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HEDONISTIC art collective from Sao Paulo

Press release 2013

Volatille / photo: Ariel Martini

Voodoohop is a contagious and exhuberant art collective. It emerged from an underground party and in a few years, became one of the most striking artistic movements in Brazil. Through 4 years of intense collaborative events VOODOOHOP’s DJs, performers, video artists & dancers created a synesthetic show working like a tropical cabaret. The music mixes with lights, decoration and projection, performers and dancers contaminate the public. Be prepared for glitter showers and sound explosions  !

Pilantröpóv / photo: Marcelo Paixão

Timalina / Photo: Caroline Barrueco

Hugo Perucci / Photo: Marcelo Paixão

In 2009 a group of artists from different backgrounds and origins instinctly converged to the old decadent heart of the city and started to use it as a playground for experimentation. Expending from the center of São Paulo to other cities, they are nomadic, exploring temporary environments such as abandoned buildings, carparks, private houses, forests, waterfalls or trashy lap dance clubs.

Timalina and Volatille / photo: Ariel Martini

Hugo Perucci / Photo: Marcelo Paixão


Pilantröpóv / photo: Ariel Martini

Artists who performed with VOODOOHOP in Brazil: Acid Pauli (Clown and Sunset), NU (Kater Holzig/Berlin) Rebolledo (Kompakt / Mexico-Cologne), Matias Aguayo (Comémé) Optimo (UK), Fujiya & Miyagi (UK), Joakim (Tigersushi / Paris), Pilooski (Fr), Poni Hoax (Paris), Jessie Evans (New York/Berlin), Ashley Beedle (London), Felix Kubin (Hamburg), Floating Points (London), Hugo Capablanca (Discos Capablanca/ Berlin), Baris K (Saturnmuzik / Istanbul), Mickey Moonlight (Edbangers/ UK), Sebo & Madmotormiquel (Bachstelzen/Berlin), Phonique (Poker Flat/Berlin), Joyce Muniz (Exploited/ Vienna), spoek mathambo (South Africa), Shir Khan (Magnet/Berlin), EUphorie (EXYZT/Paris), Daniel Hunt (Ladytron/ London), Marina Gasolina (London/Brasil), Dj Dolores (Recife), Tetine (Sao Paulo/ London)....

Voodoohop playing at the top of Vidigal Favela in Rio

Keroøàcidu Suäväk / Photo: Caroline Barrueco

Timalina / Photo: Ariel Martini

Standing out by their originality & creative energy they  mix artistic projects with a a hedonistic spirit, drawing their inspiration from the Tropicalia movement, Dzi Croquettes, Oswald de Andrade’s Antropophagic Manifesto, Underground Resistance, African Voodoo and Brazilian Candomblé rituals, the Surrealists, the Factory, Helio OIticica and Lygia Clark, Bar 25 and Berlin Techno, Hakim Bey, Marina Abramovic’s performances and Olafur Eliasson’s installations.

Performance at Heliodora’s Waterfall involving the public

Voodoostock (ANUAL festival in the nature organized by Voodoohop colective)

Keroøàcidu Suäväk ‘S Geodesic dome at voodoostock


Utopic carnavalesque hedonist heretic ritualistic empiric nude neon tropicalist pirates lysergic anarchist pagan exorcist forbidden nomadic nostalgic visionary folkloric psychedelic spontaneous CHAOTIC freaky euPHoric

A libertating experience (Brasileiros Magazine) Best party of Sao Paulo (Guia da Folha 2012 and 2013) The alchemy between music and art (Estado de São Paulo) The symbol of Sao Paulo alternative scene (Mixmag) A stimulation of all five senses (Norient)

Voodoohop at Fusion Festival
Germany / June 2012

Voodoohop at Fusion Festival
Germany / June 2012

voodoohop at Rio Carn
Brazil / February 2012


voodoohop at Rio Carn
Brazil / February 2012


voodoohop at MCI Festival
São Paulo / September 2012

voodoohop at MCI Festival
São Paulo / September 2012

the collective

Voodoohop is composed of the twisted electronica of Psilosamples, Jardim Elétrico’s vivid video mapping, tropical psychedelic performances from Keroøàcidu Suäväk, Hugo Perucci, Volatille and Timalina, the blended mixes from Djs Thomash, Urubu, Piero Chiaretti, Carlos Capslock and A Macaca and the visual imersion of Daniel Lie and Ton Candido.

Thomash   DJ
Thomash is a surprising figure of the brasilian musical scene, dj and creator of the Voodoohop Party in São Paulo. After getting a degree in Artificial Intelligence In Scotland, it didn’t take long for Thomash to start playing around with new programs like Live and quickly develop his own way of mixing music. Characterized by tropical beats, irresistible groove and layers of synths, Thomash’s music represents the perfect fusion between his country of origin, germany and Brasil. His style can be described as an unpretentious mix between krautrock, samba, eletronica and psychedelia, blurring the frontier of styles and bpms.

urubu  DJ
Marina Sarno aka Urubu is a Multimedia artist and DJ from Salvado de Bahia. Her musical research is at the intersection of electronic music, regionalism an Brazilian folklore. As a dj she develops a dialogue between these heterogene worlds: the scholar, the technical, organic and popular, mixing electronic music. lambada, european avant-garde, electro-candomblé, lo-fi synths with maculele.

