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A-506, Block -3, Gulshan e Iqbal Karachi Phone (Res.): (+92 21)-498-4704 Cellular No.

: (+92 ) 321-929-4447 & (+92 ) 300-929-4447 Email: ;

A qualified Chartered Accountant who besides exercising core financial and management expertise has always strived to get recognition as a true leader by challenging the norms and standards and bringing about change to attain effectiveness and efficiency.

My objective is to secure a career / position that has opportunities to satisfy my appetite for challenges, has dimensions to keep my career dynamic and has the space to prove my competence and versatility.

I have been fortunate to get a grooming through a widespread rotation across various functional assignments making my exposure more enriching.

Functions to which exposed
Management Finance i.) Financial Planning

Key Highlights
Served actively in the core decision making of the organization and strategy setting being a part of Senior Management Served as a CFO and Head of Finance managing the financial affairs of reputed organizations. Key aspects handled includes: • • Was involved in setting up short term and long term corporate plans and other business models including due diligence for potential acquisitions Was responsible for the preparation of the financial statements in accordance with the applicable financial reporting standards and met all regulatory reporting requirements Managed the accounting functions including complex transactional recordings ensuring control on bookkeeping at Head Office, Manufacturing sites and branches Get credit of in house tax expert at various employers and lead not only the tax compliance but also remained involved in tax planning Handled the treasury functions and dealt with financial institutions for credit lines. Lead effective fund management and investments of idle funds. Also was involved in the hedging Managed project accounting ensuring the factor of financial discipline and control with fast track capitalization and analysis of the project variables Was responsible for the disbursement and recording of the entire payroll of the organization at centralized location and paved way for the influx of technology in payroll disbursement Leading the internal audit functions, contributed in the risk based audit planning; ensuring highest level of financial and ethical compliance; gauging the barometer for GRC (Governance , Risk & Compliance) and also facilitated the implementation of Enterprise Risk Management program (ERM)

Fuchs , Dawlance & Engro

Fuchs , Dawlance & Engro Fuchs , Dawlance & Engro

ii.) Financial reporting

iii.) Accounting (including sales accounting & Mktg finance) iv.) Taxation v.) Treasury

Fuchs , Dawlance & Engro

• •

Fuchs , Dawlance & Engro Fuchs , Dawlance & Engro

vi.) Project accounting vii.) Payroll disbursement and accounting Internal Audit

• •

Engro Fuchs, Dawlance & Engro


Listing regulations. working capital and other financing needs at Dawlance Lead the initiation of business documentation process and ensured compilation of the complete SOPs and Review guides both at Fuchs and at Engro Foods Participated in the business modeling and planning of successful business ventures and brands at Engro Foods. Complete setting up of Fuchs Oil Pakistan (Private) Limited from the scratch making it a regulatory compliant. Competition laws etc Fuchs. commercial and logistic etc. Karachi Position Holder (4th ) of Graduation Program of University of Karachi .2 -----------------2------------------ Secretarial Compliance • Managed the regulatory compliance and handled secretarial compliance matters including but not limited to Companies Ordinance. Instrumental in making teams as winning teams by achieving geometric progression of positive results.Contd……………. project development. control oriented and dynamic organization Was a key member of ERP implementation teams (functional consultant) and took part in 3 ERP Implementations of following ERPs a) SAP b) Oracle E Suite c) BAAN Implemented Enterprises Risk Management at Engro Fertilizers Limited Implemented HR model at Dawlance and launched various in house Workshop to impart the awareness of the model Was instrumental in the huge borrowing deals for projects. Effectively helped in achieving core business objectives but effective tax planning. Job evaluations. Dawlance & Engro Supply Chain Being a direct interface to coordinate for finance in SCM activities like procurement. • • • Contributed in the decision making process of newly established entities making them achieve more than the targets. • • • • • • • • • • Academic: • • Position Holder (3rd) of Intermediate Board. entity incorporation and regulatory registrations for newly established ventures at Dawlance and Engro Successfully ensured the normal and smooth operations post fire incident at PNSC and successfully achieved disaster recovery subsequent to the loss of critical accounting data. Performance appraisals and also performed verification of the master HR data Active involvement with Information systems for development and customization of business applications Participated in the ERP implementations with the core of optimization of business processes Dawlance & Engro Human Resources Fuchs & Engro Dawlance Fuchs. Put in practice innovative ideas like e – cash collections for Omore and E – Disbursements for payroll Participated in the listing of Engro Foods Limited Participated and lead complicated issues such as patent registration. Also lead the drive for tax recoveries and collections besides managing tax related litigations.. participated in the problem solving and solution development activities • • • Managed fund accounting (provident & gratuity fund) and facilitated external auditing of the same Performed advisory roles for trustees to assist in the efficient investment of retirement funds Participated in the HRM related projects such as Goal setting. Dawlance & Engro Business applications • • KEY ACHIEVEMENTS Professional: • Performed role of Deputy CFO of an emerging FMCG and help attained financial discipline leading to expansion of business.

