares Out (Mil) Float (Mil) Share Related information provided by MorningStar.54 33.48 billion. $290.80 12. Second quarter earning show that revenues are up from 2011. ▪$250 Child ◦Skis: ▪$1.0 million. 1. Inc.26 Financials of skiing Costs of skiing: ◦Skiing pass: ▪$450 adult.

lxxv 5/2/2013 Page 29 of 94 . and Stock Value.695 Recommended 20% down payment: $5.539 Steady increase in sales. instead purchasing an American made outdoor friendly car. Jeep: Cost:27. NIKE  Sports shoe Market leaderlxxiv Jeep : The allure of buying into winter sports may not be as tempting for families as it once was. For the outdoor appreciating family there are now generous incentives to use their limited budget elsewhere.

Fiscal 2012 outlook anticipates sales growth of up to 1 percent and operating margin (including a $4. 2012.4 million.22 per share.Current Events & Recent Key events Date: August 7th 2012 Event: Announced that it intended to expand brand sales in China.23) per diluted share.9 million. 2012 to shareholders of record on August 16. payable on August 30.0 million.6 million. Net loss totaled $7.40) per diluted share.lxxvii July 31st 2012 July 26th 2012 Second quarter earnings: Consolidated net sales increased 8 percent to $290. $ 1. compared with second quarter 2011 net sales of $268. compared with second quarter 2011 net loss of $13.48 Billion. lxxix 5/2/2013 Page 30 of 94 . The board of directors approved a quarterly dividend of $0.lxxvi Introduced Omni-Freeze™ Zero Active Cooling Technology at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show.0 million pre-tax first quarter restructuring charge) comparable to fiscal 2011. or $(0. lxxviii January 27 2011 New record high for sales. or $(0.

expanding to new markets. Looking to attract more devoted consumer fallowing. Boyle will inherit company with no opposition from his sister Sarah A. •Timothy P. This will require an expansion of the consumer base.Porter’s 4 Corners model: Future Goals: Current strategy: •Expansion of Brand to new Markets •Acquisition of smaller popular brands •Further product differentiation •Innovative materials •Market to new consumers •Assembled in the most cost effective environment Response Profile: Likely to expand into developing markets. at competitive rate to market. such as China. This endeavor will be achieved in a number of manners. Bany. •Innovation at competitive rates •Competitive pricing •High functioning products •Marketing •Expansive distribution network •High liquidity Executive summary: Colombia seeks to continue the increase in sales it has shown in the last few years despite the fragility of the economic climate. Vulnerabilities: dependent on independent manufactures maintaining their price advantage Assumptions: Capabilities: •The Boyle family will remain united in all goals. •Assumes that it will continue to make innovative products and discoveries. 5/2/2013 Page 31 of 94 .

acquiring brands to attract previously uninterested marketing initiatives. The risk steams from these processes’ reliance on a greater investment. 5/2/2013 Page 32 of 94 . this may be offset by the already low amount of money tied up in the manufacturing.

5/2/2013 Page 33 of 94 . domestically. Capabilities: Colombia’s strength are centered in their competitive prices. should they become unable or tardy in their innovations. The slowly recuperating economy will impede these endeavors to some degree. Current strategy: Columbia strategies focus on fortifying sales in an uncertain economy. Columbia Sportswear is supported by their patents.Future goals: Columbia’s near-future goals are to expand by appealing to new consumer bases. To accomplish this will require reinvesting in research at all levels of production. they company would solely rely of on their consumer loyalty. it would prove detrimental to the company. “fashionistas”. or new markets entirely in developing economies. Analytical Confidence: Analytical confidence in this estimate report is Moderate. Should their ever be infighting in the Boyle family. considering their considerable influence on the company. This is due to the lack of expertise of the analyst and the high reliability of the sources. may prove to be a serious vulnerability. but the record setting success of the last two years is reassuring. To accomplish this goal Columbia is focusing on remarketing their brand to a devout consumers as well as expanding market base by entering developing economies. This strengthens the importance of differentiating their product. Assumptions: The current cooperation at Colombia Sportswear. including a more devout consumer base. to maintain this advantage means ensuring the production remains efficient and able to adapt to the continual pressures of the market.

as the production cost may not be able to be reclaimed in sales. Broad fashion Mobile point of sales Workers’ rights The instability of debt inducing consumer habits S: Social  Decline of high priced status symbols in a depressed economy’s effect on Innovation and it’s hefty budget. 5/2/2013 Page 34 of 94 . Status symbols don’t resonate well in hard economic times.STEEP: Macro-environmental Analysis STEEP Analysis Matrix of the United States Social Decline of status symbols on innovation Value loyalty marketing Technological Specialized Marketing and Technology Alternate Purchasing Options Ecological Endlife of Products Energy Management Economic Food & Gas Price Increases Unemployment Below 8% Political No Preference to US Products China as expanding consumer market Resent legislation on consumer protections Niche style Marketing vs.lxxx lxxxi The profitability of innovation may be declining.

They prefer diversity and options.  High value should be placed on Loyalty Marketinglxxxii  Emotional links with customers so that frivolous purchases will seem like necessities.  Columbia is ahead of the curve. that do poorly in this economic climate. Implications:  The high price of Columbia wear is due to the research and production costs of the advanced fabrics.  Implications:  Perhaps Columbia should consider allowing consumers to add their own touch to their modest and highly functional products. but could create loyal buyers who could caring the brand through tough economic times. this strong bond with a niche of consumers may alienate others. as opposed to treating themselves” lxxxiii. this can be clearly seen in the retail world.  People want cloths that aren’t one size fit all clothing.  Implications:  The product is now specialized.  Niche style Marketing vs. proudly displayed on their website. The fully represent the tactic where one convinces their consumer that in purchasing unnecessary or frivolous products. this may work to difference them from the high priced fashion brands. empathy causing marketing campaigns. The NIKE design your own sneaker has been very popular. they are in fact contributing to a better world. Board Fashionlxxxiv  This information age is all about options. Companies separate themselves from their competitors by marketing certain styles. T: Technology: 5/2/2013 Page 35 of 94 .

to further propel their relevance with the younger generation.  Costumer service has redefined in the internet age. one on one chats on the website. the credit card reader that is compatible with a smart phone. Specialized Marketing  Social media and business:lxxxv: Social media is merging business with costumers allowing for feedback and update on your favorite brands. or in the case of NIKE workout aids.lxxxvi  The increase of technology has allowed business to directly reach their consumers. disputed negative predictions of the last decade. have made the solutions to any query by a consumer instantaneous. phone apps is one of these methods. especially if there are negative consequences still to be felt from the economic stagnation.  Alternate Purchasing Optionslxxxix xc  Online shopping is rising in popularity. lxxxvii  Personalized marketing is gathering the information of an individual’s internet preferences  Implications:  Perhaps Columbia should consider developing an app. 5/2/2013 Page 36 of 94 lxxxviii .  Implications:  As this is a raising trend. Companies can design short games. continuing to expand their online services maybe beneficial. a skiing gameperhaps. that advertise you brands.  Mobile point of sales  (PoS) tech patented in 2004xci xcii.

costumers feel more comfortable only having to deal with one person. that has been so strong portrayed in our marketing campaign. may be the sort of edge to further differentiate the product.  Energy management xcvi  Businessweek announces the trend in energy management. E: Ecological:  Endlife of productxciv  Companies are focusing on the end life of their product. but what will eco-conscientiously minded consumers feel about the disposal of our synthetic products?  Implications:  Perhaps the development of an endlife program would be beneficial to maintaining the environmentally conscientious image. It has seen positive results at Apple stores. Gap has a trade in policy for their jeans. for marketing and economic conservation purposesxcvii.xciii  Implications:  This may be applicable to the many of Columbia’s lines. then they recycle the denimxcv. 5/2/2013 Page 37 of 94 . environmental differentiation marketing  Our clothes are environmentally constructed. having one expert guide to through the process of getting everything you’ll need for a ski trip or an expedition.

falls to the company. Headquarters Portland Flagship and Seattle stores LEED citified for Retail Commercial Interiors Certification. Where in strong economic times. If there were any way to expand the ongoing projects  Workers’ rights   Raise social awareness/empathy for the treatment of workers A few day after launch Apple’s I pad –mini is facing a crippling law suit over the abuse of Laborersxcviii  HERprojectxcix: Education for female workers regarding women’s health. Headquarters building Rivergate Distribution Center. global standardized certificate for energy  Ahead of the curve: • • • • 100 KW grid-tied solar electric system.  Implications:  In tough economic times consumers look for cheaper goods. energy management systems. • Outlet stores. Trends toward solar energy. if they had an ethical dilemma with production. and thus the responsibility and blame for the quality of life of the labors that make the consumer’s products. env. energy-efficient lighting  Implications:  As there is a raising trend. but how long the company has been supporting environmental efforts. consumer would simply change brands. Energy Management System Computerized Lighting Control Management System. protect and government incentives. 5/2/2013 Page 38 of 94 . perhaps it would be prevalent to advertise not only the ongoing Environmental project.

This increases the numbers of potential consumers. American standard of living dropping. Expanding these practices may have an economic benefit if material costs continue to raise.  The Instability of Debt including consumers habit:  US citizens are spending more are unnecessary items than Germany. in the name of their environmental platform (see marketing). far more dangerous to othersc  Food and gas prices are not considered in the inflation equation. thus the cost of living is rising. this will cause debt and less spending in futureciii  Implications: 5/2/2013 Page 39 of 94 .E: Economic:  Food and Gas Prices raising  IMF says prices are rising globally affecting the ability of some to maintain their quality of life. If so the revenues may be able to counteract the raising material costs.  Implications:  This progress if continued would continue to increase already recode high sales.  Unemployment down below 8% for the first time sence the great recession cii   This is a landmark for the recovery of the American  Implications:  Columbia has already adopted extensive material conservation polices.

 Resent rulings on costumer protections:  California's Proposition 65 consumer warning law: Resulting with a suit involving fashion accessories. who want to open them up economically. Adding to the raising importance of testing. and may raise revenues. Encouraging smart spending habits. will allow the fiscally responsible customers to purchase items guilt free.  Implications  Columbia’s strategy to manufacture cheaply overseas will be beneficial in this climate. for large preaches. P: Political:  No preference to US productsciv  Tough economic times. such as layaways with monetary payments. while Columbia’s internet relator is already active in the region in may be in the company’s best interest to expand the presence in the country.  China as expanding as Consumer Market cv  China is shift for 4th to 5th gen leadership.  Dodd-Frankcvii  Implications: 5/2/2013 Page 40 of 94 .cvi  Implications  This is a large vastly untapped market. and the enthusiast to purchase items without negatively affects their ability to purchase items in the future. lead people to want the least expensive options despite nationalist tendencies. as plaintiffs' counsel continue to target the fashion industry.

 Corporations have to be very careful in this economic climate. 5/2/2013 Page 41 of 94 . warning lables should be use when there is the slightest possibility of confusion. products should be tested for safety thoroughly and Brands should be aware that they are going to be treated with distrust.

Patent analysis: Key points:  Other companies will buy technology they can’t produce but can afford because they’re bigger. there is no obvious way to illustrate the research that went into the garment visually. so predicting their lines will be predicting their purchases.  Serious warm-weather athletes is a untapped market by the Columbia lines.  Columbia Technology is efficient but not flashy. 5/2/2013 Page 42 of 94 .

The technology is bluesign® approved and meets Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. which enables dark-colored fabrics to reflect rather than absorb the sun's rays. A source of revenue from serious summer athletes a market Columbia has no hold in. in their warm weather line. however entrance into the market would not be easy. 5/2/2013 Page 43 of 94 . offers dual protection from solar heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays. According to Schoeller and Clariant.Coldblack®cviiicix: US patent: 79058430 Publication Date: 7/28/2009 Assignee: SCHOELLER TECHNOLOGIES AG Abstract: Coldblack technology. textiles treated with Coldblack reflect up to 80 percent of heat rays and are guaranteed to offer a minimum UV protection factor of 30. class I-IV requirements. This market would include most colligate athletes. and may be a profitable investment. Implications: Used by Under Amour.

We must also take into consideration the claim of advance utility. who want to appear specialized. improved comfort and mobility in may prove to be a strong seller in the long run. so where one purchased their garments will not be apparent. However just the fact that it looks like it is specially made will attract consumer. Inc. Various portions of the garment may contain imprinted ink. 5/2/2013 Page 44 of 94 . Inventor: Shaun Albin Abstract: A garment may be formed from a stretchable material. which means brand recognition. if this design really causes. thereby providing a support and/or a feeling of support to certain muscles and/or muscle groups. Columbia products are modest in their designs. 2012 Assignee: Nike. Elasticity of the garment fabric is reduced in the regions onto which the ink has been printed. Implications: Specialized pattern is a bold fashion statement.Garmentcx US patent: US20120210487A1 Publication Date: Aug 23.

Implications: The no weave textile element above. The second layer is formed from plurality of second filaments that include a second thermoplastic polymer material with a second melting temperature. 2012 Assignee: Nike. including apparel. The first layer is formed from a plurality of first filaments that include a first thermoplastic polymer material with a first melting temperature. Inc. 5/2/2013 Page 45 of 94 . The second layer is located adjacent to the first layer and secured to the first layer. The first melting temperature is lower than the second melting temperature. are key in NIKE wear’s warm weather sport line. The layered non-woven textile may be formed from a first layer and a second layer. If there was movement to enter such a field there would be a need to replace such a process.Layered Thermoplastic Non-Woven Textile Elementscxi US patent: US20120227282A1 Publication Date: Sep 13. Inventor: Bhupesh Dua Abstract: A layered non-woven textile may be incorporated into various products.

The cellulosic substrate is capable of wicking liquid contacting the inside of the substrate to the outside of the substrate. The cellulosic substrates provided by the present invention comprise an inside and an outside connected to the inside. Implications: Used by NIKE is their warm weather clothing.Cellulosic Substrates with reduced absorbent capacity having the capabilitycxii US patent: 7008887 Publication Date: Mar 7. adding a line of less effective natural fibers may be beneficial. Rearick Abstract: The present invention relates to cellulosic substrates with reduced absorbent capacity having the capability to wick liquids. The outside may have a reduced absorbent capacity and may have an absorbent capacity higher than the inside. However it is a “natural” fiber. as well as to methods of manufacturing such cellulosic substrates. 2006 Assignee: Cotton Incorporated Inventor: William A. 5/2/2013 Page 46 of 94 . to help dry you in the heat. as Columbia markets to the environmentally minded. This would be non-applicable to winter sports as cotton doesn’t function well in cold weather. The inside comprises cellulosic fibers and has a reduced absorbent capacity. and the outside comprises cellulosic fibers.

