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D E P R E FA B R I C A D O S, S . L .

MALAKA DE PREFABRICADOS,S.L. is a Spanish company sited in Malaga, belonging to a corporate group that operates in the sector of the construction for over fifteen years. Inside the group, diverse activities related to the construction are included, from quarry of arid, elaboration of concrete, etc; factory of prefabricated of concrete of all kinds, carpentry of aluminium (doors, windows, façade walls curtains, etc.).

Summarizing, in the sector of the concrete we devote ourselves to the production and commercialization of prefabricated of concrete of all kinds, both for Building and for Civil Work.

Our staff is highly qualified, with wide experience in the Sector of the Construction, from siderurgy, cement, arid, concrete, aluminium, etc., in both production and execution of works, which qualifies us to provide a complete service and technical advice to the client. MALAKA DE PREFABRICADOS, S.L. considers, as it might not be otherwise, to his specialized staff as one of the most important assets of the company, without whose effort it would not have been possible to reach the current positioning of the company in the market.

Due to the improvements in the communications, the globalization, and the every day more changeable environment of the companies, it is absolutely necessary to to rely on an increasingly qualified staff, good communicative skills and capacity of adjustment to the new scenarios. This is the reason why we value our personnel as one of our fundamental strengths for our project of international expansion.

Our facilities are a key element for the functioning and management of our company, since it is the principal factor to attend the needs of our clients, meeting their quality requirements and delivery time at very competitive prices. Below are our principal production centers:

Press Production Center for the manufacture of pavements ( curbs and cobblestones) of the Poyatos brand-model Novabloc. This installation also includes a hopper for the storage and classification of arid.
»» Production

capacity of cobblestones: 30.000 m2/month. »» Production capacity of curbs: 100.000 m/month.

»» Press

Production Center for the manufacture of lightening elements of forged and fencing blocks of the Poyatos brandmodel Megabloc. »» Capacity of production of lightening elements of forge: 500.000 units / month. »» Capacity of production of fencing blocks: 1.000.000 units / month. »» Production Center of pipes for the manufacture of Bell outlet pipe in mass concrete crete in mass and reinforced concrete, of nominal diameter from 300mm up to 1800mm and wells of registration of nominal diameter 1000 mm and 1200 mm of the Colle brand - model Vibromatic.

Production Center Dry Mortar. It consists of the following elements: »» Installation of crushing and classification of arid to obtain sand 0/2, composed of mill , impact type ARJA brand, model PISCIS 2000 and morjensen type sieve, Gosav brand. »» Sand Stores, composed of 3 storage pits of 1000 t of capacity of storage and 6 storage pits of production for sand, cement, lime and additive of 100T of capacity each one. »» Mixer of dry mortar, Lödige brand. »» 2 sieves with a capacity of 100 ton of finished product. »» 150 sieves with a capacity of 35ton each and mixing device, for installation and supply in work.

The production capacity is 20.000ton/month. Production Center of prefabricated concrete Frames, for sewage systems, creek channeling, airpot galleriess and road drainage works among others, Colle brand-model Vibrotubi.

MALAKA DE PREFABRICADOS, S.L. offers an integral service which covers from the manufacture of the material and its marketing up to the supply on-site, by means of an own distribution network, as well as technical specialized advice to our clients, relating the use of our products.

Civil work
Prefabricated concrete frames for gallery building, creeks channelling... Bell oulet pipeline and accessories for sewage systems and wells of registration. Paving with cobbles and curbs, both mono - layer and bi-layer.

Lightening elements of reticulated and unidirectional forge. Fencing blocks. Bulk Dry Mortar for brickwork and revoke.

Reference works
MALAKA DE PREFABRICADOS,S.L. is a regular collaborator of the principal Spanish construction companies, among which we can highlight, Ferrovial, Dragados, Sacyr, O.H.L., Corsan-Corviam, and Sando.

We have supplied our products to the most important works carried out within our zone of performance: Building. All kind of works. Supply in the construction of numerous housing. Civil work. Airport performances: New Terminal Airport of Malaga, The Second Track Airport of Malaga, Gibraltar Airport, Malaga Sea Port, Algeciras Sea Port, etc.

Roads. Hyper ring road of Malaga, Toll road Estepona-Guadiaro, etc. Fluvial. Channeling of the Ciriano and Bienquerido creeks - affected zones works of the Malaga Airport, etc. Paving. Palacio de Deportes Martin Carpena in Malaga, Maritime Walks Puerto Banus in Marbella, among others, streets in the historical areas of cities, such as Alhaurín, Vélez-Malaga, Benalmádena, etc., Urbanization of the Extension of the University of Malaga, Urbanization of Malaga Underground, etc.

Below we show some images of supplied works: Channeling of the Ciriano and Bienquerido creeks in Malaga: 651 m. of channelling with triple framing of 3,00 x 3,00 m. of inner diameter. Conditioning of the extension works for the Malaga Airport.

Marina Puerto Banús in Marbella.

Costa del Sol Urbanization.

Malaka de Prefabricados, S.L. Is strategically sited dueto its easy access to the Seaport of Malaga and to the belt motorway which connects with the neighboring provinces such us the Marbella - Algeciras Toll Road, Las Pedrizas motorway to Seville - Madrid, and the highway of the East Zone to Almeria. We also have a privileged location because of our proximity to the Malaga Airportand and also to the arid quarries.

Finca Pizarro S/N, Churriana 29140 MÁLAGA (España)

Malaka de Prefabricados, S.L.
Finca Pizarro S/N, Churriana 29140 MÁLAGA (España) Phone: +34 952 622 434 e-mail: Francisco Zurita Cortés Phone / Fax: +34 952 622 434 / +34 952 621 926 Mobile: +34 616 473 283 e-mail: Noelia Zurita Cortés Phone / Fax: +34 952 622 434 / +34 952 621 926 Mobile: +34 620 840 297 e-mail: