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Senior Honors Project Presentations Spring 2013

Tuesday, April 30
9:00 a.m. PLN-130



Faculty Mentor: David Sandner, English

10:00 a.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentors: Rebecca Otten, Nursing; Nita Slater, Nursing

1:00 p.m. PLN-130


Faculty Mentor: Hyekyeung Seung, Human Communication Studies

1:30 p.m. PLN-130


Faculty Mentors: Chandra Srinivasan, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Marcelo Tolmasky, Biological Science

2:00 p.m. PLN-130


Faculty Mentor: Rosanne Welch, Radio-TV-Film

3:00 p.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Christine Gardiner, Criminal Justice

5:00 p.m. PLN-130

1 IN 88: A DOCUMENTARY Althea Wagoner

Faculty Mentor: Brent Foster, Communications

Wednesday, May 1

7:30 a.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Mark Hughes, Accounting


8:00 a.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Tony Lopez, Accounting

8:30 a.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Megan Tommerup, Biological Science

9:00 a.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Suzanne Gaskins, History

9:30 a.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Henry Mendoza, Communications

10:00 a.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: I-Ling Wang, Accounting

10:30 a.m. Academic Senate Chambers


Faculty Mentors: Lenny Wiersma, Kinesiology; Michele Barr, Kinesiology

1:00 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Jarret Lovell, Criminal Justice

1:30 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: William Marelich, Psychology

2:00 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers


Faculty Mentor: John E. Barbuto, Jr., Management

2:30 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Nicole Baker, Music


3:00 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Michele Barr, Kinesiology

3:30 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers


Faculty Mentor: Darlene O’Cadiz, Theatre and Dance

4:00 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Rachel Fenning, Child and Adolescent Studies

4:30 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers


Faculty Mentor: Rosanne Welch, Radio-TV-Film

5:00 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers


Faculty Mentor: Joe Gonzalez, Liberal Studies

Thursday, May 2

10:00 a.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Pamela Fiber-Ostrow, Political Science

10:30 a.m. Academic Senate Chambers


Faculty Mentor: Steven Chen, Marketing

11:00 a.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Atul Teckchandani, Management

11:30 a.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Christopher Meyer, Chemistry

1:00 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers


Faculty Mentor: Nathalie Carrick, Child and Adolescent Studies


1:30 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Robert McLain, History

2:00 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Laura Marcoulides, Information Systems and Decision Sciences

2:30 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers


Faculty Mentor: Maria Linder, Chemistry and Biochemistry

4:00 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Aaron Goetz, Psychology

4:30 p.m. Academic Senate Chambers

Faculty Mentor: Hope Johnson, Biological Science

Friday, May 3
8:30 a.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chandra Srinivasan

9:00 a.m. PLN-130


Faculty Mentor: Terri Patchen, Elementary and Bilingual Education

9:30 a.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Stuart Atkins, Marketing

10:00 a.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Joseph Formichelli, Management

10:30 a.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Zhenguo Lin, Finance


11:00 a.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Wilson, Kinesiology; Scott Lynn, Kinesiology

11:30 a.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Joanne Hoven Stohs, Psychology

1:00 p.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Kottler, Counseling

1:30 p.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Erika Thomas, Communications

2:00 p.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Stephen Mexal, English

3:00 p.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Stephen Neufeld, History

4:00 p.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Andrew Luzi, Accounting

Saturday, May 4
10:00 a.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: James Ruby, Human Services

10:30 a.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: John Faller, Computer Engineering

11:30 a.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Sharon Chappell, Elementary and Bilingual Education


12:00 p.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Jessica Grimes, Sociology

12:30 p.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Ying-Chiao Tsao, Communicative Disorders

1:30 a.m. PLN-130

Faculty Mentor: Math Cuajungco, Biological Science

Friday, May 17

7:30 p.m. Arrive at 7:00 p.m. PA-117


Faculty Mentor: Anne James, Theatre and Dance


Fear Came Barefoot: A Novella
Jessica Berry will graduate Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She has

This work of dark fantasy follows the trials of college student Maggie Thomas. Faced with final year a bit shaken. Matters aren’t helped by the fact that her boyfriend, Anthony, has

been part of the University Honors Program, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars and a Dean’s Scholar in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences for four years. Jessica has also been heavily involved with and has served as the secretary of the Catholic Newman Club and remains an active member of her parish and local charities. In addition to community service, she is passionate about literature and creative writing. For her senior honors project, Jessica wrote a novel that she hopes to continue to refine for publication. She would like to thank Dr. David Sandner for his expertise and support on this project. Currently, Jessica interns as a grant writer in Corporate and Foundation Relations at PBS SoCaL. She plans to gain more technical writing experience in this vein before pursuing an M.B.A.

looming graduation and without a clue of what she wants to do with her life, Maggie begins her recently been deployed. Maggie tries to dive into her schoolwork to fill the void left by Anthony, but she is all too aware that soon she will not have academia as a source of confidence and will need to culminate her scholarly skills into a career. She is terrified and so, without ever fully acknowledging it herself, she begins to withdraw from reality. The book opens as Maggie begins the first day of fall semester. She is melancholy and distracted by memories of a man the ominous feeling that he exists outside of her imagination. As he starts to appear more a dark and powerful force that seeks to destroy her. Maggie must fight to remember the remember a tragedy that she has buried so deep she’ll have to rediscover it entirely. as well as the author’s own experience with anxiety.

that has been plaguing her nightmares. She has never met him in her waking life, but she has frequently and less explicably, it becomes clear that he isn’t a man at all, nor is he a dream, but strength that her depression has robbed her of, but in order to face the man she must also Disorienting and spectral, this work draws on the conventions of horror literature and cinema


ICP: The Process of Infection Control and Prevention
Courtney Snyder will graduate in May 2014 with a Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing.

She is a member of the University Honors Program, a four year Student- Athlete on the NCAA Division 1 Titan Softball team, and President of the Nursing Students Association Chapter at California State University- Fullerton. Courtney also plans on running for statewide office for the California Nursing Students Association in October 2013. She has earned the Dean’s List distinction on several occasions. Her Senior Honors Project comes from a real life story that occurred in the hospital setting between the health care team and her grandmother. With this project, she hopes to educate future nurses, as well as create awareness about the responsibility that accompanies the nursing profession. Courtney is excited to begin her career in nursing and hopes to become employed at Kaiser Permanente in the Emergency Department soon after graduation.
Medical errors in hospitals in the United States result in 98,000 deaths and 1,000,000 excess injuries annually. Errors in the hospital setting include medication errors, errors in diagnosis, errors in the performance of a procedure, test, or operation, inadequate follow-up treatment, essential in the improvement of care in the clinical setting. The first section of the video highlights catheter acquired urinary tract infections and errors in medication administration and follows a patient from their first admission to the hospital for a stroke through the many future nurses on the potential consequences of a medical error. This video is based on true washing techniques, sterile gloving, and Foley catheter insertion and removal. events. The second section of the video includes step-by-step instructions for proper hand complications that occur as a result of medical errors. The purpose of this video is to educate and failure of equipment or communication. Understanding and eliminating medical errors is


Using Creative Dance to Facilitate Communication in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Lisa Gresch will graduate Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Communicative

Disorders. She is a proud member of the President’s Scholars Program and University Honors Program. During her college career, Lisa enjoyed serving as secretary for the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association and co-secretary and Special Games coordinator for the President’s Scholars Student Association. She also served as cocoordinator for the Communicative Disorders Peer Mentor Center. In addition to working alongside and serving her fellow students, Lisa completed her Senior Honors Project under the mentorship of Dr. Hye-Kyeung Seung, CCC-SLP. Merging her passion for dance with her interest in autism, she conducted research to determine if creative dance classes can be used to facilitate communication development in children with autism spectrum disorders. Lisa looks forward to continuing her education to earn a Master of Science in Communicative Disorders and becoming a school-based speech-language pathologist.
The purpose of this study was to determine if creative dance classes can be used to facilitate communication development in children with autism spectrum disorders. Utilizing a single 15-minute parent-child interaction was recorded for analysis. Communicative behaviors production and attention. Additionally, the creative dance class sessions created a more subject, repeated measures study design, two children with autism between the ages of 4;0 and 6;0 participated in language-based and creative dance sessions. Between each session type, a analyzed include eye gaze, attention, gesturing, and verbal production. Creative dance classes were just as effective as language-based classes in facilitating development of verbal engaging setting for communication development. Further research is necessary to generalize

findings and determine the best uses of creative dance classes as a medium for autism therapy.


Combating Antibiotic Resistance via Inhibition of a DrugModifying Enzyme
Christina Adams will graduate Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in

Biochemistry. She has been an active participant in undergraduate research. First, she participated in the Research Careers Preparatory program, the NIH-funded Minority Health and Health Disparities International Research Training program, and she is a Minority Access to Research Careers scholar. Additionally, she worked at UC Berkeley through the Amgen Scholars Program during summer 2012. Christina is also a recipient of the Glen Nakaya Scholarship, the Excellence in General Chemistry Award, the General College Scholarship from the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and an Undergraduate Poster Presentation Award at the 2012 National SACNAS Conference. Her senior honors project involves screening potential small molecule inhibitors for an enzyme that confers resistance to aminoglycoside antibiotics. She is interested in pursuing her research interests in the Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program at UC San Francisco beginning this fall.
Inhibiting the activity of resistance enzymes has proven to be an effective strategy in enzymes have not been developed. The AAC(6’)-Ib enzyme modifies aminoglycoside combating antibiotic resistance. However, effective inhibitors for aminoglycoside modifying antibiotics, rendering them ineffective in many gram negative bacteria. To identify potential inhibitors of AAC(6’)-Ib we used the molecular docking program Autodock Vina and commercially available compounds from the ChemBridge chemical library to screen for compounds that potentially bind to the aminoglycoside active site on the enzyme. We activity in-vitro. We used a colorimetric reaction to measure enzyme activity, and found that purchased the top twenty ranked compounds and analyzed their ability to inhibit AAC(6’)-Ib

one of the twenty compounds exhibited significant levels of inhibition using kanamycin,

amikacin and tobramycin as substrates, separately. We repeated the docking analysis to

identify analogs of this inhibitor. Five out of ten analogs also showed significant inhibition. three aminoglycosides, and a non-competitive inhibitor of acetyl-coenzyme A. Our results

Dixon plots demonstrated that each of the inhibiting compounds is a competitive inhibitor of all show that molecular docking is a viable approach to selecting inhibitors of aminoglycoside modifying enzymes.

- 10 -

Displaced: From Script to Screen
Felicia Berger, a President’s Scholar, will graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in both

Advertising and Radio-TV-Film. She has participated in the University Honors Program and helped found the Medieval Swordsmanship Club. Felicia is a Washington Media Scholar as well as a Washington Media Fellow. She has been awarded with numerous recognitions in Media Excellence. She volunteered at her local home church, South Hills Church, in the tech department and in the children’s ministry writing scripts within the last several years. In addition, she has volunteered countless hours with the National Honors Society of Collegiate Scholars. As a member of Phi Beta Delta, Felicia studied foreign cultures abroad in France. For her senior honors project, Felicia stepped into the role of a television producer under the guidance of Dr. Rosanne Welch. Upon receipt of her degree, Felicia intends to actively pursue a producing role in the television industry.

