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(HHA)- Front Office (Handout) 1st Semester View Flow Chart JOB DESCRIPTION & JOB SPECIFICATION JOB DESCRIPTION: It specifies the parameters within which a job is to be performed in an organization; it is thus a guide to any employee recruited for a particular job. These parameters not only include the duties & responsibilities of a particular job but also the working hours, reporting relationship and co ordination with other departments. Job description is the foundation for the management to set standard for performance within the organization. J. D. also acts as a legal document for any kind of disputes arising out of lack of role clarification and at the same time protects an employee from an unreasonable supervisor. JOB SPECIFICATION: It is the personal quality and skills needed in an employee to successfully perform the task of a work position. Job specification evolves factors like education, physical skills & communication ability in an employee. FRONT OFFICE MANAGER RESPONSIBLE TO: General Manager, RESPONSIBLE for: All asst. managers and the staff working in the front office department, JOB SPECIFICATION: Three years degree or diploma in hotel management, or a graduate with an MBA degree, At least 7 years of experience as an asst. manager in the front office department in a large hotel, Having a pleasing personality with good command over English language, knowledge of a foreign language preferred. Duties: 1. He directs and coordinates the activities of the front office department, which includes dept. like, front desk, lobby, reservation, bell desk, telephones, 2. He is responsible to ensure the proper upkeep, staff cleanness, punctuality and efficiency by his staff in his department, 3. Ensures that each and every guest is provided with smooth, efficient, courteous and personalized service by his staff, 4. He prepares the duty chart for his staff and also sanctions weekly offs, an leaves to his subordinates,

10. reservation patterns. arrival list. ASSISTANT MANAGER RESERVATION RESPONSIBLE TO: front office manager. . 9. or a Graduate with an MBA degree. Provides on the job training and prepares training schedules of all new recruits. 2. 7. enquires. for all group details. He deals with front office correspondences on reservation. expected check-in and check-out. fire. Sets booking levels and closes out dates if fully booked after approval from front office manager. Prepares the room status report. He checks the functioning of various records. FIT. and others. 4. Responsible along with the personal department. racks. groups. Liaises with asst. discount to company etc. 12. Having a pleasing personality with good command over English language. 11. Ensures that his staff refer to guest history before creating a new folio on the computer. Process all reservations in the normal way. RESPONSIBLE FOR: lobby manager. Duties: 1.. 6. He deals with complaints against his staff and other complaints of his guest. and inter departmental communication. Assign responsibilities to his staff and monitors their performance. Prepares replies to all incoming mails. intimations. Keeps himself up-to-date with all the reports. ten day forecast and materialization reports. Prepares report to the management about the anticipated rooms occupancy. forecast report and mail it to all the hotels and reservation offices to the chain. At least 5 years of experience as a front office supervisor in the front office department in a leading hotel. 8. JOB SPECIFICATION: Three years degree or diploma in hotel management. manager group. crew. He is responsible for making decisions at times of unusual events such as death. 9. Updates the perpetual year planner according to room position. for the employment and training of staff. knowledge of a foreign language preferred. 3. 6. 8. room booking. 10. room position. 5. 7. To keep trace of all room reservations. He prepares monthly reports. theft.5. front office supervisor.

4. 2. Keep a record of various sources of business and monitors booking received from the world wide sales office and hotels. Prepares budgets/three monthly outlook report. Updates all special screens on the computer and creates new ones if necessary. 20. c) Monthly to ministry of tourism. 18. . Prepares monthly statistic with regards to: a)Complimentary rooms. RESPONSIBLE FOR: front office asst. 17. 16.13. b) Regional room nights. JOB SPECIFICATION: three years degree or diploma in hotel management with at least 5 years as a front office asst. 14. Keep control on all suites and their availability. in a leading hotel Having a pleasing personality with good command over English language. 15. Any other assignment as directed by the front office manager. Ensure that al the staff reports on time with proper uniform and are properly groomed. 19. FRONT OFFICE SUPERVISOR RESPONSIBLE TO: asst. knowledge of a foreign language prefer Duties: 1. Ensures cleanliness and orderliness of the area. manager front office. 21. Ensures that his staff answers phones promptly and use the laid down procedures. Handles all bookings for hotels world wide. Ensures that the corporate account number is recorded on the folio to help monitor quantum of business generated through these companies. 3. Ensures that reservation staff make every effort to up sell suites. Checks statistical data on days proceedings as regards to room revenue and reports.