5/2/2013 Page 47 of 94 .Temperature responsive smart textilecxiii US patent: 8187984 Publication Date: May 29. Inc. to have transitionary gear for hot and cold weather. Inventor: Moshe Rock Abstract: A textile fabric includes a smooth surface with one or more regions having coating material exhibiting thermal expansion or contraction in response to change in temperature. Implications: This patent could be a defining addition to Columbia products. adjusting insulation performance of the textile fabric in response to ambient conditions. 2012 Assignee: Malden Mills Industries.

2012 Inventor: Noriko Komoriya Abstract: Disclosed is waterproof moisture-permeable underwear by which the scope of choices for a material can be widened. each comprising a base fabric (B) disposed facing the undergarment and a waterproof moisture-permeable membrane (C) laminated on a surface of the base fabric (B) facing the outer garment. a material superior to the base fabric (B) in welding property is selected for the membrane (C). and the junction areas (21A-21F) are formed by welding. A waterproof moisture-permeable underwear to be worn between undergarment and the outer garment worn on the lower body is constructed by joining a plurality of two-layered fabric pieces (A). or simply to keep this technology off the market.Waterproof moisture-permeable underwear and waterproof moisture-permeable liner cxiv US patent: US20120227164 A1 Publication Date: Sep 13. should the base layer produced be more effective than our own lines. Implications: This is a newly produced patent. This could be a lucrative acquisition. no parent company in looking to put this into product. and the waterproofness in junction areas can be improved so that staining of an outer garment with urine or menstrual blood leaked from undergarment can be surely prevented. 5/2/2013 Page 48 of 94 . in junction areas. wherein a material superior to the membrane (C) in texture is selected for the base fabric (B).

It is especially important because such designs are not commonly see in the market and it will set us apart when consumers go to purchase coats. such as the upper or lower body. heating program. Michael E. In various embodiments. Inc. chest. and the like. neck. torso. arms. toes. and more particularly to a heat management system configured to provide heat to one or more predetermined regions or zones. hands. and the like. wrists/cuffs. these heating zones may be controlled by an actuator switch and control electronics that may allow individual heating zones to be actuated alone or in combination. Inventor: Blackford. shoulders. feet. fingers. zone activation. back. Some embodiments of the actuator switch may include color-coded lighting elements that may indicate the current temperature. and in some embodiments. 5/2/2013 Page 49 of 94 . "Woody" Abstract: Embodiments disclosed herein relate generally to the field of outerwear. in a predetermined sequence. Implications: This will further supplement our brand’s renowned functionality.Heat management system US patent: 20120074128 Assignee: Columbia Sportswear North America.

Jeffrey Currently. 2011 Assignee: Columbia Sportswear North America. these heat reflective coated materials impair the ability of the material to stretch. Michael E. use of heat reflective materials during physical activity causes the inside of a garment to become wet. Further. drape. Inc. It only becomes apparent when the jacket is removed. or hang in a desired fashion. Because the application of a heat reflective material impedes the breathability and other functions of the underlying base fabric. Inventor: Abstract: Blackford. This product is marketed as a thinner jacket to prevent overheating. Mergy. while the dots retained. reuse and reflect your body heat back at you. heat reflective materials such as aluminum and mylar typically take the form of a unitary solid film that is glued or otherwise attached to the interior of a garment. these heat reflective linings do not transfer moisture vapor or allow air passage. but the metallic dots are notoriously noticeable.Holographic Patterned Heat Management Materialcxv US patent: 20110203783 Publication Date: August 25. 5/2/2013 Page 50 of 94 . Implications: This is the technology behind OMNI-HEAT. The purpose of this layer is to inhibit thermal radiation by reflecting the body heat of the wearer and thereby keeping the garment wearer warm in colder conditions. thus they trap moisture near the body. thereby causing discomfort and accelerating heat loss due to the increased heat conductivity inherent in wet materials. such as a jacket. However. "Woody". This is our strongest point in brand recognition at the moment.

and/or wick moisture while also maintaining the desired transfer properties of the base material. while maintaining their trademarked qualities. Implications: The process of applying all the Columbia Sportswear innovational fabrics in to designs. three. four. absorb heat. and in particular to methods and apparatuses that utilize an array of performance characteristic elements coupled to a base material to direct heat. 5/2/2013 Page 51 of 94 . or more performance characteristic elements may be included in a piece of body gear. Inventor: Abstract: Blackford. Michael E.Zoned Functional Fabricscxvi US patent: 20120015155 Publication Date: January 19. two. "Woody”. for example in desired zones of the body gear. Inc. emit heat. Mergy. In some embodiments. Jeffrey Embodiments of the present disclosure relate generally to body gear having designed performance characteristics. 2012 Assignee: Columbia Sportswear North America.

00% 14.00% 11.22 0.02 6.00% 0.Company profile: Columbia Financial Ratio Analysis Trend: Activity/Efficiency Asset turnover ratio: Sales(revenue) Total assets Average Inventory Investment Period: Current Inventory Balance Average daily costs of goods sold= (COGS/360) Accounts receivable: Accounts Receivable Sales (Revenue) Leverage/Solvency Debt to equity: Total debt (long+short) Total stockholder's equity Debt to assets: Total debt (long+short) Total Assets 14.33 3.22 2011 2010 2009 5/2/2013 Page 52 of 94 .00% 13.21 0.17 78 Days 77 Days 65 Days 7.00% 13.00% 10.

