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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... A1 EXT.


A vast sea of stars serves as the backdrop for the main title. War drums echo through the heavens as a rollup slowly crawls into infinity. It is a key turning point in the Galactic Civil War. The victory over Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader at Endor culminated with the destruction of the second Death Star and opened a window of opportunity for the Alliance. In an attempt to push it’s advantage the fledgling New Republic’s Provisional Council has commissioned Admiral Ackbar to pull founding member Wedge Antilles out of retirement and reform the greatest fighter unit in the galaxy, Rogue Squadron. However, a new Imperial head has risen from the ashes of the Empire with only one goal in mind, to destroy the New Republic... A single TIE fighter speeds away, red lasers flashing at its aft. The beams connect and the ship explodes. This dogfight belies the much larger battle happening concurrently over the gas giant Briggia. Several small shuttles from the New Republic, along with the larger CR90 Corvette Korolev are transferring wounded personnel to the New Republic’s Frigate Redemption. The Imperial Frigate Warspite has dropped out of hyperspace in system and has launched TIE fighters in an attempt to stop the Rebels from escaping. CORRAN HORN, a brash pilot with just the right amount of smarts and impatience to either be great or go out in a blaze of glory, has rushed off to face the incoming ships in order to give enough time for the evacuation.


INT./EXT. SPACE - ABOVE PLANET BRIGGIA - X-WING COCKPITS NAWARA VEN (O.S.) We need to keep these incoming ships off the medical frigate while they evacuate onto Redemption. CORRAN HORN You heard him, Whistler. Get a fix on those bombers. Mark them as priority and let’s keep the Korolev alive. Whistler beeps in acknowledgement. CORRAN HORN (CONT'D) Green Group, stay in the holding sector. Keep the fires burning but don’t leave the frigate unattended. NAWARA VEN You’re not going to last very long against that many fighters. CORRAN HORN You worry about those evacuees, I’ll worry about the TIEs. NAWARA VEN Copy, Green Leader. Corran twists knobs and focuses the calibration on his stick. He settles his hand on the necklace hidden beneath his flight suit. CORRAN HORN Whistler, push all power to front shields, we’re going to have to deal with a lot of TIEs at one time. Level out once we’ve passed. Corran watches his targeting computer for the lead TIE bomber. As it moves from yellow to green, he fires his lasers and connects. Corran then veers off to a 90 degree angle and cuts his engines down to one percent. The TIEs, not expecting this maneuver, move past quickly. RIV SHIEL What happened One? Are you hit? CORRAN HORN No, trying to end this quickly, rewrite history. Whistler, bring up second target.


Corran’s HUD moves from yellow to red and he clips the second bomber with a proton torpedo. The TIEs begin evasive maneuvers. Third. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) Too late, cancel!

Corran dives forward. He ignores the TIEs and goes straight for the bomber. The TIEs do not ignore him. Corran’s X-wing dances avoiding a target lock. RIV SHIEL One, you’re taking the TIEs away from the Korolev, but away from us too. Do we leave to engage? CORRAN HORN Negative two, Warspite could still dump another flight. Keep spraying the fighters but do not move beyond a klick of the Korolev. OORYL QRYGG Green Leader, Eyeballs at your back. CORRAN HORN (To himself) Not for much longer. The bomber makes its way to the medical frigate while Corran shakes and bakes, taking care of the two TIEs in pursuit. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) Whistler, get us between the medical frigate and that bomber. How long do we have before it’s in range? Whistler tones his answer. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) Well, let’s see if we can get there sooner. Redirect energy from the shields and quads to engines, I’m going to need more time. Whistler beeps with worry. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) Just do it. It takes a second for the internal compensators to kick in and Corran is thrust back into his seat.


NAWARA VEN Green One, Warspite has jumped! CORRAN HORN Already in pursuit of that last bomber, now you can pick off those TIEs. Green Group rushes off to his aid. But, Warspite reappears on the other side of the Korolev, too far for it’s lasers to be effective, but close enough to stop an escape from the lumbering frigate. RIV SHIEL It was a feint, Warspite is still in system. OORYL QRYGG And it’s dumping the second flight. Corran takes out the last bomber from the first group. He then rushes forward to meet the newly launched TIEs that have entered the fight. CORRAN HORN Green Two, defensive pattern Alpha. Three, Four, wipe the floor with those new TIEs. I’m on the bombers. Whistler, mark them: four, five and six. Corran takes out targets four and five with proton torpedoes. He’s flying like an ace. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) Green Two NAWARA VEN He’s gone, One. Nawara’s X-wing disintegrates as he delivers the news. CORRAN HORN Hang in there Four, it’s just you and me. Riv’s ship blows too. The last bomber roars closer to ending the Korolev. Corran shoots a couple of lasers to distract the pilot. Whistler beeps about a TIE in pursuit. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) I don’t give a damn about a single TIE fighter, I have to get to the bomber.


Whistler wails as green lasers flash by the cockpit. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) Fine, where the hell is he? A shot rocks through the X-wing. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) We need to take out this bomber first. Hold on. Corran takes his X-wing to it’s limits. The TIE behind him can’t get a lock, but is doing a surprisingly good job staying with him. Corran focuses on the bomber, getting a torpedo lock. But, at the same time, a shock rockets his fighter. Whistler! CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) Whistler!

Corran’s shot connects on the bomber and he comes around to go head-to-head with the TIE. His fighter barely working, Whistler lost, the two ships shoot back and forth, red and green lasers flashing. They are going to fly into each other. Suddenly, everything goes black. The canopy lifts. It was all a simulation. INT. FOLOR - ALLIANCE TRAINING BASE - SIMULATOR ROOM The other three pilots who flew the simulated mission speak as Corran Horn exits the simulator. Like the Rebellion itself, they represent the diversity and hope of the galaxy. RIV SHIEL Corran is good, but he’s no Skywalker. NAWARA VEN He very well may have beaten the scenario. No one else has come this close. OORYL QRYGG Qrygg counted Green One with nine kills. Jace will not be pleased his score was beaten and he did not blow the medical frigate. RIV SHIEL The pilot that got him, the one that took the three of us out too, it had to be Commander Antilles.


A mysterious MAN IN THE BLACK FLIGHT SUIT walks over to Corran. MAN IN THE BLACK FLIGHT SUIT You are an exceptionally good pilot, very hard to kill. The mysterious man extends his hand and Corran reciprocates. MAN IN THE BLACK FLIGHT SUIT (CONT’D) Good flying, all of you. OORYL QRYGG It appears that it was not Commander Antilles. RIV SHIEL It had to be someone just as good to get all three of us. On that note, a Lieutenant touches the mystery pilot on the arm and whispers something in his ear. Off their looks, Corran exits and we cut to -INT. FOLOR - ALLIANCE TRAINING BASE - OFFICE OF ADMIRAL ACKBAR COMMANDER WEDGE ANTILLES, a seasoned veteran of the Galactic Civil War and founding member of Rogue Squadron, enters and stops to salute ADMIRAL ACKBAR, the head of military operations for the Alliance, behind the desk. WEDGE ANTILLES Thank you for seeing me, sir. Admiral Ackbar turns to GENERAL HORTON SALM, the other man in the room, and in charge of the training base on Folor, before answering. ADMIRAL ACKBAR General Salm and I were just discussing the importance of having an active Rogue Squadron back in the fleet. He feels you are all but ready to go. Your current crop of hopefuls is quite impressive. WEDGE ANTILLES With all do respect, sir, I believe more testing is necessary before we choose the active unit.


