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Requirement Brand

Server Rack (2pcs)


Voice and Data Cable


Patch Panel and Cable management




Raised Floor


Fire Protection System


Air Conditioner


Air Conditioner N/A Door Access System Siemens (34 bits) CCTV N/A .

Fire alarm Bell Smoke Detector Heat Detector 2 or more Fire extinguishers (inside & outside server room) Temperature and humidity (not need) To have two online independent air-conditioner for interchange The air-condition capacity: 3HP ( 30m2 area) Unit Cost .IT REQUIREMENTS Specification 42U Voice and data port shall be Cat5E All the patch cord will be 3m long for patching (cabling rack to equipment rack) The RJ45 termination must be accord with “EIA 568B” standard.2 side front door with lock .2nodes -15 gang 13A(circuit) PDU (power distribution unit) .9 inch . The raised floor must have antistatic and also have laminate ramp in front of door server room.Fan -castor wheel & adjustable feet . 24 port patch panel .adjustable tray .1 node -caged nuts screws . Make sure grounding cable have installed.) 16KVA Detect temperature and humidity Network Management Please include warranty and free services Rack Mount type Backup time atleast 1/2 hour All the end user data point and telephone go through underground raised floor IT server room.2 side behind door with lock .(the quantity is same as patch panel) Patch cord RJ45 connector suggest to use AMP brand (The RJ45 termination must be accord with “EIA 568B” standard. 800mm (W) x 1000mm (D) cabling/equipment rack with following item: . The raised floor must have 1 feet high.100 sets .1 set .BOQ / BOM TEMPLATE NO. 4 .(the quantity depends on how many workstations) cable management .

change gas and others accessories servicing. Make sure supplier provide free services in warranty period such as: clean PVC drain pipe. exit push button under reception table. Main entrance: 2 readers (In/Out). break glass. Infrared camera. such as Server Room. break glass. reception area. break glass Others offices area door exit and others room: 1 reader (In). Use local standard. suggest that 6hours for auto swapping. 1 exit push button. fire exit and etc online displaying: 25fps/channel viewing play back recording: 25fps/channel viewing (open for vendor suggestion) Daily auto data backup and make sure the data can keep on 1month . break glass. doom type Motion detect High end camera for critical area. 1 exit push button. 2 exit push button (1 for under manager table and 1 for near to exit door wall).Must have auto time controller switch for auto interchange. break glass. Document room: 1 reader(in). break glass Financial department room :1reader 1 exit push button. Server room : 1 reader (in). Manager/Director room: 1 reader (In). 1 exit push. Emergency door exit: no need reader. Must read Huawei's ID DVR system.

Total Cost .


Room Location Directors Office AM Directors Room Reception MTNG RM1 MTNG RM2 Training Room Workstation General Office Area Wi-Fi Data 8 2 2 8 2 20 54 5 Voice 4 2 2 2 2 4 27 Server Room PH-TAC Printer Area 1 2 3 1 2 2 Total 107 48 .