4:1 2.60% 7.9:1 5.77 $0.60% 6.70% 14.0:1 2.70% 7.23% 12.1:1 Acid-test Ratio: cash+ short term investments+ net current receivables Total current liabilities Profitability: (%) Return on assets: Net income Assets Return on equity: Net income Shareholder's equity Profit Margin Ratio: Net Income Sales (revenue) Capital market / Shareholders return: Earnings per share (ESP): (Net income-dividends on preferred stock) Average outstanding shares 1.68 5/2/2013 Page 53 of 94 .9:1 9.08 $0.80% 7.07% 12.78% $1.20% 9.9:1 3.Company profile: Columbia Liquidity: Current Ratio: current assets total current liabilities 3.

is in fact active reinvestment. however Columbia is pulling in record high sales.98 $19.82 Executive Summary: It appears that Columbia is taking large financial risks. 5/2/2013 Page 54 of 94 .36 $26. The numbers above show stagnate growth. Illustrating that investment can be worth the risk.Company profile: Columbia Project earnings. and has been very profitable. P/E Ratio: Current market value per share earnings per share (ESP) $15. Showing that stagnation of accumulative growth.

equipment and other developmental costs. The rise in number here. 5/2/2013 Page 55 of 94 . This means that the revenue unfortunate percent of revenue is money that cannot be used elsewhere. Lower numbers represent less time and thus money invested into a project. The lower the number the more money may be kept. Accounts receivable: This illustrates the percentage of sales that still needs to be used to pay off short term loans. is a rise in the cost and the length of time money is tied up. indicating that efficiency with our investment in plants. This number shows the increase payment time for sales. This circles back to the fact the current investments are effecting the availability of revenue. This is trending positive. would allow this number to remain positive. While it takes investment longer to be repaid and they are holding on to short term loans longer. it seems the have found a system to become consistently more effect in raising the amount sales they can receive for every dollar spend. The higher the number of the ratio. Average Inventory Investment Period: This number represents the number of days before out flow can be converted to sales. and utilized for other projects. It’s no wonder they are breaking records for sales. A decline in efficacy would represent overinvestment in company assets. this may be due to the large increase in sales and the inability for the current structure to absorb the immediate costs.Company profile: Columbia Activity/Efficiency Asset turnover ratio: This figure illustrates how well a business uses it’s assets to generate sales. Maintaining Colombia’s low investment strategy in manufacturing. Implications: It seems that Columbia has weighed the scales in their favor. the more efficient the company is at this.

Columbia is accumulating more long and short term debt. given the drastic increase in sales. Implications: Debt is not necessarily a sign on financial frailty. As I would propose is this case. This development is a product of their reinvestment in their procedures. namely development and marketing. rather it can be a sign of taking calculated risks to propel the development of the company. Increase of this percentage of instability for the company. However anything below the 50% line is seen as satisfactory because the debt could be paid out right in case of emergency. This risk in still moderate and proving to be very profitable. but still far below the 50% line. 5/2/2013 Page 56 of 94 . The level is rising. Debt to assets: This shows the percent of the company financed by creditors.Company profile: Columbia Leverage/Solvency Debt to equity: The raising in numbers illustrates and increase in debt.

Despite the negative trend in this field we are still more than able to pay off our debt. This ratio is negative trend. illustrating how much you have versus how much you own. Implications: Debt is increasing as the company’s ability to pay off debt is decreasing. This figure is rather worrisome. below 1:1 will be unable to pay off debt if everything was liquidated. and far from to 2:1 marker. A 1:1 ratio is seen as minimally satisfactory. If not.Company profile: Columbia Liquidity Current Ratio: Assent over liabilities. This illustrates that all risks taken by immediate strategies are manageable. Acid-test Ratio: This ratio measures highly liquid assets over debts. getting close to bench mark of 1:1. above 2:1 is seen as minimally healthy. that our immediate resources would be depleted should the investments fail. it is a troubling sign of financial gaps in the system that has been bringing in such great sales. echoing in other figures. the ratio equaling 1:1 would result in a great vulnerability. 5/2/2013 Page 57 of 94 . It is possible this could be because of the percentage increase of debt over sales.

Implications: Columbia Sportswear is making more money on every dollar spent. This measures the increase effectiveness of the investments we pursue. There is an increase in the profitability of the investments we have chosen as compared to previous years. 5/2/2013 Page 58 of 94 . This increase in efficacy is especially relevant because of the increase in debt. Positive trend measure the increase in returns. Profit Margin Ratio: This number show the percentage of profit made on the sales of an item. We are increasing the amount of profit we make on every $1 of sales. it shows the strong possibility of the debt being easily paid off. In other words profit verses the cost of production. Raising number indicate how well we are utilizing our assets for profitability. This reflects on the success of our investments and their efficiency. Return on equity: This ratio illustrates the returns a company provides for it’s investors.Company profile: Columbia Profitability: Return on assets: This is the percentage measure how well a company unitizes it’s assets to product revenue.

