EXAMINATION Second Semester 2006/2007



BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Level 2 BEng (Hons) Mechatronics Level 2

Thursday 31 May 2007


SERIES May 2007

PAPER Electrical Energy Systems [ELEC 2233 (3)]

TIME 13:30 – 15:30 Hours

This paper contains FIVE (5) Questions. Candidates are required to answer ANY FOUR (4) Questions.

[6 marks] (b) If the plant has an installed capacity of 125 MW. 40 9 a.m. repairs and other operating costs per annum = Rs.000. Find: (i) (ii) (iii) the load factor .m.-6 p. 1500 per 1000 kg = 100 MW = 60% [12 marks] Salaries. Load (MW) 20 (a) 5-9 a. 20 Plot the following curves: (i) (ii) (iii) chronological load curve. wages.m. 50.000 (Continued next page) Page 1 of 3 .m.64 kg/kWh Fuel cost Peak load Load factor = Rs. 100 10 p.000 per kW Interest and depreciation = 15% Fuel consumption = 0.m.m. [3 marks] Question 2 (a) Determine the generation cost per unit of energy from the following plant data: Installed capacity = 120 MW Capital cost of plant = Rs.-10 p. 40.m. [4 marks] the capacity factor and [4 marks] the utilisation factor.m.Question 1 The load on a power plant on a typical day is as follows: Time 12-5 a. 80 6p.-12 a. [4 marks] load duration curve and [4 marks] energy load curve.

9 lagging. The tariff is Rs. Find the kVAr rating of the star-connected capacitor bank and the capacitance of each capacitor.20 per kWh.55? [3 marks] What is the bill if energy consumption is reduced by 25% and load factor remains at the same initial value of 0.35.8 lagging power factor under full load condition. 2. (i) (ii) Find his annual bill.8 power factor lagging. 1.500 kWh at a load factor of 0. [8 marks] What would be the kVAr rating of a capacitor to bring the power factor to unity and how would the capacitor be connected? [5 marks] (ii) (b) A 400 V. a motor load of 40 kVA at 0.200 per kW of maximum demand + Rs.35? [4 marks] Find the average energy cost in each of the above three cases. [3 marks] What is the bill if total energy consumption is the same but load factor is improved to 0.Question 2 (Continued) (b) An industrial consumer has an annual energy consumption of 201. 4. (i) Calculate the total load from the supply in kW and kVA and its power factor. [6 + 6 marks] Page 2 of 3 .6 power factor lagging and a load of 20 kW at 0.000 + Rs. [3 marks] (iii) (iv) Question 3 (a) The load taken from an ac supply consists of: a heating load of 15 kW. It is desired to install a bank of capacitors to raise the full load power factor to 0. 3-phase star-connected induction motor draws a current of 25 A at 0.

[20 marks] Question 5 (a) Sketch the layout for a typical steam power plant. calculate the minimum flow of river water in order to operate the plant at the base part of the load curve. component.Question 4 (a) (b) Define the incremental fuel cost for a generator. 50 m and 0. [15 marks] END OF QUESTION PAPER sg/ Page 3 of 3 . [5 marks] The incremental fuel costs in rupees per MWh for a plant consisting of two units are given by dC1 = 0. Label clearly each [10 marks] (b) A river based hydro electric plant has its capacity as firm capacity when it operates at the peak part of the load curve. the load factor here being 15%. If the load varies between 100 MW and 400 MW find the load division between the two units as the system load varies over the full range. If the rated installed capacity of the generator. The maximum and minimum loads on each unit are 200 MW and 50 MW respectively.8 respectively.20 P2 + 25 dP2 Assume that both units are operating all the time throughout the year.16 P1 + 30 dP1 dC 2 = 0. head and plant efficiency are 10 MW.