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During the short course work assignment, English Language Proficiency 1, I have received many useful and good benefits for me as a teachers. After making many references and discussions with friends, I began to understand the requirements of the assignment heading our forum which is to develop a script that previously I had never been exposed in detail like this. Group we have chosen the theme for the forum: Food Fast.

I began to feel the importance of English Language Proficiency is to me as a prospective teacher, one day all this knowledge will I need to perform their daily tasks as a teacher was not easy. I, as future teachers who will teach in primary schools must first be faced with many situations that I might not ever think about before. Learning English Language Proficiency through this, to some extent have helped me in preparing teachers to face this world.

Through his experience and new knowledge that I have, by the grace of Allah, I will praktikan as possible later. Once I have done a lot of searching for information, I hope this knowledge will be beneficial to students. I also began to realize the importance of child development the subject of this where the only really understand it then I can perform my duties as a teacher later so as to produce a perfect human.

In addition, through the process of completing this short course work assignments that I run with friends has made the relations between us became very close.Bekerjasa same tolerance and lecturers and all their friends can increase your playmates through the process of completing this short course work assignments. I started to become more familiar with the attitude and personality and the way friends and lecturers teaching this at once strengthen our bilateral relations.

Furthermore, to interact with lecturers and friends for this task allows me to improve and enhance the way I communicate. It is thus able to train me to communicate well and to prepare to become a quality teacher. In addition, the guidance given by the lecturers in the process of completing this short course work assignments allow me to improve on the weaknesses are in me and will not be repeated again in the future.

.Overall. the work assignments of short courses English Language Proficiency has provided many benefits to me and made me love this noble profession and further increase my passion to become a quality teacher for a balanced human capital and willingness to sacrifice for religious and countries.