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' Disruptive. Small-d democratic. Transparent. Tech savvy. Design savvy. Local and global. Ninible. Values-driven. No matter your gut reaction to what has sprung out of a seemingly sketchy September landing on New York's Zuccotti Park, the Occupy movement is spiritually akin

to the innovative companies we laud • elsewhere on this list and in each issue. Square, for example, is working to disrupt an established trillion-dollar payment infrastructure that puts the little guy at a disadvantage. Occupy, meanwhile, is challenging a political, financial, and social establishment that has resulted in income inequality and puts most Americans at a disadvantage. Both attempt to make a more fair future. Even as a fledgling startup. Occupy has meaningfully changed the global conversation on austerity measures,


With the OccupyVotes platform, Jacobi and her peers at Digital Democracy have created a platform that reveals the priorities of a movement that notoriously won't list its demands.

MallicRahsaan occupy THE HOOD Rahsaan started Occupy the Hood to get people of color actively involved in the Occupy movement, bringing communitylevel issues to a national stage.




. my community. we had t o get t h e s l e e p i n g bags o t t t h e g r o u n d . JanWamplerMiT The MIT architecture professor. » » . Andy Dao and Ivan Cash OCCUPY GEORGE For these designers. and c r e a t e s dead-air space t c r i n s u l a t i o n . . GIVFN THF PREVALENCE OF C O R P O R A T F C I I F N T S A N n These issues Occupy Wall Street Is IN A WAY. . T h e N a t i v e A m e r i c a n t e e p e e is good h e cause i t s h e d s s n o w .OUR WORK CONNECTS MOVEMENTS THAT SEEM REALLY OISPARATE BOT ACTUALLY ARE ABOOT THE SAME THING: PEOPLE WANT AGENCY OVER THEIR LIVES ANO TO BE ABLE TO INELOENCE THE HALLS OE POWER EVEN WHEN THEY THEMSELVES ARE NOT THE POWEREUL. » . has helped design housing structures that can keep protesters warm in the winter. Occupiers themselves. BEING SO CLOSE TO THE ENFMY tighting now are issues that people of color have taced tor a long time. . RUT THE MORE YOU LEARN. The h e a u t y of t h i s is i t ' s an open and f r e e p r o c e s s . REALLY PROVIDES AN INTIMATE Gl I'm just organizing tor the tuture ot INTO WHAT'S W R O N G . To make a s i t e w a r m enough t o live i n . WE ALL GROW UP HAVING THIS IDEA OF WHAT THE AMERICAN OREAM IS. . h u t it w a s n ' t t e a s i h I e . . along with student and alumni voiunteers and. has a sttiail f o o t p r i n t . .COM 89 . the medium is truly the message: By stamping Occupy-related facts and figures on dollar biiis. they show soiidarity with the movement and annoy banks at the same time. THE MORE YOU REALIZE ITSNOTASATTAINARLE FOREVERYROOYASYOU THINK IT IS. . . HAVING A BACKGROUND IN THE A n CREATES A D U A L I T Y FOR MF. is easy to erect. of course. MARCH 2012 FASTC0MPANY. and e v e i y o n e can p a r t i c i p a t e . .

The venture capitalist Fred Wilson has written that entrepreneurs are likely onto something big when they're mocked and misunderstood. These pages showcase a handful of the frontline innovators in the Occupy movement and how they've employed creative means to advance their cause. ARNDT CHRISTINA CHAEY. charitable. It s also a model. "That's the new organizing principle. Fast companies aren't perfect. -REPORTING BY RACHEL Z. if you will. the Occupy movement has used tech tools to support. even after the significant role they've played in innumerable political. linking various local Occupy movements and connecting individual groups with celebrities. of course.". It's telling that tech companies—or any socially responsible firms that try to balance values with prof its—are noticeably absent from the organizations that Occupy attacks. such as Sean Penn. Just like meaningful citizen protest. Joan Donovan iNTEROccuPY Donovan works on interoccupation communications. AND TANIA KARAS Isaac Wilder FREE NETWORK FOUNDATION The Free Network Foundation helps make the Internet and communication tools used by Occupy movements more efficient and accessible among their users. "My playbook is from the development of the Internet.putting greater focus on how these initiatives may disproportionately harm the bulk of a populace." says Shen Tong. but Occupy's initial public offering. not controlied by a centralized power. Like a startup employing technology as a competitive weapon. It's but one measure. The Internet really helps shape a dominant culture that makes this kind of thinking much easier. harnessing the energy of the web. they're part of the solution. But far more often than not. not the problem. amplify and connect participants. to name but two examples. managed chaos. Occupy Wall Street's philosopher-inresidence. 90 FASTC0MPANY.COM MARCH 2012 . and business initiatives. are still ridiculed in some corners as frivolous time-wasters. puts It in very good company Facebook and Twitter.