14. so that the task are attended to. . 11. 13. b) VIP list/ list of complimentary. Check that proper room position is calculated and give the “pick up” room figures to reservation in charge. 12. 7. Ensures that no room keys are missing to prevent security risk. billing instructions etc. Check correctness of: a) House count. Check reservation for the day with correspondence to ensure proper instructions are noted on the Whitney slip such as rates. f) Rates indicated on reservation slip. Train staff on existing/new policies and procedures laid down by the management.. Check the arrival rack for the day and leave instructions on the reservation slip. 10. special requests of guests are being looked after and dealt with properly as appropriate. Check if mail. Check if any repeat guest/ VIP has checked in as walk-in see that proper status is given to him to ensure personalized services are provided to that guest. Ensures that all gadgets in the front office are in working order to ensures smooth operation in the department. Brief staff to ensure maximum efficiency. 8. Ensures next days correspondence/arrival rack are tallied and leave appropriate instructions. 17. d) Room report. messages. c) Sales recapitulation. 15.5. Check and sign the log book and take follow up action. packets. 9. e) Pre-registered registration cards. 16. special request. Meet and greet all guest s on arrival and ensures proper rooming. 6.

GROUP CO -ORDINATOR: to ensure that any changes in plan etc. TELEPHONES: to complain if any telephone is not working. prompt cleanness of departure room. ACCOUNTS: ensure budgeted figures are received in time. FRONT OFFICE ASSISTANT RESPONSIBLE TO: front office supervisor RESPONSIBLE FOR: receptionist JOB SPECIFICATION: three-year degree or diploma in hotel management with at least 3years as a receptionist in a leading hotel. CO_ORDINATES WITH: HOUSEKEEPING: for uniforms of staff. sending messages/packets and co-ordinates on arrival and departures of guests. F&B: group arrival. guest are properly roomed and special requests are looked into i.e. flowers in the room.18. knowledge of . are communicated. guest complaints. Having a pleasing personality with good command over English language. and function sheets are received. BELL DESK: for paging. MAINTANENCE: to ensure that all equipment in the front office department are in working condition. special requirements in the room. FRONT OFFICE CASH: to ensure all room rate changes are communicated. meal information is sent. special request of guest s are informed. LOBBY MANAGER: introduction to VIP/ repeat guest. out of order room. SALES: informing sales of new accounts. duplicate keys are supplied on time guest complaints are attended promptly. STORES: to ensure that the required stationery for the front office is available. handling difficult and scanty baggage guest. to inform the operator of any request made by a guest.

JOB SPECIFICATION: three years degree or diploma in hotel management or postgraduate in accommodation operation or 1-? years in reception and bookkeeping Having a pleasing personality with good command over English language.a foreign language preferred. 2) Up-date the reservation register/ records in order to have update inventory of room availability. . invalid and old people. Handle group/ crew as well as FIT registrations as per the laid down procedures. fax. 4. telex. RECEPTION/REGISTRATION ASSISTANT RESPONSIBLE TO: front office asst. by mail. Prepares all records connected with pre-registration for VIP. 5. Be informed on daily room status. RESPONSIBLE FOR: information asst. knowledge of a foreign language preferred. their room requirements and expected departures for the day. 6) Display reservation position on the flash board. Check VIP reservations and issue a VIP amenity voucher and also for any special request. Duties: 1. 2. Email. 7) Check on reservation stationery and keep a satisfactory par. Duties: 1) Courteously and promptly handle all reservations on phone. 5) Keep availability status chart updated. 3) Type out advance reservation slips and maintain reservation racks and correspondence files 4) Carry out amendments and cancellations accurately. 3. Have detailed information regarding arrivals.

