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Hernandez, Raymond M. BSIE 4-3

Basically I am assigned at the plant that assembles big and small uninterrupted power supplies. APC will do business with the vendors in order to purchase semi assembled products that will be needed for the assembly of an UPS. the wirings and the battery. on site service and extended warranty  Operations – the basic operation will be. Known for Legendary Reliability. they will now start the process flow. innovation and support for power protection solutions from desktop systems to data center operations to entire facilities. . With market presence and facilities in every continent of the globe . started with the motherboard inscription and insertion of transistor.and the global opportunities that go with it -APC's culture today is vibrant. APC’s Philippine Operations is the largest and most complex manufacturing operations in all of APCMGE worldwide locations and they serve all major countries with their quality products. truly global. including Home. then it will undergo many test for inspection before it will go packaging/boxing. if clients make orders of UPS from APC. Finished product will now be delivered domestically or internationally. Process Control. checking for the quality of the board down to the assemble of the UPS’ body. Facilities Management. end-to-end AC and DC-based back-up power products and services. Small and Medium Businesses and Enterprise/IT. Basic Value Chain for American Power Conversion (APC) by Schneider Electric Primary:  Services – they manufacture the industry’s most comprehensive product and solution range for all critical applications. preventive maintenance. They will make an inventory of it. o Professional service like project management and network integration o Project based service like installation.Company address: Cavite 1-2nd Street PEZA Rosario Cavite. diverse and rich. APC sets the standard for quality. Philippines American Power Conversion Corporation is the Critical Power and Cooling Services business unit of Schneider Electric and the leading provider of global. etc. Medical.

The selected distributors will be notified by email about the submitted request for a quote. . The APC coordinator/distributor will then be the main point of contact for any questions on ETA's or shipping. Resellers submit the configuration to APC's Configuration Team for approval. Resellers who have an account with APC submit a purchase order to APC at purchaseorders@apcc. 4) APC or the Distributor (if applicable) ships the product. The Configuration Team reviews the solution and determines if it is a valid configuration. For assistance with using the InfraStruXure Design Portal contact an APC Partner Development Manager.  Once an order is placed APC assigns a fulfillment/project coordinator. Only approved configurations should be sent to participating distributors. The Configuration Team then approves the solution and a solution number is assigned. Resellers may select more than one distributor to provide a quote by checking their names to quote the solution in the APC Design Portal.   Marketing and Sales Outbound Logistics Inbound Logistics - Secondary: Procurement  A reseller uses the APC Design Portal and creates an InfraStruXure configuration. Reseller who purchase through distribution must use the Design Portal to forward the approved solution to an InfraStruXure Authorized Distributor for a containing the solution number. The distributor then quotes the reseller their price. Once the reseller gets all their pricing back from the various distributors the reseller decides who he would like to place the order with and sends them a PO for the solution at the price agreed to. Note: distributors are unable to quote InfraStruXure configurations that are not sent via the Design Portal.

with APC’s remote monitoring service at any time APC’s expert can monitor your device to make sure it is running properly and efficiently. The fault will always be detected. HR management Firm Infrastructure   . if one of your UPS batteries malfunctions. an automatic notification will be sent to APC the they will notify and make an immediate response from the APC department and fix the problem efficiently. Technology – not all of us may not be an expert with regards to energy infrastructure.