GENERAL SALM Hardly, I’d say you could take any eleven pilots we’ve brought in and make a lethal squadron. WEDGE ANTILLES Sir, that is the main problem. This may be my squadron but it is not my roster. The air shifts in the room. WEDGE ANTILLES (CONT’D) There have been additions made without my consultation. GENERAL SALM There are circumstances beyond your control that have deemed those changes necessary, Commander. WEDGE ANTILLES I am well aware of that, sir. I know Hobbie and Janson will do well bringing their new squadrons up to snuff. It is not the absence of familiar faces that has me worried. It’s the fact that more than half of my squad seems to be made up of political picks. GENERAL SALM And you understand why it’s important for the allies of this New Republic to have representation within its most celebrated squadron? WEDGE ANTILLES Yes, but I also know the difference between a real fighter unit and the monster you’ve made Rogue Squadron out to be. The remnants of the Empire aren’t going to hand over Coruscant when they see a dozen Xwings show up in system. GENERAL SALM Of course not. ADMIRAL ACKBAR Are the current pilots selected inferior to other possible candidates?


WEDGE ANTILLES Admiral, with training I can make them into the sort of unit that will strike fear into Iceheart and the Empire. That is, with exception of two. The first is Deegan... GENERAL SALM Deegan is a superb pilot. WEDGE ANTILLES Agreed, but he is from Corellia, as are Corran Horn and myself. And as you have built this squadron, don’t you think it unwise to comprise a fourth of it from one planet? I can only imagine how that will be received from Borsk Fey’lya and his Bothan delegates on the Provisional Council. ADMIRAL ACKBAR (cutting Wedge off) And you have a suggestion for his replacement? WEDGE ANTILLES Yes, I want to bring in Gavin Darklighter. GENERAL SALM Darklighter? He may be a good flyer, but he’s not ready for this kind of action. He’s just a kid from some outer rim, backwater world. Ackbar moves one eye to look at Wedge. WEDGE ANTILLES Begging your pardon sir, but Luke Skywalker was just a kid from some backwater world when we flew the first Death Star run. GENERAL SALM Admiral, what the Commander is failing to mention is that this pilot is only sixteen years old. WEDGE ANTILLES Yes, but as much heart and skill as his cousin Biggs had. (MORE)

9. WEDGE ANTILLES (CONT'D) Who did not make it out of the trenches of that first death star. Who didn’t make it because he was giving Luke enough time to get that shot off.

GENERAL SALM I do not think Lieutenant Janson would deny him a spot in his squad. WEDGE ANTILLES (To Admiral Ackbar) Let me bring him in, if he does better than Deegan in the tests, I want to make the switch. Admiral Ackbar turns to the General and Salm gives a curt nod yes. With this small victory, Wedge presses forward. WEDGE ANTILLES (CONT’D) The second is my XO. Nien Numb may have flown with General Calrissian at Endor, and he is an exceptional pilot, but what he is not, is a teacher. And while we bring Rogue Squadron up to what is expected, I will need an exceptional instructor. ADMIRAL ACKBAR And what candidate do you have in mind? WEDGE ANTILLES I want Tycho Celchu. GENERAL SALM Absolutely not. Under no circumstances will I allow Celchu to be anywhere near an active duty squadron. Just because he is not in prison is no reason for me to want him under my command. WEDGE ANTILLES Prison! He has done nothing to deserve... GENERAL SALM (Cutting him off) He can not be trusted. WEDGE ANTILLES There is no reason to believe that.


GENERAL SALM Come off it Commander, you know what he’s been through. WEDGE ANTILLES What I know is this: Tycho is a hero. He fought on Hoth. He flew the A-wing that took a pack of TIEs away from Lando and me so we could have a chance to take out that second Death Star. He volunteered to fly a captured ship into Imperial Center. He got captured. He escaped. That’s it. GENERAL SALM That is all you wish to see, Antilles. WEDGE ANTILLES Meaning? GENERAL SALM You say he escaped. I say they let him go. WEDGE ANTILLES Just like they let him go at Endor? You’re chasing ghosts. GENERAL SALM No, I’m fighting to prevent you and your squad from becoming ghosts. WEDGE ANTILLES Well, so am I. And that’s why I just had Tycho in the sim, running the Redemption Scenario, making sure they don’t. GENERAL SALM What? Admiral, you can not stand by while Commander Antilles compromises the security of this base. ADMIRAL ACKBAR You must admit that General Salm’s concerns are valid. WEDGE ANTILLES Yes sir. And that is why he has agreed to restrictions even General Salm would think is adequate. (MORE)

11. WEDGE ANTILLES (CONT'D) Tycho has agreed to fly an old Z-95 Headhunter in training sessions, with the lasers powered down. He’s agreed to have an explosive device put inside of his starfighter so if he tries to kamikaze or fly away it can be remotely detonated. And, when not flying, he has agreed to remain under house arrest.

ADMIRAL ACKBAR He has agreed to all these arrangements? WEDGE ANTILLES He’s no different than you, Admiral. He’s a warrior. What he knows, what he can teach, will keep pilots alive. Of course, there is no way General Salm will ever let him return to active combat flying again. GENERAL SALM That can be etched in durasteel. WEDGE ANTILLES So, this is his only way to fight, to serve. Admiral Ackbar pushes a button on his desk. ADMIRAL ACKBAR Bring in the Captain. WEDGE ANTILLES And he’s already made his presence felt. Corran Horn and Bror Jace are the two best pilots in the group. Jace is arrogant. Horn, however is impatient. I need a pilot like Celchu to not only take him out in the sims, but to then teach him how to control that impatience. Because, if he can’t master that, he’s going to get himself killed. Or worse yet, one of his wingmates. Tycho, the same man in the black flight suit, enters the room with ACKBAR’S ASSISTANT and the LIEUTENANT from the simulator room. They salute.


ADMIRAL ACKBAR At ease, Captain. That will be all, Lieutenant. His Assistant and the Lieutenant leave. ADMIRAL ACKBAR (CONT’D) Commander Antilles has informed me of the unusual number of encroachments into your privacy you are willing to accept for this position in the squadron. TYCHO CELCHU Yes, sir. ADMIRAL ACKBAR And you realize you will be flying the oldest and slowest in our fleet? Why have you agree to such restrictions? TYCHO CELCHU Because it is my duty, sir. I joined the Rebellion after the destruction of Alderaan and will continue to serve as long as I am able. My imprisonment... The restrictions you are imposing are nothing compared to what the Empire has done to me. GENERAL SALM That is all well and noble, but would we expect anything less from someone in his position? ADMIRAL ACKBAR No, nor would we expect anything less from a son of Alderaan. Admiral Ackbar picks up his datapad. ADMIRAL ACKBAR (CONT’D) I am signing the orders to make Captain Celchu the Executive Officer for Rogue Squadron and bringing Gavin Darklighter in for the tests. In return you will now have a military protocol droid assigned to help with all the reports that will come directly to me. Is that understood, Commander?


