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Boards by George Lumber Inc.
Make your dreams in wood come true!
Meadow Creek George Brinkman, Owner 250-366-4235 brinkman@direct.ca
Boards By George (also known as BBG) started as a one man operation in 1980 by George Brinkman. After years of tree planting all over British Columbia George fell in love with the Lardeau Valley and started the mill in order to have work while he and Irene settled in to raise their family. In the early years Irene ran the office out of the house while George ran the mill in the yard. But that was a long time ago. Today their children are grown and Irene works for another entrepreneur in the valley, and George has rallied a dedicated crew (two in the office and five in the mill) to help him run Boards By George. George has always loved a challenge, and keeping a sawmill running for over 30 years has definitely kept him busy; it’s a good thing he finds the work satisfying. Whether helping someone choose just the right species of wood for their dream home or cutting a free-of-heart timber that’s 45 feet long, there’s never a dull day, and there’s always a way. “Custom Anything” is George’s motto for good reason!

George and Irene love living in this valley mostly due to the fact that the people who live here have chosen to be here. They have found a way to survive, and they understand the importance of self sufficiency; yet at the same time they know how to support their neighbours when in need. As well as being a good boss and a savvy business person, George is a great storyteller. He reads extensively and has even started writing his own book. His first draft is well underway, so as it turns out, Boards By George is only one of the irons he has in the fire. Books by George is starting to heat up as well. Boards & Books in Meadow Creek, but mostly boards at this point! Which brings us to our SPRING SLING SALE. We’ll be clearing the yard of old lumber inventory in the coming weeks. Watch for our ad in the Pennywise!

Kaslo Shipyards
340 Front Street (Admiralty House) 250-353-2686 Owners: Dick & Dee-Dee Smith www.kasloshipyard.com

Dick and Dee-Dee Smith aboard the MV Cacambo, c1972

Interview with an Admiral

Where and when were you born? Glasgow. 1930. Seriously? That’s like, eighty-three years ago. I’m well aware of that. So, what’s your story? Well, when I was a small boy in Scotland – The abridged version. Right then. I apprenticed as a draftsman at George Brown Shipyards on the Clyde and eventually ended up as the Chief Draftsman at the Alberta Gas Trunkline in Calgary, where I met and married Dee-Dee Seng. Why did you move to Kaslo? We used to vacation in Mirror Lake, and I couldn’t help but notice that there were no steel-hulled charter vessels on the lake. So in 1968, we moved here with our three dwarfs, and --

Wait up -- dwarfs? Some people call them children. Okay. Which is your favourite one? The middle one. Understandable. Carry on. So I bought the property this house is now sitting on and started building ships. Did you build them by yourself? Dee-Dee helped with the first three, our son Toby helped with the fourth one, and my son-in-law Marty helped with the last one. And . . . did your middle child contribute at all? I believe she was a swamper on the third ship one summer. She really does sound remarkable. So, these houseboats of yours – They’re ships.
Kaslo Hometown Businesses

Whatever. Did you give these ships names? Why, yes. The Cacambo, Candide, Cameronian, Ariadne, and Mingulay. What are you, nuts? Very likely. Fair enough. Was it hard, starting the company, building the ships, yada yada? At first, yes, but it was also great fun. In fact, it still is. So, what are your plans for the future? I’d like a gin and tonic. After all, the sun’s over the yardarm. Yardarm? I’ll mix one for you as well. Sweet. Interview conducted by The Middle Child.
Apr. 16, 2013 Section B 1

