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Business Process Management

BizTalk Adapter Pack Second CTP of Adapter Pack V2! - 04-Jul-2008 Changes to the WCF LOB Adapter SDK in SP2 - 21-Jul-2008 BizTalk Server July's must See WF/WCF Influencer MSDN Webcasts - 01-Jul-2008 Microsoft BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide has been released. - 09-Jul-2008 .NET Developer (Virtual) Conference starts October 28 - 10-Jul-2008 Announcing the Biztalk Adapter Pack Poster - 24-Jul-2008 Blogs and Sites To Keep on Your Radar - 25-Jul-2008

Outlook Mobile No new items Tablet PC No new items Windows Embedded Last 3 Days to Win a Digital Photo Frame - 01-Jul-2008 MSDN Chat Transcript from June 17th, 2008 Posted - 04-Jul-2008 Sysprep Now in Windows Embedded Standard - 08-Jul-2008 June 2008 XPe Optional Updates Are Now Available - 14-Jul-2008 July 2008 Windows XP Embedded Security Updates Now Available - 16-Jul-2008 Message from the Windows Embedded Standard Certification Development Program - 24-Jul-2008 Windows Mobile The Phone team says "Hello?" - 02-Jul-2008 Windows Vista Forrester Gets Schizophrenic on Windows Vista - 25-Jul-2008 Windows Mojave Video Posts - 29-Jul-2008 Windows Vista 64-bit Today - 30-Jul-2008


Dynamics CRM Plug-in Registration Tool 2.1 - 01-Jul-2008 Email router configuration XML file explained - 02-Jul-2008 Categorizing and Displaying Reports in Different Languages - 07-Jul-2008 Accessing a SQL Database from a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Plug-in - 08-Jul-2008 Top 14 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sites and Downloads - 09-Jul-2008 Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router and Exchange 2007: Keeping it Secure - 11-Jul-2008 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Video Gallery - 14-Jul-2008 LinkedIn to Microsoft Dynamics CRM - 16-Jul-2008 Developer Ramp up Kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 - 17-Jul-2008 How it Works: SQL Server Reporting Services and Dynamics CRM - 18-Jul-2008 CRM 4.0 Users Guide now available in PDF and Word - 22-Jul-2008 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Interviews and Screencasts - 22-Jul-2008 Are You Certifiable? - 23-Jul-2008 Publishing Microsoft CRM 4.0 through ISA Server 2006 - 24-Jul-2008 CRM Statement of Direction and CRM Accelerators - 28-Jul-2008 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Implementation Guide update 4.2.0 is now available! - 30-Jul-2008 Dynamics NAV No new items

General Operations SE Tips and Tricks -- Save aTS Session Run Remote... Find Hyper V information - 11-Jul-2008 MSDN Subscriptions New and Improved Subscriber Download UI is LIVE! - 30-Jul-2008 TechNet Plus Subscriptions Download Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V through the TechNet Plus portal - 11-Jul-2008 Windows Genuine Advantage No new items Environment - Software Enabled Earth Microsoft and the European Environment Agency (EEA) launch Eye on Earth" today - 30-Jul-2008 Can Webcams Change The World? - 28-Jul-2008 Sungevity uses Virtual Earth to quickly, remotely assess customer sites - 24-Jul-2008 King County announces second-annual Best Workplaces for Recycling list - 21-Jul-2008 Environmental Sustainability at the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference - 20-Jul-2008 Imagine Cup 2008 - And The Winners Are.... - 11-Jul-2008 Sustainable Workplace Design - 10-Jul-2008 Digital Green wins award in the Stockholm Challenge 2008 - 09-Jul-2008 Imagine Cup 2008 - Software Design Semi-Finalist Teams Announced! - 06-Jul-2008 Imagine Cup 2008 - Invent for the Planet! - 05-Jul-2008 MSDN Magazine Scalable Systems That Handle Failure Without Losing Data - 30-Jul-2008 Office Space: Automated SharePoint Site Branding - 28-Jul-2008 Test Run: WCF Testing - 25-Jul-2008 Security Briefs: Approaches to Threat Modeling - 23-Jul-2008 Xbox Live Community Games - 22-Jul-2008 Flexible Data Modeling With The Entity Framework - 21-Jul-2008 .NET Matters: Asynchronous I/O with WebClient - 18-Jul-2008 .NET Terrarium 2.0 source code released - 16-Jul-2008

Microsoft Press Pass

Press Pass Press Releases K12 Institutions Choose Microsoft Live@edu - 01-Jul-2008 Microsoft Advances Volume Purchasing With Select Plus Offering - 01-Jul-2008 Zune Arts Unveils Graphic Novel Written by Steve Niles - 02-Jul-2008 Microsoft Launches Consumer Subscription Offering That Combines Microsoft Office and Windows Live OneCare - 02-Jul-2008 Microsoft and Micro Focus Invest in Enterprise Application Modernization - 02-Jul-2008 Microsoft Announces Quarterly Earnings Release Date and Upcoming Event for the Financial Community - 02Jul-2008 Microsoft Imagine Cup 2008 Finals Showcase Tomorrows Technology Leaders - 03-Jul-2008 Microsoft and TenDigits Announce Alliance for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - 03-Jul-2008 Media Alert: Microsoft to Hold Teleconference Tomorrow After Worldwide Partner Conference Keynote Address by Stephen Elop - 07-Jul-2008 Microsoft Partners With Rodale to Provide Contextual and Paid Search Advertising for Health and Wellness Web Sites - 07-Jul-2008 Microsoft Statement Regarding Carl Icahn Letter - 07-Jul-2008 Microsoft Showcases Channel-Ready Services Hosted by Service Providers at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2008 - 08-Jul-2008 Hearst Magazines and MSN Partner to Launch New Food Site in Fall 2008 - 08-Jul-2008 Microsoft Unveils Pricing and Partner Model for Web-Based Messaging and Collaboration Services - 08-Jul2008 Microsoft Executives Emphasize New Partner Opportunities - 08-Jul-2008 Microsoft Announces Imagine Cup 2008 Winners - 08-Jul-2008 Microsoft Response Point Service Pack 1 Available for Free Download - 08-Jul-2008 Reducing Software Piracy Could Have Exponential Effect on Channel Profitability, Says New White Paper 09-Jul-2008 Microsoft Announces Software-Plus-Services Adoption on the Rise With Assistance From Hosting Providers 09-Jul-2008 Microsoft Partners Gain Guidance, Resources and Product Innovation - 09-Jul-2008 Microsoft Launches New Online Resource for Nonprofit Groups - 09-Jul-2008 PlanetEye Unveils Innovative Online Travel Planning Site Licensing Microsoft IP and Technology - 10-Jul2008 Microsoft Recognizes Outstanding Partner Achievements - 10-Jul-2008 Xbox 360 Console Now Offers Triple the Storage for Same Price - 13-Jul-2008 Microsoft Joins NCLR in Building a Stronger America at the Organizations Annual Conference in San Diego 14-Jul-2008 Microsoft and Netflix Unveil Partnership to Instantly Stream Movies and TV Episodes to the TV via Xbox LIVE - 14-Jul-2008 Microsoft Sets the Record Straight - 14-Jul-2008 Xbox 360 Unveils Gameplay for Every Passion - 14-Jul-2008 New Xbox Experiences Reinvent Home Entertainment, and Everyone Is Invited - 14-Jul-2008 Microsoft Voices Concerns about Google-Yahoo Deals Implications For Competition, Internet Innovation, Consumer Choice and Privacy - 15-Jul-2008 Microsofts Annual Revenue Reaches $60 Billion - 17-Jul-2008 Port of Long Beach Chooses Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Smoother Sailing With Customers - 22-Jul-2008 So Funny, Its Scary: Hollywoods Top Horror Directors to Bring Original Comedy Pilots to Xbox 360 This Fall - 23-Jul-2008 Microsoft Transforms Community Game Developers Into Entrepreneurs - 22-Jul-2008 Microsoft HealthVault and RelayHealth to Connect Doctors and Patients - 24-Jul-2008 Microsoft Announces Reorganization of Windows and Online Services Business - 24-Jul-2008 Real Estate Franchisor Chooses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Integrate Specialized Applications and Track Three-Way Sales Cycle - 24-Jul-2008 Microsoft to Acquire DATAllegro - 24-Jul-2008 Mediabrands Announces Strategic Partnership With Navic - 28-Jul-2008 Microsoft Research Unveils Free Software Tools to Help Scholars and Researchers Share Knowledge - 28-Jul2008

