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they consist of periodic oscillations of electrical and magnetic fields generated by charged particles.Making a saline water solution by dissolving table salt (NaCl) in water. For example. Waves are described by a wave equation which sets out how the disturbance proceeds over time. sound waves propagate via air molecules colliding with their neighbors. ultraviolet radiation. a solution is a homogeneous mixture composed of only one phase. Solution In chemistry. although gravitational waves have never been directly detected. often with no permanent displacement of the particles of the medium—that is. They consist. Longitudinal waves occur when the oscillations are parallel to the direction of propagation. The salt is the solute and the water the solvent. with little or no associated mass transport. visible light. Instead. and include radio waves. Amy Brimbuela. do not require a medium. all electromagnetic waves are transverse. and the solvent is commonly the major fraction of the mixture. When air molecules collide. A wave can be transverse or longitudinal depending on the direction of its oscillation. and the substance of this medium is deformed. The solvent does the dissolving. G-7 STAR GARNET . infrared radiation. Transverse waves occur when a disturbance creates oscillations perpendicular (at right angles) to the propagation (the direction of energy transfer). In such a mixture. instead. These types of waves vary in wavelength. Further. and can therefore travel through a vacuum. The concentration of a solute in a solution is a measure of how much of that solute is dissolved in the solvent. known as a solvent. the behavior of particles in quantum mechanics is described by waves and researchers believe that gravitational waves also travel through space. There are two main types of waves. accompanied by a transfer of energy. The mathematical form of this equation varies depending on the type of wave. Mechanical waves propagate through a medium. microwaves. The deformation reverses itself owing to restoring forces resulting from its deformation. The second main type of wave. electromagnetic waves. of oscillations or vibrations around almost fixed locations. X-rays. and gamma rays. The solution more or less takes on the characteristics of the solvent including its phase. they also bounce away from each other (a restoring force). a solute is a substance dissolved in another substance. While mechanical waves can be both transverse and longitudinal. This keeps the molecules from continuing to travel in the direction of the wave. Wave motion transfers energy from one point to another. Wave a wave is a disturbance or oscillation that travels through spacetime.