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Page 16 Caring takes place when nurse and patient meet.

Nurses interact with patient and that reveals the nature of care (Shoenhofer, 2002). Thus, caring from nurses enhance patients health and this explains that caring exists even with caring otherwise curing cannot be attain without caring (Watson, 2003). There are ten carative factors in Watsons theory of caring. These are: formation existential phemonological forces (j.George, 2008). According to Watson, promotion of health is prominent if illness, caring for the sick and restoration of health are prominent factors in nursing. And practice of caring in this field is based on holistic care that is essential for the well-being of patients and aside from the assistance given by nurses to promote quality and, nurses are also active participation for patient to caring and the professional practice of nursing benefits 1st Part: Jean Watson stated that caring - science. A caring science perspective is _____ to the world view of unity and connectedness of all. These collaboration different fields of study push as in health, education human service field and profession (Watson, 2003) Page 17 Adeline (2000) states that a humanistic altruistic value system of a person begins at birth and continuously developed through consciousness and introspection by interacting with the society we live in which enhances the caring healing where it interacts with the carative factor she called as faith hope. That allows the nurse to be authentically present with patients. She also said that human caring is influenced by the values of person such as loudness, concern, and love of self and others which enhances therapeutic effects of faith hope. According to Watson as inspired by carl Rogers wok in order for the nurse to be able to do his responsibilities to his patients, the nurse must have a balanced sensitivity to self which is the foundation to empathy. Sensitivity to self can be developed by reflecting values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and experiences in life as well as in the clinical area and the evaluate transpersonal caring (Adeline, 2000) Page 18 The transpersonal caring relationship According to Adeline (2000) Watsons have four carative factors that focus on the transpersonal caring relationship. Faith hope is one of the important carative factors on nurse patient relationship. Faith Hope extends beyond the nurses understanding of the integration of mind, body spirit it involves posturing faith hope based on the patients belief system. Sensitivity to self is important for the preparation of nurse to care. Helping trusting is also an important carative factors that involves in nurse

patient relationship, Watson states that the development of this factor helps in maintaining the integrity of the patient (Adeline, 2000) As noted she focus her thinking on the therapeutic relationships and communication to the work of Carl Rogers and found out that congruency, empathy and warmth are the found action that helps in the expression of patients emotions. Congruency refers to authenticity and genuiness while empathy means understanding both the content and emotion of the patient and castly warmth is the degree of which the nurse conveys caring to the patient.

Page 18 19?????? According to (Adeline, 2000) the five carative factors which are primarily involved in assessing patient health priorities According to (Adeline, 2000) the five remaining carative factors which are primarily involved in assessing patient health, priorities , contributing to meeting patient health goals and evaluating the effectiveness of caring processes in promoting client health and healing. These carative factors are effective if nurses and patient are together in deciding caring processes. According to (Adeline, 2000) said that Transpersonal teaching 0 learning is one of the nursing activities where in both nurse and patient will teach and learn from each other. It involves the entire significance of the patients response to the health concerns and also explore patients perception about his condition. So teaching learning is based on gaining knowledge and skills that are important in developing self-efficacy.

According to (Adeline, 2000) that the use of carative factors such as creative, reflective use of the problem solving or nursing care process is helpful is guiding content and organizing assessment of patients. It is a creative procedure that permits interaction of multiple factors that also includes the personal on intuitive, aesthetic and ethical knowledge