Everyone has a story to tell: users upload over 70 hours of footage a minute to YouTube to share with the world, Facebook and Twitter let consumers share their life stories in shortened formats and more reality shows appear each season than the previous year. Storytelling is one of the longest running human traditions and no one has capitalized on it more than Hollywood. Since its development in the early twentieth century, television has radically changed American culture socially, politically and economically. When news breaks, the family gathers around the television. Children learn their colors, alphabet and shapes from characters on their favorite shows. Television is one of the most powerful media, placing a large responsibility on those who enter the industry to perform well. For my project, I decided to step into the role of a television producer and see what it took to develop a show from the script to the screen. The first part discusses pre-production, including the writing of the script and casting. The second section covers the shoot and what it takes to successfully manage a team. The final part of the project reflects on postproduction and the qualities every television producer should embody. The experience gained with this project will prepare me for a professional career in television.

- 11 -

Serial Killers: An Analysis of Hedonistic Killers and the Media
Janise Suski will graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in both Psychology

and Sociology from California State University, Fullerton. Janise is a member of the University Honors Program, Psi Chi, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She served as president of the Archers of Cal State Fullerton in her third year and maintained an officer position as a senior. She has been awarded the Dean’s list distinction every semester for four years, and a Faculty-Student Research and Creative Activities Grant of $1,000. Under the guidance of Dr. Christine Gardiner, she is researching the differences between male and female serial killers in the media, and presented her research at the CSUF Research Competition. She is currently an intern at the Artesia Early Intervention Program for special needs preschool students. Janise intends to pursue a doctoral degree in Psychology.
Serial killing has been on the rise in American society since the 18th century. However, most of the research available focuses on male serial killers. This review focuses on a comparison between the characteristics of male and female hedonistic serial killers, their respective modus operandi, signatures, and motivation for killing. Hedonistic killers are broken down into subcategories – lust, thrill, and comfort killers – and examined based on their characteristics and the differences in gender. Several case studies will highlight the differences found within each category. The effect of the media’s portrayal of serial killers and its influence on the general public will also be examined. Several documentaries will be reviewed and compared to the fictional television show about a serial killer, Dexter. The media analysis will address the pop culture phenomenon of the fascination with serial killers.

- 12 -

1 in 88: A Documentary
Althea Wagoner will graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in

Communications: Broadcast Journalism, and a minor in Radio-TV-Film. Althea was the recipient of the 2012 Terry Hynes Scholarship for outstanding academics and contributions to the communications department. Althea was the Associate Director for the on campus sports news show, Titan Sports Recap and was a Resident Advisor for campus housing for two years. In the summer of 2012, Althea was an On-Air-Promotions intern for Lifetime, A+E Networks where three promos she produced made air. Currently, Althea is a production intern for Dateline, NBC. For her senior honors project, Althea produced a documentary on autism. She plans to create more documentaries on autism to continue to spread awareness. Althea would like to thank her mentor, Dr. Brent Foster, for his support and encouragement with this project.
1 in 88 is a 21-minute documentary that focuses on families that participate in a sports league, Autism Spectrum Athletics, that caters specifically to children who have autism spectrum disorders. Meet two families who are living with the struggles and successes that come with having a child with autism. The documentary explores why autism is on the rise, myths and misconceptions of autism, and what the future may look like for children with autism spectrum disorders. This production helps shed light on a growing issue in our communities and seeks to build a more tolerant and understanding citizenry. I produced, wrote, directed and edited this documentary under the guidance of my Faculty Mentor, Dr. Brent Foster.

- 13 -

Hawaiian Islands Brewing Company (HIBC): A Business Plan
Samantha Hannah Setyakarya will graduate Cum Laude in May 2013 with a Bachelor

of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration on Accounting at California State University, Fullerton. Samantha Setyakarya is a member of the University and Business Honors Program and has been on the Dean’s Honors List for the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics (MCBE) several times over the past four years. Samantha has been actively involved in her community by volunteering for a semester-long service learning project with MAPS 4 College, breast cancer awareness’s Race for the Cure, Ernst and Young’s beach clean-up, and Center for Insurance Studies’ Insurance Day. She has been awarded the Lender Processing Services Scholarship, Kathleen Taylor Business Scholarship, and the Dean’s Advisory Board Award for the MCBE. Under the mentorship of Mark Hughes, Accounting Professor and Grant Thornton Partner, Samantha Setyakarya is examining HIBC and formulating a business plan that will intrigue investors to invest in HIBC’s expansion. Samantha Setyakarya is currently a server at Supatra’s Thai Bistro in the city of Yorba Linda and has already accepted a full-time offer with Grant Thornton this upcoming fall season. She would like to thank Dr. Susan Jacobsen, Professor Mark Hughes, her family and friends for supporting her throughout her college journey.
After more than 3 years sitting idle, the brewery at Ward Centre is back online creating new formed HIBC in March of 2012 and began efforts to revive the old Brew Moon brewery location. Kai McKillop has also joined the team as a brewer. He has been a home brewer for and innovative beer styles for the people of Honolulu. Partners Frank Wenzl and Greg Yount many years and has a fervent passion for making beer. Due to the economic slowdown, Brew and the beer making equipment sat idle in search of a savior. One auspicious evening, Frank that renovations were taking place for the opening of Vice Honolulu. They inquired with

Moon was forced to close its doors in 2009. The brewery restaurant was turned into night club and Greg, sharing a constant passion for good beer, were walking past the brewery and noticed ElementGroup as to the possibility of joining efforts to re-open the brewery. A partnership was of ales and lager styles including Golden, Amber, India Pale Ale, Stout, Barley Wine, and most recently, a Mango Wheat Ale, with more creative styles planned in the coming months. agreed upon and the beer will started flowing in mid-August 2012. HIBC is producing a variety

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Sony vs. Samsung: Electronic Giants Diverge
Nathan Lozano will graduate Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Business

Administration with a concentration in Accounting. He has participated in both the Business and University Honors Programs, and has been on the Dean’s List. During college, he has received several scholarships including the Dean’s Advisory Board: Outstanding Leadership Scholarship, IIA Leadership Award and the Kathleen Taylor Business Scholarship. He has held several leadership positions within on campus organization including VP of Finance for the Finance Association, Vice President of Activities for Gamma Iota Sigma and Treasurer for Beta Alpha Psi. His Senior Honors Project will focus on an analysis comparing the viability and future profitability of Sony and Samsung. After graduation, Nathan will pursue a Master in Accounting at University of Southern California.

Despite once being the premier electronics company, Sony has fallen into financial hardship

while Samsung has flourished. Sony, once known for its innovative activities has been left in

the dark by newer entrants into the consumer electronics industry. Most factors point at Sony failing due to continued losses, but many more factors than just financial profit play a role in a company’s outlook. Many of the most important factors affecting a company can be seen is less visible parts of its annual statements, or in non-statement data such as exchange rates within a company’s home economy. Through my project, I will look at Sony and Samsung through their 10ks, patent portfolios, the economies they operate and manufacture in and the Altman Z factor. The analysis will yield data crucial in answering the current state of the company, company. Each analysis will add additional insight into the goals and key performance to make a decision as to which company will provide the best investment opportunity. possible changes that may be on the horizon and the future viability and attractiveness of the indicators of each company. In the end the reader should be informed of the situation and able

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Science on Stage: Integrating Arts and Science Using Kinesthetic Movement to Reinforce Scientific Literacy
Amy Schultz will graduate Magna Cum Laude in May 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in
Child and Adolescent Development with her emphasis in Elementary Education and a minor in Natural Science. Amy is currently a student of the University Honors Program, a past member of Chi Psi Phi-the National Residence Hall Honorary Society, and a past Resident Advisor. Under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Megan Tommerup, professor of Biological Science, Amy has developed Elementary Education curriculum that combines California state science standards with performing arts state standards. Through the development of her curriculum, Amy has researched the benefits of arts integration into academic subjects. Amy is currently a 2013 Teach for America Corp Member and will be relocating to the Mississippi Delta post-graduation to teach elementary school.
those that enabled you to express your creativity and individuality and engage in hands-on

If one were to think back to their elementary school years, the most memorable moments were learning. . Unfortunately, with the increased emphasis on standardized state testing, teachers in which our educational system is progressing, students will look back at their elementary express their creativity. The purpose of my Senior Honors Project is to address the issue of limited creativity and unexciting methods of teaching state standards by attempting to integrate fine arts standards into scientific concepts and standards. Therefore I present a school years with regret and negative emotions because of boring content and no chances to receive little freedom to engage their students in exciting new projects or lessons. At the pace

combination of lesson plans that enable students to obtain a deeper understanding of science format of a formal scientific evaluation, I present my results achieved from following my own curriculum in an elementary classroom.

concepts through the use of kinesthetic learning and performance opportunities. Following the

- 16 -

World War II in the Pacific: A Historiographical Study of the Fall of the Philippines
Samantha Higgins will graduate Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

and a minor in History. Samantha is a member of the University Honors Program, the National Collegian Institute of Scholars, Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society, and Pi Sigma Alpha. She has continually earned Dean’s List distinction for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Under the advisement of Dr. Susanne Gaskins, Samantha is analyzing historiographies dealing with the Philippines during the Second World War. She is currently an intern at the District Office of State Assemblyman Curt Hagman and she hopes to pursue a career in public service and advocacy. Samantha will continue her education by pursuing a Master’s of Public Affairs and Practical Politics at the University of San Francisco.
World War II remains one of the most prominent and influential events in modern history. For the United States, the war in the Pacific took its toll on both the military and the American Japanese attacked the American territory of the Philippines. The Philippines, under populace. While the nation of Japan eventually fell to the Americans, the first half of the war was full of Japanese victories. Just nine hours after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the Commander General of the United States Army Forces Far East, Douglas MacArthur, fell to the Japanese in only a few months. Responsibility for the military disaster that took place in the Philippines has been under debate since the end of the war. Douglas MacArthur was a in more recent studies, the vital mistakes he made in the Philippines have cause many territory. Lastly, high command from Washington promoted a ‘Germany First’ policy, decorated war hero who held generally positive feelings from the American people; however, historians to blame the fall of the islands entirely upon his shoulders. Also under investigation is the United States Navy, who under Admiral Thomas Hart, did little to save the sinking something that has left historians blaming the disaster in the Philippines on the tactical remain responsible for the failed campaign during the Second World War.

indecision of the Army Chief of Staff General George C. Marshall. The following study evaluates the fall of the Philippines and analyzes the historiographies that have influenced who should

- 17 -

Vin Scully: Shaping History from the Broadcast Booth
Blake Doan will graduate Magna Cum Laude in December 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in

Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism, and a minor in Radio-TVFilm. Blake is a member of the University Honors Program. Under the guidance of Professor Henry Mendoza, Blake is examining and reflecting on the career of Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully. By examining his entire career, Blake hopes to expose more baseball fans to the beauty of Scully’s work and enlighten them to the impact Scully has had on the entire sport of baseball. Blake is currently an intern at KF I- AM 640 with the Bill Carroll Show and intends to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. Blake would like to thank Dr. Susan Jacobsen, Professor Henry Mendoza, his family and friends for supporting and guiding him throughout college and his Senior Honors Project.
Vin Scully has been broadcasting games for the Los Angeles Dodgers since 1950, however there are still many baseball fans that are unaware of the impact his career has had on the Dodgers and the sport, as a whole. His 63 year career has given him the opportunity to affect an Scully’s career, approximately fifteen moments can be identified as some of the most unimaginable number of games and moments in sports history. By researching and examining memorable or historical in sports history. Vin Scully: Shaping History from the Broadcast Booth into one source. Each article and the accompanying introduction set the scene for each moment, and the video clips allow the viewer to re-live the moment how it was originally takes those moments and brings them to light by combining newspaper articles and video clips

presented by Scully. In whole, it offers sports fans a chance to more easily comprehend and the chance to see and hear his work.

grasp the impact Scully has had on baseball, bringing a legend to light for all who have not had

- 18 -

The Deliberation of Accounting Standard Convergence: A Forward Looking Analysis
Daniel Schlutz will be graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Business

Administration, with a concentration in Accounting. He has served as founding President of the Business Honors Society, and has also served as a Career Development Chair for Beta Alpha Psi. He is a Business and University Honors student, and a member of Beta Gamma Sigma. Daniel has received such awards as the Kenneth Guchereau Merit Scholar Award and the Dean’s Advisory Board Outstanding Honors Student Award. He further pursued his interest in accounting to create his senior honors project about international accounting standard convergence. Daniel would like to thank Dr. I-Ling Wang for her support on his project. He recently completed an auditing internship with Ernst & Young, where he will soon begin working and intends to work his way toward Partner level.

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), which oversees American Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (U.S. GAAP), and the International Financial Reporting Standards, which oversees International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) have been seek to analyze how international efforts toward convergence and different arguments working for many years toward the ultimate goal of accounting convergence. In my project, I regarding convergence ultimately bring implications into the work of converging American of international accounting standards, covering various cultural, political and economic standards into IFRS, and ultimately conclude on implications for global convergence accounting standards. Throughout my report, I analyze arguments that support or oppose the convergence variables. I also bring in international efforts toward internationally converged standards, that international accounting standard convergence toward IFRS is neither practical nor standards may go. including reasons nations converge, specific efforts toward convergence, and the results of desirable for American capital markets, as well as for international markets, and present a

their convergence. I ultimately rely on the implications of the research presented to conclude projection for where efforts to increase similarities and comparability in different accounting

- 19 -

Time to Play! Recess and Lunch Activities
Kaitlin Winter will graduate Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with

an emphasis in Fitness and Health Promotion. She made Dean’s list six semesters and will be graduating with University Honors. She is also a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and will be graduating with NSCS recognition. Her love of physical activity led her to create her honors project on how to better incorporate physical activity into elementary schools. She interned at the Orange County Fire Authority where she was able to get experience within their health and wellness program, WEFIT. With this knowledge and the knowledge gained while at CSUF she plans to work with companies within their health and wellness programs to promote fitness and health while helping people live healthier lives.
Physical activity is important throughout life, and starting physical activity at an early age has benefits that can last a lifetime. A prime location to stage a physical activity intervention with children is at schools, where, in addition to numerous health benefits, academic achievement will also benefit from children being physically active. This project goes through a literature

review describing the benefits of physical activity, why physical activity is important at an early age, why schools are the right place for this intervention, and examples of programs that have fun. Schools would be able to easily incorporate this program into their everyday schedules. been previously implemented. Finally, it will present a program that I have designed including games that can be played at recess and lunch helping to get kids physically active while having

- 20 -

Social Media v. Traditional Media: Creating Your Own News
Rebecca-Ashley Unabia Carino will graduate Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Arts in

Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice from California State University, Fullerton. Ashley is a member of the University Honors Program, National Service Fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, Golden Key International Honour Society, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She has been on the Dean’s List for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences for all four years. Ashley actively works two part time jobs working with children with Autism and does administrative work to further her work experience. After graduating, she intends to pursue a Masters in Clinical Psychology with Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. She would like to thank her mentor Dr. Jarret Lovell, Dr. Susan Jacobsen, her family and friends for their continued support and friendships during her college years.

Communication serves as the prominent source of connection between humans. Society heavily relies on communication for information and understanding. Traditional media are the benchmark of information and news coverage. Whether it is the television, radio, or the newspaper, traditional media are regarded as the main source of information for society.

However, new forms of journalism rooted in public participation have dramatically created a power shift in the way public produces and consumes news. The Internet paired with social media and Citizen Journalism has become the medium for news content. New Media are fast to read. Through my research, Social media allow individuals to create their own news, and point, has social media become an important aspect of traditional media. My project will generate a deeper understanding of communication and society. It will examine the paced and allows information to be posted almost immediately for hundreds if not thousands also allow more voices to be heard with a variety of topics. I want to find out how, and at what implications, influences, and consequences of the growth of social media on its audiences and how it allows people to create importance for ideas. It will investigate and observe how an individual utilizes the power of social media to construct the reality of crime, and how it and techniques used by reporters, and citizen journalists. generates new forms of social and legal control. It will encompass a case study of the strategies

- 21 -

Media's Influence on College Women’s View of Body Satisfaction
Lauren Gin graduated Cum Laude in December 2013, with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Lauren is a member of the University Honors Program, the Golden Key International Honour Society, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the Honor Students Activities Council, Alpha Phi Omega, and Tau Theta Pi. She has been on the dean’s list multiple times. Lauren is working on her Senior Honors Project with Dr. William Marelich. Under his guidance she is studying the media’s influence of how college women view their body. Currently, Lauren is interning at Easter Seals. Her next step after she obtains her Bachelors is to continue on to get a Marriage and Family Therapy license.
It has been noted that recently the media is starting to portray women as very thin and that whether it be through magazines or television. Women are usually affected by this with an is better off than herself. (Krane & Krause, 2010; Serdour, 2005; Jung, 2006; Tiggemann & attractive and ideal would affect college women. This means that the women in the study being thin is attractive. We are exposed in some way, shape, or form to these types of images; upward social comparison, when a woman views herself negatively compared to someone who Polivy, 2010). This study was done to see if print media depicting what the media defines as viewed themselves as less attractive. The current study contains a control and experiment bias. Based on what is known of upward social comparison theory, we would expect that college women would find themselves less attractive. group and had a total of 206 female participants. Pictures, attractive and average, were used

from a public domain website of everyday women so there would not be a celebrity or model

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Testing the Impact of Global Mindset on Affective Study Abroad Outcomes
Han Tran will be graduating Cum Laude in August 2013 with a Bachelor of Art in Business
Administration with double concentrations in Management and Finance. Han Tran is a member of the University Honors Program, Beta Gamma Sigma, the Golden Key International Honor Society, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She has earned Dean’s List distinction several times and was awarded the Management Outstanding Student Award (Spring 2012) and the Priscilla Oaks Emerging Leader’s Award (Spring 2012). Under the mentorship of Dr. John E. Barbuto, Han Tran is studying and testing the framework for understanding the impact of global mindset on study abroad affective outcomes. She presented the conceptual framework of this paper at the Annual Meeting of the Southwest Academy of Management conference, March 14, 2013, Albuquerque, NM. Han Tran intends to pursue a Master degree in Business Administration.
attention to international management and global leadership research. This paper describes a framework for understanding the affective and substantive outcomes, associated with study abroad experience using global mindset as a fundamental antecedent. Several moderating in the model. This study employed data from alumni of study abroad experiences. To date, approximately 183 college-level students have completed on-line survey instrumentation.

The increases in globalization and establishments of multi-national corporations have spawned

variables such as core self-evaluation, ethnocentrism and cultural relativism are also included

Results produce a model for optimizing study abroad experiences featuring the global mindset and cultural relativism of study abroad students, and enhanced by their core self-evaluations. This work extends the global mindset construct by considering the affective outcomes that result from varying degrees of student’s global mindset (cultural intelligence). Further and study abroad education. implications of this study are discussed in the context for international business assignments

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Brahms: The Unique Musicality of his Clarinet Works
Stephanie Kisling will graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music in Clarinet

Performance. Hailing from the Hawkeye State, she attended CSUF on a music scholarship and served as Vice President of the French Club, Secretary of the California Science Teachers Association, and Resident Advisor during her time at CSUF. She is passionate about linguistics and enjoys French philosophy, primarily the works of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. Her senior honors project combines her experience as a classical clarinetist with her love for musicology and examines the clarinet works of German composer Johannes Brahms. She would like to thank Drs. Nicole Baker, Laura Lohman, and Professor Håkan Rosengren for their endless support and encouragement on her project and educational ambitions. Stephanie will pursue a Master of Arts degree in Medieval and Renaissance Musicology with a research scholarship under Dr. Benjamin Brand at the University of North Texas.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis: What Is It and How It Is Treated
Amanda Whalen will graduate Cum Laude in May 2013 from California State University,
Fullerton with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, concentration in Pre-Allied Health Professions. Amanda is a member of the University Honors Program, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and the Nu Pi chapter of Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society. She has consistently made the Dean’s List for the College of Health and Human Development for four years. Under the mentorship of Michele Barr, Ed.D., Amanda is studying the chronic disease Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). For her senior honors project, Amanda is researching the symptoms patients may endure and creating her own treatment regimen. Amanda intends to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and is looking at the University of St. Augustine in San Marcos, California.
symptoms are arising. As part of the younger population I was unaware of most chronic frequently than pateints with acute injuries. Ultimately, this consumes more of the both

As the population grows older more cases of chronic diseases and people living with constant diseases. The aim of my project was to learn more about the chronic disease patient experience and how a therapist would treat these patients. Chronic disease patients need therapy more therapist’s and patient’s time. For each patient a therapist develops a treatment regimen aimed toward goals set by the therapist along with the patient. With a chronic disease patient these goals must often be altered depending on the severity at each session. This project contains patient with newly diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis. general information about Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as a treatment regimen I designed for a

