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The regional project manager's job in context

Chen Qing

Table of Contents

I.Introduction II.Literature Review III.Background of the Company

the researcher seeks to become more aware of the complexity of the management process and the importance of interaction with both those internal and external of the company.. this paper intends to provide an argument that claims that organisational success is not based solely on the effectiveness of the manager in doing his/her job and fulfilling his/her job requirements in the organisation. both past and present..Interdependencies in the Organization IV. More specifically. Evaluate the Interdependence VI.A. has been brimming of discussions on the importance of management in achieving the goals of the company. D. Conclusion and recommendations VII.. Introduction Organisational studies.. II...Individuals Important to the Job C.. the role of the manager has been highlighted incessantly as among the key ingredients in organisational success.. However. This paper argues that the success of the organisation lies on the gamut of interdependencies covering the jobs and roles of the people involved in the work process... but based on the entire array of interaction involved in the process...The Formal and Less Formal Requirements of the Job B. this role has shown considerable changes in the past as per the definition ...... However.... managers play a vital role in any organisation... This means that the manager is not the sole determinant of the achievement of the company.. In doing so. References I.Diagrammatic of the interdependence V...... The analysis and examination as well as the arguments included in this paper are to be supported by academic and scholarly journals that deal directly with the organisation and the importance of the managerial role in organisational success... Literature Review As indicated in the introduction of this paper. The discussions below is composed of a description of the specific tasks as well as the detailed examination of the work processes involved in the organisation where this researcher is employed in...

and decisional roles. entrepreneur.of various academics and scholars with expertise on organisational management. 33) mentioned that the managerial roles in a public sector organisation tends to differ in the case with private organisations. In the same regard. 47) maintained that a link with the customers and the employees should be established in order to continue sustaining the competitive advantage of the organization. informational roles. Dubinsky. 406) The definition of Mintzberg above may have been the most wideranging account of managerial roles in existing literature. Other than the internal aspects and elements that are mentioned above. a study made by Ates (2004. This shows that the modern manager has to acquire the capacity to take on these numerous roles and recognise promptly which role to acquire once a situation presents itself. For instance. Elements like the culture of the organisation as well as the synergy between the managerial and professional roles within the company are considered as vital elements in the equation. Dubas. and spokesperson under theinformational roles. the study of Ulrich (1992. and resource allocator under the decisional roles. With regards to the skills indicated above. In these three major roles. (Raghuram and Arvey 1994. These sub-roles includesleader. earlier studies have mentioned the importance of the external environment in the operations of the organisation. 55) This means that the ones accepting applications and hiring should consider the qualities of the applicants so as they are able to fill the needs of the company. (Mintzberg 1980 in Mehta. . and Liu 1999. negotiator. and figurehead under theinterpersonal roles. studies have looked into the importance of staffing the company with the right set of individuals to come up with a formidable team to realise the goals of the organisation. 406) indicated that the manager has three major roles: interpersonal roles. It presents both the need of macro and micro management skills needed for the modern managers. Other organisational studies have taken into account the role of other elements that affect the organisation. For instance. Dubas. and Liu 1999. the type of company also tends to affect the managerial roles applied in the organisation. For instance. Mintzberg (1980 in Mehta. there are at least eleven sub-roles that specify certain actions that the manager has to carry out in the course of his/her occupying the position. monitor. this indicates that managers as a whole should not be compartmentalised into one singular position with specific job requirements.disseminator. liaison. Anderson. anddisturbance handler. Anderson. For instance. Dubinsky.

Founded in 1985. Transmission network and parts of its Value-Added Services platform. with new ones being added for improved capacity and coverage. Under this partnership. In addition. 1. Responsible for Regional Office Control. 28 April 2011.000 existing sites in the next 2 years. And the manager still need to do the resource management. the company delivers innovative products and business solutions. multimedia and WLAN. DiGi will modernise its nationwide network with ZTE’s u nified Radio Access Network (RAN) platform which is capable of delivering 2G. to make the site share distribution.III. the company will upgrade its Core network. Background of the Company ZTE Corporation is a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (DiGi) announced the appointment of ZTE Corporation (ZTE) to build a unified mobile network that will provide DiGi with fully transformed 2G/3G/4G network. target setting for them. Project Planning and Forecast to Central Support Team. the regiona l manager must be done well management work to ensure the progress of the projects. data. This exercise will involve over 5. Through its network of operators across 140 countries. It connects global customers via voice. The most important part in Region Project Manager's job is subconstructor management. and cooperate with the subcontractor finish the base station installation and cut over for the project. project region Manager's Job Description: As a project region manager. The more imp ortant a task is. Assign the right people for the right position. must overall the managing of the region. ZTE is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges and is China’s largest listed telecoms equipment company. 3G and 4G/LTE from a single base station site. the manager need to plan and control the progress based on cluster sequence and readiness. superior will have a project quantity request for the region. . The Formal and Less Formal Requirements of the Job As a project region manager first determine the job responsibilities.

can ensure that regional project portfolio to saturation. all the region's internal or ganization. he has to address the synergy of the e nvironment and the organisational goals of the company. Site Engineer and technical manager. DO Maker. technical manager need to success of Commissioning and site swap. to ensure the whole project progress. SA manager. still need to help them with some engineering that are encountered problems. ensure Subcontractor installation maturity. The regional manager must determine every man's work and correct. Site Engineer's responsible is supervision of subcon Installation work for both base station installation and Antenna swap.The Principle Characteristics of These Individuals & Group Basically. this is a combination of both the internal and external environment of the co mpany. And there still got an important group that external environment of the organization-. DO Maker. But more import ant part is the subcontractor.subcontractor. i s also the actual operation of the organization. who's Responsible for Site Access Coordination and Permit. 4. These include the SA Engineer. David. . Responsible Delivery Order and Spare Part Request and Control. Interdependencies in the Organization The diagram below summarises the interdependencies of the individual jobs in the business area. target setting beyond.2. being the manager of the region. the operation is very important members. in fact is in order to ensure the smooth construction of the subcontractor. make sure the Construction team can enter the site. Individuals and Groups Important to the Job There are several individuals that show great importance into the job. To ensure th at there are enough equipment for construction team to install. who is the the external environment of the organization. 3. the organization in addition to limit dist ribution. commissioning quality check and ensure subcon commissioning maturity. On the other hand.

RPM SA Manager Site Engineer DO Maker Technical Manager .