Ken Judy

118 White Hall Lane Hudson, NC 28638

Cell: 828-238-0221

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Very strong experience in SAP technical development and consulting with ABAP, Dialog, BAPI, RFC, BDC, Smart Forms, SAP Script, user-exits and ITS. Information Technology professional in software application development specializing in data management, conversions, interfaces, reporting, remote connections, WEB applications development, and graphical user interfaces. • • • Professionalism, leadership skills and real world experience with many projects and the software development life cycle. Practical experience with ABAP/4 developer’s workbench, debugger, dictionary, and dialog programming in the SD, FI, MM and HR modules from 1996 to present with SAP Versions 3.1G to 4.6D/4.7 and 6.0 Multiple full implementation life-cycle environments from technical design, development and quality assurance through production with ASAP methodology.

WORK EXPERIENCE CommScope, Hickory, NC 06/2007 – present Systems Integrator / Applications Programmer Split roles between functional and technical analyst, sales and distribution configuration and application development. Relocated from Omaha, NE to Hickory, NC.  ABAP development & ongoing support, Online Store & E-Commerce ITS apps, Financial Reporting, HR module programming and support.  Sales Compensation data capture with Oracle to SAP. Toolset includes PL/SQL, Unix scripting, awk/sed, Embarcadero Rapid SQL.  Designed, prototyped and lead development of custom rebate processing application  Participated in 4.6 to 6.0 version upgrade project and consolidation of two separate SAP systems  Workflow development  Attended CR580 CRM User Interface class in support of CRM 2007 implementation CommScope, Omaha, NE 03/2004 – 05/2007 Applications Programmer (permanent) ABAP development, Online Store & E-Commerce ITS apps, Financial Reporting, HR module programming and support.  Developed custom FI cost element grouping P&L reporting facilities with ALV/tree drill-down, Dialog, automated RFMV calculations and postings, and General Ledger up-load ABAP programs.  Developed HR open enrollment report, confirmation of benefits output .PDF document generation, dependents age ineligibility report and provided support for HR WorkFlow, interfaces and emails.  Developed WorkFlow function to return credit granted on credit memos. Fixed T&E Receipt Wizard after SAP “hot-pack” update had broken it.  Wrote remotely callable “ZBAPI” product catalog loader utility as well as document management facilities. A non-SAP Oracle based application was the master.  Supported and enhanced E-Commerce on-line catalog and store plus “E-Supply” ITS procurement applications. Developed XML interfaces to web-based application.  Developed custom MM automatic KANBAN calculation and re-order point determination based on PK07 and PK08 transactions. Worked PP Work Center and Capacity Planning issues.  Developed remotely callable material master create function module, dialog GUI and

FL 10/2002 – 01/2003 Technical Consultant (Independent) ABAP financial reports development and support part-time for Recoton Corporation.. misc. condition supplements and texts. ConAgra Foods. Developed contract loader (BDC) for complex legacy re-host. Charlottesville. (SQL&PL/SQL. Oracle PL/SQL and Oracle Web Application Development classes. warehouse material transfers Dialog program with table control. data interfaces. SQL*Loader PL/SQL interfaces. Lake Mary. margins.NET. email order tracking info to customers. SmartForms & SAPScript. IDOC’s.  Support and enhance e-commerce on-line catalog and store plus “E-Supply” ITS app. plan vs. ITS web apps and user-exits.  Implemented BAI file interface. and cleared checks processing interface. Visual Basic . FL 04/2002 . on-going ftp sync for interface to Lynx system.  Avaya sold this part of their business to CommScope and made a permanent position offer (accepted. Since March of 2004 have attended HR Programming. Electronic Bank Statements loader. FL 08/2001 . Performance Tuning. with mainly Oracle data retrieval plus SQL*Server as well from FI/CO-PA extracts. scales. Our team competed against other GE business components. Visual Basic for web to call SAP/RFC.09/2002 Technical Consultant (Xperts) Designed and built ABAP PM/SM/CS module “installed base” classification system structure exploder. Unix scripting. Omaha. etc. Recoton Corporation. capturing carrier and tracking info back to SAP.  Wrote BDC loader for mass update of pricing condition deletion indicators. ABAP Objects and Workflow SAP classes as well as SAP Tech-ED 2004 in San Diego.) . rebates and commissions reports. and Network Administration CBT’s. NE 02/2003 – 08/2003 Technical Consultant (DRT) Wrote technical specifications. IDOCS. Also attended JAVA/J2EE. Lake Mary. label printing/reprinting. Database Administration.Various and sometimes overlapping roles (23 years) Designed and developed HTML and GUI based “Digital Cockpit. user-exits. span. bank interfaces. interface to/from Evcor shipping system with Unix/ftp. sales. ERP System Administrator 09/2000 . head count. Lake Mary. VA 07/1978 .06/2001 SAP BASIS and database administration. costs.08/2001 Permanent Position . Portland. print and email notification. Day-to-day support for 20+ Oracle databases including a 216 gigabyte ERP SAP system. and performance tuning of existing reports. OR 09/2003 – 11/2003 Technical Consultant (Rapidigm) ABAP development with order entry interface to a shipping system. BDC/pricing conditions.03/2002 Technical Consultant (Xperts) ABAP FI report development. Recoton Corporation.) Anthro Corporation. Avaya Corporation. Backup & Recovery. General Electric Company. Designed and built ABAP/Dialog transaction for direct shipment details form. data file extracts. consumption reports.” Key business metrics gauges included daily orders. Oracle version 7 and 8 databases. developed CO-PA interface and FI general ledger data loader (from Manugistics) with ABAP. Siemens Corporation. Omaha. NE 12/2003 – 02/2004 Technical Consultant (IBM / Analysts Intl Corp) ABAP development. WEB development for local private school and small business. etc.

