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Prices are subject to change. Labor charges do apply. Quotes are available upon request. Menu updated April 2007.

Welcome to The Nebraska Medical Center’s Catering Service. Whether planning an executive meeting, formal dinner, workshop or reception, our trained staff can assist in planning and making arrangements that will provide a distinctive touch and ensure a successful event.

A wide variety of food selections and service styles are available including full service meals, buffets, receptions, delivery and pick-up options. Catering orders or reservations can be made by using the “Catering Request Form.” Menus and request forms can be located on the hospital drive R\NHS\forms\catering forms. Completed forms can be emailed to Catering requests are processed between 9:00am – 4:00pm Monday through Friday. To provide a truly memorable event, decorations, custom linen, special themes and custom menus are available. If preferred, appointments can be made to discuss and plan custom event. Private dining rooms are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is recommended that reservations be made as early as possible due to limited space. Specific rooms can not be guaranteed. Accommodating all needs requires matching event size and style with available rooms. Room capacities and set-up options are available on the hospital drive R\NHS\forms\catering forms.

• • Weekend catering events require a minimum two weeks advance request. Any events that involve special requirements (such as timelines, diagrams, & special linens) must be confirmed 2 weeks prior to the event. • Menus are requested 2 weeks in advance and guaranteed guest count must be provided at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled event. • Orders requested less than 3 business days prior will be subject to late fees. Requests for service received with less than 3 business days notice will be accommodated as able around prior scheduled events. • Cancellation on orders must be made with 3 business days notice or customers are subject to minimum 50% service charge. • Delivery orders, with carts and service ware will be picked up by 2:00pm the following business day. Please email if an alternate pick up is needed. • Pick-up orders, with carts and service ware must be returned within 1 business day after the event to avoid being assessed a replacement charge. • Items (plates, silverware, décor, etc) that are not returned to catering at the conclusion of the event will be billed replacement charge. Food and service provided by Sodexho USA services. 2
Prices are subject to change. Labor charges do apply. Quotes are available upon request. Menu updated April 2007.

Catering Scheduling – Peggy Hetrick 559-4029 office catering@nebraskamed.00 Service Staff for special events Prices Vary Bartender Prices Vary Cancellation Fee (within 3 business days of event) 50% of charges Event quotes available upon request.00/hour Late Fee. Wittson Hall.30 per Catering Employee Delivery off campus. 3 Prices are subject to change.. and all other buildings on campus. . Quotes are available upon Banquet Captain – John Boomer 888-5682 pager 559-6832 office 559-6821 South Catering Kitchen Catering Manager – Kristell Boyd 888-5236 pager 559-6832 office krboyd@nebraskamed. Labor charges do apply. and delivery with event set up $11. UMA. Clarkson. Menu updated April 2007.Orders with less than 3 days notice and changes to number with less than 3 days notice $15.30 per Catering Staff per hour Carver/Chef– for attended stations $25. DRC.Service Costs Delivery and service fees for events are as follows: Delivery: University. based on location Labor fee Prices Vary $11.

Quotes are available upon request. Deliveries do not include beverages.Breakfast Buffets All breakfast buffets are beautifully arranged in our Private Dining Rooms with ivory china & house linen. green peppers. $6. Each buffet is displayed with a selection of juices. scrambled eggs.50 Glorious Morning Buffet Scrambled Eggs with chives & cheddar cheese. green peppers. bacon. onions. Buffets are designed for a minimum of 10 guests. Beverages will be an additional charge Mexican Frittata Scrambled eggs with chopped tomato. 100% Columbian coffee & assorted teas. Served with cheddar cheese hash browns. ham. Hash brown potatoes & fresh fruit Bacon $5.50 Southern Buffet Chicken fried steak Scrambled eggs Biscuits & gravy Hash Browns $5. cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheeses $6. sausage. Pico de Gallo & a corn muffin. bacon. onions & jalapeño. bell peppers and onions $6. Menu updated April 2007.50 4 Prices are subject to change.50 Egg Potato Casserole Breakfast potatoes and scrambled eggs combined with sausage.25 Breakfast Pizza Biscuit crust topped with cream cheese. . Labor charges do apply.

