El ElSayed SayedAmer Amer Hassan Hassan Email: Eng20072007@yahoo.

Personal Personal information information Nationality Birth date Marital Status Marital Status . Address : Egyptian. : 5th march 1990 : Temporary exempted. : Single : El Awkaf - El Hamoul – kafr El sheikh - Egypt
Mobile: +201009802109


A smart, self-motivated and co-operative petroleum engineering graduate has a good communication and leadership skills Seeking a challenging position in The Oil and Gas industry. Hoping to join a team of high performance and Cooperative members. I am sure that with a team like that there are no limits to what I can achieve. Bachelor of Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering, ,of Engineering .Port Said University, July 2012 Grade: Very Good Faculty Cumulative GPA (2.93) Percentage: 80.72% Graduation project: Excellent Grade


Graduation Graduation projects projects


Underbalanced drilling (Bader El-din Petroleum Company, Egypt): The project provides a detailed study in how to plan for UBD operations to achieve success in drilling the well. The Study emphasizes well design, Reservoir Candidate and optimum selection of the drilling technique, Surface equipment selection and design, formation damage and stability, hydraulic analysis, and guaranteed economic incentives. Liquefied Natural Gas technology Evaluation (Spanish Egyptian Gas Company & Egyptian LNG Company, Egypt): This project deals with the simulation, optimal operation and self-optimization of LNG process plants in Egypt. The Study includes modeling of SEGAS and ELNG process plant using HYSYS simulator, and full comparison between the two technologies.

Training Courses Training Courses 

Hysys Natural Gas process Simulator. Natural gas processing technology OGS (oil & gas skills course) 30hr Alberta Institute. Certified International Employee (CIE) Human course HARVARD. Eclipse reservoir Simulator. ( Petroleum Horizon Services company )


  


 July 11th, 2009 to July 18th, 2009 summer training. Belayim Petroleum Company (Petrobel). (Natural gas process plant, Abomady plant)  Aug 21st, 2010 to Sep 2nd, 2010 summer training. Qaroun Petroleum Company. (Production of oil and gas in Qaroun base, Drilling process in HEBA, EBAH areas, sucker rod and ESP production methods.  Sep 22nd, 2010 to Sep 30th, 2010 summer training. Khalda Petroleum Company. (Gas Process plant in Salam base, Production, Drilling)  July 11th, 2011 to July 31st, 2011 summer training. UGDC (United Gas Derivatives Company) gas process plant, LPG, Propane, Condensate plant.  Oct 15th ,2011 to Oct 16th,2011 one day trip Schlumberger (Reda) artificial lift company. (ESP artificial lifts company)  Badr El Din Petroleum Company. ( Underbalanced Drilling Project)  Se gas LNG Company. (Natural Gas Liquefaction Project)

0 and sub pump 7 software ICDL international Computer Driving License Certificate.Skills Skills Language: Arabic native speaker English: Very Good (writing. Member of federation of Arab Engineers . safety engineering & well control. enhanced oil recovery. ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES         Active member in society of SPE (society of petroleum engineering. Managed by Suez Canal University). Active member in society of exploration geophysists. IWCF well control attendance. gas process engineering. Surfer. petroleum geology. Active member in society of AAPG (American Association Of Petroleum Geologist) an international Geological Organization. https://sites.       Excellent in using windows. Interactive Petrophysics. MS-Office package & using Internet. Suez chapter. reading and comprehension) Fair in French. reservoir engineering.google.com/site/peetroly/the-team Writer In the http://www. Fracade. English Diploma from AUC & American International Academy. Photoshop designer.  Familiar with PVTsim. well logging. speaking. PanSystem v3. Programming in excel sheets Hysis . work over. well completion. Pipesim. All Documents and Certificates will be furnished upon Request . Managed by the Natural Gas Engineering department)  Management & Marketing  Management Science: Determination Decision Models  Engineering Ethics and Communication  Leadership in group & organization Coursework Coursework Coursework included: Drilling engineering. ( 2010 ) Admin in peetroly internet website. Qrod.Hr. Member of Egyptian syndicate of engineers.arab-oil-naturalgas. petrel and many other petroleum engineering software.  Good Knowledge of MATLAB & Visual Basic. Excellent Computer : grade. English conversation Course (24 hour. production engineering. Soft skills Training programs (18 Cr. Visio & AutoCAD Basics of propser.com website. 2011). Eclipse.

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