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Exploring the Romantic Themes in Giselle
Rachel Forbes will graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a

minor in Health Science. Rachel is a member of the University Honors Program, University Honors Board, Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society, and the CSUF Catholic Newman Club. She has consistently been on the Dean’s List for the College of Humanities for four years. Under the mentorship of Darlene O’Cadiz, Rachel analyzed the Romantic themes of love and the loss of love in the ballet Giselle. Rachel is currently a student assistant at the CSUF Pollak Library. After graduation, she will work with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps at a middle school library in Washington D.C. for one year and then attend Syracuse University to pursue a Masters in Library Sciences.
The Romantic Era in art was fraught with artists’ desires to break away from long kept traditions and move toward a revolutionary conception of art. Romantic thinkers began to everyday life and nature. Many famous Romantic artists became interested in ballet and

write of foreign lands and mystical creatures while also writing about the simple beauties in contributed their talents to this new and developing art form. One of these Romantic ballets and becomes a wili doomed for all eternity to lure travelers to their death. In this project, I attempt to draw out the Romantic themes of love and loss of love through the ballerina’s that arose from this time period is Giselle. The ballet follows a young girl who is desperately in love with a nobleman. When she realizes he can never be with her, she dies of a broken heart

movements and the plot of the ballet. I also compare the ballet to the Romantic thinker who is credited for creating Giselle, Theophile Gautier’s writings. Like many Romantic artists during this time, Gautier was fascinated with the appeal of the tragic story of separated lovers. He thought. wrote many novels, poems, and criticisms on these themes, and I argue that his ballet Giselle

offers a unique experience for audience members to understand the complexities of Romantic

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Emotion Understanding and Theory of Mind in Children “At Risk” for Autism
Paige Polichetti will graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Child and

Adolescent Studies. She is a 4-year Dean’s Scholar in the College of Health and Human Development. Paige has worked as a dedicated member of the Student Recreation Center as Head Lifeguard, Swim Instructor, Personal Trainer and Performance Swim Coach. For her senior honors project, Paige researched emotion understanding and theory of mind in children at risk for Autism. She would like to thank her mentor, Dr. Rachel Fenning, for her support in the completion of the project. After graduation, Paige will attend California State University, Fullerton as a member of the Combined Credential and Master’s program in the College of Education. She hopes to be an elementary teacher and continue to work on research involving children in the future.
Autism research has become an emerging topic of interest in the field of child development due to a continuous rise in diagnoses. In recent years, it has become apparent that although children with Autism Spectrum Disorder may have the same diagnoses within the spectrum, are considered at risk for autism: emotion understanding and the additional ability of they can often display very different symptoms and behaviors. In an effort to better understand these differences, this study focuses on two problematic areas of development for children who emotional perspective taking. Focusing on the ability to understand emotions and take the can attribute emotions to oneself and others and the manner in which that child is able to discussed. Conclusions and possibilities for future research are included. viewpoint of another, a variation of the Affective Knowledge Test and the classic “false-belief”

task were administered to find a possible connection between the way a child understands and understand someone else’s point of view. In this paper the data is analyzed and results are

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Nuclear: An Original Television Show
Monica Vellanoweth will graduate with Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV/Film. She is a

active member of the Operation Smile Club at Cal State Fullerton and has helped the club fundraise to earn money for one surgery for a child in need. Right now, they are close to making enough money for a second surgery. Monica is currently interning at a local radio and television network. She plans on writing for a television scripted series and enjoys watching both sitcoms and dramas. She would like to thank her mentor, Dr. Rosanne Welch, for being as excited as she was for her project as well as helping her grow as a writer.
Nuclear is an original television drama serial about a family living in the 1960s. It focuses on be activist. Her older brother, Tom, 18, is going away to college in the east coast. He doesn’t youngest Wolfe sibling is Jack, 13, who befriends a Mexican boy who has moved into the that even though a family may not look like his own, they still can go through the same the main character, Michelle Wolfe, who’s 17 years old and an inspiring musician and soon to know what he wants to do with his life yet. He’s also gay but hasn’t accepted his sexuality. The neighborhood with his family. Everyone is threatened by these new neighbors, but Jack finds problems. Henry Wolfe is the father. He’s very conservative and set in his traditions. He falls into an affair with a neighbor’s wife and his troubled that his feelings and morals don’t compliment each other. Jane Wolfe is the mother and progressive in her thinking. She competes with Ellie, her older sister, who thinks she can raise Michelle better than she can. Jane becomes the true leader of the family. One reason for this project was to gain screenwriting experience and what it’s like to develop my own characters and formulate their character plots. Another reason of this project was for my pleasure. I enjoy the 1960s because of the music that came out during this time as well as the new ideas that came forth. I chose to make it a television show because I find there to be more creative opportunities to show my audience how my characters, even though they may live in a different time period. I’m hoping to capture the American family of today in a family of yesterday.

characters may grown and change. The goal of this show is to let the audience relate to these

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Love Through the Ages
Megan Martinez is a dual major in Child and Adolescent Studies and Sociology. Since her

enrollment at California State University Fullerton, Megan has been involved with both student government and Greek life. Her involvement in ASI began in ASI Lobby Corps as Vice Chair, followed by a two year term as a part of the executive staff as Chief Administrative Officer and she will be finishing up her college career as the Elections Commissioner. As a member of the Greek community, Megan served on the executive board of her chapter, Sigma Kappa, as the Panhellenic Delegate and Vice President of Scholarship. She continued her involvement by becoming a Rho Chi to help with sorority recruitment. These involvements served to spark her interest in Student Affairs and Megan will be pursuing her master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs at Penn State this fall. Once a Titan, always a Titan!
My senior honors project delves into the cultural influences on the meanings of love among the youth from 1960 to 2000. Examining the chart toping Billboard hits, the majority of them contained messages of love and relationships. First, one must identify what demographic the it only explores a specific subsection. The next step was picking a myriad of songs from the the youth’s favorite hits. Using this song analysis, the song was put into historical context. 1960s, 1980s and 2000s. Direct song analysis uncovered the tones and meanings applied to Making connections between the messages of the songs and the cultural times of that particular period, it was possible to examine the affect these two elements had on each other. While some songs reflect the changing cultural times, others do not. The paper examines both of these cases as well as some of the demographics that are not reflected in the Billboard charts. Billboard charts reflect and emphasize that while music is a reflection of the youth of the time,

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Tolerance of Same-Sex Marriage and Policy Change
Amy Bailey will graduate in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Amy is a member of the University Honors and Scholars Program, Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honors Society, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, CSU Fullerton’s Moot Court Association and Pre Law Society. She has also earned Dean’s List distinction for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Under the mentorship of Dr. Pamela Fiber-Ostrow, PhD, Amy is exploring how policy changes regarding same-sex marriage policy occur within each state. She would like to thank Dr. Pamela Fiber-Ostrow, Dr. Susan Jacobsen of the University Honors and Scholars Program, her family and friends for their continuous support throughout her undergraduate career. Amy will attend start law school in the Fall in pursuit of a Juris Doctorate degree.

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Lollapalooza Marketing Plan
Eric Don, a Business and University Honors student, is graduating Magna Cum Laude and

majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. He is founder and current President of Hillel, an inclusive club for undergraduate and graduate Jewish students. Eric has also played an instrumental role in shaping the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics. He is the only student member of the Marketing Advisory Council and in 2011 was active in the Mihaylo Strategic Taskforce alongside department chairs and Dean Puri. Eric earned first place in The Boeing Company Case Study Competition, won a national Sprite Films contest that featured him in more than 35,000 movie theaters nationwide, and received the Dean’s Advisory Board Award for Outstanding Volunteerism. Additionally, Eric is a Leadership Scholar and recurring writer for the University Honors newsletter. Before obtaining his M.B.A., Eric will develop a career in the management consulting industry.
Lollapalooza, an American-based music festival based in Chicago, has provided music entertainment to thousands of people since 1991. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, Lollapalooza is currently in the decline stage of the industry life cycle and must term growth in the music festival industry. expand to sustain a competitive advantage. As a result, I created a detailed marketing plan outlining a new international location, Singapore, which would optimize Lollapalooza’s long-

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Benjamin’s Buñuelos: Colombian Style Pastries
Diana Hurtado will graduate Magna Cum Laude in December 2013 with a Bachelor of
Arts in International Business with concentration in Spanish. She attended CSUF as a transfer student from an accredited honors program institution. She is a member of the Latino Business Student Association, and actively participates in its gatherings. She is passionate about learning different languages and experiencing different cultures. She conducted her Senior Honors Project with the guidance of Dr. Atul Teckchandani, a professor in the Entrepreneurship department. For her project, she created a business plan for a Colombian style pastry. After college she intends to obtain a career opportunity in a multinational company to gain experience in the work field before pursuing her MBA.
Exective Summary When it comes to food, tradition tastes best. There is nothing like the taste of home, and a product that can bring home through its taste and its smell, becomes unique in a person’s mind and heart. Benjamin’s buñuelos do just that. Coming from a rich culture full of life and flavors, Bejamin’s passion and expertise has led the way to creating the best most typical Colombian pastries. Benjamin’s legacy now rests in the hands of his daughter Zoraida Pedroza.

Product Buñuelos are deep-fried cheese bread pastries made with a combination of cheeses, corn starch, eggs, milk, and a small amount of other ingredients. Almojábanas are similar to buñuelos, but their main difference is that these pastries are cooked inside the oven. Both pastries have a soft inside wrapped in a crunchy outside layer. Their flavor is slightly sweet, but they have predominantly cheese savor. Target market Our clients include Colombians, especially late thirties an older, because people from this age range have largely lived in Colombia during their childhood, allowing them the exposure to typical Colombian pastries. Our objective is to provide them the taste of home. Other main clients include Hispanics in South Orange County. Clients from South American descent who have tried our products have declared that our Colombian buñuelos are the best because no other type of buñuelo surpasses their perfect blend of cheeses, or their texture and consistency.

Marketing strategy The products will initially be sold at the Orange County Colombian Festival in Anaheim that will take place during the month of July. This festival presents an opportunity to promote the product to hundreds of Colombians and other Hispanics because the main reason people go to the festival is to celebrate Colombia’s culture and customs; therefore, people demand typical Colombian foods like buñuelos and almojábanas.

