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This article is a detailed outline that explains my abnormal birth and freeman rights

This was originally filed with the Lord Advocates Office in order to press a Crime of slavery in the Commonwealth High Courts of Scotland. I expanded on it into a 8-page illustrated article after they rejected an offer to intervene DEFENSE FOR BEING a genuine free man under the Supremacy of God: A] I do not hold a Birth Certificate and under Sec 336 CCC all laws rules and regulations that are administered under Maritime jurisdiction simply do not apply to me, because in law, the Crown has no copyright to create a fictitious entity called a PERSON; Without a Birth Certificate the Crown simply holds no claim of ownership on me. Without a Birth Certificate, i must be 'treated' to the law of the land; it's directly prohibited to 'handle' me under Maritime Law; it's rules and regulations do not blindly apply to me. Because as John Locke said On Tyranny: no body doth have the right to nullify /destroy these free man right from me, AND this warning was done in order to abolish slavery in the Empire As a side bar: The implementation of the Birth Certificate, in Canada, did not exist until the 1947 Vital Statistic Act. Just like everywhere else, it was created to pay off a war debt, by creating million dollar babies called Warehouse Receipts - This YouTube video on Warehouse Receipts is very informative This scribd article supports this video B] My father was an accountant before & after WW2, and he knew the dark implications of getting a Birth Certificate. He enlisted as an Officer in the Canadian Army and at the end of the war, he could and did declare himself and his descendants to be not liable for the debt encoured by the war, and in so doing I was not required to get a Birth Certificate. He repeatedly told me to never get one, [if i could avoid it] because I was not a subject of a paper queen and i was not a million dollar baby - i was priceless and apparently unique, so much so that i can say that i'm the last Commonwealth naturally born unfettered freeman left in the world. I simply have diligently went out of my way all my life to never fall for any trap that would give me a Birth Certificate or a person; [like never applying for credit] C] I deliberately, with full knowledge and intent, left Canada in Nov. 1984, in order to not be in Canada, on Jan. 1st 1985, because a pervert of the law called Mulroney passed a decree to the effect that if i was in Canada on this day means my Social Security Number would be automatically converted into a SIN #; [he claims to never have done anything wrong in Office] [As a side bar]: In Canada, Parliament directly forbid The Social Security Card [SSC] program from making a citizen a number, and Mulroney decreed that all he had to do to get around this was drop the SSC and replace these SSC numbers with this new SIN program in order to get around the fact that he was directly forbidden to make us a number under the old program. a. Back then I checked into it and the only way around this was to not be in Canada on Jan 1 st 1985 and by staying outside Canada for 16 years, means i never created this PERSON that SINned b. This SIN # created a person that was used as collateral for money under the 1985 Bank Act; c. Without a Birth Certificate or a SIN # means i deliberately refused to not be in or be governed by this new Corporation called The Queen or The Corporation called Canada under NAFTA. D] In 1989, i applied for and got a Passport at the Los Angeles Consulate and on this application it asked if i wanted a Birth Certificate and I wrote: 'NO' I was called into the Consulate, where i was asked to change my NO to a YES and i asked if this was in compliance with this being a 'landed issue', and they said YES; I then asked if this question would even be on the application if i filed it in Canada; they said 'no' it would not be asked, because they would automatically issue me a Birth Certificate because my landed status, at the time of applying would be in Canada. a. I then asked: So this is 'a consent to be governed' question? and they said YES; b. At which point i i confirmed that i did not want a Birth Certificate and about 2 or 3 weeks later my Passport and a defaced Statement of Birth came in the mail, under UCC regulations as proof of where i landed

E] This defaced Statement is very important: the # 37300 appears twice on the face of this Statement; it took me 17 years to discover that this is California Law # 37300: Title to Property, while on water; AND by definition that's my landed status. I really am a freeman and when i'm on the land i MUST be ruled under the law of the land; in the USA and in the Commonwealth and this is protected in law under Sec 336 CCC, Criminal Breach of Fiduciary trust, and Sec 340 CCC Fraud that directly prohibits the destroying of my Title Documents. F] I returned to Canada in Nov 1999, and i made myself a target of Vancouver City Hall, by insisting that the Registrar of The Municipality of the City of Vancouver, as a Commonwealth Port of Call must give me a certificate of landing in his jurisdiction and/or provide me with some kind of documentation