Akhtar Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd as Assistant Accountant (part time basis) SAFA Mineral Water Company & Bottling Plant as Accounts Assistant DETAILED EMPLOYMENT PROFILE Engro Fertilizers Limited (EFL) (February 2011. implementing the Enterprise Risk Management process based on COSO and other International frameworks across the entity • Participating in business decision making to orient and ensure presence of effective controls within each business process • Suggesting areas of improvement to the management through characterization of risk date) A wholly owned subsidiary of Engro Corporation Limited As Head of Internal Audit Reporting to the Board Audit Committee & CEO as Head of the Internal Audit function. PricewaterhouseCoopers (A.3 • -----------------3------------------ EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Post qualification Feb 2011 – To date July 2007 – Feb 2011 Taxation) January 2006 – July 2007 September 2002 – December 2005 Course Training Indenture (Articleship) July 2000 – July 2002 May 1998 -..Feb 2011) A wholly owned subsidiary of Engro Corporation Limited As Head Accounting & Taxation (General Manager Accounting & Taxation) Heading the accounting and taxation function of Engro Foods Limited.Ferguson & Co.June 2000 Other Employment (Pre Articles) March 1996— February 1998 February 1994 — February 1996 Engro Fertilizers Limited – As Head of Internal Audit (Manager Internal Audit) Engro Foods Limited – As Head of Accounting & Tax (General Manager Accounting & Dawlance (Private) Limited (A Dawlance Group Company) . • Promulgation of controls and control environment including liaison with Corporate Audit Function. . I am responsible for bringing about the control environment within the entity. In this role few of the responsibilities which formulate my job description are: • Overseeing the Internal Control effectiveness of the entity • Preparation and conduct of the Annual Audit plan and reporting the findings to the BAC • Preparation and presentation of the Board package showing the outcomes of the audit plan and other control related issues (including review of Accounts) • Conducting sessions to impart the sense of Ethics . (HASCOL) – As Manager Finance & Admin. • Handling a team of 67 people and ensuring efficient application of the people management skills. • Assuring efficient tax compliance (both of Direct and Indirect Taxes) and liaison with tax advisors and taxation authorities • Tax planning aspects while analyzing feasibility and viability of various projects and proposals • Management of Various other allied financial record keeping such as of Marketing finance. I am entrusted with the responsibility of running the routing accounting operations and ensuring the taxation compliance.F. Distribution finance etc. Engro Foods Limited (EFL) (July 2007. Controls and Compliance and ensuring effectiveness of these within the entity • Conducting and reporting quadrennial Business practices review sessions • Assuming roles as Chief Risk Officer.Contd…………….) Ltd. In this role few of the roles and responsibilities which formulate my job description are: • Overall supervision of the accounting and reporting Function of Engro Foods Limited • Preparation of Management and Statutory Accounts & other reports as required by the financial reporting framework • Preparation of Budgets and forecasts • Managing Project accounting and Production accounting.) Coopers & Lybrand. Karachi Pakistan.As CFO (Head of Finance) Fuchs Oil Pakistan (Pvt. • Financial Reporting in line with the International reporting standards and other prevalent local regulations with strong emphasis in emulsifying disclosures as per best practices. • Inter coordinating activities of upcoming projects within the current accounting hierarchy as well as suggesting their tax beneficial corporate structure • Liaison with Planning functions for Overall planning cycle and project viability.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (A. Sales. tax planning and strategy. was responsible for managing the financial affairs of the Company in direct reporting chain with Director Finance.. These include audit of variety of organizations. and “Business Consultation”. a Dawlance Group Company • Preparation of Management and Statutory Accounts & other reports as required by the financial reporting framework • Preparation of Budgets and forecasts • Regulating smooth Branch Accounting framework • Recommending improvement in the financial reporting environment and bringing more consistency with the International Reporting Practices. “Tax and Corporate Services”. As Key User – ERP Implementation Team (Oracle Financials & Oracle E suite) Also assigned with the role of acting as a key user for implementation of ERP Modules substantially assisting the finalization of the process by contributing through: • Understanding of the business processes such as Accounting. in which I actively participated included: • • • • • • Organizational Development (OD) Job Classification and Evaluation (JACE) Performance Planning and Goal Setting (PPGS) Performance Evaluations and Appraisals (PEAS) Management Competency Development Program (MCDP) Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Fuchs Oil Pakistan (Pvt. Some of the core roles in the captioned capacity included: • Overall supervision of the accounting and Finance Function of Dawlance (Private) Limited.F. Primary functions of the TST included devising and implementing various OHRD projects to improve the Overall Human resource of the Organization and bringing efficiencies and competencies. taxation and regulatory affairs of the company and devising solution • Last but not the least acting as a solution developer finding business solutions. review and implementation of accounting and . OHRD projects. As Member Technical Study Team (TST) for Human Resource Serving the additional captioned responsibility.Contd……………. Manufacturing and documenting those • Suggesting approaches for Business Process Re-engineering and Business Modeling • Interlinking of current business automation with the proposed Oracle automation • Consulting with the Implementation consultants and process handlers on the effective transitioning of the new system catering all the needs of information. core functions include: • Managing the financial affairs such as borrowings and cash management • Responsible for the smooth functioning of a sophisticated accounting environment • Establishment of internal and accounting controls • Preparation of budgets on strategic and tactical levels • Acting as an administrator to furbish the entity with a controlled discipline • Procurements and planning in line with budgets • Reporting to Group Finance function Saudi Arabia encompassing various horizons in the report • Participating in decision making process setting new dimensions of the company • Maintaining a watchful eye on the various legislative. business valuation. as Head of Finance and Administration (September 2002. I was a part of the OHRD consulting team comprising of 5 members working under a Filipino Consultant.July 2007) As Head of Finance (CFO) Working in the role of a Head of Finance of Dawlance (Private) Limited. Financial and Regulatory assignments arising on a day-to-day basis. Reporting directly to the Saudi Group Finance function.4 -----------------4------------------ Dawlance (Private) Limited (January 2006.December 2005) Working in the captioned capacity undertaking diversified tasks of dynamic nature besides being entirely responsible for running the financial affairs of the company. Ferguson) Karachi (July 2000 to July 2002) PricewaterhouseCoopers (Coopers & Lybrand) Karachi (May 1998– June 2000) My extensive experience with PwC is equipped with working in divisions like “Assurance and Business Advisory”. assuming and fulfilling responsibility for coping up with the Administrative. Working as a significant part of the organization and strategic team.) Ltd.