Menu updated April 2007.Elégant Buffet Quiche Lorraine or Choice of Quiche O’Brien potatoes Assorted scones & croissants Butter & fruit preserves $6. . butter & jelly *No minimum guest count needed **High tech single use service $4. 5 Prices are subject to change.65 *Continental breakfast requires no minimum guest count. Quotes are available upon request. bagels. muffins.15 With sliced fruit $5. **China available upon request.50 Continental Breakfast Assorted fresh bakery items. Labor charges do apply. Danish & coffee cake Cream cheese.

$6. $5. Capers. fines herbs & low fat Swiss cheese. Broccoli. . Served with O’Brien potatoes. $5.Breakfast Entrees All breakfast entrees are beautifully served in our Private Dining Rooms. and cheeses* $6. Quotes are available upon request.95 6 Prices are subject to change. Labor charges do apply. Sausage. Chicken.25 Breakfast Ala Carte Your Choice of Assorted Cold Cereal with milk of your choice $1. Mushrooms.Minimum of 6 people Build your own with choice of 3of the following ingredients *Ham. Peppers. 66 Two scrambled eggs.50 Crème Brûleè French Toast Thick sliced bread dipped in vanilla spiked batter and topped with caramel sauce. Menu updated April 2007. fresh grapes or fruit & the muffin of the day. Bacon. Served with sausage and a side dish of fruit. and Red Onions per person $3. two sausage links.75 Fresh Seasonal Fruit Cup $1. two strips of bacon.75 Whole Fresh Fruit $.50 Cheese Blintzes Minimum of 10 people Served with Cream Cheese or Hollandaise Sauce Fresh fruit garnish and fresh baked muffins $6.99 Smoked Salmon. Onions. Deliveries do not include beverages. Upon request and at no additional charge assorted teas are available.50 Healthy Start Cholesterol free scrambled eggs with fresh garden vegetables. hash browns & a buttermilk biscuit or muffin.95 Rt. Each entree is accompanied with a glass of fresh orange juice & 100% Columbian coffee preset on each table. Beverages will be an additional charge Quiche. Tomatoes.

Quotes are available upon request. Menu updated April 2007.7 Prices are subject to change. . Labor charges do apply.

. Quotes are available upon request. cake.00 dozen $1. Donuts $0. cranberry orange. blueberry.45 each $9.95 each $11.75 each 8 Prices are subject to change. sesame seed.50 each $6. banana walnut.95 each Blueberry.75 dozen Glazed. cream filled. cherry chocolate $0. chocolate glazed.15 loaf $11. crumb top. raisin bran Plain. Menu updated April 2007. Labor charges do apply.00 dozen $9. cinnamon raisin. morning glory.80 each $9.00 dozen $9.00 dozen $6.25 dozen only $9. fruit filled Breakfast Bread & butter (12 slices) Gourmet Muffins & butter Assorted Mini Muffins & butter Fresh Baked Bagels & cream cheese Mini bagels & cream cheese Plain (unsliced) Apricot pecan. poppy seed. cherry. Bavarian cream $0.25 dozen $0. lemon poppy seed.25 dozen only Apple. egg Danish Mini Danish Mini Sticky Buns Coffee cake Cinnamon rolls Mini cinnamon rolls English Muffin $0. lemon.95 each $11.75 dozen $1.Breakfast Bakery Fresh bakery items are displayed in linen lined baskets and make the perfect addition to a breakfast or break.

green pepper.95 Thunderbird Salad A country club favorite presented with fresh iceberg and romaine lettuce. topped with chopped tomatoes. onions. French. garbanzo beans. cheddar.95 Greek Salad Romaine with marinated artichoke hearts. broccoli and a sesame vinaigrette $5. red onions and topped with a Portobello mushroom.Lunch Salads Available dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette. topped with egg. crispy tortilla strips and chipotle vinaigrette $5.50 9 Prices are subject to change. carrots. All Salads are served with a fresh roll and butter. Quotes are available upon request. red onion. Blue cheese. roasted tomato vinaigrette $7. olives. tomato. Golden Italian.25 Chef Salad Julienne turkey. . Menu updated April 2007. iced tea & water preset on each table.25 Pacific Rim Salad Baby mixed greens tossed with julienne cabbage. Labor charges do apply. tomato and cucumber garnish $6. and Raspberry Vinaigrette. cucumbers and feta cheese $6. 100% Columbian coffee. jalapeno jack cheese.95 Tortilla Salad Iceberg lettuce mixed with carrots and shredded cabbage. ham. cheeses and a special dressing $6. yellow squash. mandarin oranges. American and Swiss cheeses on a bed of romaine lettuce. Portobello Salad Mixed greens tossed with zucchini. Low Fat and Fat Free available on request. Ranch. bacon.95 Caesar Salad Traditional style Caesar with grated Parmesan cheese homemade croutons and a zesty Caesar dressing $5.