to verify my claim to being a free man. a. I was very political about my Freedom and frankly i got away with all kinds of activism that others might not have gotten away with, and eventually got charged for protesting too vigorously at City Hall, which led to me to file a Charter Challenge, which resulted in getting my charges dropped, so at face value in the beginning, they respected my freeman rights. G] This status changed when Wally Oppal, who was then the A.G. of BC, in Nov. 2004, committed the crime of slavery by destroying /obliterating my Title documents after filing my Denial of Consent to be Governed Declaration; [note: in hindsight this signalled the beginning of a Dan 8 prophecy of 2300 evenings and mornings] Since then pure automatonism [Sec 16 CCC] is the rule, everyone insists that they have authority to violate what is my inalienable right to be governed under the law of the land. H] Since then, i've faced lots of criminal charges and all my complaints of criminal wrongdoings do, is cause a litany of resignations of Public Officers, in Provincial and Federal and City governments, in order to end the liability, at that time, and in this way the automatonism has degenerated into pure despotism /lawlessness on me. This abuse is well expressed in this Sec 126 CCC scridb article It explains further on how I exhausted every legal means to get remedy in Canada BUT the effort resulted in the fulfilling of Dan 12 in the summer of 2011. I] Since then, Authority [for the past year] has left me alone until Canada Post robbed by parcel in spite of my freeman and political defence. I tried to get remedy and was denied any right to negotiate or even seek a settlement. This concluded with an Inspector Newland insisting that: All laws rules and regulations apply to me. In response i warned him that as to Heb 10;28 you all face a merciless death ON THIS; VPD has beaten me to death 3 times in the last 8-years. These perverts are capable of anything, BUT frankly all police are behaving as if they have no consciences, and none of this would be possible if the BAR had not changed their oath 20 years ago On OUTLINING the odds that i'm a major prophet of our end times. A] In fairness, Wally Oppal would be correct in assuming that it's impossible for anyone born after King George VI died, to not have adopted a PERSON and/or a WAREHOUSE RECEIPT. - It could be said that i appeared nieve, and i must have been 'mis' taken in the past. a. But then what are the odds of me never falling for any trap that creates a PERSON. b. That's 1 in 5million because that's the number of Canadians that were born in Canada before the Queen came to power, and everyone of them got trapped into adopting a PERSON in 1947 or by getting a Passport while in Canada, or by being in Canada on Jan 1 st 1985, which gave them a SIN # c. The #1 reason i have never defaulted or fallen into a trap that took away my freeman rights, is because i was first a minor and then outside Canada for 16 years. There simply is no documents that can support the basic fact that i must be treated to the law of the land, and under these laws, I simply have not been doing any criminal activity under a Claim of Right [Sec 39 CCC] ON THIS: It's self evident that i really value my Freedom as priceless and well worth defending As i see it: if you think you really have real human rights only means you are just a good slave.

d. The only way to get around my freeman rights is if i'm declared mentally incompetent [aka: insane] then i'd become a ward of the court without any rights at all AND that's exactly what the AG's have been trying to get. They are all acting on the assumption that they will eventually drive me insane, and when i fail a forensic test, means all my past case-law history can be swept under the table. By definition this is a systemic conspiracy to destroy a free man B] Back in Nov 2004, there was only a Forensic Report made by The Chief Forensic Officer for BC Mark Levy, and numerous ones made after that upheld that i was eccentric but sane. This initial encounter in fact fulfilled a promise by God that a Levite would be among the first to be tested. a. He is actually a modern day high ranking Pharisee, doing the role of a Levite; he repeatedly refused to give the AG a document declaring me a ward of the state, and it soon became self evident that Wally Oppal acted on a belief that he could eventually break me and all he needed was one report saying i was mentally disturbed to whitewash all files and the liability with it. b. They tried this tactic at least a dozen times. The judges would order a forensic psych evaluation every time i insisted that the law must be upheld. This really is destroying a freeman b. In 2010 I filed a charge of Criminal Breach of Fiduciary Trust against the AG of BC for violating The BC Mental Health Act. At a formal meeting, [which took months of civil disobedience to arrange] mental health officers made it clear that they never authorized this raping of my rights and they told me that under these new rules, the only one who could fix this mess was the AG and he simply will not charge himself. c. So i filed a Mandamus, in The SCC, which the Registrar simply refused to