Microsoft Extends Award-Winning Automotive Platform - 29-Jul-2008 New Alliances Continue Momentum for Windows Live OneCare - 29-Jul-2008 MSN Direct Enables Web Sites to Deliver Location Information to GPS Navigation Devices - 29-Jul-2008 Microsoft Virtual Earth to Be Offered With ESRIs ArcGIS Online Services - 29-Jul-2008 Microsoft Helps New T-Mobile Sidekick Get Personal - 30-Jul-2008 Microsoft v. Primax: Patent Infringement Action with the ITC - 31-Jul-2008 Press Pass Top Stories New Software Components Give Educators a Welcome Break - 01-Jul-2008 Partners Gear Up for Big Opportunities with Windows Essential Server Solutions - 07-Jul-2008 SAM Optimization Model Helps Move Customers Toward Dynamic IT - 07-Jul-2008 Microsoft Strives to Bring Relevant, Affordable and Accessible Technologies to the Worlds Rural Underserved Populations - 07-Jul-2008 Microsoft and Partners Streamline the Customer Purchasing Experience - 07-Jul-2008 Microsoft Adopts Pay for Performance to Enhance Legal Diversity - 21-Jul-2008 Passing the Torch to a New Diversity Champion - 29-Jul-2008 Microsofts Hypervisor Technology Gains Traction Among Hosting Providers - 29-Jul-2008 Microsoft and NBC Deliver Groundbreaking Online Olympics Viewing Experience - 30-Jul-2008 Building a Business Around Licensed Technology - 30-Jul-2008

Office Suite
Office Access Runtime deployment questions - 09-Jul-2008 Article: Top 10 reasons to use Access with Excel - 09-Jul-2008 Calling all Access user groups - 11-Jul-2008 Article update: IIF Function - 10-Jul-2008 New Articles: AddMenu action, custom menus, shortcut menus, calculated fields - 15-Jul-2008 Do you reuse expressions, forms and reports? - 20-Jul-2008 GNC Review of Access 2007 - 24-Jul-2008 Community post: Peters Software releases VelociForm - 24-Jul-2008 What naming conventions do you use? - 24-Jul-2008 How do you track bugs? - 24-Jul-2008 Article: Learn to think relationally - 25-Jul-2008 Adding Attachments from a Folder - 26-Jul-2008 10+ reasons why IT pros hate Access (but really shouldnt) - 25-Jul-2008 Focus on Popular Objects to Speed up an Access 2007 Database - 28-Jul-2008 Adding multiple attachments from a folder - 31-Jul-2008 Naming conventions of non-eng languages - 31-Jul-2008 Office Excel / Excel Services Building an Asset Tracking Application in Excel Services Part 3b of 5 - 01-Jul-2008 Building an Asset Tracking Application in Excel Services Part 4 of 5 - 24-Jul-2008 Office InfoPath New InfoPath articles on Office Online - 31-Jul-2008 Office Outlook Making Outlook a little quieter - 03-Jul-2008 How do I back up my signatures? - 11-Jul-2008 New Microsoft Office Outlook Connector version 12.1 Beta released! - 23-Jul-2008 Fixing the red X problem in Outlook 2003 - 29-Jul-2008 Office Powerpoint Quick Try This: Smooth Sailing - 08-Jul-2008 Smooth Sailing Postscript - 14-Jul-2008 Summer Interns: Nirav Sanghani - 25-Jul-2008 PowerPoint Team: Introducing the 2008 Summer Interns - 25-Jul-2008

Summer Interns: Jesse Harvey - 28-Jul-2008 Office Project Back to Basics: Understanding summary tasks and subtasks - 02-Jul-2008 Office Online Gadgets - 09-Jul-2008 Announcing the Infrastructure Update for Office Servers - 15-Jul-2008 New Help Content - June/July - 18-Jul-2008 Infrastructure Update and Cost Resource Behavior - 22-Jul-2008 Back to Basics: Understanding task dependencies - 29-Jul-2008 Office Sustained Engineering Office hotfixes to be delivered on a defined schedule in the form of Cumulative Updates - 01-Jul-2008 July 2008 Update Release - 08-Jul-2008 Announcing Availability of Infrastructure Updates - 16-Jul-2008 Office Visio No new items Office Word Widows & Orphans - 02-Jul-2008 Picture Styles - 11-Jul-2008 Line Numbering - 18-Jul-2008 Handy How To Videos - 24-Jul-2008 Office for Mac RDC 2 is out of beta and available today! - 01-Jul-2008 Word 2008 and EndNote X1 - 02-Jul-2008 The Art of Office - 07-Jul-2008 Great looking presentations made easy with PowerPoint 2008 - 11-Jul-2008 Solver For Excel 2008: Available By Mid-September - 18-Jul-2008

