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Learning approach Students will be introduced to active learning methodologies like problem-based learning. Group discussions and projects will help them develop in areas like study skills, presentation skills, research skills and time management. It will also help enhance their critical and analytical skills, preparing them for tertiary studies and the workplace. Assessment Assessment of individual courses in the Foundation Programme consists of two components: – Continuous course work (60%) – Final examination (40%) The continuous course work component includes assessment tasks like projects, assignments, lab work, presentations, tests and others as assigned throughout each semester. The final examination is conducted at the end of each semester. The assessments are subject to quality assurance procedures to maintain high standards and ensure fairness. Offered at INTI International University

Students seeking matriculation for admission into a business or IT degree can pursue this programme. In the first semester, they will study common subjects; in subsequent semesters, they can choose a pathway in Business or IT. In the IT pathway, students will study Programming Fundamentals and Introduction to Database. These courses help them understand the technical and humanistic aspects of computing.

Programme structure • • • • • • • • • • • General Studies English Language Skills 1 English Language Skills 2 Basic Computing Fundamental of Business Management Fundamental of Mathematics Statistics Information Technology Principles Programming Techniques Introduction to Database Advanced Mathematics

INTAKES: JAN, MAY & SEP INTI International College Subang

INTI International College Penang

(Foundation in Business) INTI College Sabah

INTAKES: JAN, APR & AUG Duration 1 year

Note: • Malaysian students are required to study two additional subjects: (1) Malaysian Studies, and (2) Moral Education (for non-Muslim students) / Islamic Studies (for Muslim students) • Malaysian students are required to study Bahasa Kebangsaan if they do not have a credit in SPM Bahasa Malaysia

Peer-assisted study sessions This initiative assists Year 1 and Year 2 students in coping with their studies to better their academic grades. Study sessions are led by student leaders who have excelled in their studies to help students consolidate their understanding, reinforce key concepts and develop effective study habits.

13 - 14