25 Asian Sesame Chicken Salad Marinated Chicken Breast. . Julienne Carrots. diced tomatoes. jicama. goat cheese and hazelnut with champagne vinaigrette $5. Broccoli. Cauliflower.25 Apple and Goat Cheese Salad Baby greens with shaved apple. Goat Cheese and Bartlett Pears tossed in a Hazelnut Vinaigrette $5.25 10 Prices are subject to change.40 $1. seasoned chicken strips Topped with sour cream and salsa $7. Kidney or Garbanzo $1.90 $2. served with house recipe Ranch dressing and topped with barbecued chicken breast $7.Barbecued Chicken Salad Iceberg lettuce with black beans.25 Taco Salad Tortilla Bowl with fresh shredded lettuce.60 $1.25 Add to any Salad Grilled Chicken Shredded Beef Shrimp Gyro Meat Beans: Lentils. scallions. and Sesame Seeds with Asian Dressing $7. and pepper jack cheese.95 Chicken Mandarin & Almonds Seasoned and grilled chicken breast . black olives. Labor charges do apply. on a bed of tossed romaine lettuce topped with mandarin oranges and sliced almonds. Red Cabbage.25 Guacamole Extra $1. sliced tomatoes. Quotes are available upon request. $7.75 Pear Salad Baby Greens. Menu updated April 2007. diced onions. cilantro.65 $2.

95 11 Prices are subject to change. Labor charges do apply. Swiss and American cheeses. potato salad. sliced tomatoes. served with au jus This sandwich will be served in the Private Dining Rooms Only. Lettuce. Sorry no deliveries. red onions and Swiss on toasted pumpernickel $6. $6. Genoa Salami. dusted with Cajun spices and served on a toasted Kaiser roll $6. Quotes are available upon request.Sandwiches All sandwiches include a choice of one side. havarti cheese. Menu updated April 2007. and Provolone $8. three bean salad. 100% Columbian coffee.95 The New Orleans Grilled boneless chicken breast.25 Smoked Turkey with Bacon and Havarti Sliced smoked Turkey layered with crispy bacon. . iced tea & water preset on each table.95 Omaha Grill Sandwich Roast beef.00 additional charge for all breads except wraps Muffaletta Sandwich A New Orleans Classic Focaccia Bread brushed with Olive Oil and stacked with Olive Relish. sauerkraut and Swiss on pumpernickel $6. salami. turkey. sliced onions with oil and vinegar dressing on herb focaccia $7.95 French Dip Roasted sliced sirloin topped with sautéed onions and peppers on a hoagie bun. fruit salad. and honey mustard on focaccia bread $7. pasta salad.95 Reuben Lean corned beef. All sandwiches are available as a wrap or on ciabatta bread $1. Mortadella. tomato. leaf lettuce. or chips. Cappacolla Ham.75 The Combo Layers of sliced ham. horseradish.

50 Club Croissant tomato and cheddar cheese served on a croissant $6. cheddar. tomato & parmesan cheese wrapped in a tomato basil tortilla $6. roast beef. . This meal will be served in a white paper sack.50 Vegetarian European Market Fresh marinated julienne vegetables and a light vinaigrette on a baguette $6. Labor charges do apply. rye or sourdough all served with lettuce.95 12 Prices are subject to change. American. tomatoes and cheddar cheese in a flour tortilla served with salsa and sour cream. onion & a pickle Can also be served as a wrap $6. Egg Salad. $6.50 Deli Sandwich Choice of lean turkey. or BLT) In addition you receive a piece of whole fruit. provolone or Swiss cheese on white. romaine lettuce. a bag of chips and a soda. tuna salad. $6.00 for croissant. a cookies.95 South of the Border Wrap Spiced fajita chicken with shredded lettuce. Turkey. Tuna. bagel or Ciabatta Sack Lunch This lunch contains a meat and cheese sandwich of your choice: (Roast Beef. wheat. Ham. Kaiser Roll. tarragon chicken salad. Quotes are available upon request.Chicken Caesar Wrap Grilled chicken. ham. egg salad. Menu updated April 2007. tomato.50 Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese on choice of bread with fresh fruit garnish $7. Chicken Salad.75 Add $1.

