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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement For the award of degree of
SUBMITTED TO: Ms. Gargi Verma Asst. Professor

SUBMITTIED BY:Ram Khilari MBA IIIrd sem Roll No:-11021156


I hereby certify that this project work carried out by me at _________________________________________________________________________and the report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the programme is an original work of mine under the guidance of the industry mentor _________________________ and faculty mentor ______________________________.______________________________ a full time bonafide student of first year of Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programme of IFTM University. (Student's Signature) Date:__________________ (Faculty Mentor's Signature) Date:__________________ ii . and is not based or reproduced from any existing work of any other person or on any earlier work undertaken at any other time or for any other purpose. Moradabad. and has not been submitted anywhere else at any time.CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY I ________________________________Roll No.


and acts during the course of study. Rachit Agarwal (Center Sales Manager. who directly or indirectly contributed in the development of this work and who influenced my thinking. I would like to thank the almighty and my parents for their moral support and my friends with whom I shared my day-to-day experience and received lots of suggestions that improved my quality of work. of Management) for providing me an opportunity to undergo summer training at reliance securities I am thankful to Ms. Gargi Verma (Project Guide) for his support. cooperation. and motivation provided to me during the training for constant inspiration.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is my pleasure to be indebted to various people. I express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Deptt.) Manjula Jain (Director. Lastly. (Mrs. presence and blessings. (Ram Khilari) iv . I also extend my sincere appreciation to Mr. Reliance Securities) who provided his valuable suggestions and precious time in accomplishing my project report. behavior.

They were provided with database and had to make cold calls from the data.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The project work is pursued as a part of MBA summer training at IFTM University. Moradabad. Initially they even accompanied sales representatives to the clients place. At Reliance Securties. initially the trainees were imparted process and product knowledge. It is undertaken as a traineeship at Reliance securities Ltd. The main aim was to increase sales and for this different ways were tried and implemented. The project is done under expert supervision and guidance of Mr. They were given sufficient time to know about the products and also about sales and distribution channel. v . Company activity was also one of the major sources for generating business. Main objective was to know the need of the customer and how to fulfill that in the best way. Rachit Agrawal (Center Sales Manager. They had to work with the sales representatives of the Distributor and think of ways of improving the sales and distribution channel and implementing them. Reliance Securities) The Project is about the study of Customer Relationship Management at Reliance Securities.

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