Product Support
Support Lifecycle No new items SysInternals Updates: Autoruns v9.3, AccessChk v4.2 - 16-Jul-2008 Updates: Autoruns v9.31; A new blog post from Mark and blog post from Solution Accelerators on using AccessChk - 22-Jul-2008 Updates: Autoruns v9.32 - 24-Jul-2008 Mark's Webcasts: Windows Security Boundries - 30-Jul-2008 Daylight Saving Time & Time Zone FAQs No new items Hotfix Support - The Hot Blog July 24 - July 30 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - SQL Server - 31-Jul-2008 July 23 - July 29 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Developer - 30-Jul-2008 July 22 - July 29 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows 6.0 - 29-Jul-2008 July 21 - July 27 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Legacy Products - 28-Jul-2008 Note, there is no hotfix KB article for SQL Server this week. (July 17 - July 24) - 24-Jul-2008 July 16 - July 23 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Developer - 24-Jul-2008 July 15 - July 21 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows 6.0 - 22-Jul-2008 July 14 - July 20 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Legacy Products - 21-Jul-2008 Post Schedule in the weblogs - update - 21-Jul-2008 July 11 - July 17 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - SQL Server - 18-Jul-2008 Note, there is no hotfix KB article for Messaging Server this week. (July 10 - July 16) - 17-Jul-2008

July 9 - July 15 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Developer - 16-Jul-2008 July 8 - July 14 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Server - 15-Jul-2008 Junly 7 - July 13 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Windows Client - 14-Jul-2008

Microsoft Security Response Center July 2008 Advance Notification - 03-Jul-2008 Snapshot Viewer ActiveX Control Vulnerability - 07-Jul-2008 UPDATE: July 2008 Bulletin Monthly Release - SQL update detection issue - 08-Jul-2008 MSRC Blog: Microsoft Security Advisory 953635 - 09-Jul-2008 Update: Microsoft Security Advisory 954960 - 09-Jul-2008 Update 2: Microsoft Security Advisory (954960) - 11-Jul-2008 Revision for MS08-037 - 10-Jul-2008 Increased Threat for DNS Spoofing Vulnerability - 25-Jul-2008 Security Bulletin Webcast Questions & Answers - 30-Jul-2008 Security Bulletins - Advisories Microsoft Security Advisory (953818): Blended Threat from Combined Attack Using Apples Safari on the Windows Platform - 7/2/2008 - 02-Jul-2008 Microsoft Security Advisory (955179): Vulnerability in the ActiveX Control for the Snapshot Viewer for Microsoft Access Could Allow Remote Code Execution - 7/7/2008 - 07-Jul-2008 Microsoft Security Advisory (953635): Vulnerability in Microsoft Word Could Allow Remote Code Execution 7/8/2008 - 08-Jul-2008 Microsoft Security Advisory (956187): Increased Threat for DNS Spoofing Vulnerability - 7/25/2008 - 25-Jul2008 Security Bulletins - Comprehensive Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for June 2008 - 16-Jul-2008 Microsoft Security Advisory (953818): Blended Threat from Combined Attack Using Apples Safari on the Windows Platform - 02-Jul-2008 MS08-028 Important: Vulnerability in Microsoft Jet Database Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution (950749) - Version:1.3 - 16-Jul-2008 MS07-064 Critical: Vulnerabilities in DirectX Could Allow Remote Code Execution (941568) - Version:3.0 16-Jul-2008 Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for December 2007 - 16-Jul-2008 Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for July 2008 - 03-Jul-2008 Microsoft Security Advisory (955179): Vulnerability in the ActiveX Control for the Snapshot Viewer for Microsoft Access Could Allow Remote Code Execution - 07-Jul-2008 Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for July 2008 - 08-Jul-2008 MS08-039 Important: Vulnerabilities in Outlook Web Access for Exchange Server Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (953747) - Version:1.2 - 16-Jul-2008 MS08-038 Important: Vulnerability in Windows Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution (950582) Version:1.0 - 08-Jul-2008 MS08-037 Important: Vulnerabilities in DNS Could Allow Spoofing (953230) - Version:2.2 - 25-Jul-2008 Microsoft Security Advisory (953635): Vulnerability in Microsoft Word Could Allow Remote Code Execution 08-Jul-2008 Microsoft Security Advisory (956187): Increased Threat for DNS Spoofing Vulnerability - 25-Jul-2008 Security Vulnerability Research and Defense The IE8 XSS Filter - 02-Jul-2008 MS08-040: How to spot MTF files crossing network boundary - 08-Jul-2008 MS08-039: Which users are vulnerable to the OWA XSS vulnerability? - 08-Jul-2008 MS08-037 : More entropy for the DNS resolver - 08-Jul-2008 How to parse the .doc file format - 18-Jul-2008 Windows Vista Security Windows Vista Security Stories @ TechEd - Recap - 18-Jul-2008

Microsoft Malware Protection Center Whats travelling on the wire - 03-Jul-2008 4th of July Greetings - 04-Jul-2008 The Power of SSE - 12-Jul-2008 How potentially unwanted software finds a way into our computers - 31-Jul-2008

Security Products (Forefront)