One of the major benefits of Reiki is stress reduction and it is great to see how relaxed people are when they leave my studio. I look forward to working hard to build my business while making sure to take a little time for hockey. 16. She is always happy to take time to explain Reiki and give sample treatments. Reiki is a form of natural healing and is Japanese for ‘life force energy’. a ‘home-town boy’. 2013 My parents have been very supportive and can offer great advice since my Dad ran a successful construction company in Kaslo for many years. always returning home to Kaslo. Finishing carpentry is what I’m most passionate about. I grew up in Kaslo and after spending a few years away. Kaslo Hometown Businesses . golf and a nice day out on the lake once in a while. 2 B Section Apr. She was inspired to be able to teach others and after six years of apprenticeship she became a Reiki Master. Back in 1979 Chelsea received her first Reiki treatment and soon after learned Reiki right here in Kaslo. Since working in Kaslo. I’m happy to call Kaslo my home again. My fiancée. I have done jobs ranging from complete renovations to small updates.com Owner: Calvin Walker I started my construction company last summer after working in the trade for the past eight years. A few years ago she decided to slow down that pace and since then has kept a studio in the Langham where she gives Reiki treatments and teaches classes for people interested in learning how to treat themselves and others. but I also enjoy the variety of jobs that you get to do working in a small town. Calvin Walker Construction Your Project is my Business Phone: 250-353-8800 calvinwalker00@gmail. Jessica and I recently bought our first home here and are really looking forward to enjoying more of the wonderful things Kaslo has to offer. Ten years ago I was teaching in New Orleans and a friend introduced me as a Reiki Master to a dreadlocked cab driver. For many years she taught in Europe. along with my Reiki practice. I appreciate all the support and encouragement I’ve received since moving back to Kaslo and starting my business. I completed my apprenticeship and received my journeyman ticket from Selkirk College in 2011. It’s been an amazing first year and I look forward to many more to come. My heart has been in Kaslo since I moved here 35 years ago and married my husband Ken. The driver asked what label I was signed with and we all had a laugh when I realized he thought my friend had said I was a Reggae master. I love this community and. South America and the USA. feel privileged to work here both as a Marriage Commissioner for the province and as the Executive Director of the Hospice Society of North Kootenay Lake.H♥metown Businesses Celebrating Kaslo & Area Business Chelsea Van Koughnett Reiki Natural Healing Need some R&R? Reiki is a great way to go! Phone: 250-353-7421 I love being able to help people with their health and wellbeing.

Kaslo Truck & Saw has been able to offer even more expertise. batteries. My name is Luke Crawford and I am the certified local dealer for Xplornet Satellite Internet. they’ve seen the business grow steadily ever since. certified Xplornet dealer and installer • lukecrawfordkaslo@gmail. I also specialize in home surveillance and wireless networking installations. just south of Kaslo 250-353-7409 Email: kaslotruck@netidea. cars. With each job I get to see a little part of the fabric of life that makes up the Kootenays. With two fully licensed technicians. A boat ride across the lake to Birchdale. That is what keeps things so fresh and fun for me. with the addition of Dan Gordon. with up-to-date automotive computer scanners. if you appreciate friendly professionals who go the extra mile to serve you. and other machines like snow blowers and generators as well. but what has always remained the same for Dave is the great personal pleasure of serving neighbours and friends in a small community. Dave Schonberg bought out Kaslo Machine Shop. call Kaslo Truck & Saw today! Apr. 16.com 250-353-8733.H♥metown Businesses Meet your friends and neighbours. So.com Owners: Dave and Crystal Schonberg Kaslo Truck & Saw Ltd. Also. Jonsered equipment. and trucks. trimmers and now battery-powered outdoor tools. specializing in Crystal. Since 2011. In 1998. Dave introduced chain saw sales to the area and the business took off! Kaslo has seen many changes since then. 888-452-1868 Today having a high speed internet connection is as normal as sleeping with a pillow. I am the first one to tell you what all of your options are and which service would be the best fit for your location and your needs. Dave and his wife. If you don’t have one . for 10 years now we’ve enjoyed providing Kaslo with top quality chain saws. when owner. wipers. and working together. one dish at a time. 4X4 access road leading to a home built cabin with solar panels for power. started way back in 1977. Dan automotive diagnostics. We Go the Extra Mile for You 6336 Highway 31. a fully licensed automotive technician. Kaslo Truck & Saw Ltd. Ontario. Fastest speed at the best price! Luke Crawford. who are also your hometown service providers. His 35 years of experience. from Kingston. helicopter ride through the mountains to a pimped out ski lodge. From the tops of mountains to valley bottoms I have been able to give people that thing they have been wanting for years … high speed internet. Give me a call and I will change your life. our shop provides a full range of services for your vehicle. new tires and a tire changer and balancer that can handle up to 22" tires and much more. Crystal built a new shop on the highway just south of Kaslo. KL Electronics Abolishing dial-up. We repair Husqvarna. I service from Revelstoke to Creston and all points in between. 2013 Section B 3 Kaslo Hometown Businesses . Dave’s ongoing training and over 40 years of experience diagnosing and repairing saws. When I sign up a new customer I never know where it may take me. I have five years of experience installing satellite systems in the Kootenays and have lived in Kaslo since 2001. Dave. make it possible to help people with a wide variety of repair needs. is a great addition to our team. as full-line Stihl dealers.it just doesn’t feel right. who recently moved here with his wife Anne.

