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The success of an individual, a community, a world is determined by the foundation from which it grew upon.

While our purposes may differ, we are all interconnected. The prosperity of an individual is the result of another's action or influence. It is the combination of exquisite individuals that emerge from society that harness unique potential and growth. The enormous organization of Key Club is no exception. Rather, it is one of several trees that began as a mere seed. Despite its miniscule size, the amount of potential it contained was eternal, everlasting, endless. The seed's miraculous growth can only be directed to the phenomenal compilation of individuals that will make up the roots of the tree. Often unrecognized, the tree would be nothing without its roots. The trunk, the branches, the leaves are merely extensions of the roots. Attention is directed to only what we can see, but what about that which we can't see? The tree is insignificant without the critical support the roots provide. For this very reason, La Canada Key Club seeks to uncover a diamond in the ruff, a jewel of the seas, the roots of our tree. It is not a matter of reciting the efforts of our advisor to promote the core values of Key Club but the identification of an extraordinary person that is a manifestation of the values themselves. Leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness are all related. Leadership is not solely defined by how well one can lead, but the greater understanding of one's ability to do so, the choice of whether leadership is needed at times or not, and ultimately the granting of leadership opportunities for others. Mrs. Eryn Walsh is an exemplar of these core values, expressing a way of life that is influential to all around her. The amount of care she places into everything she does it immeasurable and a natural course of action for her. Size or value is irrelevant to her since she deems everything of equal importance to her. She probably doesn't realize the significant influence she's had upon each of the officers' lives during our time with her. Most importantly, she has been the unyielding, relentless, patient support of our club. From acknowledgement of our successes and moral support during our failures, she's been there for us always. Not only as an orator of important information but a positive driving force that compels us to work harder. It's not just about ourselves but something larger and more important than us. It's about making her proud through our work as she is our advisor. Our actions reflect herself as well and she has taken the paramount responsibility of not only overseeing us, but so much more. While maintaining a stressful job as a teacher, she meets us halfway and sometimes more, eager to listen to us, aid us, and encourage us in our plan of action. An "Advisor of the Year" honor is not enough to express how much we care for her, but it's the least we can do to emphasize our deepest gratitude and thankfulness for her presence. It is our pleasure.