For averting the myopia ( Shortsightedness

Laser instruments for the treatment and prevention of eye diseases are developed by Moscow firm " MACDEL" in collaboration with N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University (MSTU), Helmholtz Scientific Research Institute of eye diseases , Moscow and several other medical and engineering research centers in Russia . The use of these devices allows you to treat and prevent short-sightedness and also a number of other ophthalmological diseases . Problems with the sight arose in humans long ago and increased together with growth in the civilization . Myopia , for example , suffers today about 40% of population of the developed countries, which is connected, first of all , with the degree of information and technology of society . Nature did not supplied humans with the gift to adaptation to the visual stress : according to its concept , humans should not have a long time look intently at particular point . It is not surprising that in previous times “ persons wearing spectacles ” predominated among children with heavy reading loads , and now – among those who stays for hours at computer . During the visual stress in humans , there appears the " accommodation spasm " of the circular ciliary muscle , which controls the work of crystalline - it changes the curvature of the front surface of crystalline lens . ( Accommodation is a subtle neuromuscular mechanism whereby the holy of holies of the eye - the crystalline lens - if necessary changes its shape , becoming some times more or sometimes less convex . this makes possible the distinct seeing of objects located at different distances . ) With the termination of visual stress , this spasm is removed, but not completely , and that becomes the reason for the appearance of myopia , subsequently progressive . In ophthalmology , of course, there already exist and sufficiently widely used are the methods of combating the myopia - both medicine with the simultaneous application of special exercises and surgery . But firstly , these are time-consuming , and it is difficult to apply them on children . Moreover, whereas secondly , they do not exclude the different kind of complications . With the aid of the instruments proposed by firm " MACDEL" the myopia is treated noncontact , painlessly, also, without the active participation of patient. One of these instruments - " MACDEL 00.00.09 " directs laser beams to the ciliary muscles of eyes, removing thus the accommodation spasm , because of which appears the myopia . The weak laser emission of another instrument - " MACDEL 00.00.08 " acts directly on retina , improves nutrition ( blood supply ) of retinal tissue and relaxes optic nerve . Both procedures occupy a total of several minutes , and the necessary treatment cycle consists of 10 such procedures. It is necessary to repeat the treatment cycle once in several months period ,

then this need is gradually eliminated . This therapy is effective not only in the myopia , but also with the squint , the astigmatism and several other eye diseases . The laser ophtalmological equipments of firm " MACDEL" are tested in many clinics of Russia and recommended for widespread use . Today these equipments works not only in Russia , but also in Argentina and undergoes tests in Israel . For more information , please visit following website

Apparatus MACDEL 00.00.09 - is a laser instrument for the correction of the accommodation- refraction disturbances of sight

Field of application
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Treatment and the preventive maintenance of short sightedness without the operations. Treatment and the preventive maintenance of amblyopia, nystagmus, squint, visual tiredness, rehabilitation and the preventive maintenance of complications after surgery for the correction of short-sightedness (laser keratotomy). The effectiveness of the preventive maintenance of children's short sightedness according to the procedure of Helmholtz research institute of eye diseases , Moscow exceeds 90% , which solves the problem of short-sightedness by preventive means.

Treatment consists in the fulfillment of 10-12 procedures on 3-5 minutes. The results of therapy remain for a period of 4-6 months. With reduction in the indices of accommodation , it is necessary to carry out repeated course. The process of an improvement in the objective indices of sight is extended by 30, 40 days after conducting of procedures .

Apparatus MACDEL – 00.00.08

The Helium-Neon weak ( low radiation ) laser radiation penetrates through transparent media of the eye and hits the retina. Field of application Amblyopia , progressive myopia, eye fatigue, dry forms of retina dystrophy, keratorefraction operation complications, optimization of the early postoperative course, posttraumatic rehabilitation, cornea metabolic diseases, lachrymal gland dysfunction, etc. The treatment consists of 10 - 12 procedures, each 5-10 minutes long. Therapy results are preserved during 4 - 6 months. An optical socket located in front of the screen allows the device application to treatment of lachrymal gland dysfunction and supporting reflex therapy. Higher average power (7 – 8 mW) of the device versus the analogues provides the adequate dose for the patient during reasonable time.

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