Brendan’s parents live in Birchdale. Robert Nellis is a nurse at the Kaslo ER. the scenery and serenity of this community is something I continue to enjoy. and I continue to offer all kinds of plumbing services – maintenance. 2013 can considerably improve the lives of those suffering post-traumatic stress. and the likelihood of a flood in the not-toodistant future. affordable and accessible treatments is a large part of his motivation as a practitioner. put the bathroom back together. It gives me great pleasure to spend most of my earnings in town and I enjoy both supporting and being supported by such a great community. Sometimes I even get to feel like a hero at least so says the wife of one of Kaslo’s finest. injuries. His calling led him back to Canada to study Acupuncture at Victoria’s Pacific Rim College of Integrative Medicine where he graduated in 2012 with honours. so he chose to call his clinic Raven Acupuncture. In 2006. A desire to provide indepth. Even though I have always lived here. retrofits. stress and other illness. I like being able to happily combine family and work. Registered Acupuncturist 444 Front Street Behind the Live Arts Shop (entrance on 5th St) Phone: 250-551-2581 Email: ravenacupuncture@gmail. and she was even able to enjoy a hot shower that day. it’s worth doing right. the shower valves in pieces. for example. Brendan will be accepting MSP payments directly. which combined with ‘sliding scale days’ and house calls will bring him closer to his goal of reaching as many people as possible. Besides the support for my business. This spring Brendan decided to leave the city to be closer to his family and enjoy the mountains. after witnessing the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in his then-hometown of New Orleans. After her police officer husband dismantled the entire bathtub and all the fittings. For the most part I’m an optimist and people appreciate that during “sh__y times”! Raven Acupuncture Brendan Murray-Nellis. In the coming months. a community accessible only by boat. He left the bathroom in shambles. Kaslo Hometown Businesses . I believe if a job’s worth doing. I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Kaslo. digestive problems. My son. I keep my wits and my sense of humour. he was called out to work. Gardening and wildcrafting local herbs has been a constant passion for Brendan who plans on incorporating herbalism into his practice as well. emotional and physical traumas. At 20 months of age he knows more about my tools “and where they are” then I do sometimes. 16. or chronic pain. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. I managed to ensure no flood happened. Brendan felt a calling to practice a form of medicine which could simply and effectively treat trauma. His mother Sheila Murray-Nellis is a local artist and author. replacement and installation. Kaslo is such a great place to raise a family.com Brendan’s name in Gaelic means ‘Little Raven’.H♥metown Businesses Celebrating Kaslo & Area Business Virgo Enterprises Kaslo and Area’s Local Plumber Phone: 250-353-3237 Owner: Sean Gaelen Graham My name is Gaelen Emery Burns-Graham but people call me Sean. Brendan’s father. Acupuncture is a powerful healing modality to treat many chronic illnesses. across Kootenay Lake near Kaslo. Brendan is now registered by the CTCMA (College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia) which allows him to legally practice acupuncture in BC. I took over services from Jim Van Horne in 2009. and the fact I know where most of my customers live without having to ask makes my job even better. The small town feeling. It 4 B Section Apr. Kavan helps me almost every night to organize my tools and materials.