tax and consultancy services to the clients and developing firm business and products. Business development. and Interacting with tax administration and appellate authorities and attending client case proceedings. Providing consultancy to foreign funds investing in Pakistan. This requires liaison with other offices of PwC in the world and with senior client management. Providing corporate compliance and maintaining records required by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan including: o Corporate registers o Corporate forms o Other Corporate records • Preparation of Corporate documentation encompassing matters affecting clients’ legal structure. and Internal audit assignments • • • • Credentials and Honors Straight reporting line with partner In house appraisal meetings with senior management and participation towards formulation of firms policies QUALIFICATIONS Professional . • • • Providing consultancy to MNCs in Pakistan.) • Tackling liquidation and winding up assignments.. Tax structuring for foreign contractors working on projects in Pakistan. Putting into force the intellects of human resource management resulting in the nativity of efficient firm’s human resources pertaining to subordinate cadre by way of training and appraisals.internal systems and development of business plan. and • Liaison with core corporate nodes within the client entity as well as within the Commission. audit. • • • • Management of client portfolio. During the tenure of my training and employment. Tax Advisory and Consultation: Key responsibilities included: • • • • Liaison with PwC International tax network. Systems review and consultancy of cognitive nature. Performing special purpose and investigative audits. Client management with peculiar emphasis on hyper linking of client’s business issues and firm’s quality based procedures to seek the principles of value addition and total quality management. regulations and presentation of clients’ tax appeals to the appellate authorities upto the level of Tribunal. Development of tax strategies and working in association with clients’ management to craft a planned tax sphere. • • • Stationing on secondment basis for resolution of clients accounting management and financial cyclones. Supervision and direction of audit engagements and team management. I have successfully completed various assignments and have worked closely with the clients in understanding their business issues. Contd……………. Business diagnostic reviews. Liaison with key management and International PwC network. Providing consultancy to foreign clients on tax affairs. Regulatory certifications. Business Consultation and Accounting Services Key responsibilities included: • • • Scenario building and business modeling in affiliation with the client. assisting in tailoring the firm’s products to match their needs and managing firm’s resources to successfully complete the projects . Propagating firms audit philosophy among the clients leading to build a harmonised audit environment.5 -----------------5------------------ Projects managed are as under: Assurance and Business Advisory Services Key responsibilities include: • • • • Leading various audit groups and propounding effective audit strategies. Job responsibilities include providing accounting. Secretarial Services and Corporate Advisory Key responsibilities included: • • Incorporation of companies.

