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Dream Job Factory!

• Greece


• Romania

Aims and objectives
• Personal development for unemployed young people in order to prepare them to find their dream job

• Provides opportunities for young people in order to create their own business • Promote the cooperation between European countries

Target group
Unemployed young people – 18 -30 years old

1 May – Youth in Action deadline 1 August 2013 – 1 May 2014 – website activity 7 - 14 May 2014 – youth exchange in Greece 7 – 14 June 2014 - youth exchange in Romania
1 July – Develop the social enterprise, disseminate the results Till end of the project: December 2014

Team members
• Management team

• 15 unemployed young people + 2 leaders / per country

• Selection procedure: the target group will need to submit an article to the photo-journalism contest


Funding resources

Expected results
• Develop an interactive website:

1. Identify their real problems – photojournalism method 2. Information section – helping the young people to find their way 3. Training: webinars with specialists which reach their dream job, forum, tests, consultation

Expected results
• Youth exchange in Greece and Romania:
 Creativity Workshops for design innovative products and services  Personal development sessions  Visiting successful local business and entrepreneurs  Extend the web-site!

Expected results
» A social enterprise

 Disseminate the results of the project  Create a social enterprise where the unemployed people can try different ideas  Sell products on web-site in order to have money for future projects!

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