16 April, 2013

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School of Social Sciences (SOSS)
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MA in Psychology (MAPC)
Minimum Duration: 2 Years Maximum Duration: 5 Years Course Fee: Rs. 13,000 Minimum Age: No bar Maximum Age: No bar Eligibility: Bachelor's degree from a recognised university Note :- Rs. 6000/-for Ist Year and Rs.5500/-for IInd Year. Programme overview | Courses | Study Centre | Exam Form

Other Programmes
Distance | Regular | Online Bachelor Degree Programmes Bachelor's Degree Programme (SOSS) (BDP) Doctoral Degree Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration (PhD in Public Admn) Doctor of Philosophy in History (PhD in History) Credits 4 4 4 4 4 4 8 Credits 4 4 4 6 8 6 4 4 4 6 8 6 4 4 4 6 8 6 6 Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science (PhD in Political Sc) Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology (PhD in Sociology) Doctor of Philosophy in Library & Information Science (PhD in Library & Information Sc) Master's Degree Masters in Anthropology (MAAN) MA in Psychology (MAPC) Master of Arts (Sociology) (MSO) Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) MPhil in Economics (MPhil(Economics) ) Master of Arts (Public Administration) (MPA) Master of Arts (Political Science) (MPS) Master of Arts (History) (MAH)

First Month
CourseCode MPC 001 MPC 002 MPC 003 MPC 004 MPC 005 MPC 006 MPC 007 CourseCode MPCE 011 MPCE 012 MPCE 013 MPCE 014 MPCE 015 MPCE 016 MPCE 021 MPCE 022 MPCE 023 MPCE 024 MPCE 025 MPCE 026 MPCE 031 MPCE 032 MPCE 033 MPCE 034 MPCE 035 MPCE 036 BPCE 022 Course Name Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory Life Span Psychology Personality: Theories and Assessment Advanced Social Psychology Research Methods in Psychology Statistics in Psychology Practicals: Experimental Psychology and Psychological Testing

Second Month
Course Name Psychopathology Psychodiagnostics Psychotherapeutic methods Practicals: Clinical Field Work Project Counseling Psychology Assessment in Counselling and Guidance Interventions in counseling Practicum in Counselling Psychology Internship Project Organisational Behaviour (OBY) Human Resource Development (HRD) Organisational Development (OD) Practicum: Industrial and Organisational Psychology Internship Project Practicum in clinical psychology



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