Roller Bearings in WIRTH Triplex Pump

Examples of Application Engineering RFB 7 GB-D

Triplex Pump TPK 800 - 2200

WIRTH has the solution to meet requirements for harsh environmental condition as desert or arctic conditions. A full line of triplex, high pressure mud pumps can handle any drilling requirements for onshore or offshore applications. The TPK series of tough, fieldproven models for high operating pressure and large flow include: • Ratings from 800 to 2 200 input HP • Rear or top-mounted skid arrangement

• Belt, chain or gear-driven configurations • AC or DC drive motor configurations • Operating pressure from 5 000 to 7 500 PSI. WIRTH triplex pumps are engineered to produce a very high work capacity with the minimum RPM, thus resulting in low stress and wear to vital components. The long stroke design reduces the number of load reversals in heavily stressed components and increases the life of the fluid end parts through

reduced speeds and valve operation. The fluid end has separate suction and discharge modules including the hydraulic valve closure system. Since several years the Schaeffler KG develops and delivers special roller bearings for WIRTH Triplex Mud Pumps. For example the Triplex Mud Pump TPK 2200 is completely equipped with FAG bearings. The main features of this WIRTH Triplex Pump are described in the following chapter.

The crankshaft and pinion gear are mounted on low-friction roller bearings Internet www. Pressure Max. pcs. splash oil and forced oil lubrication system." 14" 7 500 PSI 3 348 l/min 2 200 HP 45 000 kg The connecting rods and crosshead are mounted on high-capacity four row cylindrical roller bearings.7 . For easier mounting and dismounting the cylindrical roller bearings in the connecting rod. pcs.fag. 30 97421 Schweinfurt (Germany) Phone +49 9721 91-0 Fax +49 9721 91-3435 E-Mail . The crosshead sliding faces have a bronze overlay. FAG created following bearings: Crankshaft (1) Connecting rod (2) Crosshead (3) Drive Shaft (4) Crosshead Pin (5) spherical roller bearing cylindrical roller bearing cylindrical roller bearing cylindrical roller bearing special hardened steel 2 3 3 2 3 pcs. pcs. Lubrication The bearings are lubricated by a dual. The piston liners are full spray cooled and lubricated. 1 2 3 4 5 = = = = = Crankshaft Connecting rod Crosshead Drive Shaft Crosshead Pin 2 4 3 5 1 MATNR 036805424-0000 / 200810.Technical Data TPK 2200 Liner Size Stroke Max. pcs.5 / Printed in Germany by Weppert Schaeffler KG Heavy Industries Mining & Processing Georg-Schäfer-Str. they are mounted on withdrawal sleeves. The power end is made by welded and stress-relieved frame construction.and cylindrical roller bearings. The fluid end is equipped with triple interchangeable modular cylinders made from heat treated forged alloy steel. For the design of the Triplex Mud Pump TPK 2200. Output Nominal rating Mass 5" .

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