- 32 -

Investigating the role of E304 residue in the allosteric regulation of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase from Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Simona Bor, a President’s Scholar, will graduate Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of

Science in Biochemistry. She is a University Honors Program student, a member of several honors societies, a recipient of several chemistry and biochemistry awards, and an active member of on-campus organizations such as the Student Health Professions Association. Since her freshman year, Simona has volunteered in various hospitals, served as the main pianist at Bethel Romanian Pentecostal Church (BRPC), and played flute and oboe in the BRPC band. She has also conducted research in various labs as a Research Careers Preparatory Program Scholar, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Two-Year Undergraduate Research Scholar, and National Institutes of Health Summer Intern; she has presented her research at various conferences and competitions. As an aspiring physician scientist, Simona has been accepted to a number of prestigious universities and plans to enter an MD-PhD training program this fall.
The biodegradable and renewable glucose polymer starch serves as an important resource not only for food but also for the biofuel, pharmaceutical, textile, and cosmetic industries. In plants and bacteria, ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase (ADPG PPase EC catalyzes the ratemechanism of regulation for this enzyme family would allow for the protein engineering of limiting step of starch and glycogen synthesis, respectively. A detailed understanding of the

ADPG PPases to increase the yield of starch. The enzyme from the bacterium Agrobacterium activated by fructose-6-phosphate (F6P) and pyruvate and inhibited by AMP, ADP, and Pi. Molecular modeling based on the x-ray structure suggested that the E304 residue might contribute to the proposed allosteric site. To test this hypothesis, the E304A protein was

(pdb: 3BRK) is available to aid in elucidating structure-function relationships. This enzyme is

tumefaciens is an important model system given that a 2.1 Angstrom resolution x-ray structure

The recombinant protein was successfully expressed and purified by a procedure that included a heat step, ammonium sulfate precipitation, and column chromatography (phenyl sepharose hydrophobic, UNO Q6 anion exchange, and Blue A affinity). Kinetic studies indicated that E304A protein displayed lower activity than the native enzyme and reduced apparent affinity purification and kinetic analyses. Follow up studies include the systematic pyramiding of several mutations with functional for analyses to dissect the allosteric site.

generated by site-directed mutagenesis to probe its role in allosteric regulation and specificity.

for inhibitors. To probe the effects of charge and size, the E304D enzyme is being generated for

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The Effect of Parent-Child Attachment on Children's Understanding of Emotional Real Events
Kyung Esther Hwang, a Dean’s Scholar, will graduate Summa Cum Laude with a
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Child and Adolescent Development. She is a member of Child and Adolescent Studies Student Association, Golden Key International Honor Society, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and the University Honors Program. She is also a research assistant of Dr. Nathalie Carrick in the Department of Child and Adolescent Studies. She placed third in the 2012 CSUF Student Research Competition, received Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Student Research Grant, and participated in various undergraduate research conferences. She also received various awards and scholarships such as the Outstanding Lower Division CAS Student, Outstanding Junior CAS Student, ASI Book Loan Scholarships, and other scholarships outside of campus. Upon graduation, she intends to pursue higher education in a graduate program focusing on developmental psychology.
Prior research suggests that emotions can influence children’s understanding of which events life while frightening events cannot (Carrick & Ramirez, 2012). One potential reason why can occur in real life. For example, children have reported that positive events can occur in real children respond this way may be how they perceive emotions and their sense of security. That is, children who feel more secure will be more likely to report that negative events can occur. Relationship Style Questionnaire (RSQ) that serves as a measure of parental attachment and children’s reports of whether positive or negative events can occur. Parents completed the frightening, or sad events depicted in images could occur in real life (N = 48). Findings indicate that parental attachment is associated with children’s judgments, such that secure attachment is correlated with higher rates of reporting that negative events can occur and insecure .05). Attachment style is not associated with children’s reports of positive events (p > .05). Discussion will focus on how parents can influence children’s understanding of emotional events. attachments is associated with higher rates of reporting that negative events cannot occur (p < (Griffin & Bartholomew, 1994), and 3- to 5-year-olds responded whether a series of happy, The current study examined this hypothesis by obtaining measures of parent-child attachment

- 34 -

The Banality of Good: An Examination of Altruistic Acts During the Holocaust
Calen Rau will graduate in December 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in History and

Religious Studies. Calen is a member of the University Honors Program, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the Golden Key Honour Society, the Phi Alpha Theta Honour Society, and the Theta Alpha Kappa National Religious Studies Honour Society. He has also been a member of the Dean’s List every semester while at California State University, Fullerton and an inaugural member of the History Peer Mentorship program. Under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Robert McLain, Calen has pursued the study of genocides in modern Europe, focusing primarily on the Holocaust and the Second World War. Upon graduation he plans on entering a History PhD program with a concentration on Modern Germany.
There are few examples in the historical record that have been more important for the study of human brutality and coldness than the Holocaust. In the popular imagination Holocaust has been viewed as a cataclysmic, almost biblical, battle between good and evil. Authors like Hannah Arendt have challenged this. In her examination of the Adolf Eichmann trial, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, Arendt sees evil manifested not in the form of a monstrous murderer, but as an ordinary man. The goal of this project is to take Arendt’s observations on the “banality of evil” and to apply them to the study of “good” or altruism.

Those who saved others during the Holocaust have been memorialized and “anomolized,” but analysis over the last few decades in an effort to understand how an entire group of people level analysis. Equal attention should be given to understanding how some could risk could engage in this type of activity. Due to the fact that those engaging in altruistic behavior themselves to save another. Instead the majority of works on this subject focus on listing

have rarely undergone major scrutiny. Acts of violence and “evil” have undergone tremendous produced positive outcomes there seems to be some reluctance in treating them with the same names and deeds of “the Righteous Among the Nations” in compilations. This project seeks to bring these individuals out from the realm of the anomaly and to understand their actions as rational and perhaps most importantly, a reproducible phenomena.

- 35 -

The Systems Development Life Cycle of the President’s Scholars Information System
Joshua Smith, co-secretary of the President’s Scholar’s Student Association, will graduate

Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Business with an emphasis in Information Systems. He has attained membership to Phi Kappa Phi International Honor’s Society, the International Business Honors Society of Beta Gamma Sigma, and has retained placement on the Dean’s List throughout his tenure at California State University, Fullerton. He has also completed an extensive, and competitive, internship within the Revenue Services Organization of Southern California Edison. Under the mentorship of distinguished faculty member Laura Marcoulides, Josh is documenting his development of a President’s Scholars Information System (PSIS) as his Senior Honors Project. Josh plans to start his career before returning to academia for an MBA and MSIT. He is eternally grateful for the support he has received from his mentor, his advisor, his professors, his family, and his friends throughout his undergraduate career.
2008 points to a figure of approximately 68% of IT projects having an “improbable” chance of The development of an information system is no simple task. In fact, a study conducted in

success. A 2009 study estimated the failure of IT projects contributing a toll of $6.2 trillion on

the global economy. This understood, IT departments in organizations around the world have within the Systems Development Life Cycle. Through these phases of planning, analysis,

invested in educating themselves and advancing the industry in methodologies that reduce this design, and implementation I have documented the development of an information system that would support the IT needs for a small academic organization on campus, the President’s Scholars Program. Through this project I have used a variety of tools, software, and skills that I business documentation for each phase in addition to the code written for a prototype of the system in the form of a data-driven website.

figure and improve chances for project success. These methodologies center on the four phases

have acquired throughout my tenure at CSUF and as part of my major. The project contains the

- 36 -

The kinetics of copper and iron reductase on the surface of HepG2 and embryonic fibroblasts
Alex Nguyen will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from

California State University, Fullerton. Alex has been active in the honors program for four years. He has been active in his community volunteering at UCI medical center as well as working in Dr. Linder’s biochemistry research lab on campus. He has presented his research at the CSUPERB biotechnology conference in Anaheim, California. Under the mentorship of Dr. Linder, he is studying the kinetics of the reduction of both copper and iron in human hepG2 cells and mouse embryonic fibroblasts. After graduation he intends to apply to medical school while working in the biotech or pharmaceutical industry. He would like to thank Dr. Jacobsen, the Linder lab, his friends and family for the support that they have shown him throughout his college career.
Copper is an essential trace element found in the body. Copper has good redox properties that make it an important cofactor in many redox reactions. When copper enters the body it is absorbed in the intestine and goes into the blood where it is picked up by plasma proteins. In order to be absorbed by the intestine the copper had to have been reduced to Cu (I) in order to use copper transporter 1 (CTR1) The main known transporter CTR1 or copper transporter 1 transports the copper from these plasma proteins into the cells in the Cu (I) state. Iron is also an important trace element in the body. It is in hemoglobin which transports oxygen around through the blood. The iron is also transported into the cells through divalent metal transporter 1 (DMT1) which requires iron in the Fe (II) state (the reduced state of iron). We hypothesize that there is reductase that occurs on the cell surface. To test this hypothesis enzyme assays and kinetic measurements of the rate of reduction of iron and copper were carried out on cultured cell lines of liver type hepatic cells and embryonic fibroblasts that do and do not have the copper uptake transporter, CTR1. This assay tracked the formation of Cu (I)- BCS colored complex which had copper in the reduced form and Fe(II)-ferrozine colored complex which has iron in the reduced form. Both cell types showed reductase activity on the surface of the cells for both iron and copper reduction. The hepG2 cells showed approximately three times more activity than the embryonic fibroblasts for copper reduction with vmax values of around. In the embryonic fibroblasts the copper reduction had a rate of about .33 nmol/min/mg cell protein and for iron reduction had a rate of about 0.08 nmol/min/mg cell protein. In the hepG2 cells the copper reduction had a rate of about 1.5 nmol/ min/mg cell protein and an iron reduction rate of about 0.22 nmol/min/mg cell protein. This data shows that the reductase activity is higher in hepG2 cell line and that there is a reductase on the surface of both cell lines.

- 37 -

Does power influence sexual infidelity?
Maria Mederos will graduate Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Studies. She completed an internship as a Peer Mentor for the LINKS Mentoring Program. For the past two years she served as the Chief Financial Officer for Lambda Pi EtaCommunications Honor Society. She was also a Teaching Assistant (Lab Director) for the Human Communications Department, and the Assessment Coordinator for the Student Leadership Institute Coordinating Committee. Maria was also involved at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, the Rehabilitation Institute of Southern California in Orange, and Santiago Canyon Community College (SCC) also in Orange. She is the recipient of eleven scholarships, she made the Dean’s List at CSUF, and she also earned Semester Honors at SCC. Maria will be attending San Diego State University during the Fall 2013 where she will be a Graduate Teaching Associate while she pursues her Master of Arts in Communication Studies.
Research has not fully investigated the role that power plays in predicting sexual infidelity. Infidelity has been continuously cited as a troublesome aspect affecting romantic relationships. The distinction between emotional and sexual infidelity is clear. As a result, sexual infidelity has been found to be regarded as the most detrimental since it may lead to the reproduction of offspring. Additionally, the subjective feeling of power can either be actual or perceived based continuum is anticipated to be reflected in individuals’ attitude towards sex. That is, the lowpower individuals are expected to have more stringent attitudes towards sex, whereas, the high-power individuals are expected to have less stringent attitudes towards sex. In order to further investigate this matter participants were administered a single survey The participants completed only one of the two versions depending on their current a low-power individual, or high-power individual. In addition, this low-power, high-power on the individual. Such individual’s overall concept of power corresponds to them being either

questionnaire which was composed of two slightly different versions, version A, and version B. relationship status (i.e., in a committed relationship, not in a committed relationship). The first version, version A, was aimed at participants who were in a committed relationship. This version was conducted as a true experimental design. These participants were randomly control. The participants were then primed into their respective power condition after assigned to receive a version with one of the three power conditions: high power, low power, completing a writing prompt. Following the writing prompt, the participants completed a

- 38 -

attitude about sex. Some of these questions included statements such as “currently I feel” and “I believe that sexual infidelity is always morally wrong.” Furthermore, participants who were not in a relationship completed the second version, version B, of the survey questionnaire. This version was a correlational study. Instead of being assigned a power writing prompt like in the first version, participants of this version simply answered some questions about their current feeling of power. Following the power questions, the participants then completed a series of questions similar to the first survey.

series of questions- mainly answered using a Likert-type scale-about their current mood and

- 39 -

Stimulation of the Manganese(II) Oxidizing Peroxidase from Erythrobacter sp. SD-21 by Escherichia coli heat-stable chaperone proteins
Jordan Ruggieri will graduate Summa Cum Laude in May of 2013 with a Bachelor of