who meets and greets our customers with a very waggly tail. After a memorable three week stay. and in July 2003 we returned to Canada as permanent residents. We have been trading successfully ever since. movement. Music – singing. She studied the Toronto Conservatory repertoire at the Vancouver Academy of Music.ca In the Christmas of 1999. simple dance. toddlers. Kindermusik is a music and movement program for babies. we returned to England. including several customers from America. jjautoclean.ca). we flew from England and had the most wonderful family vacation in a small mountain town called Nelson. Music has been scientifically proven to help children learn in many areas. From a simple hand wash and vac to a complete detail we pay attention to the smallest facet. Our husband and wife team ensures quality and your satisfaction. Odin.jjautoclean. The Kindermusik classes are very fun. building a substantial and loyal client base. 2013 Section B 5 . This is one of the great joys of her life. sings. I had worked for several years for Ferrari. Ruth also gets to play second flute and piccolo in the Symphony of the Kootenays based in Cranbrook. Kindermusik Building Foundations Through Music Phone: 250-229-5731 nelsonkindermusik@gmail. it was with that company that my professional training in the art of detailing and vehicle polishing began.ca Ruth Langevin has been providing music therapy to the institutionalized elderly in the West Kootenay for over 20 years. Combining music with movement creates new learning pathways in the brain while also enhancing motor skills and physical development. She works in group settings and does private one-on-one sessions. flute lessons performing at private functions and has lots of space in most Kindermusik classes. JJ Auto Clean Vehicle Detailing 316 Stanley Street. She actually gets paid to do what she loves the most. who are also your hometown service providers. She is a graduate of the music therapy program at Capilano University. After several years running a successful auto detailing business in England.ruthlangevin. Ruth is a very flexible musician. Many therapeutic goals can be accomplished in a music therapy group. Ruth is available for private music therapy. preschoolers and big kids. a family decision was made.H♥metown Businesses Meet your friends and neighbours. being able to restore scratched or faded paint to a like new appearance (please see our website www. As a music therapist she is always looking for ways to involve her clients. whilst taking enjoyment and pride in detailing our customers’ vehicles and working with the local dealerships in our present Stanley Street location. Nelson Phone: 250-352-0303 Web: www. My wife Judith had extended Canadian family. classically trained on the flute. Kaslo Hometown Businesses Apr. Ruth has been teaching Kindermusik for the past 13 years. our five year old black lab is our third member of staff. although Nelson was never far from our hearts. bell choirs and instrument play – are examples of activities that many levels of seniors are able to actively participate in. multi-sensory and involve educating the parents. One of our areas of expertise is polishing and paint renovation. We have clients from near and far. and is working on the Celtic harp. We made Nelson our home and opened JJ Autoclean on Baker Street in December 2004. four cousins and an aunt who was a war bride.com www. 16. Ruth plays the piano and guitar.