Psilosamples Live
Psilosamples is the brainchild of the Mineiro Zé Rolê, an artist born and raised in the small town of Pouso Alegre, in the south of the state of Minas Gerais. The rural environment that surrounds his life (a lot of vegetation, grass, dogs barking and a tremendous sense of calm) spontaneously ended up cross-pollinating his music. Rolê’s sound blends the songs - “cantigas”, the traditions - the “cirandas” and the “forrós” of traditional Brazilian culture with electronic music, and techno and IDM in particular. Psilosamples is currently preparing his second album, Mental Surf. Its distribution in Japan is already assured by Octave/Ultravibe, the same label that represents artists like Cut Chemist, Madlib and Burial, among others. In 2012 he played at Sonar Barcelona.

Piero Chiaretti is a 22 years old Dj from São Paulo. In a crusade for sound without boundaries, he bravely ventures into the dark world of psychedelic rock, the jungles of disco and up to the distant shores of many Africas. He always follows the road marked by funky grooves and contagious beats seasoned with cowbell.

Piero Chiaretti  DJ

Carlos Capslock  DJ  perfomer
Paulo Tessuto is a well known brazilian DJ and cultural activist. Famous for his long sets mixing hypnotic downtempo, Nu Disco and House, he created a project called ‘Carlos Capslock convida’. This irreverently political party, gathers the the freakiest performers of the city.

A Macaca   dj  perfomer
After organizing parties in parisian squats A Macaca in quest of tropical climate went into exile in Sao Paulo where she took refuge in the cult of Voodoohop, itinerant parties that combine mystery and hedonism. She felt at home and took advantage of this air of freedom blowing in the heads Sao Paulo to play her favorite songs with unlimited style. Without betraying their European origins, their djsets acidulated mix fully with the Brazilian energy.

Volatiluz    DJ/perfo

Freaky contemporary carnavalesque entity who grew up in Piripiri (Piaui/north of Brazil). In his performances he plays with multiple allusions and esthetic experiences. Travels through distincts but complementary musical universes (Samba, Brazilian 60’s & 70’s Rock), between tradition and futurism, marrying music with visual art. Volatiluz get himself and his public into simultaneous experiences, multiexperiences, incorporation of his body to the piece of art, in-corporations.


Experimental filmmakers deconstructing narratives, BirdZzie and HTA, declared themselves proud members of the AA (Anonymous Audiovisualist). They play with imaginative and visually eclectic influences ranging from Svankmajer to PES, Deren, Lynch, Paik or Buñuel, Vertov, Anti-VJ, (...) Lichtfaktor, Viola and Nelson Leirer, the most important is to travel in their immersive pixelized world.

Jardim ElEtrico   video mapping

RG_Faleiros  Mcs Performer
RG_Faleiros is Brazilian duo formed by artists Rafael RG and Fabiana Faleiros. Much of RG_Faleiros´s artistic production derives from social interventions in relation with local communities. Between the performance and the MCs show, they use their microphone as unpolitical weapon and humour bomb.

formER) r e p i c c u r e P o Hug
Hugo search in his work to gather individual poetic creation which permeates through drawing, painting, installation or urban intervention with the participation of the public. This way he manages to create an special atmosphere of ritual and catharsis taking art as a possible platform for experience and transgression.

Kerooacido suavak   live music   PerformE

Open ritual event assimilating all kind of cries and whispers that exist in its surroundings. Experimental music resulting of polymorphic positions, acoustic instruments, exotic clothes and masks. Sensorial explosions of colors, movements, instincts transcending the technique. Free folk: discovery of an ancestry that can be recreated, personal folklore, concreteprimitiveness. Experimental bodies drifting in ecstasy... Incorporations: Pilantropov Pausanias and Kaloan Meenochite


Born in a Jackfruit on the shore of the amazonian river, Timalina, this famous dancing narcotic anonymous, reincarnates sometimes as a dark ghost wrapped in tight latex or a coulourful bird-women. She is a live-artist who grew with the variable and unvarious development of São Paulo nightlife. Her performances involves dance, music, social interaction, incarnation, neon tropopsipop, psychedelic transe, lights, electricity, water and guarana powder.

Timalina  performER

Daniel Lie  visual imersion

São Paulo born Daniel Lie manipulates video, colours and lights. Mixing images and switching colours under the influence of Chitas (traditionnal colourful Brazilian piece of fabric), the artist mainpulates projectors to iluminate the surrounding space and through a playful use of lens, mirror or cristal he creates an atmosphere of visual immersion.

Ton Candido  visual im ersion
In love with video, music, lights and technology. This creature travels freely through darkness without recognizable features, creating entertaining and hypnotizing immersive experiences. Through projections, performances and noises he guides you into a world full of synesthesia and colours.