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MY SCHOOL Ladies and Gentlemen, Judges, teachers, parents, friends, Here we are, here we are, Shhhh listen.

Our presentation, From our heart, From deep inside our heart. Ready? One, two, start! We are the pretty one, The handsome one, Of SK Binakaan. Our topic of today is My School I love my school, Me too, We too. Hey don’t forget about me!! Ama… all of us love our schoollah, Yes! We are. Kring!!!!! Ahhh! I’m dead! Help me! Help me! Arg! What happened? What happened? I haven’t finished my homework yet…. OMG! GBU! KOTO!!!! Hahahahaha… Don’t worry… there’s always a solution… Just say you lost your book… You think the teachers don’t know??? So what? Who cares? Cheating? Lying? Ish… ish… ish… That’s not good… Lying is a sin…

There are too many bad people in the world… Don’t be like them! So, what should I do? Just confess, say the truth… Accept the punishment, We learn from our mistakes… Hahhhh?  Kring!!!!! It’s P.E! It’s P.E! Hoooray!!!!! What is P.E??? Physical Education! PAP!!!!!! Fight! Fight! Fight! Hey stop! What are you doing? They hit us first! No, you hit us first! Don’t lie! We don’t lie! You just did! You crazy kids! Stop! Shame on you! Look at you! Embarrassment! We are the future generation! Stop accusing! We apologize… Sorry… Truce… 1 Malaysia Kring!!!!! Recess, recess, recess, Everybody love recess, It’s time for us to rest, And put our mind to rest.

going down. then you can smile… The meanings aren’t the same. Everyone should be happy! Today has ended. Left right.. If I say yes. Everybody love recess. Kring!!!! English! Our favourite subject! We can learn many things! How about we learn about the opposites? Do you know the opposites? The opposites? The opposites… The meanings aren’t the same. If I say hot. If I say young.. wuf… Kring!!!! It’s time to go home! It’s time to go home! Oh. Yes. going down. Now we know the opposites. If I can frown. We do it again tomorrow! Have a good day! Adios! See you soon. If I turn left. Piu…… Stop! Stop! Stop! The dog was passing by!!! Wuf…wuf.Recess. Going up. I want to fill my tummy. . recess. going down. Tomorrow will come. And put our mind to rest. left right. then you say cold. then you turn right. then you must stand. then you say no. recess. If I sit down. Come on friends. Don’t be grumpy. I was in the bus. going down. It’s time for us to rest. left right. The meanings aren’t the same. I miss my mummy. How about jazz chants? I was in the bus. I was in the bus. Going up. Going up. Left right. Going up. I know the opposites… The opposites? The opposites. then you say old. Piu…… Stop! Stop! Stop! The cat was passing by!!! Miou… I was in the bus.