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Lesson #1

Identifying and Releasing Self Sabotage
(Part 2a: ZPoint, A Tool for Clearing What is in the Way)

By Stacey Mayo, MCC Center for Balanced Living, Inc.

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but for a lifetime. The key is the feelings or Page 3 . not just now. The next tool you are going to learn to use clear what is in the way is called ZPoint. She is now a big fan of this process that she once thought was hokey pokey. this one is the easiest to learn and so I am teaching it first.LifeTransformationTools. Even if you have used ZPoint before. We program in a cue word and give your subconscious mind instructions to clear old negative thoughts. So if you are fearful of something. non-resistant space and therefore able to attract what you desire with more ease. wanted or unwanted. .Life Transformation Tools & More Lesson 1: “Identifying and Releasing Self Sabotage (Part 2a)” Explanation of ZPoint Process: A Tool for Clearing What is in the Way In part 1 of this lesson you learned how to identify some of the things you do to avoid moving forward on your goal or dream and some of the concerns that are behind that avoidance behavior. It works similar to law of attraction in that law of attraction says that whatever you focus your attention and emotions on is what you get more of. © 2008 Center for Balanced Living. Part of my goal in this program is to teach you how to fish so that you can use these tools.All Rights Reserved. So let’s talk about the process for clearing for self-sabotage. The good news is you don’t’ have to even believe in it for it to work. When you take the charge out of the negative emotion. I want to encourage you to listen to these recordings for 3 reasons: 1) It will give you a better understanding of how it works 2) I will provide scripts throughout this program for applying it in different areas of your life 3) I will teach you how to use it for yourself on most anything. and take the charge out of the emotion. I have one client who thought it was hokey pokey but she now looks at her life with disbelief as she is creating everything she desired and is dealing with things as they come up with much more ease. you are more able to focus on what you desire from an aligned. beliefs and feelings when it hears that cue word. you are likely to attract it because you are focused on it with negative emotion. You also learned a left-brained or logical tool called Opposing Council to reframe some of those concerns. http://www. Basically. Inc. I am going to provide you with a couple of scripts and also have you plug your individual concerns in that you wrote down in Part 1 of this Lesson. the way ZPoint works is this. you will clear at deeper levels. The goal of tools like ZPoint is to get in touch with that negative emotion at both a conscious and subconscious level. It will help to do the clearing process frequently as each time you do. Some of you who are clients of mine or who have taken Letting go of the Money Struggle are already familiar with ZPoint. While I have lots of other tools in my tool bag.

unrealistic. take 2 minutes now to go to the next track and program one in.Lesson Page 4 . If you do not have a cue word. Another level of this concern might be fear of not belonging. That’s okay. if you are working on a very deep fear or issue. sometimes our fears can get louder. Previous Lessons Releasing Self Sabotage . My client who thought this is hokey pokey. If you already have a cue word. the chances are that you may clear a fear or doubt. etc. This takes 2 minutes and you will only have to do it once. is rarely aware of the deeper levels. she just feels so much better after each clearing and sees the results in her life.Life Transformation Tools & More Lesson 1: “Identifying and Releasing Self Sabotage (Part 2a)” Additionally. http://www. fear of sharing your gift or passion in the world because people may think “x” where “x” might be. I will teach you how to listen to your body for signs that you are out of alignment with what you desire and how to clear both the underlying fear and the physical symptoms Many of us were taught to suppress our emotions and so may not be cognizant of what they are. Next Step in this Lesson Programming Your Cue Word … Click Here to access. etc. Getting Started Quick … Click Here to access.All Rights Reserved. © 2008 Center for Balanced Living. you will need to decide on a cue word and program it in first. As we get closer to success. In future sessions. For example. You are weird. Inc. If so. In future sessions. You can use this tool along with others I will teach you every step of the way. and use the tool I am about to teach you to clear it. pushy. • • • • Another level of this concern might be your own fear of being pushy. Okay if this is the first time you have done this. Part 1 … Click Here to access. weird.LifeTransformationTools. . For now just let your subconscious mind do the work. then take a step forward and then need to clear either another fear or the same fear at a deeper level before you take the next step. etc. fitting in A deeper level of this concern – being different from family or friends not feeling understood Another level – needing to be understood You may or may not be conscious of your own deeper levels. it means you have used this process before and you can skip this next step and move on to the clearing tracks. listen to those concerns as they come up. I will also teach you how to test into your body so you can more clearly identify emotions and other things that are in your way.