Calculation for 100 Cows 1. Cow dung per cow per day 2.

Flushing Water per cow per day 3. Cow dung from 100 Cows per day 4. Flushing Water for 100 Cows per day 5. Total slurry collected per day = = = = = = = _____________Kg _____________Kg _____________Kg _____________Kg

Cow dung per day + Flushing water per day _____________Kg _____________ Cubic meter

6. Slurry Pit size

L = ____m W = ____m H = ____m =_______________ Kg (Summer) =_______________ Kg (Winter)

7. Bio Gas generation per Hour

8. Calorific value of Bio Gas 9. Overall efficiency of Power generation system 10. Power generation

=________________ KJ/Kg = = = _________% __________ KW (Summer) __________ KW (Winter)

Queries: 1. During Flushing, Mud/sand/dirt will also be get flushed along with cow dung. This will get settled in the settling pit. Please specify the duration for the cleaning of this pit for smooth operation. Also, specify if some special tool/equipments will be required for the cleaning. 2. Is the use of disinfectant / germicide during cleaning going to affect the fermentation process? 3. During Rainy season the Pit may be flooded by the Rain water. Please explain in that case how the Slurry will be accommodated in the Pit? 4. Can we use the final Pit(from which the tanker will take the manure) for the disposal of sanitary waste also? 5. Please provide the List of equipments to be purchased by Utsav Dairy (which are NOT in your scope of supply)for the operation of Bio-gas system like Slurry pump to transfer the slurry from Pit to Tanker. 7. Also, provide the list of spares to be kept at plant. 6. Please specify the Tanker size to handle the Slurry.