Forefront Client Security No new items Forefront Product Suite Great Momentum for Microsofts Security and Identity Partners - 21-Jul-2008 Black Hats, White Hats, Crackers and Bots - 21-Jul-2008 What makes hackers tick? - 22-Jul-2008 Coders, crackers and bots, oh my! - 23-Jul-2008 What else makes hackers tick? - 24-Jul-2008 The importance of botnets in computer security - 25-Jul-2008 Forefront Server Security Antigen 9.1 Hotfix Rollup 3 and Performance Monitor - 10-Jul-2008 Forefront Threat Management Gateway (ISA Server) ISA Server 2006 Service Pack 1 Released! - 03-Jul-2008 Just Published on TechNet: How to Configure ISA SSL Bridging for System Center Configuration Manager Internet-Based Client Management - 03-Jul-2008 Change Tracking - Preface and Reasoning - 09-Jul-2008 Change Tracking - How secure is it? - 10-Jul-2008 ISA Server 2006 SP1 Problems that Go Beyond the Test Button - 10-Jul-2008 Another Look at Kerberos Constrained Delegation on ISA Server 2006 OWA Publishing Scenario - 10-Jul2008 Change Tracking is a Client-Side Feature - Implications on Deployment - 11-Jul-2008 Change Tracking - The Log - 12-Jul-2008 ISA Scripting Without Scripting ISA - 13-Jul-2008 Change Tracking - Log Viewer Tips - 13-Jul-2008 Change Tracking - Log Management via Scripts - 14-Jul-2008 Change Tracking - Descriptions - 15-Jul-2008 Change Tracking - Odds and Ends - 16-Jul-2008 Change Tracking - Other Uses - 17-Jul-2008 ISA Server 2006 SP1 - Test Button Issues - 17-Jul-2008 Change Tracking - Modifying the Viewer - 19-Jul-2008 Change Tracking - Configuration via Script - 21-Jul-2008 64-bit RPC traffic fails across ISA Sever 2006 - 21-Jul-2008 Change Tracking - Enterprise viewer - 21-Jul-2008 Publishing Microsoft CRM 4.0 through ISA Server 2006 - 23-Jul-2008 Files larger than 512MB are not served from cache after ISA Server firewall service is restarted - 30-Jul-2008 Forefront Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) Publishing Microsoft ActiveSync through IAG 2007 Part 2 of 2 - 29-Jul-2008 Publishing Microsoft ActiveSync through IAG 2007 Part 1 of 2 - 24-Jul-2008 Walk-through for RSA SecurID Authentication for IAG 2007 Part 2 of 2 - 23-Jul-2008 Publishing Windows 2008 Terminal Services Farm (session broker) behind IAG 2007 - 22-Jul-2008 Walk-through for RSA SecurID Authentication for IAG 2007 Part 1 of 2 - 22-Jul-2008 Publishing Forefront Security Management Console through IAG 2007 - 20-Jul-2008 Configuring and Troubleshooting File Access through IAG 2007 Part 2 of 2 - 10-Jul-2008 Configuring and Troubleshooting File Access through IAG 2007 Part 1 of 2 - 10-Jul-2008

Active Directory ADMT 3.1 Is Now Available for Download! - 10-Jul-2008 Loading the Active Directory Database Into RAM - 11-Jul-2008 Monitor AD Replication Much? - 25-Jul-2008 Active Directory Services What are the Schema Extension Requirements for running Windows Server 2008 DFSR? - 02-Jul-2008 Installing GPMC on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 - 07-Jul-2008 ADMT 3.1 Released - 10-Jul-2008 Five Common Causes of Waiting for the DFS Replication service to retrieve replication settings from Active Directory - 15-Jul-2008 Enabling Group Policy Preferences Debug Logging using the RSAT - 18-Jul-2008 Network Browsing with Windows Server 2008 - 28-Jul-2008 PolicyMaker stops working after installing Windows XP SP3 - 30-Jul-2008 Clustering and High Availability Cluster Validate Error for Duplicate IP Addresses? Teredo may be the Culprit! - 26-Jul-2008 Commerce Server No new items DHCP - Windows Enterprise Networking Group Team DHCP wants your feedback! - 11-Jul-2008 Network Access Protection NAP and the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.1 - 01-Jul-2008 NPS/NAP Logging - BSU.EDU style! - 08-Jul-2008 Updates to health certificate information in the "Windows Server 2008 Networking and Network Access Protection (NAP)" book - 29-Jul-2008 Whatever happens off-enterprise may not stay off-enterprise! - 30-Jul-2008 Combining NAP enforcement methods - 31-Jul-2008 Platforms Performance Terminal Services and ClearType - 01-Jul-2008 Changes to SBS Support Model - 04-Jul-2008 Two Minute Drill: UMDH.EXE - 08-Jul-2008 WMI Troubleshooting: The Repository on Vista / Server 2008 - 11-Jul-2008 What are Symbols For? - 15-Jul-2008 Symbols and You - 18-Jul-2008 DST August 2008 Cumulative Package for Windows - 22-Jul-2008 Two Minute Drill: Network Monitor 3.1 OneClick - 25-Jul-2008 Terminal Servers and the Man in the Middle - 29-Jul-2008 Routing and Remote Access Limit one connection to the VPN server per user - 17-Jul-2008 VPN Troubleshooting QA - Part I - 18-Jul-2008 Server Core - Ask the Core Team SharePoint Protection and Recovery using DPM 2007 - Part II - 16-Jul-2008 Publishing the Hyper-V Management Interface using Terminal Services - 22-Jul-2008 System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 - Installation - 28-Jul-2008 Storage considerations for virtual machine configuration - 27-Jul-2008 Cluster Resource Type options for Hyper-V - 27-Jul-2008 Hyper-V Event log Overview - 27-Jul-2008 How to enable Tape collocation and Library Sharing after applying the Data Protection Manager 2007 Feature Pack KB949779. - 27-Jul-2008

Small Business Server (SBS) Announcement: Call-back support for Small Business Server Products - 02-Jul-2008 Microsoft response to Q&A in comment section (Call-Back support announcement) - 08-Jul-2008 Videos from WPC - 08-Jul-2008 More new video from the WPC - 09-Jul-2008 2nd UPDATE: Installing Hotfix 948110 on SBS 2003 Servers - 09-Jul-2008 SBS 2008 Migration Demo and Interview - 10-Jul-2008 Loss of Internet Connectivity After Installing 951748 and 951746 - 11-Jul-2008 Cannot Access CompanyWeb After Installing 948110 - 12-Jul-2008 Some Services May Fail to Start or May Not Work Properly After Installing MS08-037 (951746 and 951748) 17-Jul-2008 New KB Articles Released Concerning Issues Around DNS Security Update 953230 (MS08-037) - 25-Jul-2008 SBS 2008 and Vista Event Being Held in Las Colinas Texas Tomorrow - 25-Jul-2008 Official Launch Date for SBS 2008 - November 12, 2008 - 30-Jul-2008 Storage Meet the New Storage MVPs for July 2008-2009! - 02-Jul-2008 New File Systems and Storage white papers, by Dilip Naik - MVP - 10-Jul-2008 DFSUtil in Windows Server 2003 VS DFSUtil in Windows Server 2008 - 11-Jul-2008 Modlink binaries now available - 14-Jul-2008 IT Manager Webcast: Deep Dive into Windows Server 2008 File Services (Level 300) - 15-Jul-2008 Deep Dive into Windows Server 2008 File Services Recording - 25-Jul-2008 Robocopy /MIR switch mirroring file permissions - 31-Jul-2008 Windows Core Networking No new items Windows Powershell Congratulations to the PowerGUI Team - 02-Jul-2008 IIS7 PowerShell Provider Tech Preview 2 - 03-Jul-2008 Show-SnapinCmdlet - 04-Jul-2008 Bash vs PowerShell - 08-Jul-2008 Speeding Up PowerShell Startup - 11-Jul-2008 Translating Literature Into PowerShell - 14-Jul-2008 Atlanta Talk - 15-Jul-2008 Dude, Where's My Manual? - 18-Jul-2008 PowerShell Laptop Stickers - 19-Jul-2008 Shift-FileIndex - 19-Jul-2008 PowerShell ASP - Too cool! - 18-Jul-2008 PowerShell Build Environment for Windows SDK - 24-Jul-2008 Invoking PowerShell from VBScript (COM) - 25-Jul-2008 Naming Shells and Consoles - 25-Jul-2008 VMWare PowerShell Cmdlets Released (And Opportunity to Win $$$$) - 31-Jul-2008 Windows Server Division Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.1 for Hyper-V - 01-Jul-2008 SBS and EBS @ WPC - 08-Jul-2008 Group Policy No new items Windows Auditing/Security Logging ACS Event Retention Mechanism - 17-Jul-2008 ACS' first bug from being too performant - 16-Jul-2008 If you're gonna herd bots, do it from New Zealand! - 16-Jul-2008 WEvtUtil Scripting - 16-Jul-2008

