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“There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread”

Mahatma Gandhi

IGO/000118- Public Information Outreach-Unit • New York 13-14 July 2012


IIMSAM-Picture-1: IIMSAM-MP-Indoor: H.E. Sher Singh Ghubaya, MP with Principal Adviser of SG Mr. Vikrant Sandal. IIMSAM-Picture-2: IIMSAMMP-Outdoor: Mr. Vikrant Sandal handing over IIMSAM’s mandate to H.E. Sher Singh Ghubaya, MP and prominent politician S. Harmander Singh Dhillon.

IIMSAM`s Strategic Partner,Hash Biotech Labs’ Spirulina Farms, State-of-the-Art Research & Spirulina Production Facilities in Dasuya (Punjab), Republic of India. <<>> IIMSAM`s Strategic Partner, Hash Biotech Labs’ Spirulina Farms, Dasuya (Punjab), Republic of India: In a continuous effort to spread IIMSAM’s mandate to eradicate malnutrition worldwide, Mr. Vikrant Sandal, Principal Adviser of the Secretary General in India gets support from the Indian Government via its prominent parliamentarians H.E. Sher Singh Ghubaya, MP and H.E. Balwinder Singh Bhunder, MP. Both Parliamentarians visited IIMSAM`s Strategic Partner Spirulina Farms located in State of Punjab in Republic

Mr. Spirulina on malnutrition and chronic diseases such as cancer. Bhunder . Mr. Spirulina is a potent tool to eradicate malnutrition. H. Balwinder Singh Bhunder.E.” H. IIMSAMs Secretary General Maradona. Remigio M.E. During their visit. Statically. Sandal explained. fatty acids. =============================================== THE IIMSAM STRATEGIC-PARNERSHIP GLOBAL (INDIAN) SPIRULINA CAMPAIGN ADVOCACY WITH CONCRETE DEEDS In Association with the-KanwalJit Sandal Foundation . applauded Mr. MP and H.E. Sher Singh Ghubaya.E. During telephone conversation.. Even Prime minister of India H. Indian Government needs to take concrete steps to mainstream Spirulina distribution at grass-root level. & H. in detail. Sandal on the soil of Punjab and pledged his support towards such a Noble cause. I appeal to th e Indian Government to constitute a high-level committee to deal with a comprehensive Spirulina National Distribution Programme to deal with acute malnutrition in India. Balwinder Singh Bhunder. with the details of IIMSAM’s mandate as well as its ongoing global effort to combat malnutrition Furthermore. there is an urgent need to put collaborative effort to architect a framework to combat malnutrition at national level. Sandal briefed both the prominent Parliamentarians that 22% of Indian population is suffering from severe malnutrition.of India. Sandal also presented H. MP. H. Ghubaya. IIMSAM’s Secretary General assured His Excellency about his commitments and briefed about ongoing projects of IIMSAM. MP. Sher Singh Ghubaya and H. I congratulate Mr.E. Sher Singh Ghubaya. Minerals and Vitamins. over the phone. it counts to nearly 260 million which is a matter of grave concern. He assured to highlight this matter up with the National and State Governments and get the required support and clearances in order to open gateway for IIMSAM to set up its South-East Asia’s Head Quarters in the State of Punjab. Further In his massage he said “I am very grateful to H. in a way it can be seen as a step towards much awaited collaboration with Indian Government. Highlighting project “Prayatna: An Effort to Cure Cancer” in cancer stressed area of Punjab. Sandal for setting up such a noble enterprise in the State of Punjab with the noble saintly objective to save millions of lives suffering from severe malnutrition and chronic diseases such as Cancer. Sandal’s endeavors towards achieving IIMSAM’s mandate to eradicate malnutrition as per United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UNMDGs) and in accordance with Rome Declaration on World Food Security 1996. H. I would like pledge my full support to Mr. MP. appreciated sincere efforts of Mr. MP’s visit.E. They were explained in detail about IIMSAM and Mr. Maradona. in his massage. MP for pledging their support towards IIMSAM’s mandate of Eradicating Malnutrition. Sandal’s family’s endeavors to combat social evil such as malnutrition in India & abroad. I shall be taking this matter up with the Government of Punjab as well as India to extend their maximum cooperation in this context. Mr.E. essential amino acids. MPs. Manmohan Singh declared malnutrition as a “National Shame”. he had a brief discussion with IIMSAMs Secretary Ge neral. He pledged his full support towards IIMSAM’s objectives and extended invitation to IIMSAM’s secretary General to visit India. the positive impact of blue-green algae i. IIMSAM’s team is fully committed to extend all necessary assistance to the Indian Government for this purpose. during H.E. MP in his massage to IIMSAM said “I was quite impressed to see IIMSAM’s strategic working partner.E. Balwinder Singh Bhunder were appraised about national and international malnutrition statistics in detail.e. It is a natural source of Phytonutrients.E. Hash Biotech Labs’ state-of-the-art facility for Spirulina research and production. Sher Singh Ghubaya.E. Sandal’s effort for Highlighting IIMSAM’s mandate at National Level.

* *** * For information media • not an official record One in three malnourished children in the world lives in India Source-UNICEF IIMSAM recognizes that hunger and malnutrition are a major impediment to sustainable development.000. under this campaign. Principal-StrategicAdviser of the IIMSAM Secretary General in India (See 4TH -photo-last row man with glasses) by adopting 150 orphan children of the Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity. 2011 marked the beginning of the “Global (India) Spirulina Campaign” headed by Mr. For more information about IIMSAM and its work visit: www. REPUBLIC OF INDIA WITH HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS DOSE OF “SPIRULINA PLATENSIS” (See selected pictures Support IIMSAM Support LIFE! ¡Apoya IIMSAM Apoya Vida! Soutenez IIMSAM Soutenez LA VIE! ‫ !أدعم الحياة‬IIMSAM ‫أدعم مركز‬ . First lot of Spirulina. businesses. India to provide “Free Spirulina Dose”. Chandigarh.) 12 of February. Spirulina will be regularly provided to these children under “Global (India) Spirulina Campaign”.000 Free Spirulina Doses IIMSAM & ITS STRATEGIC PARTNER HASH BIOTECH LABS IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE KANWALJIT SANDAL FOUNDATION SUPPORT OUR FIRST ORPHAN RECIPIENTS OF THE MOTHER TERESA MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY. foundations and governments. IIMSAM may receive funds entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals.) The target of the campaign in India is to provide One Million Free Spirulina dosages to the needy population.000 OUR TARGET FOR 2011-2012: 1. was handed over (see pictures above.FREE SPIRULINA DOSES HAVE BEEN GIVEN SINCE FEBRUARY 2011 THROUGH JULY: 210.000+ DOSAGES HAVE BEEN GIVEN.iimsam. and reaffirming that reducing hunger is a primary target of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals #1. “Spirulina that was declared by the United Nations World Food Conference of 1974 as the “best food for the future”. Thus far in 2011-2012 (as of July 2012) some 200. Vikk Sandal.