WEDGE ANTILLES Yes sir. ADMIRAL ACKBAR Good. I am glad we understand each other. Dismissed. As the two men exit the office, a smile pulls at the corner of Wedge’s mouth and we cut to -INT./EXT. SPACE - LAMBDA CLASS T-4A TRANSPORT SHUTTLE Intelligence Officer KIRTAN LOOR looms over the pilots as his transport prepares to enter the Carrack-Class Cruiser, Expeditious. With his hair slicked back and prominent widows peak, he looks every bit like a young Grand Moff Tarkin. And Loor is just the type of man to use that similarity to his advantage. The ramp opens and an IMPERIAL OFFICER waits to greet him. INT. CARRACK-CLASS CRUISER EXPEDITIOUS - DOCKING BAY IMPERIAL OFFICER Greetings Agent Loor. The rest of Starwind’s crew has been sequestered as was ordered. KIRTAN LOOR Good, I will deal with them after I have the information I need from the Captain. IMPERIAL OFFICER He is stable and out of medical, however... The Imperial Officer hands Kirtan Loor a data pad. KIRTAN LOOR And he has not been told of the results? IMPERIAL OFFICER No. A predatory smile comes to Loor’s face. elevator to the detention cells. They enter an


INT. CARRACK-CLASS CRUISER EXPEDITIOUS - DETENTION CELLS HALLWAY IMPERIAL OFFICER I must ask, why is your name attached to the prisoner’s file? And why were we to hail you, specifically, when he was apprehended? KIRTAN LOOR Gil Bastra was a spy at Corellian Security and a traitor to the Empire. My job will be to find out what information has been passed along to the Rebellion and then rectify those mistakes. They come to the Detention Hallway and TWO STORMTROOPERS follow them. Agent Loor stops before they get to the prisoner’s cell. KIRTAN LOOR (CONT’D) I do not need an escort. IMPERIAL OFFICER This profile and his tier four ranking on the hostility index indicate otherwise. KIRTAN LOOR I know his file Lieutenant, I gave him that ranking. With that he steps in, shuts the door, and leaves the other men outside as we CUT TO BLACK END ACT ONE


ACT TWO INT. CARRACK-CLASS CRUISER EXPEDITIOUS - DETENTION CELL OF GIL BASTRA Bastra, now a Captain, exudes a sureness that only a leader of men possesses. He slides his legs over the side of the bed and sits up; his lingering injuries slow him slightly. GIL BASTRA Kirtan Loor, about time you caught up with me. KIRTAN LOOR You are going to die Gil Bastra. GIL BASTRA I figured that one out as soon as I had a tractor beam lock on my ship. KIRTAN LOOR No, like always, you have become your own worst enemy. Loor throws the datapad to him. KIRTAN LOOR (CONT’D) I’d say six months, maybe a year if you’re lucky. And judging by the events of today, I’d say your luck just ran out. GIL BASTRA And for the cure, all I have to do is turn over my friends? I think you’ll need that luck. Bastra throws the datapad back to him. KIRTAN LOOR I do not think I require any luck to retrieve this information, just as I did not need any to bring you here today. GIL BASTRA You are overestimating your abilities and underestimating mine, Loor. Ever wonder why, in the two years since you began your search, just when you would hit a dead end, another clue would lead you back to me? (MORE)

16. GIL BASTRA (CONT'D) I knew you would seek out the easiest to catch. And I wanted you following me. You were never a very good detective. You were always missing the most important piece to the puzzle. You won’t get their whereabouts and you will never avenge your career from what we did to it.

KIRTAN LOOR You will be broken. And the last breath you take will be to give me the whereabouts of Iella Wessiri and Corran Horn. Bastra stands; even with his injuries he casts an imposing figure. GIL BASTRA You’re wrong Loor, I’m the black hole sucking down your career. Remember that when I’m dead, because I’ll be laughing about it for all eternity. As Gil Bastra finishes we cut to --. INT. FOLOR - ALLIANCE TRAINING BASE - HANGER BAY Corran Horn works on his X-wing with WHISTLER, his R2 unit. His flight suit, X-wing, and droid still display the green and white color scheme from his CorSec days. CORRAN HORN Try it now Whistler. Nothing. Whistler’s tone runs from high to low in a fair imitation of a sigh. Corran sets down his hydrospanner and lays down on the wing in frustration, knocking the tool over the side. He begins to fall off, but steadies. From nowhere, LUJAYNE FORGE, a human woman from Kessel, is standing with it in her hand. LUJAYNE FORGE Need some help? CORRAN HORN No, I’ve got it covered despite what the droid says. LUJAYNE FORGE What’s wrong with your ship?


CORRAN HORN Nothing I can’t handle. Corran sticks out his hand. Lujayne hands Corran the hydrospanner and expects a handshake. LUJAYNE FORGE We haven’t formally met. Lujayne Forge. I’m

CORRAN HORN (Back to fixing his ship) I know, I’ve seen you around. LUJAYNE FORGE You’ve done more than that. When it was my turn to run the Redemption Scenario you put the Korolev down. CORRAN HORN Right. LUJAYNE FORGE And, the way you took me out before you bombed the Korolev, did you do that as part of the exercise, or was there something more to it? Corran’s silence is telling. LUJAYNE FORGE (CONT’D) I was wondering if you singled me out because I was from Kessel. CORRAN HORN Why would that make a difference? She taps on the green insignia for CorSec painted on the side of his ship. LUJAYNE FORGE I’m assuming most of your acquaintances aren’t found on the spice mines of Kessel. CORRAN HORN Only the pirates and smugglers I put there working Corellian Security. LUJAYNE FORGE I couldn’t help but wonder if that played a part in your actions.


CORRAN HORN No, of course not. LUJAYNE FORGE I’m sure you’ve done your research on everyone here by now, what with your previous employment. But, I want you to know, my father was a teacher, not a criminal. My family helped reform many of the people you put there. So, tell me straight. CORRAN HORN You aren’t going to let this go, are you? LUJAYNE FORGE If you got this far into an interrogation, would you? So, did your flying have something to do with where I was from? CORRAN HORN Maybe I wanted to make sure I put you down in the exercise, and maybe it was because you were from Kessel. It’s possible that I decided if you were a smuggler, then it was important for me to fly better than you. LUJAYNE FORGE That’s all I wanted to hear. And relax, I’m not in the same class as you or Bror Jace but... CORRAN HORN (cutting her off) I hear Commander Antilles is going to bring in another pilot to run the Redemption Scenario tomorrow. I was going to volunteer to fly a bomber against him but Jace already beat me to it. LUJAYNE FORGE His name is Gavin Darklighter. And you didn’t want to follow Jace’s lead? CORRAN HORN Would you?


LUJAYNE FORGE Given a choice, no, I guess not. Next to you, he’s the most standoffish person in the group. CORRAN HORN I’m not standoffish. Whistler makes a low tone. LUJAYNE FORGE No? At least he’s taking the time to meet everyone here. We all know you will make the squadron yet no one has seen you in Downtime once. Whistler starts to make some beeps. CORRAN HORN Don’t even start. LUJAYNE FORGE So your droid is in the same line of thought as the rest of us? CORRAN HORN Listen, after I left CorSec and defected to the Rebellion, I was working undercover. I had to be very careful in my new identities. One slip, one crack, and I’d have been caught. LUJAYNE FORGE I’m just trying to help. Whistler beeps as Corran tries to fix the X-wing. slips and he electrocutes himself. CORRAN HORN Damn. Corran is coming to a point of defeat. finger. He sucks his hurting His hand

LUJAYNE FORGE You know, what you are doing will work for about a month, and then you are going to have to replace the part again. What you need is a spacer. I can measure one up and put it in for you, if you want the help.