accept. Because under the new oath to the BAR, Sec 126 CCC now reads like it's a serious crime to not obey any AG's orders, because somehow we lost a war somewhere because the AG is obligated to serve foreign occupation forces called Corporations d. Absolutely none of the perversion of the law that has happened in the past 20 years could have happened without first having the BAR secretly convert their oath to the BAR about 20 years ago. Under this new oath, it's a crime for a lawyer to not protect the ponzi scheme called the economy, because they swear to serve the Sovereigns interest. AND - The one thing i've been very successful at is proving is that from top to bottom, the present archetypal form is broken, and under the new 1998 Police Act that's covered under a law called: FAILURE OF AN ENTITY TO COMPLY, which is used to take down entire rogue police agencies. The law exists, it's just that there's no one to enforce it because the police swear to serve the AG /aka BAR, who serve the Sovereign's interest. C] It's irrefutable that Wally Oppal authorized the destruction of my Title in Nov. 2004 after filing my declaration and that evening my chest plate was snapped in 2 by 2 VPD officers, and by coincidence on the 2300th day later, after I gave fair notice that something big was about to happen; a. This resulted in me being a victim of another near death experience inflicted by VPD police while surrendering to a warrantless warrant, and it's more than a coincident that the next morning Fukushima erupted the instant i said 'NO'. Now i saw that as more than a coincidence Ask yourself: it's self evident that i called for a sign and something big happened on the 2300 th evening and morning, but what are the odds of this just being a remarcable coincidence? a. From here, i went to Ottawa to file criminal charges at the Federal Courts and the FCA that the A.G. of B.C. was committing FRAUD by enforcing a ruling that no Registrar in BC was permitted to let me file a civil action against him. It went further than that; for 4 years the AG prohibited me from being in a building in BC, where any employee of the AG of BC might be. By definition this is slavery, and now i had a fresh file to work with. D] So, i first went to Ottawa, and as to prophecy i was relentlessly placing myself in danger with authority. Then, i ended up in Toronto, where out of the blue, this time line of Daniels 12 just happened to unfold itself. Aug 2nd, 2011, by coincidence was 1290 days after the OBAMAnation was inaugurated, and exactly as to Dan 11 that's the day the banksters and Congress chose to trigger a loan crisis, and liars made deals with liars, but it won't last long. [events are being orchestrated]

a. Also, on Aug 2nd, as to Dan 12, i was in a Toronto Supreme Court with a MANDAMUS to force the A.G. of Ontario to deliver me my Certificate of landed status, because that's the law The 1989 WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS ACT says i could use this Act to file charges [coincidentally it's the same year, by the same office that handled my abnormal birth] This Act was written for me and it permits me to make a charitable act, and this Judge simply refused to open the file, because he chose to serve this corporate /perverted definition of the term 'Sovereign's interest.' The cornerstone of the Nineveh Archetypal form 'lies' in the total perversion of the definition of words b. My defence was that when this all started under my 1989 landing i was still a child of God and the AG took the right to hold a wardship over me, I was now over 21 and i was now a son of God, and that by handing me this certificate we could all march into Jerusalem [Heb 11] c. Now ask yourself what are the odds of this happening on this day? I didn't pick the court date The Crown did and frankly this prophecy actually implies that the offer would be rejected. d. In direct violation of this Act, it was self evident that other A.G.'s where permitted to create copyright duplicates of me, [aka: a PERSON] and this demand was dismissed by Judge Dornheimer, who simply refused to open the file, which is just the most abused trick that the Judges use during all the time i was back east AND at face value that was being done by the A.G. of Canada under Sec 126 CCC and it's by definition Criminal Breach of Trust in Canada and TREACHERY under Commonwealth Law - But who cares nobody will charge anyone in Office. E] Had he opened the file, we would not be facing this next offer, because the prophecy held a clue to an offer of a 45 day window to redeem all debt in the world, but it was turned down, in spite of knowing what i wanted to do and he knew it was the 1290 th day of Daniels prophecy, and for this i cursed him and the BAR in court. I really am like Jonah, I think they are not worth saving. a. What is clear is the list of oath holders that trample on the messenger is only growing, BUT then, under this BAR-CODE of pure despotism, no one can charge any Public Official, without the AG's permission. Apparently, i can go thru the motions to file a mandamus, but it just can be dismissed as this Judge did, and in so doing violated Sec 336 CCC. BUT again i ask: 'who cares', no one will charge him because