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Gob Squad New Play Production Malcolm K. Darrell, New Play Production Associate May 6 - 16, 2013; daily schedule will be worked out with the Assistant and Gob Squad. $500 6:00pm PST, April 22, 22, 2013

Please note that the position may be filled before that date.
Research Assistantship Overview: Center Theatre Group's New Play Production program ensures that a variety of vibrant new theatrical work will be produced on our stages. The program is specifically designed to foster not only development, but production of new work from artists within the diverse communities of Los Angeles, as well as from across the nation and abroad. New Play Productions newest production commission is with bi-national ensemble Gob Squad. The bercollaborative German and British ensemble is presently creating a piece entitled Western Society, a microcosm of the western world at a dinner table. Described as a last supper for a self-obsessed society of excess on the verge of collapse, its a decadent and sensual dining experience watched by those not invited to the banquet: the audience. Performers from Gob Squad share a meal with extras of different ages and backgrounds, ranging from children to senior citizens, as well as selected members of the audience. Together they form an ad-hoc surrogate family for the duration of the evening. As the wine flows and the food is consumed, the disjointed conversations swing from the personal to the political, filling the room with all sorts of neuroses, dramas and half-baked opinions. The Gob Squad will be in residence at CTG May 6-16th and are in need of a detail-oriented, quick-on-your-feet, personable and Los-Angeles-knowledgeable research assistant whose duties range from compiling quality research to being a pseudo- tour guide if needed. The Research Assistant and Gob Squad will set up shop at the Center Theatre Groups Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City for almost two weeks. Requirements and Desired Qualities: Friendly, outgoing and efficient, the ideal Research Assistant will have experience with new work development, solid research and dramaturgical skills, and knowledge of the Los Angeles area. We are seeking someone who is passionate about ensemble-based work and eager to learn more about the Gob Squads process. The Assistant must be intuitive, collaborative, and self-sufficient. Student who has been out of undergraduate school for less than one year or Graduate Gradua te student or Masters graduate who has been out of school for less than one year required. APPLICANT MUST HAVE RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION. Compensation: Internship is compensated with a stipend of $500. Mileage will be reimbursed for any additional travel destinations beyond the Kirk Douglas Theatre. To Apply: Applicants must submit the standard CTG Internship Application, available online at or in hard copy by calling (213) 972-8031. In addition, all applicants must submit a work resume (not an acting or design resume), and a cover letter addressing why you are interested in this internship. Form letters will not be considered.

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