CORRAN HORN Why wouldn’t I? LUJAYNE FORGE Because you would have to trust me, and you’d owe me a favor. Corran ponders this but is saved by the announcement. OVER INTERCOM All Rogue Squadron personnel, please report to the briefing amphitheater immediately. As Corran takes in his new predicament we CUT TO BLACK END ACT TWO


ACT THREE INT. FOLOR - ALLIANCE TRAINING BASE - BRIEFING AMPHITHEATER All the potential Rogue Squadron pilots are scattered throughout the room: some standing, some sitting, Corran is off to himself. Wedge Antilles enters with Tycho and the new droid, Emtrey. Everyone quickly takes their seats. As Bror Jace and Erisi Dlarit separate from their conversation, Corran and Erisi trade a stolen glance. WEDGE ANTILLES As you know, Rogue Squadron has always been tasked with the impossible. Even before we were formally created, this squadron was given the assignment to destroy the first Death Star. We did it, and lost a lot of brave pilots in the process. The victory at Endor brought about the destruction of the second Death Star, Darth Vader, the Emperor. We have done whatever the Alliance has needed us to do, no matter the circumstances. What I want you all to understand is this: Rogue Squadron will be the military tip of this New Republic and our job will be to strike at the very heart of the Empire. And believe me, with Ysanne Isard now in control, she will do whatever it takes to stop that from happening. RHYSATI YNR (Whispering) Iceheart, is what I’ve heard her called. OORYL QRYGG (Whispering) From what Ooryl hears, it is an apt name. WEDGE ANTILLES Truth be told, most of you are already more experienced pilots than many of the men and women who have served in this unit. Two of you already have Imperial death marks, and the rest will earn them as soon as the Empire finds out who has been assigned to this unit. (MORE)

22. WEDGE ANTILLES (CONT'D) You’ve made it this far based on flying skill and for the other skills you possess because Admiral Ackbar wants this unit to be more than just a fighter squadron. He wants us to be able to operate independently if necessary and perform operations that would normally require a much larger group of individuals. Some of you have already met our XO, Captain Celchu. Learn as much as you can, because what he will teach you is going to keep you alive. Emtrey is our military protocol droid. He will deal with all requisitions, duty assignments, and other administrative tasks. You will be moving to a separate complex here on Folor to continue the selection process and he has your new room assignments; please get them on your way out. Are there any questions?

BROR JACE Will our training consist of more simulator work, or will we be getting ships to fly? WEDGE ANTILLES That’s a fair question. We will continue supplementing flight training with simulator exercises, but tomorrow will be your first test in X-wings. If there are no more questions, I suggest you take your room assignments and get some rest; you’re going to need it. The pilots move to the front of the amphitheater and grab their room assignments from the protocol droid. Emtrey, like the Rebellion itself, has been cobbled together with whatever parts were available at the time. EMTREY Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Emtrey, militarycyborg relations. I have your room assignments and can answer any questions concerning historical military doctrines, regulations, honor codes or protocols.


Not in the mood to hear his whole speech, Rhysati Ynr grabs the room assignment and heads out the door. INT. FOLOR - ALLIANCE TRAINING BASE - HALLWAYS RHYSATI YNR The Thyferran, that’s just great. Now I can hear about the importance of her family and bacta production every single day. OORYL QRYGG Ooryl will be rooming with the Corellian, Corran Horn. LUJAYNE FORGE There is no denying Horn is private, but at least you got someone that speaks basic, my Rodese consists mainly of expletives. RHYSATI YNR Nawara, I hear you were a lawyer. You should know all about dealing with droids. Want to plead our case for a new room? NAWARA VEN They functioned as paralegals, but I was not a welcome sight in Imperial courts, so my droids were never allowed in. OORYL QRYGG But then there was no chance that the defense you offered would be as strong as it should have been. That is not just. NAWARA VEN Law and justice are seldom served at the same time in Imperial courts. This is what brought us all to the Alliance, has it not? I am looking for the justice I could not give my clients. And you, what is the justice you seek my Gand friend? OORYL QRYGG Ooryl does not believe all would fully understand what Ooryl seeks. (MORE)

24. OORYL QRYGG (CONT'D) The acceptance Ooryl has known here is indeed a welcome relief from the prejudice of the Empire. This shall suffice as Ooryl’s justice.

RHYSATI YNR Justice? I’m here to settle the score after Bespin. NAWARA VEN Hence, the reconstitution of Rogue Squadron. RHYSATI YNR What do you mean? NAWARA VEN The worlds who want to join us have; those who don’t, haven’t, and those who are undecided will need some convincing. Thyferra, your new roommate’s home world, is the source of ninety-five percent of the bacta in the galaxy. They’re neutral now, and making grand profits selling the medicine to both sides. Putting two of their people in Rogue Squadron sends a message to the Thyferrans that we value them. The same goes for the Bothan they brought in. LUJAYNE FORGE And the unit is commanded by a Corellian and has another Corellian pilot that will certainly make it. I’m either a token Twi’lek or a token lawyer. RHYSATI YNR I’m a token refugee, I guess. OORYL QRYGG Ooryl is token Gand. LUJAYNE FORGE So, if this unit is a symbol that is filled with symbols, that means we have to do something very symbolic to get more worlds to join the New Republic.


RHYSATI YNR As long as that means I get to bring some of that justice to a bunch of Imps, I’m all for it. NAWARA VEN Oh, I think you’ll have that opportunity. LUJAYNE FORGE You think you know what target will be coming up next? NAWARA VEN Maybe not next, but before too long we’ll be going after the biggest symbol of all. RHYSATI YNR What, Coruscant? NAWARA VEN The sooner it falls, the sooner the Empire crumbles. END ACT THREE


ACT FOUR INT. CARRACK-CLASS CRUISER EXPEDITIOUS - TORTURE CHAMBER Agent Loor is pushing Gil Bastra to his limit for information. TWO STORMTROOPERS stand to the wall and watch. KIRTAN LOOR Bastra, why do you resist? In the end, you will talk. We will push you to your breaking point, drop you in a bacta tank, and then continue where we left off. GIL BASTRA You were never a very good Intelligence Officer, Loor. You will never find Iella or Corran. And you will never live down the fact that you had three Rebel spies right under your nose. KIRTAN LOOR Perhaps a little more convincing is necessary to loosen your tongue. Kirtan Loor pushes him further. KIRTAN LOOR (CONT’D) Give me the identities you created for your Rebel spies. Loor pushes him even further. KIRTAN LOOR (CONT’D) Where is Corran Horn? Off Gil Bastra’s tortured face we smash cut to -INT. FOLOR - ALLIANCE TRAINING BASE - CORRAN’S DORM ROOM Corran looks in the mirror, holding his necklace, the only lasting heirloom of his family as he readies for bed. OORYL QRYGG Qrygg apologizes for interrupting you. Corran hides the necklace and moves to the bed.