Duties: 1) Distributes room keys to registered guests in the hotel when arrival errand card is presented. typing speed 40 w. one month departmental training. 3) Handle all guest mails. 15. Give all departure room to housekeeping promptly. 7. Constantly updates room/ information rack. 11. . Handle scanty baggage guest. Open out guest folio without delay and transmit it to front office cashier. 18. 12. information. 17.p. theme. telegrams as per the laid down procedures.m. 16.6. 4) Answer enquiries on house facilities and places of tourist interest. Room all arrivals using arrival errand card. Take all clean rooms promptly from the housekeeping. Type out arrival slips after registering guest and slot in proper room rack. having a good command of English language. parcels. 10. 5) Keeps information aids such as time table.. Sell higher priced rooms and other hotel facilities through trained salesmanship. Work closely with information assistants. 19.. knowledge of foreign language preferred physically strong to stand for long hours willingness of help and assist guest at all times. 2) Answer incoming calls for guests and report all messages. hotel guide etc. and view from each room. Maintains room rates absolutely current and up-to-date. 9. 14. INFORMATION ASSISTANT RESPONSIBLE TO: receptionist RESPONSIBLE FOR: none JOB SPECIFICATION: 12 th pass with a craft course in reception and book keeping experience required at the time of entry is nil. Take room reports/ occupancy statistics. road map. 13. Must know room history such as location. Prepares room discrepancy report and ensures a double check with the help of a bell boy. Maintains a satisfactory part of all registration on stationery. 8.

The receptionists primary duty is to receive and welcome the guest. 8) Maintains guest rack alphabetically. 10) Sign on lobby departure errand cards in acknowledgement of receipt of room key from a departing guest. At times the receptionist has to acts as a manager in small hotel. 11) Report keys not retrieved or lost to the lobby manager and to the front office manager. 7) Maintains a log for guest as well as staff information. Allocate the room to a guest. b) Recording the guest bills and posting of all vouchers. RECEPTIONIST RESPONSIBLE TO: Reception Assistant RESPONSIBLE FOR: Information Assistant/ Telephone App. Fluent in English. knowledge of foreign language/ preferred 1-2 year experience as a information assistant in a leading hotel Duties: 1. 2. 4. 5. RESERVATION CLERK . d) Handling the telephones and messages. Pleasing Personality. enquire his requirements and room him. Room the guest by handing over the room key to the bell boy who will accompany the guest. c) Receive the money in settlements of the bills. Registering the guest. 9) Sell hotel facilities through trained salesmanship. 3. In smaller hotels the receptionist is required to do other duties in the front office such as: a) Reservation and reservation enquires. JOB SPECIFICATION: 3-Year Degree/ Diploma in PGAOM/ 1? Year Craft course in Reception and Book-keeping.6) Help in paging a guest.

Train the lobby staff to maximize the departmental efficiency. having a good command over English language. fax telephones. doorman. socially confident. Prepares the room status for several days ahead. Co-ordinates closely with tour leader regarding group baggage handling. Whitney slip. Duties: 1. SENIOR BELL CAPTAIN RESPONSIBLE TO: lobby manager. 3. Attends to the reservation enquiries. 3. presentable and well groomed as the job has constant guest contact. Attend to guest complaint in the absence of lobby manager to ensure prompt . must be a team person to lead and motivate his staff to get the best out of them. bellboys. 2. RESPONSIBLE FOR: bell captain. 8. 4. 5. physically strong to stand for long hours. Prepares the arrival list and informs the receptionist. personal letter. pageboy. e-mail and gives proper information. knowledge of foreign language preferred. 2. Fill in the reservation slip. 6. or feed into the computer and keep a proper record. Supervise the procurement and sale of postage stamp. Responsible for “left luggage” room. willingness to be of help and assistance to guest all the times. 4. JOB SPECIFICATION: 12 th pass with at least five years as a bell captain. Control and supervise the lobby staff. 6. Confirm the booking and arrange the Whitney rack. Books the room in advance. 7.RESPONSIBLE TO: Reservation Assistant RESPONSIBLE FOR: TR JOB SPECIFICATION: As a receptionist Duties: 1. Ensure that all procedures regarding arrivals & departures are strictly followed by his staff. Ensure smooth coordination between lobby and front office to facilitate smooth check in and check out. 9. Responsible for the safety and security in the lobby. 5.