$7. or BLT) on the bread of your choice served with lettuce. potato salad) or chips $7. and choice of side(pasta salad . grilled chicken breast. zucchini. Business Sandwich Buffet An assortment of meats and cheeses with all the trimmings accompanied by 2 sides Choice of salads (pasta salad. or bag of chips) and choice of dessert(1 brownie or 2 cookies) A can of soda is included with this lunch. chopped tomato and grated parmesan cheese ***With Chips. pepper. . fruit salad. Ham. Iced tea & water.Deluxe Box Lunch This lunch contains a meat and cheese sandwich of your choice(Roast Beef. black plastic silverware and a soda*** $8. romaine lettuce. pickle spear. tomato.95 Showcase Box Lunch Choice of: 1) Hoagie Roll with marinated vegetables: summer squash. onions.cheddar cheese.25 Sandwich Yards (with chips) Double yard (24 – 30 people) 6ft Submarine Sandwich $79. Tuna. Quotes are available upon request. Egg Salad. This lunch will be served in a individual container. Labor charges do apply. Menu updated April 2007. coleslaw. and baby spinach tossed in a light golden Italian vinaigrette 2) Croissant with thin sliced roast beef . 2 chocolate chip cookies in an Art Deco Box with a dinner*** ***napkin. Chicken Salad.95 Single Yard (12-15 people) 3ft Submarine Sandwich $50. lettuce.95 Luncheon Buffets All lunch buffets are beautifully arranged in our Private Dining Rooms with ivory china & house linen.fruit cup. tomato.25 13 Prices are subject to change. Turkey. Each buffet is displayed with a selection of 100 % Columbian Coffee. and red onion 3) Chicken Caesar Wrap: herb wrap.

tomato.50 South East Asian Buffet Sesame noodle salad Chicken. Beef OR Pork Stir Fry. Menu updated April 2007. White Rice Bread Pudding $8.50 14 Prices are subject to change.50 Mediterranean Buffet Lettuce. . Tomato.Choice of One Thai vegetarian Curry Egg Rolls.50 Italian Buffet Romaine salad with Italian dressing Baked chicken parmigiana OR Lasagna alla Bolognese Mostaccioli with pomodoro tomato sauce OR Sauce Alfredo Garlic Bread Tiramisu $8. Labor charges do apply. onion & cheese Salsa & sour cream Seasoned beef OR chicken Spanish Rice & Refried Beans Flour & corn tortillas Cinnamon Churro $8. Quotes are available upon request. red onion & feta cheese Sliced gyro meat Couscous salad Cucumber raiti sauce Pita Baklava $8.Fiesta Buffet Shredded lettuce.

50 The Ball Park Hot dogs and German brats with all the traditional fixings: sauerkraut. and ketchup. Menu updated April 2007.Chicken Buffet Tossed Salad with Ranch Dressing Choice of Baked Chicken Breast OR Fried Chicken (on the bone) Served with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. Broccoli. guacamole. with a variety of mustards. Bean. diced tomatoes. Sour Cream. Accompanied by refried beans and Spanish rice Mexican Wedding Cakes (Cookies) $8. and Bacon Bites Dinner Rolls and Butter Brownies $8. OR Chicken Enchiladas Served with lettuce. relish. Labor charges do apply. onions.50 Enchilada Bar Choice of Beef. Shredded Cheese.95 15 Prices are subject to change. popcorn and a variety of canned sodas Brownies $8. . Salsa.50 Baked Potato Bar *Minimum of 15 people* Tossed Salad with Ranch Dressing Baked Potato served with Butter. served with peanuts. Chili. Cheese Sauce. Choice of Vegetables. sour cream. Chives. shredded cheese. Quotes are available upon request. Dinner Rolls and Butter Apple Pie $8.