Science in Biology concentrating in Cell and Developmental Biology. Jordan is a member of the University Honors Program, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and the President’s Scholar Program. He is also a Pastor at Lakeshore City Church, helping to start a Church in Orange County. Jordan has served two years as a Peer Mentor in the President’s Scholar Program utilizing his academic experiences to help prepare incoming students for their academic journey at Cal State Fullerton. Under the mentorship of Dr. Hope A. Johnson, PhD, Jordan is examining the Manganese(II) Oxidizing Peroxidase from Erythrobacter sp. SD-21 in order to identify proteins that stimulate its manganese oxidizing ability. Jordan will be working in the Biotechnology Industry to continue in his enthusiasm for research and plans to attend Dental School in the Fall of 2014.
Peroxidase (Mop) enzyme oxidizes soluble Manganese(II) [Mn(II)] into insoluble Mn(III/IV) indicating high potential for the process of bioremediation. The mechanism by which Mop proper functioning. Investigating the different components that may be required for Mn Native to the α-proteobacterium Erythrobacter sp. SD21, the Manganese(II) Oxidizing

oxides. These insoluble oxides can be used to remove harmful chemicals from the environment, catalyzes this reaction is unknown along with the cofactors the enzyme needs in order to retain oxidizing activity led to the finding that a protein present in the cell extract of Escherichia coli strain HK100 stimulated Mop activity. It was also determined that boiling this cell extract did

not lead to a significant decrease in Mop stimulation, indicating that E. coli heat stable proteins heat stable proteins were obtained, and the over-expressed proteins were purified by affinity necessary for the proper Mn oxidizing ability of Mop. Preliminary studies suggest that these aiding in proper Mop refolding. chromatography. Two heat-stable chaperone proteins, GroE S and GroE L, in E. coli might be

may play a significant role in maintaining Mop functionality. E. coli strains with over-expressing

proteins are integral in restoring Mop activity during denaturing and purification, possibly by

- 40 -

Phenotypic study of the Caenorhabditis elegans strain, ANT1.1 in the presences of manganese
Gurpreet Singh is a fourth year Biochemistry major, who has been working in Dr.

Srinivasan's research laboratory for a little over three years. He has been involved with several campus organizations such as the Student Science Alliance which seek to help other students by providing them guidance in their classes and Student Health Professions Association, which seeks to provide an insight into the numerous health profession careers for students interested in the health professions field. He has also been involved in campus events such as the first PUI-NSF Research Conference as well as the Inaugural Annual CSUF Research Week, both of which are aimed towards expanding and enhancing the undergraduate research experience. He has been on the Dean’s List since his first semester at CSUF and continues to strive for academic excellence. After completing his undergraduate degree, he plans on pursuing a D.D.S. degree to open a private dental practice.
An essential trace element, Manganese (Mn), is responsible for many enzymatic reactions in biological processes including superoxide dismutase that breaks down reactive oxygen species (ROS). Yet, the process by which Mn exerts its ROS scavenging (antioxidant) activity is not well developed. The model of organism, Caenarhabditis elegans (C. elegans) is used to address this is that Mn signals through DAF-16, a transcription factor that regulates stress response and issue by using proteomics to measure changes in protein abundance. The proposed hypothesis grown on nematode growth media (NGM) in the presence or absence of ionic manganese. Approximately 200 proteins (soluble and insoluble) were expressed at different levels in worms grown on Mn-enriched diet compared to normal diet in our three independent longevity in C. elegans. The data obtained from synchronous populations of C. elegans that were

measurements. After further examination of these significant proteins, adenine nucleotide

transporter, ant-1.1, considered to be a potential target. This protein is shown to play a role in includes phenotypic study for the role of ant-knockout plays in C.elegans, thus might develop some ideas on the mechanism involving Mn.

ADP/ATP transport between cytosol and mitochondria and regulation of life span. Future work

- 41 -

A Look into California’s Fair Accurate Inclusive Respectful Education Act
Amanda Ressegue will graduate Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal

Studies and a minor in Natural Sciences. A member of the University Honors Program, Amanda is also in Phi Kappa Phi and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and has been on the Dean’s List every semester at CSUF. She has interned in local elementary classrooms and volunteered as an English teacher at a summer camp in Hungary. Under the mentorship of Dr. Terri Patchen, Amanda’s Senior Honors Project researches issues of equity in the elementary school classroom, focusing upon the practical implications of California’s recent passage of the Fair Accurate Inclusive and Respectful (FAIR) Education Act mandating the inclusion of LGBT roles and contributions in the social science curriculum. After graduation, Amanda intends to enter the multisubject credential program at CSUF and teach before returning to get her Master’s in Education.
In 2011, California passed the Fair Accurate Inclusive and Respectful (FAIR) Education Act, list of specific minority groups against which discriminatory practices in schools are which mandates the inclusion of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) communities to the prohibited. Of particular interest for my work, FAIR states that LGBT roles and contributions be included in the Social Science Curriculum in elementary school classrooms. Thus far, however, actual changes to the curriculum have been slow to materialize. Current budgetary limitations instructional practices nor textbooks have been altered in any comprehensive or representative manner. It is quite clear that a lack of resources will only hamper California’s efforts to make substantive changes to the school curriculum; teachers with no official civil rights movement and continuing struggles for equality, bullying and anti-bullying resources for incorporating this information have been left with little recourse. In order to rectify these gaps, my research considers FAIR in relation to several equity narratives: the gay movements, and multicultural education. These findings are then used as a basis in the creation of a set of lesson plans for use in fifth or sixth grade classrooms in California. coupled with many teachers’ lack of familiarity with this new mandate have meant that neither

- 42 -

Two Feet are Better Than One: Nike and Vans Running Life’s Marathon on Two Different Paths
Crystal Dawnielle Turner will graduate in May 2013 with a BA in Business; emphasis in

Marketing. Crystal has been a member of the University Honors and the Business Honors Programs all four years of her college career. She is also involved in the Golden Key Honour Society, an ongoing mentorship program, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Crystal has earned Dean’s List distinction every semester of her college career. Crystal has also been awarded an Academic Excellence Award and the Dean’s Advisory Board Outstanding Honors Student scholarship. Under the mentorship of Professor Atkins, Crystal is comparing and contrasting the marketing strategies of Nike and Vans. Crystal has been through multiple internships, is currently a nanny, and is lined up to work for Stanley Black and Decker upon graduation. Crystal would like to thank Professor Atkins for taking the time out of his busy schedule to mentor her project.
The shoe industry is made up of multiple types of companies and products. The athletic shoe multi-national conglomerate that focuses on more traditional sports such as football, industry in particular has been a highly successful one, especially in California and the United basketball, baseball, and the Olympics. Vans on the other hand is a more intimate, locally ran different visions and strategies. While both companies have used both traditional and non-

States where a heavy emphasis has been placed on healthy living in the recent years. Nike is a company that focuses on extreme sports such as skateboarding, surfboarding, and BMX biking.

These companies are both in the athletic shoe industry; but as you can see, they both have very traditional advertising sources, they now each have very different promotional strategies. Vans has a smaller ad budget and focuses more on personal communication through social media and consumer-specific events. Nike also utilizes social media, but they have a larger ad budget that can accommodate for many additional strategies such as sponsorships, commercials, and more detail about the business practices and promotional strategies of both Nike and Vans. interactive products (such as the Nike + website), to name a few. This project will go into much

- 43 -

Social Media Analytics: How Has Social Media Analytics Changed Traditional Marketing Strategies and Operational Activities?
Golzar Yaghoubpour will be graduating Cum Laude in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts

in Business Administration (concentration: Marketing) and American Studies. Golzar is a member of the University Honors Program and has been on the Dean’s Honor List throughout her undergraduate career. She is also a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Under the mentorship of Joseph Formichelli, MBA, Golzar is examining the way in which social media analytics are changing traditional marketing strategies as well as operational activities in the business industry. Golzar intends to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration.
Social media has changed the landscape of communication among businesses and consumers due to instant feedback of a vast amount of data, which up to now has not been collected and analyzed. Now, more than ever, people are expressing their opinions on review sites or on marketers now have a huge resource that they did not have access to before. If a marketer other sites like Facebook or Twitter. Since there are roughly 16 billion comments a month, wants to get an idea of people’s attitudes towards their company’s product or service, they no about consumers’ attitudes. These analytical measures also allow marketers to reach out to minds about a company and write a better review, which will positively impact their brand image. Social media analytics can also affect operations in businesses. For example, if a supply chain logistics and adjust accordingly so supply and demand is more in line. longer need to conduct focus groups; instead, they can use Social Media Analytics to learn more unhappy customers who write negative reviews, for instance, and hopefully help change their company uses social media analytics to see how popular their new product is before a product launch, they will be able to adjust their operational activities, such as capacity planning and

- 44 -

Why Did the Market Fail? The Domino Effect of the Crises of the Past Decade
Christi Fisher will graduate Magna Cum Laude in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in

Business with a concentration in Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Christi is a member of the University Honors Program, the Accounting Society, the Economics Association, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, and a student member of the University Honors Board. She has earned Dean’s List distinction every semester of study at California State University. Christi has presented at the California State University Conference for Undergraduate Research at CSU Channel Islands and Research Week at CSU Fullerton. Under the mentorship of Zhenguo Lin, PhD, Christi is examining the recent financial crisis and its implications on policies for market sustainability. Christi will intern with Grant Thornton, LLP this summer as an audit intern and intends to pursue a Master’s of Arts in Economics.

