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Dear all, I was doing some personal researchs / experiments and for the first time I have started

to understand the concept of Arudhas clearly. I previously was not able to understand the Arudhas clearly / didn't understand to apply them practically. But from my own experiments I have started to understand them from a first hand source of information my own observations. I have seen that own chart / relatives charts help us understand the principles most clearly since we know the most detailed/clearly about these charts and this last understanding is not an exception, too. We generally know that the 2nd from lagna shows eating. But this needs explanation. I have found that the 2nd from lagna shows the "eating habit" / "how much the person eats" etc. while the 2nd from AL shows "what kind of food is eaten" - is it of good quality, or bad quality, or burger, pizza, or simple rice with eggs... etc.! For afflicted 2nd house the person might be irregular in eating, might miss his meal, or might eat so less. On the other hand for afflicted 2nd from AL the person will have to eat bad quality foods, poorly cooked foods etc. Like, good 2nd from asc + bad 2nd from AL = person eats not so good quality foods but he eats regularly and likes his foods and eats a lot - and is happy about eating. But when we see him eating 'not so good foods' we think that he is unhappy about eating AND THAT WHAT THE ARUDHA DOES !!!!!! I am specially thankful to the gurus to make this concept available to us, esp the Gurus use Arudhas extensively and thus encourage us, esp Guru P V R Narasimha Jee's writings about Arudha was GREAT and CLEAR. And he is too understandable and well explained like, "The house from the lagna shows what we can not see/catch where the Arudhas show what we catch, see MATERIALLY." I have exalted Saturn in 2nd from lagna and exalted mars in 2nd from AL - and I was doing mantras addressing them in a very systematic, planned manner/way and thus I came to this conclusion after about 5/6 days. When I launch these personal experiments I always make sure to watch every single incidents in my daily life very carefully and thus can understand many principles so clearly. From now when I have time I will try to apply more of the Arudhas into known charts and see the way they act in real lives... Thanks a lot dear Narasimha Jee. Regards, Tanvir

A4 in D24 showing the kind of universities attended, 4th from AL in D24 showing the perception about the quality of education and 4th from lagna showing the real quality of education.

4th from AL in D4 showing the perception about happiness from Vehicles and 4th from Lagna. showing the true happiness. In the example that you have given.Also the example of A4 in D4 showing the vehicles. you havent mentioned the divisional chart. I think the karkas for 2nd house are so many that just based on Bhava in D1 it may be difficult to narrow down the conclusions! .

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