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ⅠReply for material A.

Pipe material:We have adopted ASME standard material for the pressurized parts of boiler( mandatory parts in Section 1 of ASME code),boiler external pipeline ( in the scope of ASME B31.1)and the main steam pipeline( not in the scope of ASME) and the Inspection Agency have been engaged to inspect the pipeline material( ABS Shanghai) .But for the other pipeline in boiler and process pipeline,we use GB standard material and also invite ABS to issue acceptance certificate and stamp the related material designation of ASME .The main GB material and corresponding equivalent ASME material are listed in the follwing table.In China, material substitution of the corresponding equivalent material is allowed.But for the DIN standard,we ‘re not familiar with it because we don’t use DIN standard normally,but we also list the contrast table of different standards for your reference. And you can also find the corresponding info on line.

B,We adopt GB standard for the other steel material,such as material of plate,which is also included in the following contrast sheet. C. For the chemical component,mechanism performance of pipe,we only have one we can’t provide it now.But We can provide one copy to you in the second liaison at Wuhan in China.


The contrast table of steel standards in world WG/C75-2001 Steel plate China Item (GB) GB700 Q215-A Carbon steel GB700 Q235-A Alloy steel GB/T1591 Q345(16Mn) GB6654 16MnR GB3531 16MnDR GB713 20g GB713 16Mng SA299、SA737-B SA515Gr60 SA738-A SA612、SA737-B SA737-B SA283-C DIN17100 RSt37-2 DIN17100 RRSt52-3 DIN17155 19Mn6 DIN17155 19Mn6 DIN17155 HⅡ DIN17155 19Mn6 DIN17155 --SA204-A 2 15Mo3 JIS G3106 SM400B JIS G3106 SM490B JIS G3115 SPV355 JIS G3126 SLA360 JIS G3103 SB410 JIS G3106 SM490B JIS G3103 SB450M SA283-B USA (ASME) Germany (DIN) DIN17100 RSt34-2 Japan (JIS) JIS G3101 SS330 .

class 2 SA240 321 SA240 309S SA240 310S (12CrMo195) DIN17440 X10CrNiTi189 SCMV6 JIS G4304/4305/4312 SUS321 JIS G4304/4305/4312 (X12CrNi2212) SUS309S、SUH309 JIS G4304/4305/4312 (X12CrNi2521) DIN17440 SUS310S、SUH310 --- X20CrNiSi2012 DIN17440 X25CrNiSi2520 DIN17440 3 --- SA240 310S SA240 SJIS G4304/4305/4312 SUS310S、SUH310 JIS G4304/4305/4312 .class 2 DIN17155 13CrMo44 JIS G4109 SCMV2 (13CrMoV42) --- Grade SA 533-C.GB713 15CrMog GB713 12Cr1MoVg GB713 13MnNiCrMoNbg(BHW35) --Grade SA387-12.class 2 SA302D 13MnNiMo54 (Thyssen) DIWA353 (DilinGen) 15NiCuMoNb5 (Thyssen) JIS G3124 SEV345 住友 Sumitomo WB36 JIS G4109 (WB36) --- DIWA373 (DilinGen) (1Cr5Mo) GB4238 1Cr18Ni9Ti GB3280/4237/4238 0Cr23Ni13 GB3280/4237/4238 Stainless steel 0Cr25Ni20 GB4238 1Cr20Ni14Si2 GB4238 1Cr25Ni20Si2 GB3280/4237/4238 Grade SA387-5.

8/Ⅰ DIN17175 St45.0Cr17Ni12Mo2 316 X5CrNiMo1810 SUS316 Seamless steel pipe China Item (GB) GB3087 20 GB5310 20G Carbon steel GB5310 20MnG GB5310 25MnG GB5310 15MoG GB5310 12CrMoG GB5310 Alloy steel 15CrMoG GB5310 12Cr2MoG GB5310 SA213T22、SA335P22 --4 SA213T12、SA335P12 SA213T2、SA335P2 SA209T1、SA335P1 SA106C、SA210C --DIN17175 15Mo3 DIN17175 13CrMo44 DIN17175 13CrMo44 DIN17175 10CrMo910 (13CrMoV42) SA106B SA210A-1 SA210A-1 USA (ASME) Germany (DIN) DIN17175 St45.8/Ⅲ DIN17175 19Mn5 Japan (JIS) JIS G3456 STPT410 JIS G3461 STB410 JIS G3455/3456 STS410、STPT410 JIS G3455/3456 STS480、STPT480 JIS G3462/3458 STBA12、STPA12 JIS G3462/3458 STBA20、STPA20 JIS G3462/3458 STBA22、STPA22 JIS G3462/3458 STBA24、STPA24 Sumitomo .

CK35.12Cr1MoVG GB5310 1Cr18Ni9 GB5310 Stainless steel 1Cr19Ni11Nb GB2270 1Cr18Ni9Ti SA213TP304H SA312TP304H SA213TP347H SA312TP347H SA213TP321H SA312TP321H DIN17440 X5CrNi189 DIN17440 X10CrNiNb189 DIN17440 X10CrNiTi189 HCMV2 JIS G3463/3459 SUS304HTB、SUSS304HTP JIS G3463/3459 SUS347HTB、SUS347HTP JIS G3463/3459 SUS321HTB、SUS321HTP Structural steel China Item (GB) GB/T699 20 GB/T699 25 Carbon steel GB/T699 35 GB/T699 45 GB/T3077 Alloy steel 12CrMo GB/T3077 --SA29 1035 SA29 1045 DIN17200 C35.CK22.CK25.Cm22 DIN17200 C25.CK45.Cm25 Japan (JIS JIS G4051 S20C JIS G4051 S25C SA29 .Cm45 DIN17200 13CrMo44 DIN17200 5 JIS G4051 S35C JIS G4051 S45C JIS G4105 SCM415 JIS G4105 USA (ASME) SA29 1020 SA29 1025 Germany (DIN) DIN17200 C22.Cm35 DIN17200 C45.

15CrMo GB/T3077 30CrMo(A) GB/T3077 35CrMo(A) GB/T3077 12Cr1MoV GB1220 2Cr13 GB1220 Stainless steel 3Cr13 GB1220 1Cr18Ni9Ti B11 SA29 4130 SA29 4135 16CrMo44 DIN17200 25CrMo4 DIN17200 34CrMo4 SCM418 JIS G4105 SCM430 JIS G4105 SCM435 --ASTM A276 420 ASTM A276 ~420 SA479 321H (13CrMoV42) DIN17440 X20Cr13 DIN17440 X30Cr13 DIN17440 X10CrNiTi189 --JIS G4303 SUS420J1 JIS G4303 SUS420J2 JIS G4303 SUS321 Note: This contrast table is based mainly on the closely chemical component and equivalent mechanics performance . 6 .we now can’t provide you the detailed inspection plan for SFI project because we’re now in the stage of manufacturing design( see the attachment 1).Then after the design finished.So now we provide a universal ABS inspection plan to you.we will provide a detailed supervision plan to you. Ⅱ About the Quality Inspection Plan.

we are now having an liaison with our design institute .About the revised flow chart. 7 .so we will provide a confirmed info to you around Nov 15.Ⅲ.