Undoubtedly, the recent financial crisis is still a topic for review and debate. What happened? Who was at fault? How can we prevent it from happening again? These are the types of questions often associated with the topic. The purpose of this study is to utilize a cross disciplinary approach to examine the causes of the crisis as well as potential policy implications. Countrywide Financial Corp. is used as a case study. Using an accounting

approach, Countrywide’s financial statements will be examined. Knowledge of the financial services industry will be used to trace investment flows. Finally, economic analysis will direct correlation to the findings of the cross-disciplinary study. examine the causes of the market failure. Potential political solutions are then discussed in

- 45 -

Total Knee Arthroplasties: Getting Another Perspective
Brittany Kato plans to graduate in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

with a concentration in Pre-Allied Health. Brittany is a member of the University Honors Program, the Golden Key International Honour Society, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and Kinesilogy Student Association. She has also been on the Dean’s List for the College of Health and Human Development. Through the mentorship of Kathleen Wilson, PhD, and Scott Lynn, PhD, Brittany is examining the patient’s experience throughout a total knee arthroplasty procedure. Brittany has worked in the field of Out-patient Physical Therapy for three years, and after graduating plans to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.
In today’s general population, people are living much longer and therefore, applying everyday are susceptible to osteoarthritis. Being a weight-bearing joint, one of the most common joints affected by osteoarthritis is the knee. Common treatment for osteoarthritis is a total knee replacements is constantly increasing. This very invasive surgical procedure provides the joint pain they once experienced. The invasiveness and severity of this procedure is often stress to their bodies for a longer period of time. Due to such everyday stress, the body’s joints arthroplasty, which is replacement of the knee joint. Research shows that the number of knee patient with a new joint that can allow them to return to their everyday activities without the underestimated. While it seems like a simple, quick fix on the road to a life without pain, there total knee arthroplasty patient experiences, I interviewed fived patients who had undergone were meant to capture what the patient experienced before surgery, after surgery, and interviews. the procedure—two females and two males, each had a unilateral procedure; one female who had a bilateral procedure, and once female considered to be an extreme case. The interviews throughout the rehabilitation phase. This project examines what was found amongst these is a lot of pain to endure along the way to recovery. To gain a greater perspective of what each

- 46 -

Psychologenic Nonepileptic Seizures: The Optimal Treatment
Jessica Fernandez will graduate Cum Laude in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in

Psychology. Jessica is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the Golden Key International Honor Society, and the Psychology Department Student Association. She has volunteered at the Children's Hospital of Orange County and interned at Providence Community Services. She currently works for the Fullerton Joint Union High School District as a tutor helping underprivileged youth. She has been on the Dean's List for all six semesters of her undergraduate education. She would like to thank Dr. Stohs for being her mentor not only on this project, but in all her academic pursuits. She would also like to thank her family, especially her parents, who have supported her throughout her past three years as an undergraduate student. After graduating, she plans on pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.
Many psychological disorders fail to garner the amount of attention that biological diseases attention to psychological disorders patients suffer damaging effects because they are not disorder known as Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES). Patients with this illness the neurological indicators of a seizure. The disorder is thought to be brought on by receive due to the negative stigma associated with psychological disorders. Given the lack of receiving the best care possible. One of these psychological disorders is a relatively unknown present with physical symptoms similar to that of an epileptic seizure, but they have none of

psychological mechanisms. The purpose of this project is to analyze the treatments associated with this disorder and come to a conclusion about how to best treat the disorder. This report surveys the literature on the origins of PNES, and then examines how theorists from four psychological models (biological, behavioral, psychodynamic, and cognitive) explain the

disorder. In addition, the report examines the different treatments available for PNES, such as combination of biological and cognitive treatments are the best treatments to use for PNES patients.

cognitive-behavioral therapy or psychotropic medications. Finally, the report concludes that a

- 47 -

Intervention of Oppression Through Education
Evelyn Lopez will be graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a

minor in Spanish. Evelyn is a member of the University Honors Program, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Finish in Four Program, and Project Pathe. She has consistently earned Dean’s Honor List for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences for four years. Evelyn also studied abroad in London and had the opportunity to travel to seven countries. She was awarded the Gilman International Scholarship, ASI’s Study Abroad Internship Scholarship, and the Ambassador of International Education Scholarship. Under the guidance of Dr.Kottler, Evelyn will examine the use of educational intervention as a method in addressing the oppression of girls and women as her senior project. Evelyn intends to pursue a career as a Spanish court translator/interpreter. She would like to thank her family, especially her parents, for their unconditional support throughout her college journey.

Sex slavery, forced marriages, and abandonment of girls and women are some of the common

ways of modern-day oppression in developing countries. As such, injustices and abuses persist expressed purpose of addressing some of these problems. What resources and services can be of great assistance in combating and preventing future cases of oppression and abuse of women and girls? This study will explore and investigate the use of educational opportunities as a way to prevent such abuse and neglect. I will be reviewing the literature related to this rescue and support girls at greatest risk in Nepal. topic, as well as interviewing several participants in one project that has been developed to

throughout today’s societies; more and more advocacy projects have been established with the

- 48 -

Using Communication and Meditation to Assist Veterans with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
Carly Jones will graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Communicative

Disorders. She is a Dean’s List scholar interested in neurology and speech impediments resulting from Traumatic Brain Injury. While at Cal State Fullerton she has observed in our Center for Children Who Stutter, elementary schools in the area and a rehabilitation center in Long Beach. Her senior project for the University Honors Program exhibits her passion for the brain and holistic wellness as she discusses meditation in the realm of communication and community reintegration for veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She intends to incorporate holistic medicine such as yoga and meditation into her practice as a Speech-Language Pathologist, following her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Oregon.

This project addresses the issues of communication impairment and community reintegration options and supports. After synthesizing literature findings and linking alternative treatments to communication, multifamily group treatment, meditation, yoga, Universal Design and disorders, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), by identifying various treatment

for veterans returning from service with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and other psychological

interpersonal communication theories are some of the options explored in order to understand and aid the myriad of symptoms and problems experienced by people sustaining TBI, including communication impairments. Quality of life and holistic wellness are taken into consideration in order to treat the whole individual in addition to the disorder they may be labeled with. This multidisciplinary approach attempts to help veterans and others with TBI succeed in all facets of life including the workplace, personal relationships and daily activities. The author calls for future studies monitoring the effect of holistic practices, specifically meditation, on brain functioning and communication rehabilitation.

- 49 -

Anthologizing the Canon: The Birth of American Literature Anthologies, 1826-1919
Maryellen Diotte will graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She is a member of Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society and Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society and participated in the University Honors Program. With the help of the various organizations she participated in, she has been able to present her research in several academic conferences. Maryellen’s senior honors thesis investigated the origins of American literature through early American literature anthologies. She would like to thank everyone who has supported her throughout her time in CSUF especially Dr. Susan Jacobsen and her mentor, Dr. Stephen Mexal. Maryellen will attend the University of Kansas in the fall to pursue her Master’s in English Literature where she will focus on racial and national identity in nineteenth-century American literature. She intends to ultimately earn her Ph.D and become a college professor.
American literature anthologies commonly serve the classroom by providing selections of most representative of authors and texts of American literature. This canon of American extension. The purpose of my project is to investigate the origins of American literature literature anthologies between the 1820s and 1910s, my project reveals a deeper American authors and their works to help the student have exposure to a sampling of often the literature has thus defined the meaning of American literature and the American people by

through early American literature anthologies. By cataloguing and perusing early American

understanding of the development of American literature and how its inception has come to literature as a feminized subject. Since American literature and English literature in general percentage of anthologized female writers was significantly low compared to anthologized

establish American literature as we know it today. My project begins with the investigation of the relationship between the gender of anthologized writers and the perception of American were not seen as practical subjects for study at the university level until mostly the last quarter of the nineteenth century, American literature was treated as a marginalized subject just as the male writers. Following with a discussion of the role of American literature anthologies in the secondary schools. Ending with the relationship between anthologies and canonicity, I show I. classroom, I discuss how these anthologies have provided a segueway for American literature how the American literary canon has evolved throughout the time of the inception of the first

to be taught at the college level since the subject’s marginalized status limited it to be taught in American literature anthology and the last anthology published just after the end of World War

- 50 -

The Circuit: The Role and Justification of Private Military Companies
Eddie Diaz will graduate Cum Laude in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business

Administration with a concentration in Finance. Eddie has left an illustrious and resounding imprint in the university’s legacy. Eddie is a proud member of: both the Business Honors and University Honors Programs, Beta Gamma Sigma, Dean’s Honor List, and co-founder of the Business Honors Society. His experience at Cal State Fullerton has gone beyond the classroom by: volunteering extensively in the community, serving in student government, and as a Business Inter-Club Council representative. In the summer of 2011, Eddie had the great honor of interning with a company that has inspired him significantly since childhood, HBO. In completing his senior honors project, Eddie worked alongside his mentor, Dr. Stephen Neufeld, in analyzing the role and justification of private military companies. Eddie plans on creating his own enterprise in the near future.
Over the last few decades, the role of private military companies has been cast into the Having said that, the modern private military industry has gained a sense of notoriety spotlight due to notable uprisings in Africa and wars in the Middle East. Despite these recent events, the industry is by no means a “new” industry as it has existed for thousands of years. stemming mainly from: misinformation, military justification, war profiteering, and allegations should be allowed to profit from war, even if they serve a positive public benefit. In addressing the controversy surrounding the industry, this project seeks to analyze the role and justification of private military companies from three critical perspectives: economically,

of abuse of power. One of the key arguments discussed has to deal with whether or not entities

ethically, and legally. In conducting this project, I decided to analyze the three core divisions of the private military industry: military operations, private security, and corporate weapons development. The three organizations which best personify these divisions are Executive Neufeld, we will be able conclude whether or not the private military industry serves a legitimate and justifiable role in global and domestic affairs. Outcomes, Black Water, and Raytheon, respectively. With the help of my mentor, Dr. Stephen

- 51 -

The Need for Including Controls in an Excel Worksheet: Template and Controls
Briana Vu, a participant in both the Business and University Honors Programs, will

graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a double concentration in Finance and Accounting. Briana is a member of the honor societies: Beta Gamma Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi. During college, she has received numerous scholarships such as the Dean’s Advisory Board: Outstanding Leadership Scholarship, Alumni Association Scholarship, Finance Department Scholarship, TABR Capital Management Scholarship, and the Foundation for Agency Management Excellence Scholarship. Briana has held numerous leadership positions in Beta Alpha Psi, Gamma Iota Sigma, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, Relay for Life, and the Finance Association. Some of her past internships include working at the Zuk Financial Group and the Walt Disney Company. Briana will be entering a full-time position in Marsh USA’s Talent Recruitment Accelerated Careers Program, which is a global leader in insurance brokerage and risk management.
In today’s growing society, there has been an increasing demand for public companies to act are using Excel to create their financial statements, there is a high risk that auditors and ethically in terms of the accuracy of their financial statements. However, when most companies financial analysts will continue to make errors in Excel. Based on statistical studies, it has been average, regardless of their experience. From the numerous types of Excel errors (such as to misusing formula functions, incorrectly copying formulas / accidentally overwriting said that spreadsheet developers create errors accidentally in 2-5% of spreadsheet cells on functional, outlier, and stealth errors), the most common causes for these Excel errors are due formulas, and omitting numbers. With the current regulations of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of ERM Framework, it has allowed some minimal guidance for companies on how to regulate their spreadsheets. In order to improve this process, some controls that that will be 2002 and the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO)’s recommended for companies would be to host workshops on proper use of Excel and to have can portray more transparent and precise financial statements. Overall, this project will address the problem of Excel errors and how using various controls, such as a company

an advisory group to maintain/update workbooks. Hopefully with these controls, organizations template or an annual audit review on key spreadsheets, can reduce the risk of Excel errors.

