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Lord of the Flies, Chapter 1: Questions about Key Phrases

1) On p. 12 Wheres the man with the megaphone? Who is 'the man with the megaphone?' We do not know his name, but what can we infer about this person's role, and how he's seen by the boys?

2) On p. 12 All them other kids. Piggy speaks in a Cockney dialect, which is why you will probably notice his frequent grammatical mistakes. How do the social backgrounds of Ralph and Piggy differ? Does social class influence the power dynamic between them when they first meet?

3) On p. 12 Arent there any grown-ups at all? I dont think so. The fair boy said this solemnly; but then the delight of a realized ambition overcame him. In the middle of the scar, he stood on his head and grinned at the reversed fat boy. No grown-ups! What is meant by the delight of a realized ambition? Is there any significance to Ralph standing on his head?

4) On p. 19 I used to live with my auntie. She kept a sweet-shop. I used to get ever so many sweets. As many as I liked. And on p. 23 My auntie wouldnt let meon account of my asthma. Describe Piggys upbringing. How might it have influenced his personal characteristics?

5) On p. 20 To put on a grey shirt once more was strangely pleasing. Why does Ralph feel this way?

6) On p. 28 the choirperched like black birds on the criss-cross trunks and examined Ralph with interest. Piggy asked no names. He was intimidated by the uniformed superiority and the off-hand authority in Merridews voice. He shrank to the other side of Ralph and busied himself with his glasses. Explain the power dynamic of this situation. What is meant by uniformed superiority? How about off-hand authority?

7) On p. 29 Find the phrases used to describe the following characters and explain their meaning: a) Roger

b) Simon c) Maurice

8) On p. 30 - "This toy of voting was almost as pleasing as the conch." What does the word "toy" convey? Why is this significant?

9) On p. 30 Jacks face disappeared under a blush of mortification. Describe this feeling. Why does he feel this way?

10) On p. 33 - "He (Ralph) hovered between the two courses of apology or further insult." What are the political merits of each choice?

11) p. 36 - "Sway back and forth...Increase the swing of the pendulum." Is there symbolism being used in these expressions?

12) On p. 37 - "Like a bomb!" Why is this phrase significant? Why is it ironic?

13) On p. 38 - What word/phrase is used to describe the shape of the island? Could this be a biblical reference?

14) On p. 39 Eyes shining, mouths open, triumphant, they savoured the right of domination. Why do they feel this way?

15) On p. 40 - "The pause was only long enough for them to understand what an enormity the downward stroke would be." Why is it an enormity?