8. 10. doorman. high school preferred. groups and crew. having a good commend of English language. 11. 9. 2.ordinate and control the distribution of morning newspaper. 5. Assist security in lobby surveillance. Ensure delivery of morning newspaper to the guest room as well as to the executive offices. pageboy. Maintain record of all guest with scanty baggage and inform lobby manager about them. Co-ordinates with: a) FRONT OFFICE: to execute efficiently the arrivals and departure formalities. Supervise the storage of essential medicine by the house doctor and be accountable of the issues made. Supervise the movement of bell boys with the help of bell captain control sheet. physically strong to stand for long hours and lift heavy baggage. willingness to be of help and assistance to guests all the times. Co. b) TELEPHONE: to arrange for wake calls especially for airline crew members and groups. Conduct daily briefing for bell boys. 6. RESPONSIBLE FOR: bell boys. 10. Duties: 1. Advise the lobby manager periodically on the performance of bell boys. Organize and supervise check in and check out baggage formalities of guest. 11.action. c) SECURITY: to help protect hotel property and image from undesirable persons. Train the bell boys to maximize departmental efficiency. 3. Supervise daily briefing conducted by the bell captain. 7. Control the sale of postage stamp and postage stationery to guest. 14. Keep the lobby area clean all the time. JOB SPECIFICATION: matriculate. 4. BELL CAPTAIN RESPONSIBLE TO: senior bell captain. with three years as a bell boy in a reputed hotel. Handle left luggage formalities and maintain the baggage check room. 13. 12. Keep the baggage of check in and check out guest in the lobby in an orderly fashion at the specified places. d) FRONT OFFICE CASHIER: for receiving clearance to remove baggage out of .

Take the baggage from the car or the taxi in the porch into the lobby and then to the guest assigned room. 13. Under instruction from the bell captain bring down the guest baggage from his room at the time of guest departure . 5. e) HOUSEKEEPING: for cleanliness and uniforms. Handle errands requested by guest or the executives. 3. 17. 4. Switch off the lights and air condition once the departure has taken place. Handle and store equipment carefully and appropriately i. Check mail message for departing guest at the time of his departure and hand over the same to the guest. BELL BOY RESPONSIBLE TO: bell captain. Keep the lobby area clean at all times. Distribute newspaper to guest rooms and to executive offices. willingness to be of help and assistance to guests all the times. Escort the guest to the room on his arrival. 9. 7. 16. 14. 11.the hotel as a consequence of guest paying their bills. Keep an eye on unwanted guests in the hotel. RESPONSIBLE FOR: pageboy. . Handle guest baggage in case of room change. 6. Obtain clearance from the front office cashier on his errand card regarding the guest bill. luggage trolleys& wheel chair. Place the baggage in the guest room on the luggage rack. doorman. Check the departure room to ensure that the guest has not left any articles in the room by mistake. 18. 2. JOB SPECIFICATION: matriculate or high school preferred experienced required at the time of entry is nil presentable and well groomed having a good command over English language physically strong to stand for long hours and lift heavy baggage. 10. 12. Explain the operation of light/ air conditioning control to the guest and switch them on. 19. 15. Take out the guest baggage from the lobby and place it in the car or taxi. 8.e. Attend to instructions of his supervisor. Ensure collection of room key from the guest at the time of check out and after depositing the same at the information obtain clearance on his errand card from the information assistant. Deliver guest message to guest room. Duties: 1.

He is responsible for cleanliness of the front entrance of the hotel and area around it. Duties: Another member of uniform staff. 4. At the time of guest departure he collects the luggage out pass before allowing the luggage to go out of the hotel. he opens the car and taxi door for the guest and carries an umbrella in case it is raining. his place of duty is outside the main entrance of the hotel. DOOR MAN/COMMISSIONNAIRE/ LINK MAN RESPONSIBLE TO: bell captain RESPONSIBLE FOR: none JOB SPECIFICATION: 10 th pass. 2. Report guest with scanty baggage to the lobby manager. Posting of vouchers into the individual bills. He is to receive payment from the guest in settlement of their bills. FRONT OFFICE CASHIER RESPONSIBLE TO: head cashier RESPONSIBLE FOR: none JOB SPECIFICATION: Graduate in commerce with 2 year experience in restaurant or a small hotel as a Cashier. 3. must have knowledge of English. 21. Checking the petty cash float. honest in dealing in cash. operating and maintaining cash registers and billing machines. Duties: 1. Maintain the visitor tabular ledger. strongly built with a min. . Must have good memory. Looking after the safe deposit vault. 5. he keeps unwanted visitor away from the hotel. Check the correctness of the bills. . and post guest vouchers into the VTL.20. army retd. hight of 6 feet pref. fluent in English. Run errand inside and out side the hotel as may be instructed. 6.

