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Rules for Co-ed Dodge ball

Specific Rules for Co-ed Dodge ball– LIMITLESS 2013 A) Number of Players 1. Each team is required to have a minimum of 5 players (at least 2 males/2 females) at the start of the game and a maximum of 12 players (minimum 3 male/3 female) * For registration, a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 players are required 2. If a team is unable to meet the 2 female minimum, they may start with 1 female but must also have 1 less male and vice versa 3. If a team does not have at least 5 players on the court by the scheduled start time, the first set will be defaulted. If the team does not have the required minimum within 10 minutes of start time, the entire match is defaulted 4. In the event of a default, the winning team will be awarded (3) points and a 2-0 win 5. If both teams are late, they will both forfeit the game and no points will be awarded in the standings 6. Teams who default a game will lose half of their Spirit Deposit and those default a second game will be eliminated from the tournament and will lose their entire spirit deposit B) Equipment 1. Players must be dressed in appropriate athletic wear. No jewellery, hats, or streetwear is permitted 2. Players may not wear any type of gloves as it may allow them to have an unfair advantage when catching and/or throwing a ball C) Playing Format 1. All round robin games will consist of 3 sets 2. Teams will be comprised of 6 players, with 6 players on the floor, including at least 2 males and 2 females with the rest being available as substitutes 3. A win gets 3 points in the divisional standings 4. A tie is awarded 1 point in the divisional standings 5. A loss results in no points being awarded in the divisional standings 6. Divisional standing will be ranked based on the number of points. In the event of a tie in the standings, the following will be used as tie breakers (in this order): total wins, sets for, sets against, record between teams, coin toss 7. In the even of a division with an odd number of teams, one team chosen at random will play 2 games rather than 3. This team will receive a 2-0 win and 3 points in the standings (default win) D) Starting the Game 1. 6 balls will be evenly spaced across the centre line before each game begins 2. All active players will start each game with one hand against the wall 3. All non-active players must remain seated and must stay in the same order on the bench 4. The game will start at the sound of the referee’s whistle. Players can then approach the centre line and retrieve the balls 5. After a ball is retrieved, it must be taken back behind the attack line before it can legally be thrown 6. Once the ball has been taken behind the attack line for the first time, the ball can then be


thrown from anywhere within the boundaries of the court E) Game Specific Rules 1. The objective of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them “out.” This may be done by: a. Hitting an opposing player with a LIVE thrown ball below the shoulders b. Catching a LIVE ball thrown by your opponent before it touches the ground  A LIVE ball is a ball that has been thrown and not touched anything 2. Players cannot touch or pass the centre line. Players will be called out if they do 3. Any ball that touches the ground, ceiling or wall is considered a dead ball 4. A ball that bounces on the throwers side before crossing the centre line is also considered a dead ball 5. When a player is called out, they must drop all balls and go straight to the sideline to sit out 6. If a defender attempts to catch a live ball but drops it, he/she is out 7. The defender may block a live ball with another ball, then throw the blocking ball down and catch a live ball 8. If a blocking ball is dropped as a result of contact from a live ball, then the player who drops the ball is out 9. A player may block a live ball with their own ball, then throw the blocking ball doen and catch a live ball 10. A player shall not leave the playing field to avoid being hit or in attempt to catch a ball. Players that do not stay in the designated area will be called out 11. If a player is struck with a ball anywhere below the head (including loose clothing), the struck player will be called out. However, if a player is struck but the ball is caught by the player of by a teammate before it touches the ground, the player who threw the ball will be called out 12. Players only have one foot inbounds for a catch to be legal. A player will be considered out if they catch the ball and step outside the side line 13. Players in the game MAY NOT leave the designated area to retrieve a stray ball 14. Players who are out may retrieve stray ball for their teammates 15. It is illegal for the leading team to control all the balls for more than 5 seconds (a violation will result and the referee will stop the play and evenly divide the balls otherwise) 16. Headshots resulting from a high thrown ball will result in the thrower being called out 17. A player hit in the head while ducking or dodging is out F) Winning A Game 1. Games will be best out of 3 sets 2. Each set will have a 7-minute time limit, and the winner that has the most players will win once the 7 minutes are over. 3. A 1-minute sudden death over time will take place if the game is tied. The captain may choose 3 players to represent their team and the first team to eliminate an opposing player will win. One of these 3 players must be female. G) Violence 1. Any player crossing half-court as a result of dispute will be ejected 2. Any player leaving the bench as a result will be ejected


3. All ejections will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee to determine whether further action is necessary