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Empowering you to Empower Others!

INTRO Learning Objectives
“Individuality is only possible if it unfolds from wholeness.” When we throw a pebble into a pond, nothing in the pond escapes the ripples. Coaching systems and groups is about looking at the interconnectedness of the groups we belong to ~ David Bohm from teams, to families and companies to countries. To seek solutions without exploring the system that the individual belongs to can have limitations, therefore we use 4 Step Systems Coaching to unpack resolutions at a collective level.
A system functions optimally when 4 factors are functioning well and are honoured, that is: 1. Belonging (acknowledging that every member in a system belongs equally) 2. Placement (that everyone is in their true and correct place) 3. Burdens given back (that everyone is carrying their own burdens and not others and 4. Gifts (that once these are in place, we are able to fully receive the gifts of the systems we belong to).

LINKED NUGGETS ? Ripples ? River of life ? Quantum Reality ? Order ? Control ? Belonging ? Placement ? Burdens ? Gifts

Use these ILS nuggets for SYSTEMS and GROUP coaching
Instead of looking from the perspective of isolation, we expand our view to consider the systems that we belong to. The ripples of cause and effect reach everyone in a system, no one escapes the impact of collective reality. We explore consciously creating ripples of positive change. Life flows like a river, flowing from one generation to another. Sometimes for fear of pain, we mentally step out of the river but then we are also denied the gifts of the river. The truth is, we belong to the river of life, and can learn how to receive its gifts. Every member in a system has an equal right to belong to that system. No single member belongs more or less than another. By artificially excluding someone from a system, we disrupt the natural harmony of the system. By restoring belonging, we restore function and harmony. Everything in a system belongs to the system AND belongs in a natural and true place. Placement is about looking at the natural and true place of things and honouring the truth of this. When we do this, we invite growth and harmony.

Shakespeare said “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Quantum physics reveals a reality that is more mysterious than ever imagined. Discover the quantum reality that is revealed and how it supports a deeper understanding of the interdependent unity of all life. In every system there exists a natural and true order to things. When we resist this order or try to impose an unnatural order, the consequence is always dysfunction. By learning to honour and restore order we restore harmony and flow.

When we carry other people’s burdens (emotional and mental) we weaken them and ourselves. By releasing other’s burdens and accepting our own burdens, we gain strength.

When belonging, placement and burdens have been restored to what is true and natural, we fully open to the gifts of the systems we belong to .

Whose in charge? Who is in control? We examine the nature of systems and how to restore balance and harmony without unnatural stress inducing controls.

The deepest level of truth holds that we are untouchable and whole. We often fear and resist systems (our families, countries, groups, company and communities) when we haven’t completely realized our untouchable self.

Written by Colleen-Joy Page Copyright © 2011