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INTRODUCTION Airtel comes to you from Bharti Cellular Limited-a part of the biggest private conglomerate.Basic. with a footprint in 15 states covering all four metros and more than 7 million satisfied customers Bharti Tele-Ventures believes that the demand for mobile services in India will continue to grow rapidly as a result of the following factors:  Lower tariffs and handset prices over time.  Higher quality mobile networks and services and  Greater variety and usage of value added services. which include Cellular. .Bharti is the leading service provider.  Greater economic growth and continued development of India’s economy.Bharti Enterprises.Bharti provides a range of telecom services.  Growth in prepaid customer category.Internet and recently introduced National Long Distance.

which already exists somewhere i.  To analyze the satisfaction level of customers towards Airtel cellular services. a questionnaire will be designed to collect primary data from various customers. It is gathered for the specific purpose or for a specific Research project for the fulfillment of project objective. Here.OBJECTIVES  To study the perception and buying behavior of people towards Airtel’s cellular services. those which have already been collected by someone and have already been passed through statistical process. DATA COLLECTION Primary data: are those which are collected afresh and for the first time. and thus happen to be original in character. secondary data will be collected from:  Newspapers  Internet  Text books and other publications. in this study.e. Secondary data: Secondary data are the data. in this study. Here. .

digital television and IPTV US$ 14.49 billion (2012)[1] US$ 2.broadband and fixed-line internet services. India South Asia.097 billion (2012)[1] Industry Founded Founder(s) Headquarters Area served Key people Products Revenue Operating income Profit US$ 863 million (2012)[1] .ORGANIZATION PROFILE Bharti Airtel Limited Type Traded as Public BSE: 532454NSE: BHARTIARTL BSE SENSEX Constituent Telecommunications 7 July 1995 Sunil Bharti Mittal New Delhi. Africa and theChannel Islands Sunil Bharti Mittal (Chairman and MD) Fixed line and mobile telephony.

4%) Airtel Africa Airtel Digital TV Airtel Sri Lanka Airtel Bangla www.299 (2012)[1] Bharti Enterprises (52.57%)[2][3] Vodafone (4.82 billion (2012)[1] 21.85 billion (2012)[1] US$ 10.Total assets Total equity Employees Parent US$ Subsidiaries Website ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF AIRTEL CHAIRMAN & MANAGING PRESIDENT PRESIDENT MOBILE PRESIDENT MOBILE PRESIDENT ENTERPRISE DIRECTOR CUSTOMER DIRECTOR CUSTOMER DIRECTOR LEGAL DIRECTOR SUPPLY CHAIN DIRECTOR MARKETING DIRECTOR HUMAN CFO AND DIRECTOR DIRECTOR TECHNOLOGY .7%)[2][3] SingTel (

34 8. cr.45 12.80 3.60 1.03 2.80 TataTeleservice 10.55 4.488.72 Reliance Comm 69. (Rs.00 156.99 - .068.322.COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS Name Last Price Market Cap.351.011.368.96 MTNL 24.091.730.33 576.603.65 37.018.80 5.00 Idea Cellular 113.00 Tata Comm 222.26 19.584.) Sales Turnover Net Profit Total Assets Bharti Airtel 307.549.23 4.20 14.00 73.44 -517.07 11.184.17 41.110.77 171.54 23.650.00 63.85 6.559.237.087.60 2.00 116.

1: chart showing the opinion on signal at their area Signal 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 1 2 3 4 Good Bad Interpretation: The table shows that 84% consumers feel that signal of AIRTEL at their area is good.DATA INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS Table No.4.4. remaining 16% of them feel that signal is not good.1: Table showing the opinion on signaling at their area Frequency Good signal Bad signal Total 41 9 50 Percentage (%) 84 16 100 Chart No. .1.1.

. where as 20% are not satisfied and the remaining 12% doesn’t use customer care services .4.2: Chart showing the opinion on customer care services coustomer care services 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 satisfied not satisfied never userd coustomer care services Interpretation: The table shows that 68% of the customers are satisfied with the customer care services.2: Table showing the opinion on customer care services Frequency Percentage (%) 68 20 12 100 Satisfied Not satisfied Never used Total 34 10 6 50 Chart No.1.4.1.Table No.

FINDINGS This chapter deals with the major findings of the study which are as follow  Most people fell that AIRTEL signal is good  Only half of the people are satisfied with the customer care services  30% of the people are not satisfied with the customer care employees response  More than half of the people are satisfied with the Internet services. .

More slash in ISD rates  Regarding the internet connection customers feel that the wireless modem provided should be of more speed i..SUGGESTIONS The main objective of every analysis is to find whether the customers are satisfied with the services provided.Customers feel that compared to other network services offers provided are less . . Following are some of the suggestions given for the improvement of the product and services  Most the people are satisfied with the offers provided but still some of them suggested the following for betterment .1 paisa per min offer should be introduced . they want it to be as speed as the landline modem  Even though many people are satisfied with the Network range but people from remote areas of Chennai want improvement in the network connection.Local and STD rates should be slashed down further .e.

The core is connectivity i. affordability and innovation.  Success is based on three pillars-connectivity.CONCLUSION  Most successful brand in India with largest market share.e.  Pre paid services are more expensive than post paid service. the network. .

employee Gvt. How many times do you login to internet per day Once twice more not even once 11. Address: _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 5.employee 6. Do you use Internet services Yes No don’t know that internet connection was there Yes No If yes. Sex : 3.ANNEXURE QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Name: 2. are you satisfied with internet services: 10. Profession: others student Business Pvt. Are you satisfied with our customer care services? Satisfied Not satisfied Never used 8. Is AIRTEL’s signal at your area is good? Yes No 7. Age : Female 15-25 Male 25-35 35-45 45-55 55-65 Above 65 4. Does our customer care employees respond well for your questions Good response Bad response Never used 9. Rate the internet speed .

Any suggestions:_______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ . mark the offers you are using now STD call cutter Message offer Local call cutter Songs ISD call cutter others 14. Are you update with current offers Yes No 16.12. Are you using any offers Yes No If yes. Maximum recharge per month 10-100 100-200 200-300 300-400 400-500 Above 500 13. Do you feel AIRTEL is better than any other connections Better Not better 18. Did you use any other network connection other than AIRTEL Yes No 17. Are you satisfied with the offers Satisfied Not satisfied Never used 15.

. how should airtel differentiate this app to increase is a good alternative for people to carry out these actions rather than download just another app. Given the plethora of apps available for smartphones.000 as compensation to a mobile phone subscriber for disconnecting services without any notice. The website (including a mobile website – m.CASE STUDY Fundamentally. and change habits so that people carry out their transactions on the app – like raise a complaint on the app instead of calling 121 or pay monthly bills through the app. which will not be used by most people for perhaps more than twice a my airtel is a functional app. ARTICLE Bharti Airtel has been directed by a consumer forum here to pay Rs 10. The North East District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum passed the order on the basis of documents placed on record by the customer as Airtel did not appear before it to contest the complaint against it.