Enterprise Search Announcing: conceptClassifier for SharePoint - 07-Jul-2008 Announcing: Availability of Infrastructure Updates - 15-Jul-2008 Enterprise Content Management Content Deployment and the Infrastructure Update - 15-Jul-2008 Content Deployment and the Infrastructure Update - 15-Jul-2008 New blog: To The SharePoint - 29-Jul-2008 Groove No new items Records Management No new items SharePoint Designer Training Site Template: Part 3 - Custom Views and Forms - 05-Jul-2008 Creating Re-usable Email Templates for SharePoint Designer 2007 Workflows - 12-Jul-2008 DataViews + Visifire =Silverlight Charting Power - 19-Jul-2008 Increasing Your Odds Of Getting Your Question Answered - 29-Jul-2008 SharePoint Developer No new items SharePoint Products and Technologies A much easier way to keep track of new SharePoint content published on MSDN and TechNet - 03-Jul-2008 Announcing: Availability of Infrastructure Updates - 15-Jul-2008 Upcoming conferences with plenty of SharePoint oriented content - 21-Jul-2008

SQL and Business Intelligence

Office Performance Point Server No new items SQL Performance Engineering No new items SQL Programmability and API UPDATE with OUTPUT clause Triggers and SQLMoreResults - 11-Jul-2008 SQL Release Services No new items SQL Server Compact No new items SQL Server Development Customer Advisory New Best Practices Articles Published - Running Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services on Windows Server 2008 vs. Windows Server 2003 and Memory Preallocation: Lessons Learned - 16-Jul-2008 New Best Practices Articles Published - Scaling Up Reporting Services 2008 vs. Reporting Services 2005: Lessons Learned - 16-Jul-2008 SQL Server Engine Converting from Base64 to varbinary and vice versa - 01-Jul-2008 Converting from hex string to varbinary and vice versa - 03-Jul-2008

SQL Server Express No new items SQL Server Manageability No new items SQL Server Protocols Connection failure because of mismatched TDS version - 15-Jul-2008 SQL Server Query Processing No new items SQL Server Security SQL Server and the Windows Server 2008 Firewall - 01-Jul-2008 Microsoft Source Code Analyzer for SQL Injection July 2008 CTP - 12-Jul-2008 SQL Server User Education No new items ProClarity Totaling in ProClarity - 01-Jul-2008

Systems Management
System Center News: System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 to release by end of year - 02-Jul-2008 Virtual Machine Manager 2008 and SMSE updates coming later this year - 09-Jul-2008 Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool - Released to web - 10-Jul-2008 Operations Manager 2007 & Essentials 2007 Deliver Support for Windows Server 2008 - 29-Jul-2008 System Center Data Protection Manager Enabling/Disabling co-location of data on Tape - 06-Jul-2008 DPM 2007 Rollup Update -- NOW AVAILABLE - 01-Jul-2008 Known Issues and recommended solutions on Secondary Protection (Disaster Recovery) - 11-Jul-2008 System Center Operations Manager Audit Collection (ACS) Database and Disk Sizing Calculator for OpsMgr 2007 - 02-Jul-2008 Service Level Dashboard (Video Overview) - 07-Jul-2008 What other operations happen during (Push/Manual)agent install (Push/Manual)? - 09-Jul-2008 Service Level Dashboard Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 RTM - 14-Jul-2008 Updated Management Packs have been released with Server 2008 Support! - 28-Jul-2008 System Center Manageability OpsMgr 2007: No Health State for DFS Link Targets - 01-Jul-2008 ConfigMgr 2007: Duplicate records show up in Reports - 02-Jul-2008 Usability study for System Center Configuration Manager Users (Puget Sound Only) - 03-Jul-2008 New Knowledge Base articles for 6-15 through 6-21 - 03-Jul-2008 New Knowledge Base articles for 6-22 through 6-28 - 07-Jul-2008 Service Level Dashboard for System Center Operations Manager 2007 - 08-Jul-2008 TechNet Virtual Labs: System Center Configuration Manager 2007 - 09-Jul-2008 OpsMgr 2007: Reports are blank - Event ID: 31565 generated on the RMS - 09-Jul-2008 ConfigMgr 2007 R2 Release Candidate now available - 09-Jul-2008 TechNet Virtual Labs: System Center Operations Manager 2007 - 10-Jul-2008 Vista SP1 Installations Deployed Using Operating System Deployment Cannot Hibernate - 14-Jul-2008 New Knowledge Base articles for 6-29 through 7-5 - 15-Jul-2008 Service Level Dashboard Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 RTM - 16-Jul-2008 OpsMgr 2007: Troubleshooting Console Performance in large environments - 17-Jul-2008