baby carrots. and Garbanzo Beans tossed in a curried coconut sauce served over White Rice $7. Sweet Peas.25 Nutritional Information: Calories:310 Sugars: 9g Protein: 8g Fat: 6g Carbohydrates:55g Saturates: 5g 16 Prices are subject to change.95 Nutritional Information: Calories: 181 Sugars: 8g Saturates: 1g Protein: 6g Fat: 7g Carbohydrates:25g Ciabatta Rolls-Vegetarian Sandwich Crisp Ciabatta Rolls filled with roasted bell peppers.Vegetarian Entrees Vegetable Jambalaya The vegetable version of the traditional jambalaya Includes eggplant. and eggplant served over basmati rice $6. watercress and cream cheese $6. mushrooms. . radishes. Carrots.75 Nutritional Information: Calories: 328 Sugars: 6g Saturates: 9g Protein: 8g Fat: 19g Carbohydrates: 34g Vegetable Biryani This North India dish consists of vegetables marinated in a yogurt-based marinade. okra. Dish includes cubed potatoes. broccoli. chopped tomatoes served over brown rice $6. bell peppers. celery. Cauliflower. Quotes are available upon request. peas. Labor charges do apply. Menu updated April 2007.95 Nutritional Information: Calories: 449 Sugars: 18g Protein:12 g Fat: 12g Carbohydrates: 79g Saturates: 6g Coconut Curried Vegetables with Rice and Beans Broccoli. baby corn ears.

and Part-skim shredded Mozzarella cheese served with Wild rice and Seasonal Steamed Vegetables $7. mushrooms.5 *A Lighter Way* Healthy Choice Brought to You by Catering Chicken Quesadilla Fajita chicken and bell peppers with cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese folder into a whole wheat flour tortilla Served with a salsa and sour cream on the side Garnished with fresh fruit $6. $6. . low-fat Ricotta Cheese. The dish combines red bell peppers. Menu updated April 2007.95 Nutritional Information: Calories: 270 Fat: 10g Protein: 16g Sodium: 545mg Fiber: 4g Carbohydrates: 30.95 Nutritional Information: Calories: 456 Sugars: 9g Protein: 14g Fat: 20g Carbohydrates: 61g Saturates: 2g Asparagus and Goat cheese Quesadilla Fresh Asparagus and crumbled goat cheese drizzled with a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and chopped cilantro folded into a whole wheat tortilla. red kidney beans.75 Nutritional Information: Calories: 580 Sodium: 324 gm carbohydrates: 33.95 Nutritional Information: Calories: 370 Sodium: 1000gm Carbohydrate: 64gm Protein: 15g Spinach –Stuffed Chicken Breast Chicken breast stuffed with spinach. $6. celery. Quotes are available upon request.4gm Protein: 46.95 Nutritional Information: Calories: 317 Fat: 17.5g Carbohydrates: 30. Labor charges do apply.5 Protein: 12g Sodium: 518mg Fiber: 4. choice of dressing and Vegetarian Fruit Crumble $5.Kidney Bean Risotto The combination of brown rice and kidney beans provides a perfect nutritional balance as well as tasting wonderful.3 17 Prices are subject to change.5 Chunky Vegetarian Chili Hearty Vegetarian chili accompanied with a tossed salad. fresh parsley and cashew nuts combined with brown rice.