3. his position may be small but is of great importance. 6. Schedule staff to ensure smooth operation. ironing of his cloths and attending to any dry cleaning needs of the guest. Be a reliever to operators as and when required. telephone authority for necessary licenses. Monitor working habits of operators with particular reference to telephone manners and take corrective measures if necessary to maintain high standard of service. fees and . 2. Liaise with local govt. to ensure smooth flow of work. basically he is a personal attendant to a guest. Train staff to maximize departmental efficiency. fluent in english Duties: An other member of the uniformed staff in the hotel. Check on telephone equipment for efficiency on a periodic basis. This job is now only found in most expensive hotels as many a guests are more willing to wash small items of clothing themselves. strongly built in stand for long hour. Must have a knowledge of EPABX system willingness to help the guest at all time. 7. 4. his job includes. Debit correct phone charges to guest and inform the front office cashier promptly as per procedure particularly for STD calls. Duties: 1. packing and unpacking of guest luggage. polishing of shoes.VALET RESPONSIBLE TO: Bell captain RESPONSIBLE FOR: none JOB SPECIFICATION: 10+2 pass. TELEPHONE SUPERVISOR RESPONSIBLE TO: front office manager RESPONSIBLE FOR: telephone operators JOB SPECIFICATION: Graduate with certificate in telephone operator for P&T dept with at least 2 years as a telephone operator in a large hotel ability to withstand mental stress with a good command over English language. 5.

Be expressive than impressive. accidents. Duties: 1. replacement and rectification of billing order. Ensures that the staff are punctual and adhere to standing orders and house rules. Ensures that the list of office and residential address and telephone numbers of all senior personnel is always available for reference. 3. Use proper and distinct pronunciation in order to make one selves audible and easily understood. 12. typing speed without mistake. TELEPHONE OPERATOR RESPONSIBLE TO: telephone supervisor RESPONSIBLE FOR: none JOB SPECIFICATION: Graduate with certificate in telex operator from P&T dept. VIP. VIP. Handle wake up call and ensure prompt and timely service followed by reminder wake call service. 10. Maintain speed and accuracy when connecting all incoming and outgoing calls.maintenance of equipment. 2. group. with atleast 1 year experience in a small hotel. 8. 9. 4. upkeep and maintenance of equipment installed. Be familiar with all operational procedures within the department. Brief staff at the beginning of the shift about group. Keep a close check on wake calls. Ensures that concerned department heads are immediately informed in case of emergencies like fire. Avoid interruptions. 16. 5. Must have 40 w. Keep the guest information rack. crew arrivals and departures.p. 9. crew list updated at all times. Ensure proper use/care.m. Keep a comparative check on guest telephone traffic and house telephone traffic. Responsible for proper and accurate accounting of trunk calls made by hotel officials/guests and promptly transmit telephone vouchers to front office cashier in case of a guest. . and follow the laid down drill. Deal with guest complaints whenever it arises. Maintain performance records of telephone operators and advice regarding increments and promotions. 6. Fluent in English. 11. 14. Train and counsel the staff in the department. 13. 15. Extend a warm and courteous telephone service to guest/management and employees of the hotel. 8. 7.

Sense mood of the caller when dealing with him. • Receive all incoming telexes.p. with a certificate in telex operation from P&T department. • Attend to guest complaints regarding telexes immediately to ensure guest satisfaction. with at least 2 years of experience in a medium hotel.m. 11. PAGE BOY RESPONSIBLE TO: bell captain RESPONSIBLE FOR: none JOB SPECIFICATION: Same as valet . • Dispatch all outgoing telexes promptly and enter the necessary details in the records. Duties: • Extend telex services to guest and management. Avoid transferring calls too many times. Fluent in English. record them and dispatch them to concerned people immediately. • Prepare a voucher for guest telexes and sent it to the front office cashier with the help of a bell boy so as to avoid late charge. Brief the next shift operator regarding all pending works to be done. TELEX OPERATOR RESPONSIBLE TO: Telephone Supervisor RESPONSIBLE FOR: none JOB SPECIFICATION: graduate. typing speed without mistake. • Ensure proper upkeep and maintenance of equipment installed.10. Must have 40 w. 12. • Keep a proper record of all telexes sent.