ConfigMgr 2007: Clients not installed - RegTask: Failed to get certificate. Error: 0x80004005 - 21-Jul-2008 OpsMgr 2007: The Operations Manager 32-bit agent is supported on 64-bit Operating Systems - 22-Jul-2008 ConfigMgr 2007: SP1 install fails resulting in an unexpected restart and post-upgrade SMS Executive service crashes - 22-Jul-2008 SMS or ConfigMgr 2007 Reporting installation fails after applying SMS 2003 SP2 or SP3 or ConfigMgr 2007 SP1 - 23-Jul-2008 The OpsMgr Health Service service terminated with service-specific error 3 (0x3) - 24-Jul-2008 Support Policy For Operations Manager 2007 running on hardware virtualization software - 24-Jul-2008 Want to install OpsMgr 2007 SP1 or Essentials 2007 SP1 on a Windows Server 2008 computer? Now you can. 28-Jul-2008 OpsMgr 2007: Updated Management Packs for Windows Server 2008 - 29-Jul-2008 OpsMgr 2007: Console crashes with NullReferenceException when changing alert properties for connected management group alerts - 30-Jul-2008 ConfigMgr2007: Install fails with Fatal Error - Error Number: 0x80041026 - 31-Jul-2008 System Center Mobile Device Manager Getting Started with SCMDM - 07-Jul-2008 Remote Wipe Now and MDM Alerter troubleshooting - 22-Jul-2008 Remote Wipe Now and MDM Alerter troubleshooting - Part 2 - 28-Jul-2008 System Center Essentials Microsoft Updates and Windows Server Updates Services - 17-Jul-2008

Deployment and Service Management

Microsoft IT Showcase No new items Microsoft Operations Framework No new items Solution Accelerator: Assessment and Planning [VIDEO] Tech Ed Interview - Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.1 - 04-Jul-2008 [VIDEO] Live from Worldwide Partner Conference 2008 - Launch of Three New Virtualization Solution Accelerators - 09-Jul-2008 [VIDEO] Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.1 Short Video Series - Part 1 (Windows Vista and PC Security) - 27-Jul-2008 Solution Accelerator: Security and Compliance Security identification using Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.1 - 01-Jul-2008 Partner adopts Security Compliance Management toolkit - 09-Jul-2008 Regulatory Compliance Guide update! - 10-Jul-2008 Help us understand how to structure, package, and deliver security guides to make your job more effective! - 18Jul-2008 How to Use AccessChk.exe for Security Compliance Management - 21-Jul-2008 Integrate AccessChk.exe with DCM Scripts - 28-Jul-2008

Unified Communications
Live Meeting Service Developers No new items Microsoft Exchange Continuous Replication Deep Dive White Paper is here... - 01-Jul-2008 Exchange 2007 Performance Counters and Thresholds - 01-Jul-2008 Did you just say you wanted a large mailbox? - 01-Jul-2008

Help Us Improve the Transport Rules Experience - 07-Jul-2008 Exchange 2007 managed services might time out during certificate revocation checks - 08-Jul-2008 Update Rollup 3 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 and Update Rollup 7 for Exchange 2007 RTM have been released - 08-Jul-2008 TechNet Webcast: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Storage Deep Dive - 10-Jul-2008 iPhone 2.0; Welcome to Exchange! - 11-Jul-2008 Exchange Server Documentation Updates - July 2008 - 16-Jul-2008 EWS CAS to CAS Request Proxying - 18-Jul-2008 Pacific Northwest Unified Communications User Group - 7/30 - 23-Jul-2008 Where does the time go? -519 Jet_errLogSequenceEnd - 23-Jul-2008 Bharat Suneja's Bio - 24-Jul-2008 Update: A study of Exchange 2007 SP1 Hub throughput with different message sizes - 28-Jul-2008 Office Communications Server Update for Resource Kit Tool ABSConfig.exe - 08-Jul-2008 June 2008 Sustained Engineering Updates - 21-Jul-2008 Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 Phone Edition Status Codes - 22-Jul-2008 Determining Health and Wellness of an OCS Deployment - IM and Presence - 24-Jul-2008 Determining Health and Wellness of an OCS Deployment - Web Conferencing and MCUs - 29-Jul-2008 Office Communicator No new items Speech Server Sample Source Code for Speech Developers - 28-Jul-2008

SoftGrid New Process Monitor Version That Supports the RC Version of App-V - 01-Jul-2008 Cool InformationWeek article on App-V 4.5 - 02-Jul-2008 App-V Case Studies - 03-Jul-2008 Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5, Virtual Fantasy or Actual Reality?! - 07-Jul-2008 The New Official MDOP Blog - 08-Jul-2008 New RC version of the Desktop Client and Management Server now available! - 11-Jul-2008 App-V ADM Template Now Available on Connect! - 18-Jul-2008 John Sheehan: Inside Application Virtualization - 24-Jul-2008 App-V OpsMgr 2007 MP Now Available on Connect! - 25-Jul-2008 App-V: Management Console fails with error 0000C802 - 29-Jul-2008 SoftGrid: Sequencing Office Professional 2007 in 30 easy steps - 30-Jul-2008 DOC File: Sequencing Office Professional 2007 in 30 easy steps - 31-Jul-2008 Terminal Services Configuring Terminal Servers for Server Authentication to Prevent Man in the Middle Attacks - 21-Jul-2008 Saving TS Client Settings in an RDP File - 30-Jul-2008 Windows Virtualization Top 5 things to know about Hyper-V - 01-Jul-2008 RTM Announcement: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.1 for Hyper-V - 01-Jul-2008 Linux Integration Components for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V - 02-Jul-2008 Rumor Mill: Dispelling the "Microsoft Virtualization is not Ready for 'Prime Time'" Myth... - 09-Jul-2008 Hyper-V available via Windows Update today - 08-Jul-2008 VM standards, offline patching tools - 16-Jul-2008 Guest Post: Why Microsoft and Hyper-V for HostBasket - 28-Jul-2008 Guest Post: Going Live with Hyper-V for - 28-Jul-2008