WE'RE GOING TO WORK ON RREAHING DOWN THIS lOEA THAT RECAUSE I AM AN AMERICAN. ISlltHlllEII Benjamin Phillips OCCUPY OAKLANO An Air Force veteran of the Iraq war. It's aiiout peopie ewniny tlie networks. S h e n T o n g OCCUPY WALL STREET A longtime veteran of social movements dating back to China's Tiananmen Square. We've been reconcepîualizing îhis idea of secuiity and what thai means. we're frying fo bulid knowledge. . Disliibuled systems are moie resilient Hiancenííolízed ones. W E STEPPFD U P B E C A O S E Y O O D I D N ' T D O YOIJR l O B . Phillips leverages his marketing and social-media expertise to facilitate accessible technology for all members of Occupy Oakland. . IT'S NOT THF M O V E M E N T ' S JOB TO HAVE O E M A N D S . J U S T W A K E U P A N D D O Y O U R P A R T . It's not based on putting up walls and preventing peopie tram going inside. . WE CAN TEACH PEOPLE TO COME UP WITH lOEAS TO CHANGE THE WORLO AROUNO THEM IN WAYS THAT SUIT COMMUNITY NEEOS. STOP ASKING OS TO HAVE D E M A N D S . 100 EVERYTHING ON MY OWN. instead ot buiiding wails. then we can run tiiem in tlie way that liest serves humanity. Tong helps influence OWS from a phiiosophical point of view. . MARCH 2012 FASTCOMPANY. THE M O V E M E N T H A S PROVIOED T H E ENERGY FOR CIVIE-SOCIETY GROUPS TO HAVF OEMANDS PRDACTIVEEY A N D ENDORSE THIS MOVEMENT BY ACTING.COM 91 . It we can pool our resources and buiid networks together. Y O O K N O W W H A T Y O O R D E M A N D S A R E S O D O IT E O R Y O U R O W N C O N S T I T U E N C Y . . » .

yes.S. including interactive tools that display fans' profile pictures and filter comments by show or even word (killed was big in Boardwalk posts). only HBO actually put together a digital hit. When E." says. HBO's goal is to reduce the churn that typically follows a season finale. D. and maintaining every system.000 products since 2009 and has incentive to work fast: It expects the market for its biowares to hit $30 billion by 2015. It works: Fans often rewatch episodes using the feature. much of it through virtual-goods sales.600 hours of programming (and growing). "It's important for us to make people feel they're entering a special place. and Hulu failed to land a buyer." he said. Its 2011 wins: EÄSTSIOESTORY The California-based company added East Coast service in Maryland." Early surveys show just that—nearly three-quarters of HBO Go's 5 million subscribers stick around. sequences a genome for just $1. tablets. a speedy response was essential. It now serves 11 states across the country. ARMY GREEN it iaunched SolarStrong. apps. Channel subscribers can stream any episode in its library for free—from Boardwalk Empire to Oz— «•[¡fe Fer speeding up genetic sequencing II Ferbrigbteninguptbe sun-pewer business "There are more than 5. It's HBO Go. and an open platform to encourage a Western-style app ecosystem. Life Technologies' Ion Torrent. Walmart and SolarCity announced pians to decl< out 60 more stores with solar. New Jersey. family trees. The Wire's Omar Little knew why: "The game's out there. HBO is also developing social connections online. "It changes the whole dynamic of a pandemic.000—a quarter of the price of equivalent devices. Jealous yet. Massachusetts. entering Apple's App Store and buying California-based Riot Games. the first comprehensive mobile TV service.000 solar companies in the U. all you have to do is [swipe your finger] and you see everything else HBO has done." says CEO Greg Lucier. and 85% of them say they watch more HBO programs because of the service. "Many of these companies wiil go out of business.A. and other bonuses. it is a full-service operation—designing. AOL? NEW INTERNET USERS 2007-2010 TOTAL INTERNET USERS las percentage cf population) China 459nillion fftn ffnt ÎTffT FOR BEING THE ONLY TV NETWORK TBDEIIGHT WITRRIOITfll INTERNET USERS prior tc 2007 INTERNET NONUSERS GAINED INTERNET 2007-2010 USERS as ot2010 ffiff U. Viewers of the medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones can access a ticker with maps. military housing units with rooftop solar. $1 billion plan for outfitting up to 120. SMART MONEY SolarCity persuaded Citi. all without a dollar of government funding. Alison Moore. "That's a pretty powerful reason not to disconnect. That's how to ease new customers into an unfamiliar technology. and it's play or get played. "More is more. the Ion Proton." (Paging Soiyndra!) But last year.000 U.000 projects. (It's now pushing West. and Washington. and smartphones. Bancorp." -CHUCK SALTER 92 FASTC0MPANY." she says. Moore's team keeps seeking ways to deepen fan engagement. that was that. It has expanded to games. IM portal Tencent dominates.C. That's 1. "That simple. and is now the world's third-largest publicly traded Internet company.50 MOST INMOVBTIVE COMPANIES 01 leocenl For fueling China's Internet beem-and boldly moving West Thestory of American instant messaging is one of fragmentation: AOL lost its grip. Life Technologies sells the sequencer for $50." Moore says. Cmail and Facebook gained ground. a semiconductorbased sequencer. New York. Google. HBO's senior VP of digital platforms. a five-year.S.000. sodal networking." says SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive.6 billion company introduced 2. But in China.) It makes $1 billion a quarter. "On the iPad. 10 times more than digital cable's HBO On Demand. EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN in September.. SolarCity expanded to the East Coast and added 12. Pennsylvania. to computers.COM MARCH 2012 INFOCRAPHICS BY NATHAN BILANCIO . and others to invest in residential solar-energy installation. bringing solar energy to 75% of Walmart's California locations. Its newest machine. coll killed more than 50 people across Europe last spring. and cable providers hyped long-promised streaming. financing. " 244inlllion " ' SOURCEi UMNTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS UNION 246mllllon China ffttt mif ntn /^ m îfif fff» As Netflix flip-flopped on DVDs and boosted fees.S. U. let scientists map the strain's genes in three days (others might have taken up to two weeks) and quickly develop a test to help identify the outbreak's source.S. The $3. The key: Rather than just make panels. installing.

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