oregano and cracked black pepper and baked.95 Sesame Chicken Sesame Crusted Chicken served with Buttered Noodles with Parsley and Fresh Greens Beans with Sautéed Red Peppers Lunch$ 8. 100% Columbian coffee. Chicken Plum Chicken Grilled Chicken served over Jasmine Rice accompanied by Asian Vegetables Lunch 8. .15 Tuscan Chicken Drizzled with olive oil. butter and choice of salad. Menu updated April 2007. Served with grilled vegetables and creamy parmesan polenta Lunch $8.25 Dinner $10.95 Dinner $11.95 Dinner $11. vegetable and starch. Entrée items may also be served as a buffet for an additional $2. and light ranch dressing.25 Hoisin Grilled Chicken Grilled Chicken in a Hoisin Sauce served with Stir-fry Vegetables and Jasmine Rice Lunch $8.50 per person. green onions. $6. baked topped with spicy salsa. red bell peppers.15 Dinner $10. Quotes are available upon request.95 Nutritional Information: Calories: 252 Fat: 7. green chilies & jack cheese Lunch $8. corn kernels.2g Protein: 182g Carbohydrates: 29.15 Chipotle Chicken Marinated Grilled Chicken with chipotle honey glaze served with grilled vegetables and chef’s choice starch Lunch $8. Labor charges do apply.Turkey Vegetable Wrap 8”flour tortillas filled with chopped smoked turkey breast with gourmet salad greens. tea and water preset on each table.95 Dinner $11.15 18 Prices are subject to change.95 Dinner $11.8g Fiber: 3g Sodium: 741mg Lunch and Dinner Entrees All entrees include dinner rolls.95 Cajun Chicken Chicken breast dusted with Cajun spices.

Labor charges do apply.25 Chicken St.15 Chicken Parmesan Lightly dusted in seasoned flour. toasted almonds & chopped chives Lunch $8. . Quotes are available upon request.25 Dinner$10. baked & topped with white wine apricot sauce. topped with marinara & mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection Lunch $8.95 Dinner$11. sweet basil.35 Chicken Apricot Chicken Breast stuffed with sautéed onions. Menu updated April 2007. Julienne Breast of chicken sautéed with mushrooms.95 Dinner $11.95 Dinner $11.15 Chicken Piccata Traditionally sautéed breast of chicken served with lemon butter & capers Lunch $8. lightly breaded. onions.15 Chicken Jerusalem Sautéed boneless chicken breast with mushrooms. fresh herbs & wine sauce in a puff pastry napoleon Lunch $8. mushrooms.25 Dinner $11.95 Dinner $11.Pecan Encrusted Chicken Served with warm pineapple mint salsa Lunch $8.85 19 Prices are subject to change. onions & artichoke hearts then splashed with burgundy wine Lunch 9.

95 Dinner $17.15 Dinner $12.50 Prime Rib Au Jus Chantilly 8 ounces $14.25 Dinner$19. Menu updated April 2007. Labor charges do apply.Beef Flank Steak with Creamy Mustard Sauce Sliced broiled flank steak with a yogurt.95 Dinner $17.75 20 Prices are subject to change. . mustard and parmesan-Romano cheese sauce served with roasted red potatoes and green beans Lunch $9. Quotes are available upon request.25 Dinner $12. Vidalia onions and fresh tarragon in burgundy sauce Lunch $9.15 12 ounces $19.55 Spiced Beef Medallions Medallion of filet mignon with Asian plum sauce Lunch $12.25 Beef Bourguignon Savory Beef.15 Roasted Tenderloin of Beef Tender medallion of filet of beef served with choice of sauce béarnaise or au poivre Lunch $15. mushrooms.65 Grilled Fillet of Beef with Peppercorn Cognac Cream served with Herbed Potato Pearls and Fresh Baby Carrots and Julienne Peppers Lunch $12.

95 Balsamic Butter Tilapia Tilapia simmered in a balsamic butter sauce served with thyme mashed potatoes and sugar snap peas Lunch $9.45 Spicy Citrus Mahi-Mahi Sautéed Mahi-Mahi served with a citrus salsa on a bed of Jasmine Rice Lunch $9.25 21 Prices are subject to change.50 Pasta Entrees Choice of.65 Add Shrimp $3. .25 Dinner $12. Menu updated April 2007. Quotes are available upon request. Labor charges do apply.Pasta Mediterranean Pasta Roma tomatoes.95 Dinner 10.95 Dinner $12. summer squash and seasonal vegetables sautéed in garlic butter OR red pepper & pesto cream and tossed with our pasta du jour Lunch $7. asparagus.65 Fish Salmon en Feuillatage Whole salmon filet wrapped in puff pastry with herbed mushrooms & dill beurre blanc Lunch $9.15 Add grilled chicken $2.15 Dinner $12.95 Add grilled chicken $1.50 Add Shrimp $2. Fettuccini Alfredo Pasta Primavera Mostaccioli mushrooms and cream sauce Cheese Manicotti Tri Color Tortellini $10.