- 52 -

Developing a Theoretical Orientation to Group Counseling
Gina Clemente is from Orange, California and will be graduating Summa Cum Laude with

a Bachelor of Science in Human Services from California State University, Fullerton in May 2013. Gina has been involved as a member of the honors society, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and also, as a member of Human Services Student Association. Serving as a group leader for the Human Services course called “Character and Conflict” for two semesters has contributed to her passion for studying theoretical orientations in regards to group counseling. As a University Honors Program student, Gina has been able to further explore and research group counseling models in order to determine which models align with her personal theoretical orientation. Gina is currently applying to the graduate counseling program at California State University, Fullerton and intends to pursue a license in Marriage and Family Therapy. She would like to thank her mentor, Dr. James Ruby, for his continued guidance and support throughout her personal and professional growth.
This project depicts the author’s personal process of developing a theoretical orientation in regards to group counseling. The project explores the impact that studying theories of group discusses the importance of developing a theoretical orientation. This part also provides a

counseling, putting group models into practice, and researching the theories of group therapy have on developing a theoretical orientation to group counseling. The first part of the project leader for two semesters at California State University, Fullerton. The second section of the background of the course, Character and Conflict, in which the author participated as a group project contains a literature review, which describes various studies completed using different models of group counseling. In the third section, the Selective Theory Sorter is described as leader. Additionally, the author’s personal analysis of multiple models of group therapy are author’s theoretical orientation, which is considered to be a balance between Cognitivewell as the author’s experience with practicing select group models as a Character and Conflict explained, which have been accumulated through studying theoretical orientations. The fourth section reveals the results of the Selective Theory Sorter. In addition to this, it describes the Behavioral models and Humanistic models. Also, this part contains the author’s personal studies.

reflections as a group leader. Finally, the findings are concluded in the fifth section, where there is also a discussion of the limitations of the project, as well as future recommendations and

- 53 -

Embedded Real-Time Sound Effects Processing System
Kyle Norris will graduate Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical

Engineering. He is a Dean’s Scholar in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and received both the Outstanding Freshman Electrical Engineer and Outstanding Sophomore Electrical Engineer awards. He has been an intern in the electronics lab at Western Digital for nearly a year, and hopes to be brought on full time upon graduation. For his senior honors project, he implemented a real time digital audio effects system, which required optimization of digital filters for real time application. This project would not have been possible without the help of Dr. John Faller. Kyle is also designing a traction control system for the CSUF FSAE race car. He plans to finally take a break from school this summer with plans to further his education in the near future.
For my project I designed a real time digital audio effects system on a digital signal processing (DSP) specific microcontroller board. The overall function of the board is to take an input sound through the 3.5mm jack on the board, and output the sound with an audio effect added to it through the other 3.5mm jack. Effects include echo, reverberation, and chorus. A human to computer interface was designed using the board’s push buttons and LCD screen, which allows the user to choose audio effects and in some cases the amount of the applied effect, e.g. length of echo. Audio effects were designed in stages. First, the physical model of the sound effect needed to be translated into a mathematical relationship, written in Matlab. The relationship (FIR) or infinite impulse response (IIR), depending on the effect. Ideally, we wanted our final these filters. Another concern was processing time. We set out to design a real time audio processing system, which didn’t allow us to use extremely large filters, which tend to more

between input and output was then expressed in array form as either a finite impulse response digital filter to be in IIR form, as our board had code written that could handle processing with accurately reproduce the desired effect. So the real challenge in this project was to come up

with a digital filter in IIR form that was both small enough to allow for fast computation and results, with emphasis on real time optimization, in a scholarly journal. Also, my mentor Dr. well as show one of the many applications of DSP in a realistic environment.

detailed enough to retain the audio effect. The approach for fine tuning was essentially trial and error. For less complex effects, i.e. echo, this fine tuning was not required. I plan to publish my Faller hopes to use my results in his own courses to help generate interest in the field of DSP as

- 54 -

Tale of all Tales: Folklore and Children's Literature
Nancy Vela will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. She attended CSUF as

a member of the University Honors Program. She is a member of the Liberal Studies Student Association. She is an active member at her home church. She was secretary of her local youth group and a committed member of her church youth choir. For three years she volunteered as a Sunday school teacher, where she discovered her passion for teaching children. For her senior honors project, Nancy wrote a short children’s novel as a tool that could be used in a classroom setting to teach students of the Aztec culture. She would like to thank Dr. Sharon Chappell for her support and mentorship on her project. Upon graduating, Nancy hopes to receive her bilingual, multi-subject teaching credential and begin a career as an elementary school teacher.
Abuela, Elena learns of her Aztec heritage and is presented with a magical pendent that is the key to the beginning of her adventure. It takes her back in time to the pivotal moment of the Spanish Conquest and the fall of the Aztec empire. Elena's bravery is put to the test, and her more knowledge of the Aztec culture to children between the age of eight and nine. Certain for teachers. inner warrior must surface and fight for her Aztec friends. The point of this story is to impart California State Standards are addressed through the story; therefore, it acts as a possible tool Elena is a young Mexican-American girl who is full of curiosity and adventure. Through her

- 55 -

Helping the Home-Free: A Systematic Approach to Reducing Homelessness with Better Public Service Information and Dispersion
Ashley Gemaehlich will graduate Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in

Psychology and a minor in Sociology. She is a member of the University Honors Program and the psychology honor society, Psi Chi, and has consistently earned Dean's List distinction from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Ashley is passionate about social psychology and contemporary social issues. Under the guidance of Jessica Grimes, Ashley has interned at St. Jude's Medical Center in Fullerton and has worked on her senior honors project which aimed to reduce homelessness in the Orange County by focusing on the improvement of the quality and more effective dispersion of public service data. After graduating, Ashley looks forward to pursuing a Master’s Degree and a license to practice clinical psychology.

Homelessness is a concerning issue in the U.S. - on any given night, there are approximately 700,000 individuals experiencing homelessness. In Orange County, CA alone there are approximately 7,000 individuals on any given night experiencing homelessness; annual federal definitions beginning with the Reagan Administration. The public perception of estimates range from 18-35,000 individuals, families and veterans. The implications of defining homelessness are evaluated with a special focus on the introduction and transformation of homeless individuals is also evaluated as it relates to policy change and implementation. ideally reduce the plight of homelessness, a new online homeless resource center was Current events are considered, such as the death of a local Fullerton homeless man, Kelly

Thomas, emphasizing the need for better efforts in abetting homelessness. To help manage and developed to provide uniform information about emergency shelters, transitional housing, drug and alcohol programs, food resources, physical and mental health clinics and legal to search through resources for the entire Orange County to refer clients to the most successful and independent, and that recidivism will be reduced if clients are more Evaluation of the online resource center has not been yet been conducted. resources. A faceted multi-layered navigation and search filter allows health care professionals

appropriate programs. It has been hypothesized that homeless clients can become more appropriately matched to resources that fit their circumstances and needs. Limitations include difficulty monitoring the usage of the resource center and the acuity of client success.

- 56 -

Culturally Sensitive Guidelines for Speech-Language Pathologists in Advising Hispanic Parents
Brittney Ojeda will graduate Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Communicative

Disorders. Brittney is an active member of the University Honors Program and has consistently earned Dean’s List distinction for the Department of Human Communication Studies. Brittney is a member of the National Student Speech Hearing Language Association and the Honors Student Activities Council. She volunteers as a Peer Mentor for Communicative Disorders students and a Spanish translator for the CSUF Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic. Brittney also volunteers at a private clinic in her community. For her senior honors project, she developed culturally sensitive guidelines for speechlanguage pathologists working with Hispanic parents of children with a communication impediment. Brittney would like to thank her mentor, Dr. Ying-Chiao Tsao, and Dr. Susan Jacobsen for their support on her project. After graduating, Brittney will return to CSUF in the fall to pursue a Masters in Communicative Disorders.
pathologists (SLPs) and Hispanic/Latina mothers experience in working together throughout This project explores the various positive and difficult experiences speech-language

the therapy process for the child with a communication disorder. The goal of this study is to

bridge the cultural gap and identify difficulties which may be addressed in the future. Five SLPs and five Hispanic mothers, who were all unacquainted, were interviewed in order to gain a better understanding of the issues. Qualitative research methods were used to analyze interview responses and determine common experiences. This data served as the foundation with Hispanic parents of a child with a communication disorder. for the development of guidelines for SLPs in how to better serve and build a stronger rapport

- 57 -

Analysis of endogenous TRPML (MCOLN) gene transcript levels upon heterologous expression of their candidate transcription factor
Sirene Helwani will graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Cellular

and Developmental Biology. Aside from participating in the University Honors program, Sirene has been a member of the Student Health Profession Association, serves as the CCE Obstetrics Department Coordinator at the Foothill Presbyterian hospital, and was a supplemental instructor for cellular biology and organic chemistry. In the summer of 2012, she conducted research pertaining to methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) strains at King’s College London. The past two years, she has been working in Dr. Math Cuajungco’s neurobiology research lab where her honors research project on studying the neurodegenerative disease, Mucolipidosis TypeIV, was carried out. She intends to pursue her passion for medicine and science by obtaining an M.D. degree. She would like to thank her family, friends, Dr. Math Cuajungco, Dr. Sean Walker, and the multiple staff members at CSUF for their strong support, guidance, and motivation to succeed.
Many genetic disorders and diseases, whether rare, common, old, and new, are currently circulating the world in which we live in. As a student majoring in Biology and intending to discovery of new drugs and better understanding of disease pathology, hope for possible care to their patients, but also benefits the community as a whole.

pursue a career in medicine, research appears to be a strong foundation for medicine. With the treatments can arise. Research not only allows healthcare individuals to provide better health A rare genetic lysosomal storage disorder, Mucolipidosis Type IV, is currently being studied in caused by the loss or dysfunction of a transmembrane protein known as transient receptor Mucolipin subfamily of proteins. The Mucolipin subfamily family includes the TRPML1, TRPML2 and TRPML3 proteins. Previous studies have shown that these lysosomal exocytic signaling, and the endosomal-lysosomal pathways in the cell. potential mucolipin 1 (TRPML1). The TRPML 1 protein is part of the TRP family, but also the

Dr. Math Cuajungco’s research lab. Mucolipidosis Type IV is a rare, neurodegenerative disorder

transmembrane proteins are found on the lysosomes in various tissue cells and have appeared The aim of the honors thesis was to understand and determine what possible transcription to play a similar role as TRPML1 with the regulation of membrane transport, endocytic and

caused by various transcription factors, specifically Creb and CamKinaseIV, was quantified and analyzed to determine if an upregulation of TRPML2 expression can substitute for the loss and dysfunction of TRPML1.

factors can upregulate TRPML2 mRNA expression. The genetic expression of TRPML2 mRNA

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The Bannana Experience
Jeffrey Han will be graduating in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies in

Theatre from California State University, Fullerton. After a year of major searching, he joined CSUF’s Theatre Department his sophomore year. He has had the privilege of being a Student Assistant to his mentor Ms. Anne James, Assistant Professor of Voice and Movement. He studied abroad for a semester at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in Carmarthen, Wales. In the same summer he interned with The Festival Player’s Theatre Company. After graduating he intends to pursue a Master’s of Fine Arts in Performing Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design next fall. He would like to thank everyone for their unyielding support, especially his mentor Anne James for developing his artistic process, trusting in his work, and being a guiding force in his colligate journey.

Theatre was born when the person decided that his or her story was worth sharing to the public. Some of the most powerful theatre has come from a single artist sharing a story, revealing truths about society and the human condition. This project is a one person show about a young man’s struggle growing up in two different cultures, while trying to find his struggles, trials, and rewards of the writing process. me to this point. Through this process I discovered the power in truthful simplicity, and the identity. The project also includes a reflection on writing the play, and the journey that has led

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