he is just following the AG's orders. So i came back to home, and the day i landed back in BC is the day the last AG of BC resigned. AND again you have to ask what are the odds of this just being another coincidence? c. By resigning, in law all the liability stops, i can't charge an old AG after they have left Office. F] As to Dan 12, i've been lying low for over a year since then and no body is bothering me, until now. I've been acting as if a free man, and because now that they are objecting to my self declared Freedom means i must act because of too many coincidences occurring around me. a. The Spirit that swallowed me in Nov 2004, insisted that i must start then. And i started the process for filing, anything less is me shrinking from my purpose, otherwise i'm failing into a Mat 12 trap. b. To explain this further: in Luke 11, this Jonah never stops pushing authority to repent and this results in the one greater than Jonah to appear, which i believe can happen by pursuing my fate as to 1Cor15; [or as to Mat 12] i shrink back from doing dangerous things like Jonah did and i'm killed, As i see it: I'm master of my destiny by doing dangerous things, which is exactly as to a line in Heb 10 where it says God will send a messenger and he hopes i don't shrink because if i do he will not be pleased with me. [my UCC birth # really is 000665] c. As i see it: I must press an offer to repent in order for Isaiah 59 to occur, before dark forces trigger a Holocaust, which may occur by me holding back [2Thes2] AND i know that sounds terrible but i really can't see being able to cause a rebellion here. d. For years now, i've known that Scottish High Courts hold the stumbling block of Rom 11, and i've held back from filing with them because i knew they and the Queen to their south would fail the test. [As a side bar]: As long as there was a Queen to my South [Hillary Clinton = Head of State] i felt secure that i did not have to push the Scottish buttons that i just pushed; BUT as soon as Hillary said that she was resigning is when i stepped into gear, because it meant i have no business staying here, and frankly that status remains so.

FRANKLY i expected to be rejected, because i would not get travel documents BUT then without this, i could not create a fresh crime under Commonwealth law, in England. The Lord Advocate turned down a chance to defend my enslavement, and all i see is another brick in the wall of Isaiah 59; BUT then the fig leaves are not sprouting there, yet AND frankly, my mandamus stands, they can act on enforcing it any time they want, with or without a Canadian file # BUT WHAT REALLY IMPRESSED ME is just before i got rejected by this Queen of the south, this new Queen of the south arises, and frankly Heather's ONE PEOPLES PUBLIC TRUST has all the markings of being the real ways and means to triggering good first fruit exactly as to a Luke 11 rebellion. This coup by the trustees does not really need my damage award, or my case files to test authority. G] AND what impresses me is that it got a very big sign from the Heavens that it's a good thing NAMELY: She filed on Christmas Day 2012, and 3 days later the Southern Cross had two massive gama busts; [to give some background] This is by far the closest galaxy to earth. It's a binary galaxy; it had 2 dancing black holes at it's centre. They collided, and the Centauri galaxy is toast, which means 2 big things. FIRST: Every dark force that has been interfering with humanity for the past thousands of years like the Archon, the reptilians, etc, say they come from that constellation, and that means they have been destroyed. That's good news. SECOND there is a series of massive shock waves heading this way at far faster than the speed of light. This has all the markings of a shaking like this world has ever seen and will never see again; this shock wave could be the fulfilment of Mat 24 and/or Luke 21 and/or Isaiah 59 prophecy. This event looks like what's been called IN THAT DAY. Exactly as to prophecy, it's coming our way, and no one knows when it will hit, or what force it holds. [end of side-bar] H] In the mean time, as to Rom 9-10-11; I'm still fishing to be found by a people who are not looking for me, and it still looks like only a remnant is going to survive the test. As i see it, Luke 11 says I'm to preach the good news about this trust challenge, and frankly i already have several case files, like this new Lord Advocate filing that's parked in Commonwealth court. BUT i refuse to do anything about my case files without a lawyer and they can all go to hell if the courts start rejecting OPPT claims, by people who don't have lawyers. As i see it: The field of elects has just expanded because now God simply does not need my file to see if no one lifts a finger to help those who strive for remedy, under this new UCC trust a. As i see it, the Trustees are the equivalent to being very high ranking Sadducee and Pharisees who have repented at my teachings, and these Trustees have provided the ways and means for the rank and file lawyers, judges, bureaucrats and police to civilly change their way of operating. Time will tell if the rank and file repent and i must point out that: with this shock wave