tested and implemented operational procedures in this position. JavaScript/HTML and the ITS Debugger.08/1983 System Manager for the PDP11 based NCAM System. Maintained VMS. performed RSX-11M-PLUS SYSGEN's.02/1994 DEC VAX cluster system and network management. Quality Assurance Electronics / Electromechanical Technician 09/1981 .) Software Engineer 03/1992 . assemblers and Oracle rdbms. Configured SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS) on MS-NT in an DEV/QAS/PRD/firewall environment with A-gate/W-gate servers and MS-IIS. Pascal. Did system programming with RSX based Factory Intelligent Terminals and customizing of RS232 machine communications. System Manager for SCI-CARDS VAX 11/780. Massachusetts on their Automatic Electronic Component Insertion machines. Wrote and maintained applications/utilities/tools in C language. compilers. Also used MS-Team-Manager/Outlook to schedule.03/1983 Received four weeks of training at Dyna-Pert in Beverly.09/1981 Resolve problems with any of the test equipment including hardware and software used in manufacturing as well as design and build new test stands. Built over eighty interfaces and conversions. Datatron and Tektronix integrated circuit testers and a Zentel tester. installation of software updates and acquired maintenance contracts. developed and implemented Oracle based data warehouse with ABAP extracts. Equipment included General Radio 2270's and 1796's. Built C language HP-UX order entry interface from Ingres to SAP. DCL and Unix shell scripting. end-user support. software tools. .A.08/2001 Designed. Hands-On Leader. Quality Control Electronics Technician 07/1980 . Developed. Programmed the Honeywell Fire and Security System computer and organized completion of installation by Metric Construction and Honeywell of the newly built $30 million General Electric facility near Charlottesville. Software Technician 03/1983 . Programmer/Analyst 02/1994 . Used a DNC (Direct Numerical Control) N.03/1999 Led IT software development team of eighteen Programmer/Analysts including three COBOL programmers and 15 ABAP technical consultants during an SAP conversion from legacy manufacturing systems to SAP MM (and parts of PP).M. Developed a number of Oracle database applications and provided database administration. tested and maintained part-programs of Automatic Insertion and Gardner-Denver wirewrap machines. Trained as Oracle Database Administrator.03/1992 As lead analyst provided technical supervision of three Systems Techniques Specialists with responsibility for all the CAD/CAM systems and VAXcluster systems DEC support. Fortran. Calma DDM VAX 11/750. Sr. (a GE DNC product) system with Digital Equipment Corporation computers for generating and maintaining part-programs. The implementation partner was KPM&G using ASAP methodology and MS-Project. development and testing tasks. Senior Systems Analyst 03/1985 . Unix operating systems.03/1985 Coordinated the installation of VMS and DEC software on the GECAPP (General Electric Computer-Aided Process Planning) VAX11/750.VA. and software tools administration for 200+ employee software engineering department. assign and track specifications. software tool development and system administration. Gerber Scientific and EOCOM laser direct imaging systems. Oracle database administration. a Macro-Data memory tester. RSX. Wrote.Software Development Team Leader 11/1997 .C. Wrote Visual Basic to SAP RFC real-time shipping system interface for productivity enhancement (Result: two hourly personnel reassigned due to process improvements. Software Specialist 08/1983 . Developed WEB/HTML front-end and SAP server-side ABAP/DIALOG applications using HTML-Business™ with WEB@Studio.

