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(A Statutory body under Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India)

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The scheme provides financial assistance to institutions for organizing Symposium / Conference / Seminar / Workshop at National and International level in various fields of Technical Education. The Scheme intends to promote high standards in Technical Education by way of extending opportunities to the academicians and working professionals by providing a forum for sharing their knowledge, experiences, innovations and inventions. Preference shall be given to topics of interdisciplinary nature, emerging and thrust areas in Technical Education. In case of registered professional society etc., the proposals would be considered provided the Organizer involves any University or Technical Education Institute, since AICTE can place funds only at the disposal of Technical Education Institutions, Colleges or Universities.

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Technical Field of proposal POWER ELECTRONICS

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Abstract Soft Computing is a field of computer science that is characterized by the use of inexact solutions to computationally hard tasks such as solution of Incomplete problems for which there is no known algorithm that can compute an exact solution. Soft Computing Techniques like Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic
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of India) Algorithms.Rama auditorium -RRS College of Engg & tech Lcd Projector-available Chairs & tables –available Computer and mike setting system.available Internet connectivity—available Computer lab with matlab . professional engineers from utilities and industries. colleges in soft computing techniques applied to power electronic applications Add rows as required Programme details Date Time Activity Venue Infrastructural requirements and availability 8-4-2013 9. are extensively working on this niche area of applied soft computing. The target audience is 150 Add rows as required Project Impact -Expected outcome . NIT Warangal.pscad . NIT's and various industries like GE. Add rows as required Objective and Level of activity (Regional / National) and target audience The objective of the seminar is to focus latest research challenges in soft computing applied to power electronics applications.Naresh kumar. The seminar will focus on the research challenges emerging in the soft computing techniques and its applications specifically in power electronics. The seminar will provide a platform to a detailed discussion on the application of soft computing techniques to power electronic applications.45am 9:45am to10:45am 10:45amto 11am 11am to 1pm 1pm to 1:30pm 1:30 pm to 3pm Application Id - Inauguration Key note address by Dr. coordinator Tea and snacks Lecture by DR. Traditional methods require a well stated analytical model and needs a lot of computational time. Evolutionary algorithms like genetic algorithm and others are potential and robust tools for optimization in recent years. Sr.pspice mipower softwares.academic / social / commercial The seminar is mainly gives the knowledge sharing in young researchers. IMSC.P.G.available Page x/y .30 am to 9. students and faculty of various engg. Neural networks and fuzzy logic are universal approximators of any multivariate function because they can be used for modeling non linear unknown or partially known complex systems. Research organizations like CSIR.All India Council for Technical Education (A Statutory body under Ministry of HRD.Siva sarma Professor EEE dept.scientiist DRDL lunch Lecture by DR. Fuzzy Logic and Evolutionary Algorithms are recognized as attractive alternatives to the standard. well established conventional computing methods. Govt. which will benefit participants from academic and R & D institutions. ABB. academic institutions like IIT's.

& Head in EEE Prof in EEE Dept .Prabha Application Id - Designati on Professor Professor Sr.All India Council for Technical Education (A Statutory body under Ministry of HRD.V.G.G.Naresh kumar.Siva sarma Dr. scientist Prof.K.P.Sanker Ram Prof in EEE Dept . of India) Rao Professor EEE Dept 3pm to 3:15pm 3:15pm to 4:30pm 9-4-2013 9:30am -11:30 am High tea Lecture by N.Sank er Ram Dr. Anuradha head & prof in vnrvjiet Hyderabad Tea break Lecture by Dr.B.B.V.G.Ra ma Rao DR.Professor EEE Dept Lecture by Dr.V. Dr. JNTUH Lunch Lab session High tea Lab session Add rows as required 11:30am to 11:45am 11:45am to 1pm 1pm to 1:30pm 1:30 pm to 3pm 3pm to 3:15pm 3:15pm to 5:00pm Eminent personalities expected to participate Name Dr. College Nellore Activity Keynote address Speaker Advisors & speaker Advisors & speaker Reviewer speaker Page x/y . Govt. Anuradha Dr.V. Organization NIT Warangal RRS Engg college DRDL Hyderabad Vnrvjiet Hyderabad JNTUH Hyderabad Narayana Engg.Rajshekar Varma .

# Mention role of Industry/orgnisation.K. Govt.Rajasekha r Varma T. if any. designation. speaker Add rows as required Profile of collaborating/participating Industry/s or professional body or other organization/s.& Head in EEE Professor GNITS Hydearabad RRS Engg college RRS Engg college Chairing sessions Coordinator . if any. $ Similar event organized by the Institute earlier. Name Address Website Contact person .& Head in EEE (Latest first) Level ( Regional / National / International ) Name of by external body involved.All India Council for Technical Education (A Statutory body under Ministry of HRD.. if any Grant by AICTE. Attach copy of letters received from participating industry showing intent / financial commitment etc. Add rows as required. of India) kar Reddy Dr. Rs. Title of the activity Subject Date from.& Head in EEE Prof. speaker Addl. Budget Estimates Application Id Page x/y .Giribabu Prof.Rames h Reddy N. Total Rs. Coordinator . Add rows as required. email Role$ in collaborating/p articipating Financial commitment# in Rs.

Travel.TECH Industry : 02 PhD: PERSUING Research: 02 Attach separately as needed Give any other information that will help in accepting /funding this project Application Id - Page x/y . printing.PROF REGULAR Date of joining Scale of Appointment 26-7-2006 ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGG.Rajasekhar Varma ASSOC.All India Council for Technical Education (A Statutory body under Ministry of HRD.TECH Teaching: 14 PG : M. Pre-event expenditure etc.N. of India) Head of expenditure Anticipated expenditure Budget by parent orgnisation 10000 External Sponsorshi ps 10000 Assistance requested from Council (R) 100000 45000 100000 35000 280000 Remuneration to speakers Stationery. Max assistance 3 Lakhs Payment disbursement schedule Advance disbursement Installment on completion of project Total (Max 3 Lakhs) R1=R/2 140000 R2=R/2 140000 R=R1+R2 280000 Details of Project Coordinator Name Exact designation Appointment Type Department Qualifications Experience in years Relevant experience Other information Mr. Govt. Stay and DA Other Total 120000 45000 100000 35000 300000 Add rows as required. UG: B.

Submit utilization certificate duly authenticated by CA on/before project period is over. Govt. Press “New” to create new application. Attach PDF of it to the application on web portal. Application Id - Page x/y .in Details of earlier grants awarded to the Institute Schem e Name of the coordinat or Amt sanctioned NR R (Give details of grants received in last three years) Sanction ed letter details Funds Utilisation position as on today Utilisation Certificate details/ Reason for nonsubmission of Utilisation Certificate Add rows as required By signing this of India) Cell number Email Signature 9440971722 Rajshekar_nn@yahoo. Submit timely progress reports about grant utilization.All India Council for Technical Education (A Statutory body under Ministry of HRD. Select tab “AQIS application”. I/We undertake to     Abide by all the rules / regulations regarding utilization of amount that may be granted to the Institute. Pay processing fees on web portal using appropriate payment option. Project forwarded to AICTE Date : Important: Signature of Head of the Institution Institute Seal You need to apply on web portal using your Institute login and password. Prepare application in this proforma also. Fill all the details over there. Now press “submit” on web portal to submit application. Return full/partial unutilized grant amount to the Council. Your application is assigned unique application Id.