Which is reflected in the individual shares. P/E Ratio: This ratio indicates the market price of one dollars of earnings. Implications: The stock holders will be very pleased with the steady increase in value of their respective investments. The critiques and analyst’s are uncertain of the continued success of the company. This means that the company’s value has risen. and has been reflected as holding greater value in the market. 5/2/2013 Page 59 of 94 .Company profile: Columbia Capital market / Shareholders return: Earnings per share (ESP): This ratio shows increase in value of each share. Positive trends show increased profitability of investment. Lower projections show uncertainty in continued success. Project earnings. However the estimated growth of the company has leveled off so is not likely that this trend will continue.

9 forces model: Entrants:  No Threat: Entrance price to market is high  No Threat: Marketing and establishi ng brand costly Suppliers:  No Threat: Wide range of suppliers available Substitutes:  Low Threat: Substitutes can mimic look but not performanc e Buyers:  Low Threat: Long standing brand loyalty Rivalry:  Low threat: Concentration. range of target market Political:  Low Threat: Consumer protection  No Threat: Election’s effect on Economic:  Threat: Stagnated growth of economy  Threat: Inflation of material Technology:  Low Threat: Online retailers  Low Threat: Customizati on/ Micro- Social:  Low Threat: Social networking to reach customers 5/2/2013 Page 60 of 94 . because of market growth.Company profile: Columbia Strategy Models A. may be growing now that China is opening up  High Threat: Switching costs are low  Low threat: Diversity of products.

TO maintain these levels new consumers must be reached. Discussion: Substitutes: Low Threat: Substitutes can mimic appearance but not performance.Company profile: Columbia business prices  Threat: Unemploym ent Marketing  No Threat: Automated retail machines (gloves at ski lodges) No Threat. This will allow for market wide growth. to arctic survival. Rivalry: Low threat: Concentration is now dispersing due to market growth. Low threat: Diversity of products offered by Colombia Sportswear is wide ranging from. and confidence in the functionality of the brand. Threat. Maintaining sales means communing with consumers. the whim and preference of the consumer dictates the sale. High Threat: Switching costs are nonexistent. Buyers: Low Threat: Long standing brand loyalty. Low threat. including China. casual camping gear. High threat Exec summary: Columbia’s highest threat comes from competition. the appeal of another brand is very dangerous due to switching costs being nonexistent and Columbia products often being sold at retailers that carry other brands. to skiing preparation. building brand loyalty. and first mover opportunities. however Colombia 5/2/2013 Page 61 of 94 . reflected in high sales during recession. This is protected continued innovation to be functionally superior to competition. Largely untapped consumer markets are now opening up.

cxviii Expanding the interactive presence in social media may attract younger consumers.Company profile: Columbia has neglected to design a line for serious warm weather athletes. Low Threat: Customization/ Micro-Marketing is a way to target only the audiences that are interested in your products. 5/2/2013 Page 62 of 94 . This makes cooperating online distributors a larger threat. and Under Armor. because switching costs are not only nonexistent but technology has allowed switching time to be greatly diminished as well. as gather by search history. will raise the cost of production. This makes this traditionally profitable venture very dangerous for the company. despite their presence on Facebook. but occupied by their competitors. Columbia invests larger amounts into development. attract new audiences. Threat: Inflation of material prices. Social: Low Threat: Social networking to reach customers is not a marketing source Columbia has taken full advantage of. To counteract this one must expand their clientele. Given high unemployment a market will shrink. should a company choose to provide short term credit to consumers. or enter new markets. pertaining to all markets. sales being reliant on loyal customers. When branching out into new market it may be profitable to also expand to this audience. The problem it presents for Colombia Sportswear and other retailers is that. consumer protections have been out lined in the Dodd-Frank reforms. Expanding this marketing to though not only researching Columbia products but also though interested in the product of our competitor may aid in expanding our customer base. This may affect the growth of sales. Political: Low Threat: In retaliation to the recession. increasing material costs will shrink the profit margin of their products. cxvii Economic: Threat: Stagnated growth of economy will impede general consumer spending. this is counteracted by their low cost production. Technology: Low Threat: Columbia Sportswear makes a large percentage of their sales through their online distributor. Threat: Unemployment limits the number of consumers in any given market. Warm weather athletes are target market unreached by Columbia Sportswear. this will affect Colombia’s profitability. they are now solely responsible for losses. NIKE.

Diverse views available I.Survival gear popular I.Free to invest liquidity from Research costs i.Diverse board i.Differentiation Harmful I.Extreme I.Lower Liquidity External Origin I.Increased debt i.Raising sales ii. “first movers advantage” i.Reduced I.Material costs rising i.Company profile: Columbia A.Developing economies ii.Market expansion i.Lower liquidity I.Leadership ii.Maintaining in recession I.Dependent on Boyle family i.High liquidity ii.Consumer loyalty i.Able and willing to change company ii.unemployment Weathercxix i.Impedes general spending ii.Development costs 5/2/2013 Page 63 of 94 . SWOT Helpful Internal origin I.Refer to base layers as “under armor” I.Under Armor brand loyalty.New consumer bases I.Stagnant economic growth i.Increase liability ii.High-end items unappealing in recession ii.Out sourced production i.Innovation i.Dependant I.Function ii.

