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of pupils Theme Topic Lesson summary

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1 March 2013 (Fri) 9.00 – 10.00 am (60 minutes) Year 5 Jujur 31 pupils World of knowledge Save our environment – writing slogan


Learning outcome


2.5 talks about people, places and moral values of the stories heard, read and viewed in simple language. 4.4 construct simple and compound sentences with guidance and independently

Behavioral Objective


Content Standard Student previous knowledge Teaching Aids Moral values Thinking Skills Multiple Intellegence

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By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: 1) Talk about recycling 2) Write slogan about recycling 3) Work in pairs to produce creative slogan Listening and speaking skills and writing Pupils have seen their school slogan Cards picture, drawing block, colour pencil, scissors, and glue Courage, respect, cooperates, love for the God. Identifying details, Compare and contrast Linguistic and spatial\





Stages Set 5min induction Activities Procedure  Teacher begins the lesson with ‘The Hang Man’ game. Teacher discusses with pupils on how to writes slogans. Thinking skills/ moral values Courage Notes Pictures environmental club of kids Guessing word SLOGANS    Activity 1 10 mins Pre-writing Slogans  Teacher pastes several pictures on the board. Ok class do you like to play game? Before we start the class. 2.   Activity 2 Writing Teacher divides pupils in a group of three. The words should be catchy but very short. This is what we called slogan. Why slogans are written? Respect courage and Card pictures   Teacher writes pupils responses on the board. I want you to work in . be cool recycle in school. “Ok class looks at the sentence in the picture. Very meaningful to other people. 3 Rules for writing slogans: 1. Teacher explains the rules of the activity. 3. teacher asks pupils about the picture. recycle or die. we will play a simple game. Class I have a task for you. Teacher gives examples for slogans: Eg: spend wisely. Teacher asks each pupil to says one letter and let them guess the word of SLOGANS Teacher introduces the topic of the lesson. It is easy to understand.

Teacher gives marks to each group in front of the class. black. Teacher reminds pupils about their time limits. Group leader. Your slogan must be simple. attractive and creative. please come and collect your drawing paper from teacher. For example. Teacher asks pupils to display their product in front of the class. blue and orange colour. I am only giving you 20 minutes to make your slogan. Love for environment. Honesty    Post-writing   Activity 15 min Closure 5 min Moral values. Teacher concludes the lesson by emphasizing the moral values. Reflection: . you use red.25 min your group to writes slogan about recycling in our school. you have to colours your slogans. You have only used not more than 5 colours into your slogans. Teacher asks pupils to pastes their slogans in the English corner. After that. yellow. you may start now Teacher goes round to the pupils who might need guide during the activity.  Teacher distributes drawing paper/block to each group. Be thankful the Jigsaw puzzle set.