floral arrangements for weddings is the most fun and the most complex. We are thrilled to live here and love being involved in our community. because you can see and hear the little ones’ joy and excitement.com Owner: Louise De Pape Happy. It’s all about relationships and listening to what really matters to each couple. 16. we have SIX weddings pre-booked for this spring and summer. 2013 followed: Abigail and Joshua! Then. What attracted me to Kaslo was the mountains. Being grandparents. Often. After visiting Kaslo. we love it when parents come by with their children. To date. In a short time. the lake and the people that I met. As of today. we at long last moved to Kaslo. I met the woman of my dreams and flew her out from Calgary to Castlegar to show her the area. Floral design is a joy and the ultimate artistic expression for me. I started home-roasting coffee in 2010 and was impressed with the difference that exceptional beans and fresh roasting made in my enjoyment of coffee. As for coffee. Eventually. The longer we live in Kaslo the more attached we become to our neighbours and friends. I (Glen) am a pastor and a firefighter while Heidi is a full-time mom these days and is also involved with the Community Garden. Thank you Moms & Dads for bringing the kiddies by the shop! Please come for a visit and enjoy a coffee. Drop by sometime and Heidi and I can tell you the whole story over a latte. Halloween and the Light Up Scavenger Hunt are favourite days. Sympathy arrangements are the most emotional for me.com Owner: Glen Stewart My fascination with the Kootenays began many years ago when a friend moved to the North Shore of Nelson where I routinely visited her and her family. It has naturally morphed into this business. Drop in to cheer your spirits on an otherwise dull day. Of all my design work. in the mid-1990s. she too fell in love with the little Village and 11 months later Heidi and I we were married! Two delightful kids 6 B Section Apr. Happy. For the past two years our little shop has evolved into something that my husband Charles and I are very proud of. When the fresh flowers and plants arrive. I am in tears as I design the final floral arrangements for the dear person who has recently passed. tea or hot chocolate and maybe some fresh popcorn. I knew that Kaslo was the place that I would one day move to and raise a family. the Kootenays became one of my two favourite vacation spots. Kaslo Hometown Businesses . Plants and gardening have been my passion since I was a child. It is an honour to do this work and I put my heart and soul into it. the colour and aroma cannot help but invigorate the soul! Kaslo’s Bean Roasting … fresh coffee for Kaslo! Phone: 250-353-7111 www. It allowed me to travel in the area. every wedding order has been unique.H♥metown Businesses Celebrating Kaslo & Area Business Kaslo Florists Being Surrounded by Beauty Brightens My Day and Outlook on Life!! Corner of 4th St & A Ave 250-353-7766 info@kasloflorists. Happy!! That’s how I feel about being the designer and owner of Kaslo Florists.kaslosbeanroasting. In the winter of 2005. and even though I was single and living in North Vancouver at the time. in September of 2009.

In bigger centres businesses come and they go. After her parents sold the Marina. who also worked in the shop. Apr. you can often find him running food or helping out in the pro shop. she developed a passion for food that inspired her to move to Victoria to study Hospitality Management.org • kasloclubhouse@gmail. ERIC’S MEAT MARKET.com Blog: theclubhouserestaurant. She and her sisters used to have a blast serving her mom’s chili and homemade bread during the annual Rainbow Fishing Derby. Andy and Betty worked the business for 40 years... he has been pursuing a management career that began in England and led him to Vancouver. Maybe the reason for the staying power of Eric’s is because Kaslo is a small community that supports its own. James spent four years cooking for Joey’s restaurants in Kelowna. TODAY AND AS IT WAS IN 1959 After 75 years Kaslo still has a small butcher shop. The shop has had many employees throughout the years. Since then. in 1956 that Andy Porter came to work for the family. to make a living in the most beautiful place of all – Kaslo! James runs the kitchen at The Clubhouse. Doug and Holly.H♥metown Businesses Meet your friends and neighbours. which is a rarity in small villages today. who are also your hometown service providers. Kaslo Phone: 250-353-2436 Owners: Doug and Denise Porter THIS LOGO DATES FROM THE 1950S . Kristy spent most of her childhood pumping gas and cleaning fish at her family’s business in Kaslo: Beachcombers Marina. Andy married Betty in 1957 and they bought the business from Agnes. and has been able to offer many school kids their first part-time job. They are both so grateful for the warm welcome they have received since arriving in Kaslo. The Clubhouse has given him a chance to get back to what he loves most: cooking! Going into his second season. 16.com Tel: 250-353-2262 James and Kristy are entering their second season operating The Clubhouse Restaurant at the Kaslo Golf Club. however. Eric and Agnes ran the business with their two daughters. meet new people and now. The Clubhouse Restaurant at the Kaslo Golf Club Our Greens are Better for You! 418 Pine Street. It is their mission to provide their hardworking customers with an affordable dining experience that revolves around good food. she started working summers at Rosewood Cafe in Kaslo. Kaslo Web: kaslogolf. Between these summers and a year in Spain. He loves to golf and enjoys cracking jokes with the members. After three generations. The hotel business has afforded her the opportunity to travel.! In 1938 Eric and Agnes Aldous moved to Kaslo to manage the local butcher shop for Pat Burns and Company.wordpress. It was shortly after that. they retired and Doug and his wife Denise took over the business. The shop was relocated to its present location and in 1944 Eric purchased the business. Eric’s Meat Market is clearly here to stay. he feels as much a part of the community as his wife who grew up here. And Doug and Denise would agree that the beauty of this area and the quality of life Kaslo has to offer is second to none. and friendly service. In 1996. Eric’s Meat Market & Deli A Third Generation Family Run Business 425 Front St. Betty and Ruth until Eric’s passing in 1955. before taking a job in the front of house.BUT IT IS NO LONGER USED TODAY. They raised two children. 2013 Section B 7 Kaslo Hometown Businesses .

