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1.Airgurging tem. from ' I I o Air and moisture in the refrigerant system have undesirable effects.

Therefore, the indoor unit a- and tubing between the indoor and outdoor unit must be leak tested and evacuated to remove wd I I I n-onoolndensables and moisture from the system. .W 0 Check that each tube(both liquid and gas side tubes) between the indoor and outdoor units have 'e L-ndooris been properly connected and all wiring for the test run has been completed. 0 Pipe length and refrigerant amount: not IOUCI1 I | I fm\IÃpIpe|ength| Air purging method | Additional amount of refrigerant to be charged amp' I I I R22: (Pipe length-5)x30g/m I R22: (Pipe R41OA: (Pipelength-5)x20g/ml R41OA: (Pipe iength5)x40g/m 0 For the R407C refrigerant model, make sure the refrigerant added into air conditioner is liquid form in any Cases. 0 When relocate the unit to another place, using vacuum pump to perform evacuation. Use vacuum pump CAUTION 0 Open the valve stern until it hits agàinst Refrigerant @aie “Ut the stopper. Do not try to open it further. OU_ÍdO0r lndfor 0 Securely tighten the valve stern Cap with Un't,_|______| AI I GHS Side um a Spanner or the like. _ _ C Valve stem cap tightening torque. See Tíghtening torque table. H using the Vacuum Pumg y tighten the flare nuts, A, B, C, D, connect ld valve charge hose to a Charge port of the B On the gas pipe side. Úuhafrge hose connection to the vacuum handle Lo of the manifold valve. 2. when using the Vacuum Pumg 1. Completely tighten the flare nuts, A, B, C, D, Connect the manifold valve charge hose to a charge port of the . . " ' Manifold valve packed Valve on the gas plpe Slde.' Compound meter Pressure gauge 2. Connect the charge hose oonneotlon to the vacuum A _ lst Í Í pump: 3. Fully open the handle Lo of the manifold valve. _ ng 4. Operate the vacuum pump to evacuate. After starting H C“ L .I Hamme HX evacuation, slightly loose the flare nut of the packed an e O 2 È ‘5 me LiAIM. AW ILÍ -I -I . . . .. -__ _ _ valve on the ges pipe side end check thatthe eir is entering. (Operation noise of the vacuum pump changes and a Compound meter indicates O instead of minus) 5. After the evacuation is complete, fully Close the handle Lo of the manifold valve and stop the operation ofthe vacuum pump. r 0 Make evacuation for 15 minutes and more and Check Packèd van/e A _thhat the compound meter indicates -76cmHg(-1.Ox1O5Pa). 6. Turn the stem of the packed valve B about counter , Clockwise for 6~7 seconds after the gas coming out, then Itighten the flare nut again. Make Sura the presgure display pressure indicator is a little higher trtan the atmosphere 're. 6 the Charge hose from the Low pressure charge hose_. .Bn the packed valve stems B and A. the cap of the packed valve. / Charge hose Vacuum pum; akaecheck . . Indoorunlt . .. . 1 check point