ADO.NET EDM Tools | Options (Part 4 of 4) - 14-Jul-2008 Update Model a Question of Identity Part 1 of 3 - 21-Jul-2008 Update Model a Question of Identity Part 2 of 3 - 22-Jul-2008 Expression Blend and Design Deep Zoom Composer : (Possible) Collection Layout FIX - 10-Jul-2008 More articles on Visual State Manager - 11-Jul-2008 Animating control Content between States - 18-Jul-2008 Where do You Go to Learn More About Expression Blend? - 25-Jul-2008 Collection of Expression Blend Learning Resources - 28-Jul-2008 Expression Web How to get 60 days out of your free 30 day Expression web 2 trial - 01-Jul-2008 Spifftacular borders with CSS3 - 03-Jul-2008 Internet Explorer IE8 Security Part V: Comprehensive Protection - 02-Jul-2008 IE8 Security Part IV: The XSS Filter - 02-Jul-2008 IE8 Security Part III: SmartScreen Filter - 02-Jul-2008 IE8 AJAX Navigation - 14-Jul-2008 July Chat with the IE Team on Thursday - 15-Jul-2008 Font Embedding on the Web - 21-Jul-2008 IE8 and Reliability - 28-Jul-2008 Wanted: IE8 Beta Testers - 30-Jul-2008 Internet Information Services (IIS) Life after FPSE (Part 4) - 01-Jul-2008 SOS: Always use the correct debugger - 02-Jul-2008 Application Request Routing (ARR) CTP1 and PowerShell Provider CTP2 modules are released. - 02-Jul-2008 releases new IIS 7.0 Manager modules - 02-Jul-2008 CTP2 of IIS7 PowerShell Provider Released! - 03-Jul-2008 Visual Studio 2008 Web Server Here shell extension - 03-Jul-2008 Application Request Routing CTP1 has been released. - 04-Jul-2008 Adding ASP.NET Tracing to IIS 7.0 Failed Request Tracing - 04-Jul-2008 Mapping a different file extension for ASPX Pages in IIS 7.0 - 04-Jul-2008 IIS 7.0 Remote Administration and Database Manager Video - 07-Jul-2008 Very funny blog to read, Linux Hater's blog - 08-Jul-2008 IIS7 - post #70 - IIS 7.0 podcast by Steve Schofield - 09-Jul-2008 New IIS7 Releases: URL Rewrite, Application Routing and Load Balancing, and PowerShell Cmd-lets - 09-Jul2008 Application Request Routing (ARR) as a reverse proxy? - 10-Jul-2008 SSL off-loading in Application Request Routing - 11-Jul-2008 BLOG CHAT: SQL Injection - 11-Jul-2008 SE Tips and Tricks -- Save aTS Session Run Remote... Find Hyper V information - 11-Jul-2008 Per-site PHP configuration with IIS FastCGI - 12-Jul-2008 Introduction - 11-Jul-2008 Debugging ASP.NET on a Production Server 101 - 15-Jul-2008 LifeCycleSecurity conference - Aug 8 & 9 - Las Vegas, Nevada - 15-Jul-2008 Sourcing from a multicast broadcast using Windows Media Services - 15-Jul-2008 What is more important Design or Content - 16-Jul-2008 Windows Internal Beta Exam 70-660 - 16-Jul-2008 Summer ASP.NET Missions - 16-Jul-2008 New Modules for IIS7: Application Request Routing - Proxy and Load Balancing Module - 16-Jul-2008 Announcing - 18-Jul-2008 IIS.NET uses URL rewrite module - 18-Jul-2008 ASP.NET Tips: Loading a DLL out of the bin directory - 21-Jul-2008

Making Web Playlists URLs better with URL Rewrite module - 22-Jul-2008 Web Playlists Go Live release is now ready for downloads - 21-Jul-2008 IIS Rejecting a request from a specific client type(browser) | ISAPI Filter Example - 23-Jul-2008 ASP.NET Tips: DumpAllExceptions output changes - 23-Jul-2008 Do you think about supportability? - 24-Jul-2008 IIS Extensions and servicing - 26-Jul-2008 Scripting URL rewrite module configuration - 28-Jul-2008 Relationship between Application Request Routing and URL Rewrite modules - 27-Jul-2008 Web Playlists output format - 26-Jul-2008 How to Program Visual Basic 2008 - a master text. - 30-Jul-2008 AppCmd syntax to add FTP IpV4 Address and Domain Restrictions - 31-Jul-2008 IIS Powershell User guide - Comparing representative IIS UI tasks - 31-Jul-2008 Visual Studio Code Analysis No new items Visual Studio Extensibility VSX DevCon Sessions Posted - 29-Jul-2008 Visual Studio Team Architect No new items Web Deployment No new items XML XML Tools and Technology Survey - 01-Jul-2008 The .NET Endpoint - Getting Control of the URI with RESTful WCF Services - 28-Jul-2008 This Week in Downloads - New WF Articles - 26-Jul-2008 This Week in Downloads - 21-Jul-2008 Nice Summer Days - 20-Jul-2008 Download Posted - WF XAML Workshop - 07-Jul-2008 MSDN Webcasts in July - Creating Connected Applications - 03-Jul-2008 Do you feel like a WCF Noob? - 02-Jul-2008 Welcome to the EndPoint! - 01-Jul-2008 CodePlex Weblog CodePlex Project Discussions Mailing Lists - 23-Jul-2008 CodePlex Project Developers Wanted for Research Study - 10-Jul-2008 Sandcastle project has been republished on CodePlex - 02-Jul-2008 ACE Team - Security, Performance & Privacy Security Code Review String Search Patterns For Finding Vulnerabilities In ASP.NET Web Application - 24Jul-2008 JDBC Driver Microsoft Connect - 29-Jul-2008 SQL Server JDBC driver v2.0 beta is now available - 23-Jul-2008

Installation and Update Services

Microsoft Update Upcoming Update to Windows Update - 03-Jul-2008 Reminder - Windows Search 4 coming to WU soon... - 18-Jul-2008 Windows Server Update Services

A new version of WUA is rolling out on Windows Update - 07-Jul-2008 Finding machines not compliant with a specific security bulletin - 07-Jul-2008 A fix for Client/Server Synchronization Issues - 10-Jul-2008 So many drivers... - 17-Jul-2008 Vista SP1 available on WSUS - 17-Jul-2008 Windows Search 4 coming to WU - 22-Jul-2008 Microsoft Deployment Toolkit No new items Windows Server Update Services Support WSUS: Read this before installing your next WSUS 3.0 computer - 01-Jul-2008 WSUS: So why do updates offered on Windows Update differ from those WSUS reports as needed? - 02-Jul2008 Troubleshooting the WSUS installation process - 07-Jul-2008 Troubleshooting the WSUS synchronization process - 08-Jul-2008 Troubleshooting WSUS downloads - 09-Jul-2008 Troubleshooting WSUS clients - 10-Jul-2008 New WSUS KB Article: 954960 - Some computers do not receive updates from the WSUS server - 14-Jul-2008 WSUS: How to migrate your WSUS Windows Internal Database to SQL Server 2005 Express Edition - 15-Jul2008 WSUS: How to confirm WSUS fix 954960 is installed - 23-Jul-2008 Cannot synchronize WSUS - Synchronization stays at 0% - 24-Jul-2008 Windows Search 4 coming to Windows Update - 24-Jul-2008 WSUS: Office 2003 SP2 or SP3 components incorrectly report as installed on clients by Windows Server Update Services - 28-Jul-2008 Windows Installer MSI No new items The Deployment Guys Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2008 Update 1 Released - 31-Jul-2008 Task Sequence logic tricks using MDT variables - 28-Jul-2008 MDT Script Explanations - 09-Jul-2008 Useful Script Number 6 - Pausing the Task Sequence - 07-Jul-2008 Editing the HTML template files - 04-Jul-2008 User State Migration Tool USMT Thanks - 21-Jul-2008 What version of USMT can be installed on Windows Server 2003 or 2008? - 10-Jul-2008 What do you want to see here? Any ideas? - 03-Jul-2008