CORRAN HORN If we are going to be rooming together, I have to ask. Why do you refer to yourself in the third person? OORYL QRYGG On Gand, only those who have achieved greatness are permitted to use pronouns for self-designation. The use of such carries with it the presumption that all who hear the speech will know who the speaker is, and this assumption is only true in the case where the speaker is so great, the speaker's name is known to all. CORRAN HORN So Ooryl is the equivalent of Corran, and Qyrgg is like the name Horn is for me? OORYL QRYGG Exactly. So, now Ooryl must ask. The trinket you carry, is that so you may remember, or never forget? As Corran instinctively reaches for his necklace, he gets into bed. The Gand, however, is not doing so and Horn changes the subject. CORRAN HORN Not tired? OORYL QRYGG My people do not require what you would call sleep. Off Corran’s face trying to understand the situation he just got himself into we cut to -INT. FOLOR - ALLIANCE TRAINING BASE - HANGER BAY Wedge inspects his X-wing, running a finger down the iconic red stripe. Emtrey stands with ZRAII, the crew-chief for the Folor Training Base. WEDGE ANTILLES Newly refinished, good. The Hanger Crew works slowly, sneaking glances to see if Wedge approves of the work done to his spacecraft.


Wedge moves to the shield generator located in the back of the X-wing. EMTREY Master Zraii apologizes for only replacing one of the lenses in the defector shield projectors. His techs are trying to procure another, and it should be ready for your first mission. WEDGE ANTILLES That’s fine Emtrey. Ask Zraii what range he zeroed these lasers at. Emtrey and Zraii exchange conversation in a click-buzz sounding language. EMTREY 250 meters, Commander WEDGE ANTILLES Good. Wedge finishes his inspection and places a hand on Zraii’s shoulder. WEDGE ANTILLES (CONT’D) It looks as good as new; like it just came off the assembly line. Wedge shakes hands with the Verpine and climbs the flight ladder. He pauses at the top to regard his new droid. WEDGE ANTILLES (CONT’D) Never used the new R5 astromech before. Wedge straps himself into the cockpit. itself and Wedge reads the screen. R5-D2 introduces

WEDGE ANTILLES (CONT’D) (surprised) That’s one high pitch whistle your packing, sounds like a Mynock getting shot off power cables. R5-D2 then makes an embarrassed low tone as Wedge secures himself in and puts on his helmet. WEDGE ANTILLES (CONT’D) This is Rogue Leader requesting departure clearance from Folor traffic control.


OVER INTERCOM Rogue One is clear for departure, Have a good flight Commander. With that, Wedge lifts off and exits the hanger, pushing his thrusters once he’s exited the bay. INT. CARRACK-CLASS CRUISER EXPEDITIOUS - TORTURE CHAMBER Gil Bastra succumbs to the torture and passes out. KIRTAN LOOR Take him to the medical bay and alert me when he is ready to continue. Stormtroopers carry the limp body out. enters as they leave. The Imperial Officer

IMPERIAL OFFICER He will not make it much longer if you continue to push him like this. What is the importance of these two ex-CorSec officers anyway? They must be halfway across the galaxy by now. What kind of information could they possibly possess that would be of any use now? KIRTAN LOOR They are Rebel scum and will be brought to justice. Now, see to Bastra and make sure he is able to continue. IMPERIAL OFFICER Yes, sir. Kirtan Loor drops his guard when the Imperial Officer leaves the chamber. He walks over to the viewport and thinks about his next move. OVER INTERCOM Sir, there is a problem with the prisoner. INT./EXT. SPACE - ABOVE FOLOR BASE - X-WING COCKPIT Wedge flips a switch to broadcast.


WEDGE ANTILLES Everyone green and running, Tycho? TYCHO CELCHU Systems are go on all X-wings. There’s been some grumbling about feeding at the pig trough, however. WEDGE ANTILLES No surprise there. Shifting to TacOne. TYCHO CELCHU Copy. Wedge switches over and hears the end of a conversation. BROR JACE ...blind, wallowing pigs, and slow to boot. WEDGE ANTILLES I’m sure General Salm will be happy to hear what you think of his Ywings. BROR JACE Sorry, sir. WEDGE ANTILLES Now, as you have no doubt figured out, today’s test will be in the lunar canyon trenches. RHYSATI YNR (Coughs) Pig trough TYCHO CELCHU Cut the chatter. WEDGE ANTILLES Today’s tests will be about flight control and accuracy. Laser towers have been set up to provide you a number of challenges. Your run will be graded on accuracy and speed, and if you get hit, we’ll deduct points. We don’t want to lose any of you or your ships, so don’t try anything stupid. Any questions?


CORRAN HORN Sir, our lasers are zeroed for 250 meters, isn’t that a little short for ground attack missions? WEDGE ANTILLES I guess you’ll have to be very quick and very good. CORRAN HORN Yes, sir. WEDGE ANTILLES Good, then perhaps you would like to go first. CORRAN HORN Yes, sir. Corran leaves the pack and swoops down to the trenches of the moon. He locks his S-foils into attack position. Wedge flips a switch on his radio. WEDGE ANTILLES Mynock, pull a sensor feed from Horn’s R2. Shoot it over to Captain Celchu on Tac-Three. Mynock makes a tone for affirmation. Three. Wedge switches to Tac-

WEDGE ANTILLES (CONT’D) Captain, You’ll be getting a datafeed from my R5 unit. TYCHO CELCHU It should be interesting to watch, He’s going in hot. WEDGE ANTILLES That he is, very hot. He wants to set a mark the others can’t possibly hit. I think he needs to learn a different lesson today. Off Wedge’s face we cut to -INT./EXT. SPACE - FOLOR TRENCH RUN - X-WING Corran touches his necklace.


CORRAN HORN Whistler, see what you can do about boosting my forward sensors. Whistler beeps in affirmation. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) Fine, finish the communications link first. And even the shields out, we don’t want to get taken by surprise. The fighter shoots into the trench. side. Walls rise to either

CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) I see them Whistler, two towers port one another half-klick starboard. Corran does some fancy flying, getting on his side and then barrel rolling as shots come from the turrets. The sounds of target locks permeate the cockpit. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) Boost my aft shields. We’re getting past the turrets too fast and they’re chewing up our backside. Corran winds through the trench, the towers behind him can’t finish the job. As the trench gets tighter, Corran hits fewer targets. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) Looks like we’re going to start running out of room really quick. Whistler screeches. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) It’s wide enough Whistler, I’ve got at least a meter on either side Corran just gets close enough to the wall that his shield glows blue and pushes him back. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) OK, maybe less than a meter. In the distance, Corran can see the trench opens up ahead.


CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) When this trench opens up we’re going to have a lot of towers, mark as many as possible. Corran hits three of the last ten or so targets, and just barely gets hit with laser fire. As Corran pulls out of the trench we cut to our commander -WEDGE ANTILLES Very impressive flying, Mr. Horn. Your score is 3250 out of 5000. Quite good. CORRAN HORN Thank you, sir. WEDGE ANTILLES You can head back to base now. Your participation in this exercise is over. Consider yourself at liberty for the rest of the day. CORRAN HORN Yes, sir. END ACT FOUR


ACT FIVE INT. FOLOR - ALLIANCE TRAINING BASE - HANGER BAY LOCKER ROOM Corran, instead of taking his liberty, waits for the other flyers to come back and see if his score got beat. The others come back in pairs, and for the most part, avoid him. As the first pair walk in, Lujayne Forge and Andoori Hui get cornered. LUJAYNE FORGE I got 3300. Andoori hit 3750. CORRAN HORN What? LUJAYNE FORGE (lying) It was just our day to fly well. You inspired us, really. ANDOORI HUI (Rodian) Inspiring, Horn. Andoori wanders off and Corran looks directly at Lujayne CORRAN HORN And the kid, don’t tell me the kid beat my score. LUJAYNE FORGE Want to head to DownTime and get a drink? Corran leaves to get some answers. INT. FOLOR - ALLIANCE TRAINING BASE - HANGER BAY Corran heads directly to his X-wing and WHISTLER. CORRAN HORN Whistler, at the start of our run you set up a communications link with someone. Who? Whistler projects an image of Wedge Antilles. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) You sent him my data? Whistler squawks.


CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) I know I didn’t prohibit it. Never give out that sort of data without my permission again, got it? WEDGE and TYCHO land, Corran starts to leave but Whistler uses his pincers to try and stop him. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) You betrayed me once today, don’t compound the problem. Whistler lets him go, but plays a funeral march as Corran walks away. Corran stops between the two ships and salutes as they descend their ladders. Wedge milks this for all it’s worth and doesn’t salute back until he has taken off his helmet and flight gloves. WEDGE ANTILLES Do you want to speak with me about something? CORRAN HORN Permission to speak freely, sir? WEDGE ANTILLES Knock yourself out. CORRAN HORN You gave everyone else my targeting data. I flew my heart out and ran that course as good as anyone possibly could on his first time through. You turned that data over to the others, so they were making a run based on my flight. You gave them my score as a base and they built on it. WEDGE ANTILLES And? CORRAN HORN And? It’s not fair, sir. I’m one of the best pilots remaining. But it looks like I’m the worst. The others appear to be better. I was robbed today. WEDGE ANTILLES I see, are you finished? CORRAN HORN No.


WEDGE ANTILLES Well, you should be, or you can be. Do you understand me? CORRAN HORN (Caught off guard) Yes, sir. WEDGE ANTILLES You need to examine why you are here, Mr. Horn. You’re part of a team now and you better start acting like it. If I need you to shoot a trench like that and feed your data back to a Y-wing squadron coming through, I'll have you do it. How good you are means nothing if the rest of the people in the squadron get killed. You might be the best pilot in this squadron, but we’re only as good as our worst. Today the others learned to use data from a reconnaissance flight to help them through deadly territory. You learned that you’re not more important than anyone else in this squadron. I’m pleased with the lessons learned. If you’re not, I’m certain there are other squads who would love to have Rogue’s washouts. CORRAN HORN Yes, sir. WEDGE ANTILLES Yes, what, Mr. Horn? CORRAN HORN Yes, I’m happy with what I learned, today, sir. I want to be here. WEDGE ANTILLES Good, I don’t want to lose you. You’ve got the makings of a superior pilot, but you aren’t there yet. There is more to this squadron than flying well. CORRAN HORN Yes, sir.


WEDGE ANTILLES You’re dismissed, Mr. Horn. Wedge salutes and Corran returns it. Corran begins walking back to his fighter, contemplating the past hour. TYCHO CELCHU Mr. Horn? Corran stops to salute. Tycho returns it.

CORRAN HORN Captain Celchu? TYCHO CELCHU Still walking and talking? CORRAN HORN Sir? TYCHO CELCHU Either Commander Antilles is losing his touch dressing down recruits, or you’re made of sterner stuff than I might have otherwise considered. CORRAN HORN I don't think the Commander cut me any slack, sir. TYCHO CELCHU Forgive me, Mr. Horn, that did not come out the way I wanted. Please. Tycho gestures Corran to follow him as he walks through the base. INT. FOLOR - ALLIANCE TRAINING BASE - HALLWAYS TYCHO CELCHU From your CorSec record and the way you tend to excel in scenarios where you act alone, you have struck me as a loner. Loners don't tend to like it when they're made to be a team player. CORRAN HORN I can work with others, but I know the only person I can rely on when things fall apart is myself. (MORE)

38. CORRAN HORN (CONT'D) I can't help that mind-set; it’s kept me alive in tough some times.

TYCHO CELCHU The problem with that attitude, Corran, is that it keeps others away. It makes it more difficult for them to help you when you need it, and it keeps them uncertain that you will help them when the time comes that they need you. CORRAN HORN Hey, I'll never leave a buddy in trouble. TYCHO CELCHU I don't doubt that, but you define buddies on your terms. Others may not see themselves as your friends. It's clear that being here is not easy for you. CORRAN HORN Why do you think that, sir? TYCHO CELCHU You were with CorSec and spent a good deal of your time hunting down the same people who you now call allies. That transition isn't something you can make overnight. CORRAN HORN It couldn't have been any easier for you, sir. You were an Imperial pilot. TYCHO CELCHU Let's just say, Corran, that my situation was quite different from yours. Different time, different circumstances. CORRAN HORN You may be right, sir. Looking around here I see the sort of smuggler's hideaway my father and I ached to bust wide open. Just looking around I know it was used by pirates before the Alliance turned it into a base. If I'd known then what I know now...


TYCHO CELCHU You would have been even more convinced that the Rebellion was wrong. CORRAN HORN Yeah, I guess I would have. I remember being in the Academy when the Imperial warrants for Han Solo and Chewbacca were issued. They were charged with the murder of Grand Moff Tarkin, no word about the Death Star, of course. I remember thinking that if I were already in CorSec I'd have gotten Solo. I thought he was a blot on Corellia's honor. TYCHO CELCHU And you still do. CORRAN HORN I understand that he made some choices that made his life fall apart. I can sympathize with his freeing Wookiee slaves. No one on Corellia liked the idea of slaves, but he sank pretty low after that. He smuggled drugs for a Hutt. TYCHO CELCHU When your life disintegrated, you didn't sink that far, so he shouldn't have? CORRAN HORN Something like that. TYCHO CELCHU I think there was a time that Solo, who had bound his conception of honor to his service to the Empire, forgot that honor could exist outside Imperial service. This seems to be a misconception that has been corrected. CORRAN HORN And correcting it won him fame, glory, and Princess Leia. TYCHO CELCHU True, but what's important is that he knows honor exists inside. (MORE)

40. TYCHO CELCHU (CONT'D) What goes on outside can't change it or kill it. Too many folks give it up too easily, then do whatever they can to fill the void in their hearts. (beat) Forgive me this little lecture. I have had an unfortunate amount of time to think about this sort of stuff.

The two men stop at the entrance of the DownTime Bar. Two Alliance Security officers and the LIEUTENANT seen previously walk over to where Corran and Tycho stand. LIEUTENANT Captain Celchu, are you ready to return to your quarters? TYCHO CELCHU Yes, I believe so. Thank you for this conversation, Mr. Horn. Corran salutes. Tycho returns. TYCHO CELCHU (CONT’D) After you. No, sir. LIEUTENANT After you.

Corran is puzzled by this, but is distracted by the appearance of ERISI DLARIT. She is the female from Thyferra whom Corran shared a stolen glance. INT. FOLOR - ALLIANCE TRAINING BASE - DOWNTIME BAR ERISI DLARIT There you are. CORRAN HORN Me? ERISI DLARIT I was sent to find you. The rest of us are in DownTime, going over what happened out there. CORRAN HORN Not enough laughs, so you wanted me to join you? Thanks anyway, some other time.


ERISI DLARIT No, now. We do want you there. we can apologize. CORRAN HORN Sure.