coming, time is running out. As to Dan 8 it could take 2300 evenings and mornings to get here. NO ONE KNOWS b. As i see it, me accepting that Serving the Creator is a big concession on my part because i agree it's far more realistic a goal than my message of the new Covenant; it's a good 1 st step that everyone can understand because the redeeming of all debt can occur by just returning to Abraham's trust. c. I agree wholeheartedly with Heather's observation that this UCC ruling will have a far greater affect on the BAR than it has on the average citizen. So much so, that the fate of the OPPT lies squarely on whether the BAR changes their oath to 'Serve the Creator' instead of 'serving the Sovereign's interest'. In fact 'Serving the Creator' is the solution to a big mistake that Abraham's tribe insisted on doing about 3000 years ago, NAMELY: David insisted that it was a bad mistake to change to a Kingdom archetypal form. d. It's well understood that Eccl 8-9 is the mindset and foundation of this present archetypal form, and David's curse /warning is repeated in Rom 11, and i'm pushing those buttons. This should chill anyone in authority because it's coming to fruition if no body repents real soon. G] This ONE PEOPLES PUBLIC TRUST is actually a challenge created by really high authorities that forces the law society to abandon their new oath from serving and submitting to the Sovereign's interest [period] As they did 20-years [or so] ago, the BAR can walk into a room and vote to change their oath without any consultation with anyone, at the urging of these UCC Trustees.

a. If the BAR cannot agree to change their oath to 'serving the Creator' means the rank and file refuse to initiate a rebellion that is actually being encouraged by and coming from the Trustees b. Without the BAR converting their oath, nothing good can happen because their oath means that no lawyer will take on a UCC default debt filing and any judge who seizes any file served by a slave is bound to an oath to serve the Sovereign's interest, and by definition he cannot recognize any motion that can free the slave, under this 1989 DCL definition of the new colour of office of by the people for the economy, under duress of a bad contract, that's upheld with brutal military force and economic threats. [aka: Serving the Corporate definition of the 'Sovereign's interest'] c. The recent Canadian Brussels case of crimes against humanity is a prime example that nothing can happen without a rebellion by the BAR that created this mess back in 1993 when they changed their oath H] In the mean time, i'll continue to act like a prophet who is still pursuing good firstfruit, by saying repent or perish, and as to prophecy - i can't do miracles. It says, i'll do the wise thing, which i believe i did by creating new motions for authority to act on. All my other case files, they can say were too old to act on. Until told otherwise, I can file a wide range of motions, from these fresh files, BUT i need a lawyer to file in BC Supreme Court; i believe i must inevitable leave, if i can't find one, and frankly losing this round of filing was expected, it did cause a delay, and it's now spring; at least in Vancouver, the fig leaves did sprout their shoots, while i unfolded my plan, BUT it's a really long winter everywhere else; fig leaves will not be sprouting for a month or so after my filing in other pertinent parts of the globe. I] As to Rom 7, i'm offering the Spirit of Life, and as to Rom 11 [at least as i read it] I orchestrated events so that i could avoid leaving this winter; it's just bad luck to take the chances that only a remnant would have survived, because no one on this side of the pond appears to have any intention of repenting. But then again that's prophecy a. I'm still convinced that the Stone of Destiny is the stumbling block of Rom 11, and equally so, exactly like Jonah, i accept that the law society is not worth saving, IN FACT all kinds of BAR members that wilfully trample on me repeatedly, are actually insisting that bad first fruit must happen. I accept that the demented mindset of those who serve the Sovereign's interest can never be broken without a God force that's triggered by an event called IN THAT DAY. But then, who doesn't feel on edge J] In the mean time the odds that i'm killed trying to trigger Judgement Day are 50:50; and frankly you have to ask: What are the odds of all of this activity is not the test that was predicted by Jesus and all kinds of prophets? What you all must understood is that i simply have zero fear of death; a. I accept that following this dangerous path is a prerequisite to being predestined, b. AND Frankly, it's not my choice, and it's not about me. All i'm doing is another round of offers in rapid succession to create opportunities to repent or perish. AND It amazes me how that just as this challenge was failing, this whole new path to follow opened up, in this ONE PEPLES PUBLIC TRUST c. I'm the first to admit that me revealing this new Queen of the south is in-and-of-itself prophetic K] I'll continue to press my case, by holding back, until Kingdom comes, and if anyone objects to me behaving like a freeman means i'll just get another chance of repeating