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Scaffold Boards

November 2011

Technical Specification - Scaffold Boards

John Brash Timber Scaffold Boards are graded to BS 2482:2009.
We can manufacture three categories of Scaffold Board: • 38x225 BSI 1.2m support centres - these boards are either visually or machine graded. • 38x225 BSI 1.5m support centres - these boards are only machine graded. • 63x225 BSI 2.5m support centres - these boards are either visually or machine graded.

Dimension When measured at a reference moisture content of 20%: • 38mm thick boards: +/-2mm in thickness and/or +/-5mm in width. Length +/- 25mm. • 63mm thick boards: +/-3mm in thickness and/or +/-5mm in width. Length to the system manufacturer tolerances. Generally 63mm boards need to be precision end trimmed to suit the system they are to be used in.

NOTE: Crosscutting does not affect the structural integrity of the board and the board will still comply with BS 2482. Visually graded boards – all defects will have already been visually assessed. Machine graded boards – the board will have been mechanically assessed along its length.

Table of Strength Properties from BS 2482:2009◊
Target Board Thickness
mm 38 38 63

Target Span
m 1.2 1.5 2.5

Working moment of resistance of a single board where:
An applied load acts only on an individual board kNm 0.50 0.65 1.25 An applied load is spread uniformly* across a minimum of 4 boards kNm 0.61 0.81 1.48

* i.e. via a rigid building pack. If greater loads, e.g. for loading bays, are required these should be calculated and the support spans reduced.

John Brash & Co. Limited., The Old Shipyard, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 1NG

Tel: 01427 613858

Fax: 01427 810218


1. 1.5m boards) In www.5 or 2. maximum 12 characters) • Date Code Year Jan-Jun Jul-Dec 2009 AA AB 2010 BA BB 2011 CA CB 2012 DA DB 2013 EA EB 2014 FA FB 2015 GA GB 2016 HA HB Nail Plates These can be used with or instead of end bands. this aids security. The Old Increasingly they are put on new boards to help prevent splits starting and increase the board life. Typically they are used in conjunction with end bands.2m. Fire retardant treated boards also have a longer life.5m (designating Support Centre ) • BSI 1. For special applications stainless steel can be offered. They can be plain or carry either personalised or quality (BSI required) information. maximum twelve characters. John Brash Ink Jet prints a unique batch identification number. a safety hazard with the old tooth style). ensuring traceability from the forest to the site.5m boards) or VG (visually graded 1. Usually a name can be branded twice on each . Bands are clearly marked with: • MG or VG (designating method of grading) • 1.5m max • BSI Licence Number • MG (machine graded) (1.1. Gainsborough. as the treatment partially acts as a preservative.2 (or 1.5m max 63mm . They were originally designed to repair a board that had started to split and to prevent the split growing.2m or 2.johnbrash.2m or 1.5 or 2. John Brash end bands give the best solution by using teeth at the end (no nails to fall out or start splits) and nails along the side (avoiding ‘flapping’ end bands. BS 2482 Licence No 07800 John Brash & Co.Scaffold Boards Marking The boards must be marked with: • Manufacturer’s name • Support span: 38mm . Treatment can also be provided meeting the London Underground specification. DN21 1NG Tel: 01427 613858 Fax: 01427 810218 Email: info@johnbrash. Branding An additional service. Limited. We can also offer: • Special grading • Security branding • Fixing of personalised end bands or scaff-plates • Fire retardant treatments • Individual board FSC & PEFC labelling End Bands John Brash provides galvanised end bands as standard.5m and 2.. This has superseded BS 476:part 6&7 class 0 and Lincolnshire. In some cases this can include date.5) at the end of plan banded boards • Personalised name (FOC on request.2. Fire Treatments John Brash offers fire treatments which meets BS EN 13501-1 to Euroclass B (replacing class 0) or Euroclass C (replacing class 1). batch number or quality (BSI required) information.Technical Specification .

www. Boards Environment CPET (Central Point of Expertise on is a government directive stipulating that only timber from legal and sustainable sources can be used on government funded or by contacting BSI Customer Services for hardcopies only: Tel: +44 (0)20 8996 9001. British Standards can be obtained in PDF or hard copy formats from the BSI online shop: www. Email: cservices@bsigroup. These directives are just starting to impact on the access industry. Wherever possible John Brash scaffold boards are individually labelled using ink jet printing with our chain of custody details. The use of legal and sustainable timber is also a condition of many contracts from main contractors.. The Old Shipyard. John Brash has full Chain of Custody with FSC and PEFC . BS 2482 Licence No 07800 John Brash & Co. Useful Information BS 2482:2009 – Specification for Timber Scaffold Boards NASC Documents ( TG5:10 TG6:10 TG7:07 TG10:06 TG20:08 Timber scaffold boards – An Introduction to the Revised Standard BS 2482:2009 Care and Maintenance of Scaffold Boards Scaffold Board Nailplates Fire Retardant Treatments for Timber Scaffold Boards and Battens Guide to Good Practice for Scaffolding with Tubes and Fittings ◊ Permission to reproduce extracts from BS 2482:2009 is granted by BSI. DN21 1NG Tel: 01427 613858 Fax: 01427 810218 Email: info@johnbrash.Technical Specification . www.

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