ERISI DLARIT Look, we all used your data because Commander Antilles told us our exercise involved doing just that. It wasn't until after we made our runs that he told each of us what had happened, what he had done to you. He ordered us to say nothing, except to report our scores. None of us felt good about what happened and we want to make it up to you. CORRAN HORN So, how did you get the job of coming after me? You pick the lowest sabacc card? ERISI DLARIT I volunteered. Rhysati and Nawara Ven and are trying to talk some sense into Bror and I had to walk away. CORRAN HORN You'd abandon a fellow Thyferran to a debate with a Twi'lek lawyer? ERISI DLARIT Bror Jace is from a Zaltin family. His people are known in the world of bacta production for being rather haughty and stubbornly defiant. CORRAN HORN I hadn’t noticed. ERISI DLARIT I would have thought you a keener observer than that. She gives his arm a playful squeeze. ERISI DLARIT (CONT’D) Besides, Bror has noticed you. He sees you as his chief rival for supremacy in this squadron.


CORRAN HORN Erisi, I appreciate your candor, but I'd hardly expect you to be speaking of a friend in such uncomplimentary terms. ERISI DLARIT What gave you the impression we were friends? CORRAN HORN Perhaps the fact that you are from the same planet, or that you spend a lot of time with him. ERISI DLARIT Better the Moff you know than the Emperor's new Envoy. I could never truly be friends with anyone who grew up in the Zaltin corporate culture. My people are with Xucphra, the true leader in bacta production and refinement. My uncle was the person who discovered the contamination the Ashern Rebels introduced into Lot ZX1449F. CORRAN HORN (trying to not act bored) Really? ERISI DLARIT You! I know Thyferran corporate politics is boring, but it's the lifeblood of my people. We're such a small community, we set great store in the accomplishments of our relatives. CORRAN HORN So, choosing one of you from each of the largest corporate families was meant to keep things even? ERISI DLARIT Were that possible, of course. More of us would have been sent, I suspect, but strong involvement with the Alliance is a thing of fierce debate on Thyferra. Benign neutrality seems to be the course our leaders are choosing.


CORRAN HORN But you felt strongly enough about the Rebellion to volunteer and join? ERISI DLARIT There are times one must place higher ideals over personal safety. A stirring point for Corran, because his thoughts align with hers, and a break to take in his surroundings. CORRAN HORN If I were still in CorSec, I'd be calling for backup before setting foot in a place like this. INT. FOLOR - ALLIANCE TRAINING BASE - DOWNTIME BAR Erisi, taking his hand in hers, leads him into the section that the Rogue Squadron hopefuls are occupying. This is unexpected to him, but he rolls with it. Pilots of all the different squadrons, and planetary origin, sit with Hanger Technicians. It is a busy night. BROR JACE immediately walks up to Corran to talk, he clocks the hand holding with Erisi. She let’s go. BROR JACE I want you to know I would not have flown with your data had I been aware of what Commander Antilles was doing. I will be the first to sign the letter of protest to General Salm. CORRAN HORN Letter of protest? NAWARA VEN Some of our ranks believe a protest of the Commander’s treatment of you is in order. CORRAN HORN Listen, we're part of a military unit involved in an illegal insurgency against an empire. The last thing we are going to do is protest how the boss conducts training exercises. We’re all on the same side here.


GAVIN DARKLIGHTER But what he did to you wasn't right, it was meant to hurt your status in the squadron. Wasn’t it? CORRAN HORN Commander Antilles had a point to make with me, and he made it. And he made one with you too. Your being here like this, your discomfort with what happened, and your desire to protest my treatment means I know you're going to be there when I need you to be. And I hope you know I'm willing to do what I need to do to make sure our squadron can do its job. If that means I go in alone to get information, I’ll do it. The thing we all have to remember is this: There's nothing Commander Antilles can do to us that will be worse than what the Empire has already done on hundreds of worlds. They destroyed Alderaan. They destroyed the Jedi and they'll destroy us if they can. Because of what he did today, Commander Antilles knows he can count on me, and I hope the rest of you do, too. No one says anything, most do not expect this reaction, even Corran is a little surprised by his own unexpected speech. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) Just so you don't think I'm this cool-headed all the time, I’ll admit I had a discussion with Captain Tycho in which he pointed out most of these insights. Yelling? No. Why? Riv growls and Gavin laughs. Pilots begin to take credits from their flight suits and put them on the table. After money is exchanged only a handful remain at the table. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) What is this about? RIV SHIEL Punches? CORRAN HORN


NAWARA VEN Winning the pool. I said you’d be reasonable. RHYSATI YNR You took reasonable because you got the best odds with that wager. NAWARA VEN I hold opinions, I do not bet them. CORRAN HORN Who had ‘will challenge Commander Antilles to an X-wing duel’? ERISI DLARIT It was an even-odds bet, too. CORRAN HORN Nawara won by betting what was in my brain, but you bet what was in my heart. Any way for you to use that perception and look into the Commander’s head to see who will make the squad? ERISI DLARIT We think we have it pretty much figured out. LUJAYNE FORGE You and Bror are in the lead, but the kid here has being trying his hardest to catch up. GAVIN DARKLIGHTER I had a lucky shot in the Redemption Scenario and took out Jace. Corran gives him an impressed nod. LUJAYNE FORGE The Rodian, Andoori Hui and the Shistavanen, Riv Shiel are rounding out the top. RHYSATI YNR Erisi and I are middle of the hunt. Along with Nawara and Ooryl.


LUJAYNE FORGE There are a few others, but we think the last two would be the Bothan, Peshk Vri’syk, and myself. NAWARA VEN Competition is stiff. GAVIN DARKLIGHTER I hope I can carry on the family legacy. Biggs was like a brother to me. I just hope I can do him proud. LUJAYNE FORGE You will, Gavin. Don’t worry. GAVIN DARKLIGHTER All that is left from the origins of Rogue Squadron is Wedge Antilles. LUJAYNE FORGE And where ever Luke Skywalker is. RHYSATI YNR I don’t think Skywalker will ever rejoin, he’s off trying to reestablish the Jedi Order. Good luck with that one. LUJAYNE FORGE My grandmother used to tell me stories about the Clone Wars. It sure would be nice to have a few of those lightsabers on our side now. CORRAN HORN My grandfather fought in the Clone Wars. NAWARA VEN Your grandfather was a Jedi? CORRAN HORN No, just an officer with CorSec, like my father and then me. His best friend was a Jedi Knight though, and he fought alongside them in a couple of actions near Corellia, but Grandpa never talked about those times very much. (MORE)

47. CORRAN HORN (CONT'D) When Vader started hunting down all the Jedi, CorSec resources were used to find them and my grandfather didn't like that at all.

NAWARA VEN This sort of resentment toward Imperial action is precisely the means by which the Alliance is able to bring new worlds in to join our effort. CORRAN HORN Princess Leia and the host of diplomats working for the Alliance have done more to strengthen the New Republic than the whole Katana fleet could do, if that legend were true, and we could find it. But, there is a limit to what the diplomats can accomplish. Hence the reconstitution of Rogue Squadron. RHYSATI YNR And the eclectic bunch of pilots chosen. NAWARA VEN Eclectic is right, Commander Antilles says we have two in our midsts with death marks. GAVIN DARKLIGHTER Really? NAWARA VEN He mentioned that in a briefing before you were brought in. RHYSATI YNR You mean that one of them is not the lawyer? NAWARA VEN No doubt there are former clients on Kessel that want me dead, but I have no death mark that I am aware of. You are a former Corellian security officer, what have you dug up?