Our daughter Annabelle was born that summer and Mary followed in 2007. Bruce’s expertise is in mountain rescue. 8 B Section Apr. I design everything from business cards to billboards … mobile websites to online stores. Phone: 250-353-1124 • www.and bit by bit they have learned how to be very skilled in activities that they first considered to be hobbies.com Partners: Shawn Handley & Bruce Walker RESCUE TRAINING: • High Angle • Crane • Pole Top and Bucket • Tower and Derrick • Confined Space • Mine • Wildland or Backcountry • Mountain Raised Kootenay boys. There was an obvious need for training in mountain rescuing. I was lucky enough to get the job. A few years later we were expecting our first baby and I needed a “real” job.H♥metown Businesses Celebrating Kaslo & Area Business Kootenay Industrial Rescue Ltd. This is not your run of the mill safety training company. More than a decade ago Bruce was asked to chair the steering comittee for the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP). Shawn and Bruce are now Rope Rescue instructors and evaluators for Search & Rescue for the Justice Institute of BC and the province. and the Kaslo Jazz Festival to name just a few.ca Owner: Dan Trobak Even as a young Saskatchewan farmboy I was drawn to the everyday design that surrounds us: signs. album covers and books. Honey Candles. following a strong genetic urge to grow food. I work to combine the latest digital technology with traditional handcrafted design.’ We should be very proud and lucky that two of them live here in Kaslo! GRAPHIC DESIGN Studio #37 . working a flexible schedule as we continued farming and raising our two young daughters. Shawn and Bruce have been exposed to the elements and the mountains over the years.The Langham Building Phone: 250-353-8866 Email: dan@brandcrafted. 16. Kaslo Hometown Businesses . which brought us to Kaslo in 2005. It provides specialized training to firms to ensure that their job site staff or Search & Rescue teams are ready and able to rescue if the need should arise. This turned into a six year project to develop regulatory standards and a training curriculum. there are only a handful of people who are qualified and certified by the province to instruct on ‘how to rescue. I left art school to go back to working on farms. 2013 In 2009 I launched my own design business. In 2002 Shawn and Bruce founded Kootenay Industrial Rescue Ltd. The result allows all of us who live and play in the mountains to feel safer because these standards ensure that Search & Rescue personnel have a level of training that is internationally respected. posters. they were looking for a graphic designer. both partners would admit that they would not be able to operate Kootenay Industrial Rescue Ltd without the help and support of their families. Shawn’s in industrial situations. I saw an ad in the Pennywise. My latest venture is to get back into painting signs by hand. I met my partner Annick while we were both working on farms in the Slocan Valley. Then. I love the wide range of interesting local clients I get to work with: Stellar Seeds. If you ask them.. This love of commercial art led me to leave the family farm to study graphic design in the ’90s. web design and gear prep. In all of BC. Leanne and Tammy help with the office work. Taking their passion of hanging from ropes to the certification level. Work crews are taught how to work safely and how to rescue a fellow worker or bystander caught in extreme situations. t-shirts.kirescue. Mount Carlyle Backcountry Ski Lodge..

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