Golden Italian. & Cucumber Caesar Mixed Greens with Herbed Brie Croustini and Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette Baby Greens with a Honey-Lime Vinaigrette and Sprinkled with Dried Strawberries and Grapes Starches Baked Potato with Sour Cream Buttered Noodles with Parsley Creamy Parmesan Polenta Wild Rice Pilaf Garlic Mashed Potatoes Roasted Rosemary Potatoes Scalloped Potatoes Chef’s Choice Vegetables Green Bean Almandine & Sautéed Red Peppers Grilled Vegetable Medley Whole Baby Carrots & Brocolini Seasonal Steamed Vegetables Chef’s Choice 22 Prices are subject to change. Carrots. Tomatoes & Red Onion Iceberg Lettuce. Ranch. Menu updated April 2007. Salads Available dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette. and Raspberry Vinaigrette. Quotes are available upon request. . vegetable & starch. Labor charges do apply.Salads. Starches & Vegetables Each lunch & dinner entrée comes with your choice of salad. Blue cheese. Low Fat and Fat Free available on request Mixed Greens. French.

MEETINGS AND BREAKS The Mexican Corn chips. Fresh Fruit Preserves & Whipped Lemon Butter $9. Green Apple Garnish *Strawberry & Tomato Bruschetta with Balsamic Glaze Seasonal Charcuterie Salad Miniature Scones. water & iced tea) $3. salsa and guacamole served with a variety of chilled beverages (Canned soda. Croissants & Muffins Served with Devonshire Cream. Brie & Honey Mustard on a Savory Scone *Smoked Turkey Pinwheel *Chicken Liver Pate on a Toasted Croustade.75 The Nutty Meeting Bowls of nuts. Sweet Butter. Lemon & Milk Fresh Sliced Fruit Display Assorted Finger Sandwiches (Please select five) *Smoked Salmon & Chive Cream Cheese on Pumpernickel *Cucumber. cookies and assorted brownies served with gourmet coffee & bottled water $5.95 per person 23 Prices are subject to change. popcorn. and pretzels served with a variety of chilled beverages (Canned soda. Labor charges do apply. trail mix. Quotes are available upon request. Menu updated April 2007. & Dill on White *Dried Cherry& Pecan Bread with Whipped Cream Cheese *Honey Glazed Ham. water & iced tea) $4.50 The Adult Child Candy bars.95 High Tea Minimum of 15 people Selection of Herbal Teas served with Honey. .

Snacks Ala Carte Chips Popcorn Pretzels Chex Mix Gardettos Sleeves of Peanuts Trail Mix Assorted Candy Bars Nutri-Grain Bars Granola Bars Yogurt Trail Mix (individual sleeves) Beef Jerky Canned Sodas Bottled Water Bottled Juice Ice Cream Bars Whole Fruit Fresh Fruit Cups Cookies.35 Prices Vary $.00 24 Prices are subject to change.95 $26.25 $1.10 $.85 $1.15 $1.00 $59.00 $26.75 $.10 $1.89 $.10 $1. .35 $.each Small Fruit Tray (20 people) Large Fruit Tray (50 people) Small Vegetable Tray(20 people) Large Vegetable Tray (50 people) Small Cheese Tray (20 people) Large Cheese Tray (50 people) $. Labor charges do apply.89 $1.75 $.75 $1. Quotes are available upon request. Menu updated April 2007.85 $.95 $43.10 $.85 $.99 $1.60 $29.00 $44.65 $1.