CORRAN HORN I only encountered one instance of a death mark. Though, I don’t know if it is my place to reveal such details. NAWARA VEN Death marks imposed by the Empire are public record. And, in present company, it would hardly be viewed as a disgrace. RHYSATI YNR What about Andoorni Hui? She’s a Rodian, and many of them tend to work with the Empire. Perhaps her defection angered her previous employers? OORYL QRYGG No, Rodians are hunters who live and die by their reputations. Andoorni is a huntress who decided that joining the most celebrated hunting band in the galaxy is a way of furthering her reputation. Ooryl does not think she did anything to bring the wrath of her past patrons down on her head. LUJAYNE FORGE Perhaps it was Riv Shiel. A lot of the Shistavanen were put out of business when the Emperor put restrictions on exploration. He could have turned and sold intel to the Rebellion. That’s how we found haven’s in the past, Yavin and Hoth. Emtrey comes out from the shadows to speak. EMTREY Riv Shiel earned his death mark when he resisted arrest and killed a team of stormtroopers. Forgive me for interrupting, but I am familiar with the aforementioned personnel files of all the recruits. Riv Shiel has made no attempt to hide this information from his fellow officers, but the second has made no mention of his. (MORE)

49. EMTREY (CONT'D) Would it be wise to reveal his identity Mr. Horn?

CORRAN HORN Nawara is right, it’s more a badge of honor than anything else. I say, ‘go ahead’. EMTREY Alright. The other mark was given after the brutal murder of a halfdozen people. CORRAN HORN Who did that? EMTREY You did sir, you are wanted for the murder of six smugglers in the Corellian system. END ACT FIVE


ACT SIX INT. FOLOR - ALLIANCE TRAINING BASE - DOWNTIME BAR CORRAN HORN (Busting out laughing) Oh that? That’s nothing. I’d forgotten all about that. OORYL QRYGG Ooryl did not know that murder was seen as mirthful. NAWARA VEN It isn’t. CORRAN HORN Emtrey, are you able to bring up the information on the deceased from my file? EMTREY Yes sir. CORRAN HORN All the names are fake. We created them, put out that they were a group of savage pirates. RHYSATI YNR Why? CORRAN HORN Well, back at CorSec, in my division, we had an Imperial Liaison Officer who had enough ambition to dream about being a Grand Moff, and just enough talent dealing with bureaucracy to be a severe problem. He wanted us to bear down on all Rebel smuggling in system, but we were more concerned about hunting the kind of pirates that were causing problems, smugglers and the like. We were trying to show the pirates coming in system that Corellia was not tolerating savageness in our sector. Agent Loor threatened to bring us up on charges of aiding the Rebellion in order to keep us in line. (MORE)

51. CORRAN HORN (CONT'D) Little did he know we actually were funneling information to the Rebellion. When the Emperor died, it became important for the local governors to start flexing their muscles to squash any resistance.

LUJAYNE FORGE So, that is the point at which you fled. CORRAN HORN I don’t think Loor realized that a group of us had been gathering intel. He suspected a spy in the office, I doubt he would have guessed there were three. He must have given me the death mark for the fake murders after I left. Everyone looks at Corran, not sure if he is telling the truth. CORRAN HORN (CONT’D) Emtrey, If you reverse the time of births on their death certificates you will notice that those numbers become the next person’s birth date on the list. EMTREY That is correct. CORRAN HORN I wouldn’t be surprised if Bastra or Ielia Wessir had marks too. Loor was never examine beyond the surface go of a grudge. Gil death one to or let

RHYSATI YNR A trait one can place with many Imperials. EMTREY According to the death report I have just pulled, Gil Bastra died less than one standard day ago. CORRAN HORN No, are you sure that report is accurate?


NAWARA VEN Not necessarily. Perhaps this was a way to cover his tracks. RHYSATI YNR Or even something this Loor did to get at you. CORRAN HORN True. There was a lot of bad blood between Loor and me, and knowing I was going to head out, I really started defying him. On what turned out to be my last assignment, I was supposed to pull a surprise inspection on a band of small-time smugglers who were coming in system. Whistler and I mounted up with all the new identity files Gil had made up for me. Where the smugglers were supposed to be I found debris and two flights of TIEs looking for trouble. I illuminated a couple with my lasers, then jumped out. That's the start of a long story about how and why I'm here now. NAWARA VEN Well, you are here now, and we hope you shall remain in our company. Today, we salute you. They all raise their glasses. Corran makes eye contact with Erisi and silently tells her thanks. INT./EXT. SPACE - ABOVE CORUSCANT - TRANSPORT SHUTTLE OBJURIUM IMPERIAL PILOT We will be exiting hyperspace soon. Shuttle Objurium breaks hyperspace to reveal Coruscant, the crown jewel of the galaxy. IMPERIAL PILOT (CONT’D) Imperial Center, this is shuttle Objurium requesting deactivation of the deflector shield. IMPERIAL OFFICER (O.S.) Transmit clearance code for shield passage.


IMPERIAL PILOT Transmission Commencing. The pilot pushes some buttons on his control. IMPERIAL OFFICER (O.S.) Shuttle Objurium, deactivation of the shield will commence immediately. Align course for beacon 784432. IMPERIAL PILOT Understood, control. Objurium out. IMPERIAL PILOT 2 Palace Vector, seems our passenger is either very well connected, or in a lot of trouble. The two pilots trade knowing glances. The ship comes into atmosphere and flies through the world that is one large city. When they reach the Imperial Palace, the shield is brought down as the shuttle passes through. The wings come up and they land inside an Imperial Center docking bay. IMPERIAL PILOT Good luck, sir. INT. CORUSCANT - IMPERIAL PALACE - HANGER BAY Agent Loor nervously pulls himself together before walking down the ramp and meeting the four waiting Imperial guards. They silently turn and lead him to the end of the hanger. Loor notices the black hem to the bottom of their cloaks, a sign of their fallen leader. INT. CORUSCANT - IMPERIAL PALACE - BRIDGE Kirtan Loor looks out through the windows of the bridge to see Coruscant. He is led to a doorway where two guards stand. The doors slide open to reveal a large room, the back wall completely glass, where a woman stands in silhouette from the setting sun, outlining her in red. INT. CORUSCANT - IMPERIAL PALACE - ISARD’S OFFICE YSANNE ISARD You are Kirtan Loor.


KIRTAN LOOR As ordered. I can explain my report. YSANNE ISARD Agent Loor, if I had wanted your report explained, I would have had your superiors go to great pains to extract that explanation from you. Do you have any idea who I am? KIRTAN LOOR No, ma'am. YSANNE ISARD I am Ysanne Isard. I am Imperial Intelligence. I rule this Empire now and I am determined to destroy this Rebellion. I believe you can aid me in this task. KIRTAN LOOR Me? YSANNE ISARD You. I hope my belief is not unfounded. If it is, I will have gone to great expense to bring you here for nothing. Accounts will have to be balanced and I don't believe there is any way you can pay what you owe. KIRTAN LOOR I am in your debt, Madam Director, and at your service. As Ysanne Isard finishes her speech, we pre-lap to our different pilots, settling on Corran Horn. YSANNE ISARD Good. We have gone to great lengths to place a spy within the newly reformed Rogue Squadron, and that source tells us that a friend of yours is a pilot of remarkable skill. Perhaps you remember him? Corran Horn. END OF SHOW