another end-times scenario, which is exactly what a prophet is supposed to do, and - i will do my best to not disturb a reed yet move a mountain with the Gentle Spirit of 1Cor4:20. They really are acting like they all want the Lord with the rod of discipline Anything less than saving everyone is a total failure [period] There is no substitute for good first fruit, which can't happen without a rebellion, and it's very encouraging to see that authority in very high places at the UCC seem to have taken on the initiative of triggering a rebellion. [as to Luke 11on] L] IN GOOD FIRST FRUIT everything that happened in this reality will change in the twinkle of an eye, the METANOIA is so great that literally no one will remember that Judgement Day happened yesterday in one fast harvest of bad weeds, [just like in Adam and Eve's case]

a. [It's just like Adam] except we are going back to Paradise , which is found in the mindset of the ancients that Heb 11 calls FAITH; our hearts will be ruled by a force called LOVE as outlined in 1Cor13. Everything before this day will be forgotten because you're captured in the now, in a reality called FOREVER which is found in a mindset that's created when all debt being forgotten, and the only debt remaining is an eternal debt of love for our neighbour; [ so says Rom 13 ] It's predicted in 1Cor15 that everyone will believe in the new Covenant in the blink of an eye, and then Jesus Christ IN THAT DAY brings life to the dead once and for all b. As to Rom 7-on; the message of righteousness was received and not understood, and i keep creating stumbling blocks, and regardless, an IN THAT DAY event will happen real soon BUT then even without this news that's just common knowledge, just look around. c. The acceptance or rejection of returning to Abraham's trust will inevitable fall on a vote by the BAR real soon. EVERYTHING IS IN PLACE The conceiving of the new Covenant, is about to happen and this triggers a new Creation. This simply cannot happen without all debt in the world being forgotten AND that's exactly what will inevitably happen, if the BAR adopts this OPPT-UCC Trust challenge AND that changes everything as we know it. [period] Paradise on earth is being offered. M] On the odds, as a famous Christian theologian called Chuck Missler outlines a. In an article /video series called 'The Science of God' He says that there are about 200 lines of the Old Testament that Jesus fulfilled, and he figured that if all you did was consider the top 7 prophecies that the odds of being the Messiah are one; to all the money in the world. b. I have fulfilled most of Jesus' and the New Testament prophecies and more than 200 lines of the Old Testament; if case law files were the criteria, means i'm a great prophet and my case file[s] really do give a ways and means to redeem all dept in the world as to Isaiah 40 thru 44, and i still will insist on being the nobody of Isaiah 3 and never make me leader of people, because Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and all i'm doing is preparing the path. I'm fulfilling the role of Jonah and this is so that [as to Luke 11] the one greater than Jonah returns [as in what John the Baptist did] c. The fact is that the odds that i'm a major prophet of our end times is impossible to deny; I am NOT Jesus Christ. He comes shortly after me and frankly i can't see how this can happen without it being over my dead body, and i simply don't have a problem with dying, and frankly no one should because we all become Spiritual flesh Ask yourself, [in hindsight] what are the odds, of me being the abnormal birth of 1Cor15? I says there that upon my death, I deliver 'the other everything' [the Creation] to God and Jesus descends on the world in a light [solar flare] and brings life to the dead once and for all, and it says there: don't worry about the one with the abnormal birth he becomes a Life Giving Spirit. I ask - If you knew you were this guy, would you be worried about being killed? d. The issue being pressed here is: Which side are you on? Because, we are all about to face our maker - It's always been, 50:50 odds that those who face the choice will repent, or they will perish. e. All glory will be bestowed onto those who chose to be with God, all horror will be bestowed onto those who are stuck in a powerful delusion sent by God for delighting in slavery. It's not my choice; BUT the impossible will happen soon. f. The challenge is to oath holders and the impossible is not only possible but a promise from God Almighty that Abraham's trust holds the keys to Paradise. g. What part of 'My God gave us Freedom don't you understand. As i read the Bible there are so many references to the end times challenge happens from having enslaved a free man and that the last challenge will be incredibly easy to comply with that it really is pure automatonism to not comply with this simple civil court motion to deliver my mail; h. It literally costs nothing for any of the Defendants or the Judge to comply with my last filings. I don't have a clue when major events happen. I personally prayed real hard that Judgement Day happens thru the Gentle Spirit and for it to happen on or about Easter. - But it didn't happen.