Lawrence’s Boys’ School. United Kingdom Fellow Member of Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants (PIPFA) July 2002 February 2002 July 2003 Contd…………….• • • Qualified as a Chartered Accountant successfully clearing Professional examinations of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) Fellow Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Glasgow. Karachi November 2000 July 1998 March 1998 October 1995 May 1993 MEMBERSHIPS AND AFFILIATIONS • • • • Member Committee on Taxation of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan Member Professional Accountants in Business Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan Member Integrated Reporting Committee of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) – Pakistan Chapter Member Fair Taxation Committee of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) – Pakistan Chapter EDIFICATIONS Taught on part-time basis to degree classes as well as professional programmes in affiliation with a number of institutes Also delivered vocational lecture and presentation at the department of Public Administration. College of Commerce and Economics. • Matriculation (Science) from St. Karachi. COMPUTER LITERACY Well versed and proficient in extracting the best resources of the following software • SAP • ORACLE E SUITE • TOP MASTER • BPCS • CLASS • MS OFFICE • INTERNET & INTRANET • MULTIMEDIA PERSONAL Date of birth Nationality Marital Status 12 August 1976 Pakistani Married .. Karachi University.Introduction to IT and audit • Managing Audit In-house management training with C&L including Problem Solving. College of Commerce and Economics.6 -----------------6------------------ Academic • Masters in Economics from University of Karachi • Full time Foundation Course from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan • Bachelors of Commerce from Govt. and Time Management and attended various professional development seminars covering current taxation and financial reporting issues. Karachi • Intermediate from Govt. Presentation Skills. Project Management. TRAINING COURSES COMPLETED Attended regular training sessions on the following topics: • Leadership Skills – Dale Carnigie held at Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia • Leadership Grid Seminar (Grid Graduate) • Global Total Engagement Quality audits • Managing the audits • Basic introduction to CLASS • IDP . Team Building.

.Religion Linguistic skills Islam English. Urdu REFERENCES Will be furnished upon request.