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Doc. No.- DNWSIPL/PRO/14 Rev. No.- 01 Rev. Date- 11/01/2013

1.0 PURPOSE To establish a procedure for proper handling, storage, packing, preservation and delivery of the component and stored material to avoid deterioration and damage.

2.0 SCOPE This procedure is applicable at all stages for raw material & products manufactured in the plant.

3.0 RESPONSIBILITY Store Incharge, QC Manager, Engineer QC

4.0 PROCEDURE 4.1 HANDLING 1. In case of loading and unloading of the material, Store Incharge ensures that the product is not damaged during handling. 2. Transfer of material from one section to another section is done by suitable material handling equipment.

4.2 RECEIPT OF MATERIAL 1. Stores Incharge receive all products. 2. Stores Incharge verifies the material received against Delivery Challan as a token of this verification. 3. After completion of the incoming inspection, QC engineer records the details in the Receiving inspection Register DN/QC/R-01 & Store Incharge updates the Stock register DN/STR/R-01. If the material is accepted, the same is kept in identified locations. 4. In case of non conformance, the procedure SI/QSP/03 applies. 5. The Stores Incharge updates the record accordingly.




If specified by the customer.4 PERIODIC INSPECTION OF STOCK Stores Incharge shall verify the stock periodically for physical damage and deterioration of all the Items stored in the Stores. The user department identifies the need of material.5 PACKING Packing shall be done as per applicable work instruction.3 ISSUE OF THE MATERIAL 1. 4. However. as per schedule.DNWSIPL/PRO/14 Rev.7 DELIVERY The delivery of the products is in accordance with the delivery schedule of the customer. Date. 4. the same shall be avoided from any damages / deterioration. 4. Suppliers’ Delivery Challan B. LTD. suitable system shall be developed and followed. At present there is no specific packing requirement from the customer..DN WIND SYSTEMS INDIA PVT. PREPARED BY:- REVIEWED BY:- APPROVED BY:- .11/01/2013 4. 4. Stores Incharge updates the stock based on consumption. No. The record of the same shall be recorded in the Stock register itself.6 PRESERVATION If the raw material & finished goods are kept for long periods. Stock Register C. No. 2. 5.0 DOCUMENTS / RECORDS REFERANCES A. WAREHOUSE PROCEDURE Doc. Receiving Inspection Register. QC manager ensures that all components are ready for dispatch in all respects..01 Rev.