This pressure on their profit margin will demand efficiency. As unemployment rises the number of consumers available in a given market shrinks. Increased debt: This steams from increased investment but holds the negative consequences of. Base layers are commonly referred to as Under Armor. sales and prevent growth within markets. Columbia is well equipped to handle them as seen by their success over the past few years. and lower liquidity. While this doesn’t seem to be a problem at the moment it may provide issues in the future. Material costs rising: This will affect the low cost development strategy that Columbia Sportswear has been implementing. This impedes others investments. The number of consumers within a market may be declining as well. Without intervention this would stagnate. Reassessing current strategies to better fit the current market in necessary. and thus dominates any ruling of investors this may impede other voices from being heard in the company. Stagnant economic growth: The recession impedes general spending. Harmful: Dependent on Boyle family: This leader ship of this company will not be decided by skill but by blood. Under Armor brand loyalty: This Brand holds the “first movers advantage” in the cold weather athletics. 5/2/2013 Page 64 of 94 . This affects the first response of the consumer when purchasing an item. which means that sales are reliant on consumer loyalty. and the ability of the company to move quickly. The Bolye family still owns 60% of Columbia sportswear. however if they wish to remain successful they must remain flexible. The cooperation will have to reassess what amount of investment into research will be most profit le. increased liability. Reduced liquidity from research costs: High-end items resonate poorly in depressed economies this may have untoward consequences on Columbia Sportswear.Company profile: Columbia Exec summary: Market factors are varied factors.

if they advertise to take advantage of the situation. fortifying their consumer loyalty. New consumer bases will offset any. Diverse board: The range of opinions and specializations that can be found on this board allow for a fluid presentation of ideas. Outsourcing production allows for high liquidity. The differentiation of their products is made possible by their strong history of functionality. which rises the profit margin of the products. This flexibility enables change and efficiency in navigating market fluctuations.Company profile: Columbia Helpful: Innovation: Columbia has been constantly at the forefront of material innovation this history inspires consumer loyalty. Consumer loyalty: Colombia Sportswear has a long history especially in the Skiing world. Market expansion: Many developing markets are opening as consumer markets including China. meaning fast transactions and the freedom to invest. This will be beneficial for lines such as Mountain Hardware. Outsourced production: This strategy allows for low cost production. stagnated sales growth. The continuously rising sales illustrates the advantage of such a following.cxx 5/2/2013 Page 65 of 94 . This expansion in to new consumer bases will allow for expansion. Extreme Weather: The major storms of the last few years including Hurricane Sandy have incited a larger consumer base for survival gear.

ect) Market Penetration New 2. Innovative materials 1.Company profile: Columbia A. Redefining the brand through advertising (Pandora mobile.Mmarketing to foreign consumers 1st Priority 2nd Priority 5/2/2013 Page 66 of 94 . Growth Vector Matrix Product Present New Market Product Development Market Development Present 3.

Innovative materials are evolving at an exponential rate cxxi. To maintain market relevance Columbia must continuously expand their investment in research and development. New Product in Present Market: Redefining the brand in established markets in the most important venture because it will provide an active consumer base to maintain sales through tough economic times. may product a loyal consumer base. 5/2/2013 Page 67 of 94 . or Facebook.Company profile: Columbia Executive summary: Columbia’s priorities in maintaining their market relevance are diverse. This will allow the company to invest in other initiative to expand the company to continue their success. allowing for the company to generate more revenue to support other important endeavors. expanding the initiatives already seen on sights like Pandora. If they must ensure that they are able to redefine their brand to their current market to ensure that sales remain high. The next priority will be to expand their customer base further by entering new markets. This advantage must be maintained by continued innovation at competitive speeds and patenting said information efficiently. Lastly Columbia must remain vigilant in their pursuit to be at the forefront of functional innovations. Present Product in Existing Market: Columbia’s strength as a company is reliant on the functionality of their products. To reach the younger consumer base this advertising strategy will have to be based online and through social median. This will ensure the rate of sales will continue to rise. or exponentially match the efficiency to the competitive market. Advertising to Chinese consumers will mean market penetration but. Present Product in New Market: Columbia Sportswear will be branching out into developing markets to expand their clientele.