Dispatch security officers to investigate disturbance or investigates himself. 4. must have good knowledge of city and historical monuments . 2. Supervise operation of hotel through the night. 3. 3.Duties: 1. Answer inquiries concerning hotel services and facilities and deals with complaints. 4. 7. Represent management when decisions must be made during these hours. 2. usually all duties of bell boy or porter. Knowledge of foreign language. Receives articles and maintains ledger of articles turned in for lost and found department. CONCIERGE RESPONSIBLE TO: Lobby Manager RESPONSIBLE FOR: None JOB SPECIFICATION: 3-Year Degree/ Diploma/ Graduation. Perform errand for the guest as well as for the management. opens and closes lobby door for the guest and asset them. Fluent in English. 8. Maintains log book noting unusual occurrences. 6. Pleasing Personality. NIGHT MANAGER RESPONSIBLE TO: Front Office Manager RESPONSIBLE FOR: bell desk JOB SPECIFICATION: Same as Lobby Manager Duties: 1. Stations himself at the side of the main door along with the door man. 5. 5. Performs any other duties as may be assigned. Maintain reputation of the hotel by refusing undesirables. 9. Check function board for accuracy. Pages guests in the lobby. Assists cashier with questions of credit.

Meets the guest/ crew on arrival and liaisons with transport.all'. in case of excess baggage. Provides personal approach to guest services. GUEST RELATION EXECUTIVE RESPONSIBLE TO: Lobby Manager . and other such things for providing assistance to the guest. 2. 5. 3. shopping. 3. Fluent in English. Concierge can be called as a „ man. 4.know. 7. ticket reconfirmation and if desired checks in for the guest at airport in advance. 9. Keeps informed of room position. 6. Sees off VIP guest at the airport. Receives VIP guest on arrival and escorts them to the hotel.about. sight' or „ travel facilities information. Serves as guests liaison with hotel and non hotel services. Meets and maintain rapport with airlines counter staff on a continuous basis to generate layover/ FIT business for the hotel. Assists hotel VIP guest. usually resourceful and knowledgeable about hotel and the surrounding. 2. 8. knowledge of foreign language Duties: 1.or three years degree or diploma in hotel management. Should be equipped with the brochures. Keeps informed of local events and practices. To keep informed of hotel rates and facilities. He/she is required to make airlines booking. Maintain good rapport with custom authorities and helps in quick clearance of VIPs and any other person as directed by front office manager. taxi booking and planning of itineraries for guest 4. with atleast 7 years of experience as a front office supervisor or 10 years as a bell captain in a large hotel. 5.Duties: 1. AIRPORT REPRESENTATIVE RESPONSIBLE TO: Lobby Manager RESPONSIBLE FOR: None JOB SPECIFICATION: Graduate.

Must have a pleasing personality. or degree in hotel management or in public relation. 4. Prepares the duty chart for the staff working under him. 6. • co-ordinates with all the departments in the hotel to ensure speedy and timely service to each guest.ordinates with various department for effective guest handling. LOBBY MANAGER RESPONSIBLE TO: Front Office Manager RESPONSIBLE FOR: GRE. Passes credit bills in the absences of front office/ asst. Completely responsible for all goings-on in the lobby. must have a pleasing personality. Co-ordinates with security and ensures that no unwanted happening takes place in the hotel. Takes constant round at night of all operation areas to ensure smooth functioning during his shift. BELL DESK JOB SPECIFICATION: 3-year Degree/ diploma in hotel management graduate with at least 7 years of experience as a Front Office Supervisor or 10 year as a Bell Captain in a large hotel. preferred Duties: • Major part of a GREs job is to receive the VIP. where a guest can be registered. Co. 5. regular guest. and operating public areas . knowledge of foreign language preference. Prepare for a welcome for them & then escort them to their assigned room. 8. Fluent in English.RESPONSIBLE FOR: None JOB SPECIFICATION: Graduate. 7. • maintain good guest contact and ensure guest satisfaction as far as hotel services are concerned • maintains guest history card for all the guest in the hotel. front office manager. Co-ordinates with front office (reception& information) to facilitate rooming and departure of guest and front office cash (to allow credits). 3. knowledge of foreign lang. 2. Duties: 1. Trains all staff under him. fluent in English.

.and rooms at night as well.