Windows Live
Live Search Powerset joins Live Search - 01-Jul-2008 New home page helps you explore more on the Web - 30-Jul-2008 Live Maps / Virtual Earth Testing for point in Polygon with Javascript - 03-Jul-2008 Live Maps updated in China - 03-Jul-2008 Migrates off of DeCarta. Whats the size of the self-hosted map market? - 02-Jul-2008 Measuring distance and area in Live Maps - 07-Jul-2008 Open Street Map coming to Seattle - 08-Jul-2008 Puzzling GPS reference in the New York Times today - 09-Jul-2008 Some Virtual Earth Apps and Links featuring IDV's KML editor in Silverlight - 11-Jul-2008 Microsoft trueSpace7.6 ships. Who should care? - 24-Jul-2008 MSN Direct new API enables OTA delivery to navigation systems - 29-Jul-2008

Live Messenger No new items Live OneCare No new items Live Writer Writer Will Be at BlogHer 08 - 17-Jul-2008 How to Develop Writer Plug-ins - 02-Jul-2008 Live Spaces No new items Live QnA About the latest updates to QnA - 23-Jul-2008 Updates for our Beta Product - 22-Jul-2008 Introducing our Software Design Engineer and Software Design Engineer in Test interns for the summer. 04-Jul-2008 Live Mail / Hotmail Outlook Connector Public Beta release with Windows Live Calendar support - 23-Jul-2008 Comments are turned off temporarily - 21-Jul-2008 Windows Live Calendar beta update with birthday, holiday, ical calendars and more - 18-Jul-2008

Microsoft Online Services

Microsoft Online Services Connecting the iPhone to Microsoft Online Services - 15-Jul-2008 Connecting a Mac using Entourage 2008 to Microsoft Online Services - 15-Jul-2008

Microsoft Research
News and Headlines Talented Interns Take Microsoft Research by Storm - 30-Jul-2008 Using Repeated Image Content to Render Photos More Efficiently - 30-Jul-2008 Microsoft Research Lab Opens Quietly Next to MIT, Director Says Areas Intellectual Climate like Dry Timber Ready to Ignite - 30-Jul-2008 Microsofts Free Tools for Scholarly Research - 29-Jul-2008 Academics to Get a Glimpse of Microsoft's Sphere - 28-Jul-2008 Microsoft External Researchs Hey Tells Scientists: We Can Help - 25-Jul-2008 Microsoft Research Unveils Free Software Tools to Help Scholars and Researchers Share Knowledge - 25-Jul2008 Transforming Computer Science in the Gaming Age - 25-Jul-2008 Microsoft Tries to One-up Google PageRank - 25-Jul-2008 A Celebration of Asian Innovation - 23-Jul-2008 A New Competitor to LCD - 21-Jul-2008 Microsoft Helps Farmers by Creating Videos on Best Practices - 21-Jul-2008 Exploring Ways to Make Search Better than Ever - 21-Jul-2008 India Project Addresses Location Search from a New Direction - 18-Jul-2008 Image Crisis: Inspiring a New Generation of Computer Scientists - 18-Jul-2008 Worldwide Telescope: Two Months Old, a Million Downloads Strong - 18-Jul-2008 Emmott Named Trustee for the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts - 16-Jul-2008 The A-Z of Programming Languages: Modula-3 - 16-Jul-2008 An Algorithm to Turn Melodies into Songs - 16-Jul-2008 Meet the Mom & Pop of Microsoft Research New England - 11-Jul-2008

Making Sense of Data Overload: An Innovative Approach to Progressive Data Analysis - 11-Jul-2008 The New Face of R&D: What's Cooking at IBM, HP and Microsoft - 10-Jul-2008 In Search of Contracts in Software - 03-Jul-2008 Microsoft Research Extends Reach Through Partnerships - 03-Jul-2008 Wanted: World-Class Scientists to Save Planet - 03-Jul-2008 Future Tech: Seven Innovations That Will Change Your Life - 02-Jul-2008 Special Reports: Jennifer Chayes (registration required) - 01-Jul-2008 Downloads Bulk-Synchronous GPU Programming Compiler - 25-Jul-2008 HD View Utilities - 24-Jul-2008 Z3 - 23-Jul-2008 Z3 - 23-Jul-2008 F# Compiler - 11-Jul-2008 F# Compiler (zip) - 11-Jul-2008 Publications A Data Model for Environmental Observations - 01-Jul-2008 Publication and Curation of Large-Scale Shared Environmental Scientific Data - 01-Jul-2008 Unifying Type Checking and Property Checking for Low-Level Code - 01-Jul-2008 Det. (Distance Encoded Tree): A Scalable Visualization Tool for Mapping Multiple Traits to Large Evolutionary Trees - 01-Jul-2008 Address and traffic dynamics in a large enterprise network - 01-Jul-2008 A calculus of atomic actions - 01-Jul-2008 Feature Correspondence via Graph Matching: Models and Global Optimization - 01-Jul-2008 Crosslingual Location Search - 01-Jul-2008 Semi-supervised Learning of Compact Document Representations with Deep Networks - 01-Jul-2008 A Decision Theoretic Framework for Ranking using Implicit Feedback - 01-Jul-2008

Microsoft on Independent Software Vendors (ISV's) B2B Leads - Get Some! - 28-Jul-2008 PDC 2008 to feature S+S, Silverlight, Live Mesh and more - 11-Jul-2008 IT Blog Awards 08 Voting Now Open - 09-Jul-2008

Windows Home Server More Power Pack 1 information ... - 31-Jul-2008 Power Pack 1 - come and get it! - 21-Jul-2008 And the survey says? - 14-Jul-2008 Another (couple) Webinars scheduled... - 09-Jul-2008 Welcome to the new Windows Home Server MVPs - 03-Jul-2008