Stagnant Economic Growth STEEP PRIORITY B: MEDIUM IMPACT Strategy Models 5. PRIORITY: A HIGHEST IMPACT Strategy Models 1. 5/2/2013 Page 68 of 94 . Market Penetration Marketing and Trends Expanding into new markets Value Chain 3. making the reallocation of revenue to product development difficult. Market development Marketing and Trends Redefining the brand through advertising Strategy Models 2.Company profile: Columbia Key Findings & Strategic Implications Sources Key Finding Implications for Colombia Sportswear Co. Innovation & Development Patent analysis Strategy Models Competing through superior functionality and assessing that strategies profitability in this market. May cause reduction in sales if prolonged. Financial analysis 4. Rising Material costs STEEP Value Chain This may affect the Profit margin of products.

this practice may become less effective with rising material costs and stagnated economy. PRIORITY C: LOW IMPACT Financial Analysis 8.Company profile: Columbia Sources Key Finding Patent Analysis 6. 7. Low-Investment Production Value chain Out soured Production allows for a high profit margin. Consumer layaltiy History and Back ground Marketing and Trends This area needs to be expanded and strengthened. Product Diversity Portfolio Strategy models Implications for Colombia Sportswear Co. 9. Strategy Model 10. and what investments will be most profitable in this economy. should recognized as a strength and harnessed for future use. However all chances made to attract new costumers should be made with the existent following in mind. Cooperate liquidity & Investments Financial Analysis Asses what risks the company is comfortable taking. Leadership Diversity Portfolio Analysis Flexibility to navigator fluctuating economic times. Expanding or reforming product lines may help attract new clients. 5/2/2013 Page 69 of 94 .

Company profile: Columbia Appendix Brand Portfolio: Columbia Sportswear® :cxxii Men & Women's Apparel: Jackets Fleece Skirts and dresses Shirts Baselayer Bags Pants Shorts Footwear 5/2/2013 Page 70 of 94 .

2 sizes) Rollers & Duffels  Bags & Backpacks  Sleeping bags 5/2/2013 Page 71 of 94 . rather the common Man's comfort in his modest outdoor pursuits.Company profile: Columbia Kid's: Boys Toddler Girls Baby Equipment: The gear portrays the fact that this line is not meant for the daring adventurer’s survival. Tents (only model.

Company profile: Columbia   5/2/2013 Page 72 of 94 .

Company profile: Columbia Mountain Hardwear®cxxiii Tents: Expedition : High altitude Mountaineering Super light: Light weight Backpacking Backpacking: Backpacking & Trekking Camp: Roomy & durable 5/2/2013 Page 73 of 94 .

Company profile: Columbia Accessories:  Footprints. Gear Lofts.  Stakes & Anchors Gloves Hats and belts Men &Women's apparel:: Jackets: Shells Soft Shells Fleece Insulated Active Lifestyle 5/2/2013 Page 74 of 94 .

Company profile: Columbia Vest Tops Fleece Long sleeve Short Sleeve Bottoms Shells Soft Shells Insulated Lifestyle Shorts Run Sleeping bags: Below 0 Degrees: Backpacks: Climbing and Sport Day Packs Duffel and Luggage 5-20 Degrees >20 Degrees kids Bivvies: 5/2/2013 Page 75 of 94 . Thank you 5/2/2013 Page 76 of 94 .Company profile: Columbia For questions or comments please contact author: Pia Frascatore 203-561-9894 pfrasc66@lakers.

Company profile: Columbia 5/2/2013 Page 77 of 94 .

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US Patent Application 20110203783 Retrieved November 5.Layered Thermoplastic Non-Woven Textile Elements . 2012. from http://www. (n. from http://www. ( Retrieved November 5. Google Patents. (n. Retrieved November dq=moisture+wicking+fabric+NIKE&hl=en&sa=X&ei=ceyVUJ37IMuz0QGp3oHoAw&sqi=2&pjf=1 &ved=0CE4Q6AEwCA cxi Patent US7008887 . from http://www.).d.html cxvi cxvii http://dodd-frank.).facebook. cxii Patent US8187984 dq=moisture+wicking+fabric+NIKE&hl=en&sa=X&ei=1-2VUIS5Nm80AGJsIHwCQ&ved=0CEcQ6AEwBDgU cxiii cxiv Patent US20120227164 ..patentstorm.Temperature responsive smart textile . %C2%AE+columbia&hl=en&sa=X&ei=OOeVUL20Nsbe0QHF24GwDQ&ved=0CDYQ6AEwAA HOLOGRAPHIC PATTERNED HEAT MANAGEMENT MATERIAL .d.Waterproof moisture-permeable underwear and waterproof moisture- permeable liner .d. Retrieved November 5. 2012. from http://www.). 2012.Google Patents. Retrieved November 5.). (n.). (n. from http://www. from http://www. 2012.Google Patents.Patent US20120227282 (n.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 cxix .us/applications/20120015155.d.Google Patents.Cellulosic substrates with reduced absorbent capacity having the capability cxviii http://www.US Patent Application 20120015155 Abstract.html cxv ZONED FUNCTIONAL FABRICS . Retrieved November https://www.).

com/on/demandware. Pants. Clothing. mid=paidsearch&nid=Brand_Other_Website&oid=Brand_Website_General&did=mountain %20hardwear. (n.).html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 cxx cxxi http://www. Tents.nytimes. Retrieved October 18.) Sleeping Bags & Backpacks. from cxxiii Mountain Hardwear | Shop Jackets. Shirts & .http://www. cxxii from http://www. 2012. (n. Retrieved October Columbia Sportswear | Shop Direct for Jackets.columbia.