NT admin. BIT610 SAP Webflow/Workflow Programming. User-exits. BC410 Dialog. HR350 Human Resources – Programming. PL/SQL. SCM620 Pricing in SD. NE Vocational in CS (42 credit hours) Attended numerous SAP Educational facility classes on ABAP/4 tools and workbench. Mid-Atlantic and Richmond Oracle Users Groups. 07/1978 . Charlottesville. Personnel Admin & Development. Omaha. BC401 ABAP Objects. Flash. Ingres Java. WV Associate in Technology Electronics Technology Piedmont Virginia Community College. SCM670 Global Available to Promise. Oracle Web Application Toolkit. VAX/VMS. Plant Maintenance Human Resources. CA925 Programming with BAPI’s in Visual Basic. Smart-Forms. Orders. Logistics. JavaScript. Oracle Database Administration. VB script. Lake Mary. Visual Basic. Organizational Management. COBOL. ODBC. Controlling. ETL. BC400 Intro to ABAP/4. GL. Computer Programming Advanced BASIC (PVCC) PASCAL Programming (GE). ~200 members) SKILLSET SUMMARY SAP Skills Continuous ABAP/4 programming experience from Fall. Internals Of The Distributed Lock Manager (DEC) Hewlett Packard ALLBASE Database Administration Course (HP) UNIX Intro (GE). Visual C/C++. Pascal. FL Recreational (Boating :) Metropolitan Community College. PL/SQL Server Pages (PSP). PCUG – GE Fanuc PC Users Group (President and Founder. BC420 Data Interfaces. HP-UX System and Network Administration Course (HP) Effective Presentation (GE Technical Marketing Program). Team-Manager. HR050 Human Resources. BAPI. Tabstrips. Output Determination Financials. SAP Workflow and SD Configuration SAP20 R/3 Overview. PDP/RSX. Shell script Perl. HP-UX C. Outlook. Unix admin. Production Planning. Harrisonburg. Shipping. Transportation. DCL Microsoft Skills Visual Studio. Grids. Oracle Web App Dev (MCC) Networking Essentials (MCC) Present or Past Professional Associations ASUG – Americas SAP User Group IOUG – International Oracle User Group. Controls. PAVLUG – Piedmont Area Vax Local User’s Group (served as Librarian). EDI/Idoc/ALE.NET. VA Vocational in Computer Science (3 credit hours) James Madison University. Objects. Programming with BAPI’s from Visual Basic and Java. SAPscript. Module Programming Experience: Sales & Distribution. Dialog. Basic. IIS. Clarify Developer. Photoshop.07/1980 EDUCATION United Electronics Institute. Visio. Java Programming II (MCC) Visual Basic . CA926 Programming with BAPI's in Visual Age for JAVA. Quality Management. ASP. BC425 Enhancement and Modifications. CS (44 credit hours) University of Virginia. ITS. (also Lotus Notes). Charlottesville. PowerPoint. Fortran. BC430 ABAP/4 Dictionary. BIT601 Workflow – Build and Use. Inventory. BADI. BC440 Developing Internet Application Components. RFC. CR580 CRM User Interface Professional / Technical Courses Completed Computer Programming in BASIC (PVCC). LSMW. Intro to C++ (GE) Intro to Oracle. BIT600 Workflow – Concepts. ALV List Viewer. VBA. Fireworks. Billing. Banking. Database Design and Programming (Oracle Education) VAX/VMS System Management (DEC). Word. Warehouse. Benefits. Human Resources programming. SCM605 SD Sales Configuration. Excel. ITS. T&E Work-Flow Non-SAP or Previous Programming Experience Oracle. Accounting. FrontPage . Charleston. HTML. VAX/VMS Update Seminar (DEC) Utilizing VMS Features From VAX-11 PASCAL (DEC). J2EE. Technical Writing (GE) C++ Programming I (MCC) Java Programming I (MCC). Data Migration & Optimization As of 2008 have begun a SAP sales functional configurator role. ESS. Project.NET I (MCC) PL/SQL (MCC).Electronics Test Technician Newly built printed circuit board test/troubleshoot/repair. Reporting and Analysis Materials Management. Pricing. rdbms. Trees. 1996 to present (> 11 years) Advanced ABAP skills including Reports. Purchasing. Access (all versions). XML. BDC. . ERWIN. SAP50 Basis Technology. BC405 Reporting. VA Work towards BS/CS (experiential learning) Seminole Community College. Computer Science I – Pascal (PVCC) Digital Computing with Fortran (UVA) "C" Language Course (GE). DECUS – Digital Equipment Computer User Society. VA GenEd.

Hobbies Reading. 2010 . Art with Acrylics on Canvas Revised: October 26.