It's not my choice; i'm an all too willing slave to the Holy Ghost that swallowed me back in Nov 2004, and the creation itself must be liberated from it's bondage to decay. [Rom 8;18] The offer is to become sons of the Living God who dwells among us, and exactly as to prophecy nobody wants it g. The underlying issue before the courts is this: It's pure automatonism to insist that there is no such thing as a free man; God gave us Freedom and this truly demonic NEW WORLD ORDER took it away. h. Lest we forget: everything Hitler did was legal, and world events are being orchestrated by the same mindset that permits crimes against humanity. Hitler and this New World Order is nothing but the reincarnation of the Nineveh Empire and everyone back then hated them for very good reasons. i. [as to Rom 13] God has sent you a messenger to do good; i cannot force anyone to do evil. My message is basic: I perceive an immediate need to repent for your wicked ways; if you don't think so, is actually the problem. It all comes down to Faith in God, the Creator of the Universe. BOTTOM LINE: [exactly as to Rom 7] Everyone [especially clergy] are stuck in the spirit of death. They are all convinced that they cannot repent because every last curse of John's Revelations has not happened yet. Everything in John's Revelations simply cannot happen because Jesus Christ always said repent of perish and no one ever repents in Revelations - It's a choice. The Holy Roman Empire was perverted by pagans, like Emperor Constantine, by insisting that Revelations be added to the Bible. Since then, all churches are steered into an evil fixation by concentrating on, and frankly, orchestrating events of Revelations, and this focusing of everyone's attention is actually this powerful dark force tool that suppresses the collective conscience thru fear. It creates a negative mindset that actually conceives the end result; by being convinced that every lousy curse in Revelations must be fulfilled, will actually create this destiny that you don't want. For the last 700 years this Roman world domination plan has been construed thru the UCC trust. The UCC reality it created, in effect is the mindset of the Nineveh, which has always justified its means by saying someone has to be the bad guys so that Paradise returns. It's impossible to refute that thru the UCC Genesis 3's curse was implemented thru this twisted Romans 3 mindset I believe that the 1776 UCC trustees knew the solution of serving the Creator, before they accepted Adam Weishauf's Illuminate plan of 'Serving the Creation', Frankly what these new trustees chose to create /reveal is a path to surrender to Love, and it is their fate to bask in its glory; because these trustees repented at my teachings, because all freeman issues eventually end up at the UCC - AND if the rank and file oath holders do repent then, everything is in place for those who orchestrated this mess for the last few thousand years to be the 7000 of Rom 8thru13 who become Conquerors of Love. Again, in God's and Jesus' plan, you simply can't have Jesus' and Romans' prophecy happen AND Revelations to happen too. it's a choice We truly live in interesting times. If the rest of the oath holders care to hold onto this sinking ship then i pity you. The world either self destructs under this old UCC trust that was designed to collapse or you can rise in indignation with the Queen of the south in judgement with the men of this generation and repent. If oath holders really refuse to serve the Creator, then they insist on destroying his creation. Exactly as to Romans 8;18on it's a genuine offer to become sons and by accepting this offer to serve God, we grow-up and inherit the earth as sons by sharing in the burden therefore share in the glory of upholding his Creation with the Living God being among us Unless you're an oppressor - don't worry; In fact, rejoice because it's called a witnessing by those like us, who are being liberated from our oppressors.