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Recruitment place--agent


Part 1: PERSONAL DATA: Name(in Local Official Language): Name in English: First Name Gender Nationality Middle Name ____________Last Name_____________ Date of Birth Country of Birth

Passport/ID Card No.______ Home Address with Post Code

Other Local ID No. for Employment

Correspondence Address(if not the same as home address)

Home Phone: Email Address: No.: ___________________

Mobile No:_____________________________ Other Contact No.: _____________________

Part 2: EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Please start from the latest employment.
Latest Two Working Companies or Positions Time (MM-YYYY ) From To

Name of Company


Main Responsibilities

The project you have delivered.

Name of direct manager

Basic Information in the Latest Company

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Allow. Conditional Allow.g. Other Allow.g. Contents Utility Allow.1 Education: Page 2 of 4 . Projects You Are Working for?(Y/N) Other Informati on How Many Warning Letters do you Have? General Project ( ) 0 Project ( ) 1 tel Project ( ) 2 Support GCC ( ) 3 Other Project Name: ( more ) Part 3: EDUCATION AND TRAINING RECORDS 3.: Trans. C&B Informati on Month of Increment and Amount of Increment in Last 2 Years (e.MM-YYYY: 50 OMR) How much of Annual Bonus of 2011 Month of Increment 2011(1): Month of Increment 2010(2): Amount(1) : Amount(2) : Other Benefits What’s Your Performance Result of 2011(Y/N) What’s Your Performance Result of 2010(Y/N) What’s Your Current Grade? (e. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8) What’s the Type of Your Contract(Y/N) What’s the Latest Contract Period? Limited ( ) Start Date: Start date Contract Informati on position Unlimited ( ) Full Time ( ) End Date: Main Responsibilities Project name Part Time ( ) Exceed Expectation ( ) Exceed Expectation ( ) meeting Expectation ( ) meeting Expectation ( ) Under Expectation ( ) Under Expectation ( ) Performa nce Informati on Outstanding ( ) Outstanding ( ) Grade Informati on Current Job Scope Description.Type of Information Basic: Latest Salary Breakdown House Allow.

Are you willing to join sub-contractor managed by directly? DECLARATION: Page 3 of 4 . Are you willing to join ? 4.2 Training (Please start from the latest record). Time (MM-YYYY) Training Institution From To Training Place Training Course Certificate Part 4: FAMILY DATA Marital Status Information of spouse □ SINGLE □ MARRIED □ OTHERS Name (in local official language) Occupation Present residence place Name(in English) Passport /ID. Do you Have relatives who is working in or about to be transferred to ? 3. Time (MM-YYYY) From To Name of School/College Location of School/College Major Degree awarded/ Certificate Obtained 3.Please start from the latest record. Card No. General information of Children Emergency Contact Part 5: OTHER INFORMATION 1. since the age of 18. ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony? 2. Have you.

I further declare that the information provided and statements made by me in this application are accurate. reject my application for employment. true. or immediately discharge me from employment (as the case may be) without any compensation whatsoever and accordingly in the event of the above I hereby waive all rights of recourse to the i courts.I hereby authorize TECH. omission or concealment of truth.. INVESTMENT() LLC. I hereby unconditionally agree that. false. to (without incurring any form of liability towards me or obligation to pay any compensation to me whatsoever) not offer employment to me. complete and correct. misrepresentation. incorrect or dishonest answer to any of the above questions will be regarded as a valid and legal ground for TECH. FULL NAME OF APPLICANT__________________________________ SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT__________________________________ DATE:_______________ Page 4 of 4 . INVESTMENT() LLC.. to obtain any information concerning my records and I hereby release any person or firm of all liabilities for any damages whatsoever arising from the release of such information. any false statement. or the ministry of manpower.