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Native English 1 Midterm Rubric

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Score


Student used grammar covered in class to communicate effectively.

A few minor mistakes.

Many minor errors or one major breakdown in communication.

Many grammatical errors and breakdowns.



Appropriate vocabulary was used well.

A few vocabulary mistakes, but was still understood. Used levelappropriate vocabulary. Student made a few short pauses, but conversation flowed well.

Used only a few levelappropriate vocabulary words

Used really low-level vocabulary throughout.


The conversation flowed and developed well. Student responded to questions with appropriate answers, listened to all questions, and used them in the discussion.

Difficult to keep conversation going. There may have been a few long pauses.

Conversation broke down many times. Too many long pauses.


Student responded to most questions, listened to most questions, and used many of them in the conversation. No serious problems, but better pronunciation, and/or nonverbal communication could have made communication more effective.

Student failed to answer some questions appropriately or didn’t understand the question.

Student didn't understand or ignored most questions.

Voice and nonverbal communication

Student spoke very clearly and was physically engaged in the conversation.

Some communication problems because of unclear pronunciation and/or lack of expression. Student may have been difficult to hear.

Poor pronunciation, , and/or expression made communication very difficult. Student may have been very difficult to hear.