00 Hummus and Pita Bread (25 portions) $35.50 $3. Minimum order of 2 dozen for each variety.75 Fruit and Cheese Combo $2.95 $2.00 25 Prices are subject to change.50/dz Curried Chicken Profiteroles $8.75 $3.Hors D’ Oeuvre All hors d’oeuvres are priced per portion. Suggested Servings Afternoon Reception 2 Hot Selections & 2 Cold Traditional Cocktail Hour 3-4 Hot Selection & 2-3 Cold Evening Reception 4-5 Hot Selection & 2-3 Cold HOT (Presented in Chafer) Mini Quiche Apricot Chicken Tenders Vegetarian Egg Rolls with Choice of sauce Asparagus en Parmesan Phyllo Meatballs (BBQ. Labor charges do apply.50 Cheese and Vegetable Combo $3.25 $2. Quotes are available upon request.25 $4. Market Market $3.95/dz Guacamole. Feel free to mix & match.50 Smoked Turkey Tortilla Medallions $7. Menu updated April 2007.00 COLD (Silver Tray Service) Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail Whole Smoked Salmon Antipasto Tray Kalamata Olive Tapenade $3.25 $3.25 $2.50 $40.25/dz Vegetable Tortilla Medallions $6.25 $3.85 $2.25 7 layer Dip with Chips (25 portions) $45.50 $3. Bite sized selections include 3 pieces in each portion.95 Fruit and Vegetable Combo $3.25 . Salsa and Chips $3.25 $3.25 $3. Swedish or Sweet & Sour) Beef Duxelle Wellington Pork Potsticker Chicken Potsticker Teriyaki Chicken Tenders Caramelized Onion Tartlets Teriyaki Chicken Drummies Spanakopita Artichoke Dip with Crackers Breaded Warm Brie (30 Portions) $2.

lemon bars. lemon.00 full sheet cake $46. frosted blonde brownies. lemon snow. Labor charges do apply. banana cream. 7-layer bars.00 Black Forest $32.00 Full Sheet Cake (serves 96) $36. strawberry) Cheesecake Cupcakes (all flavors) Whole Cakes Cheesecake $40.25 Black Forest Cake German Chocolate Cake Carrot Cake Mocha Fudge Torte Apple Dumpling with Caramel Sauce Individual Tarts (Chocolate mousse. strawberry mousse. macadamia nut.00 ¼ Sheet Cake (serves 24) $15. Amaretto. sugar. peanut butter) Bars $1.50 dozen (Chocolate chip. Rice Crispy Treats with peanut butter and chocolate. Cappuccino or Oreo) Signature Desserts $3. Seasonal brownies and Seasonal Bars) Mixed Nuts $18.00 Cookies and Bars Cookies $0. Menu updated April 2007.25 each $12. chocolate-chocolate chip.) Cheesecakes (New York. oatmeal raisin. Turtle.00 German chocolate $32.00 Home Style Carrot $32. Strawberry. carrot cake. Quotes are available upon request. .Desserts House Desserts $3.00 ½ Sheet Cake (serves 48) $24. M&M.00 ½ sheet cake $32. Apricot Pecan bar.25 per pound 26 Prices are subject to change.00 Low fat Banana Cream $32. Peanut Butter Chocolate.00 dozen (Brownies.65 each $7. raspberry bars. Raspberry.00 Double layered or Fruit filled cakes ¼ sheet cake $22.95 Fresh Fruit Tart Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Chocolaté Raspberry Ganache Lithuanian Torte Tiramisu Petit Fours (3 per serving) Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée Angel Food Trifle Mini cheese Cakes (3 per serving) Individual Bundt Cakes (Chocolate.00 per 2 pound can Butter Mints $5. Peanut Butter brownies. Rocky Road bars.

00 gallon 27 Prices are subject to change.55 each $8.00 gallon $1.35 bottled Water $1.50 / 3 gallons $0.25 quart Sodas $0.25 gallon $3.25 pot $3.60 each (Apple.00 pot $0. Cranberry.75 each $8.50 gallon $0.50 gallon $5.35 bottled Hot Beverages Coffee Hot Tea Hot Apple Cider Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate Packet Hot Water (includes tea bags) Tea Bags $3. Grape or Orange) Milk Pints $1.25 (Skim. 2%.25 pitcher (not for deliveries) $2.60 each $3.Beverages Cold Beverages Iced Tea $1.00 / 2 gallons $18.00 each $18.00 / 2 gallons $28. Whole or Chocolate) Perrier.50 gallon $1. Menu updated April 2007.50 gallon $8.65 can Juice (PC) $0. .50 pitcher (not for deliveries) $10.25pot $8.25 bottled $1. Labor charges do apply. 1 liter Lemonade Fruit Punch Lemonade Spritzer Ice Bucket $4. Quotes are available upon request.25 bottled Orange Juice $4.