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Baha -ud -din Zakariya University, (Bahadur Sub Campus Layyah) Operation management (report & project outline

Class: Course Instructor: Email: MBA-1 3rd Semester Shahid Rasool

Note: topic to be covered in the project is given below.
1. Introduction 2. Corporate profile 3. Corporate Strategy  Vision statement  Mission statement 4. Core Competencies  Cost: Flexibility: Time: Work Force: Facilities: System and Technology 5. Project Design & Implementation Strategy  Business Design  Process Design  Engineering Design  Implementation Strategy  Financing Arrangements 6. Project Facts  Location  Project Cost  Main supply  Completion period  First input in production

Operation Strategy  Location  Capacity  Layout  Process  Operation decision  Quality 8. Forecasting . Process Decision      12. Process Management 11. Production Process 13. Process Strategy 9. Capacity   Process unit capacity Storage unit Capacity Project Job Batch Line Continuous Storage Unit Capacity 15.  Proximity to Parent Company  Proximity to Market  Proximity to Resources  Favorable Labor Climate 14. Location Dominant Factors About The Location. Strategies Base on Process Flow 10. Capacity Strategies 16. First product Out 7.

17. Supply-Chain Management  Material Management  Purchasing  Distribution  Forward Placement  Backward Placement  Transportation Mode 18. Conclusion . Inventory Management Safety Stock Inventory Inventory Control System  Periodic Review System  Continuous Review System 19.

Report formatting:Font size:    Main heading= 16 Sub heading= 14 Report text= 12 Font style  Times new roman Proper header and footer Auto generated table of content Executive summary Acknowledgement Dedication References Hard binding Time limit 6 weeks Total marks 10 .

What you think about the operations management? Ans: Operation management is very necessary part of an organization. Best tractor quality provide to customer. 8. Best quality of components is use. Who are your main customers? Ans. 5.ALmadina and PMTF. What are your major products? Ans.What are your core processes? Ans. 2. 4. 7. 9.Al – Ghazi Tractor Company was established in 1983. What is support process? Ans. Line process are use in AGTL.Questionnaire 1. The main supplier of Al _Ghazi is 250 industries. without it we can’t operate in efficient way. 6. The major products of AGTL are following (1)TRACTOR (2) agricultures ingreedeance(3)Harvester. 3.What are your terms of supplyment? Ans: Net cash & on account .What kinds of process are going on ? Ans. When the industry established? Ans . The main customer of AGTI are army and purse 99% components from suppliers.What are your suppliers? Ans.

through the reconciliation of market requirements with operations resources. 15.through overtime work we can fulfill extra demand of customers.How much actuly production? Ans.What is your operations strategy? Ans.G.10. Khan 18. The Customizations of products. of products is according to environmental conditions it increase and decrease according to demand.Multan. 14.I. D. 13.What are your main divisions? Ans.The demand.How many projects on which you are working? Ans. The actual productions per day 115. Khan. The actual capacity per day 150 12. 11.How to fulfill these demands? Ans .The main division of Al-Ghazi .The demand of your poduct per year? Ans. Operations strategy is the total pattern of decisions which shape the long-term capabilities of any type of operations and their contribution to the overall strategy.How much your capacity to produce the product? Ans. Only one projects are working. D. 16.What kind of the work force you have face in your operations? Ans.Dynamic work force is applied in making operations 17. Bahawalpur Purr.How to manage the supply chain? Ans: By purchasing of components on time & better production system.Operations strategy is the tool that helps to define the methods of producing goods or a service offered to the customer .

What are your core competencies? Ans . What are your competitive priorities? Ans. Best engineering qualities best engineer.Khan because Govt. Zia-ul-Haq when it was declared free industrial zone for five years 26. best engineering and brilliant engineer. Line flow process are use in AGTL.AGTL follows the new technology to provide the best quality to customer through the market analysis.How to develop the new product and what kind of strategies you adopt to promote the new products? Ans. gave option to AGTL to select either D. . 21. Why you chose that location? Ans . What is your corporate strategy? Ans.customer loyalty with brands. What kind of flow of processes your organization adopts? Ans.tractor work speed increase.Door step and big strength. Both were tax free zone. 23.Khan or Khushab.19. 25. 2o.AGTL select D.G. 22. 24. (1). The location had been selected in early 80’s during the period of late President of Republic of Pakistan Gen.G.Can operations strategies help to cover the corporate strategies? Ans: Yes. (2).Who are the direct competitors ? Ans. The direct competitors of Al_Ghazi is millet tractor. Over corporate strategy is following.

Multan. 32.Can you tell us the culture of the organization? Ans.30000 . 31.Throurgh market trends.27.What is the annual production? Ans . 34. and some 800 kms from Karachi.Do you think that your work flow is flexible and up to what extent it is compatible with you are labors? Ans: Yes.KHAN.If automated then it is programmed or fixed? Ans .Which type of capital intensity are using in your organization? Ans: Large machinery & labor. The main terminals is D. 33.G.Operations strategy is the tool that helps to define the methods of producing goods or a service offered to the customer 28. Volatile and extensive culture in organizations. What are your operations strategies? Ans . located in Dera GhaziKhan it Corporate Head – 100 kms from Multan. 35. What sort of inventory strategies you adopt? Ans: Make to stock strategy .How much your organization annual capacity of storage? Ans. 30.What are your strategies for changes? Ans. main head office is Karachi and shakhar these are terminals of Al –ghazi Tractor Company. Reserve for 200 tractors.How many terminals are working in Pakistan? Ans. 29. 36.The dynamic process used in organizations.

Big bottleneck D.How to fulfill the gap between the actual capacity and required capacity? Ans: Labor over time & increase in components. People are work according to target and the designs of organization. 43. 38. Medium.How to maintain the EOQ in your inventory? Ans. Low.37. When increase demand AGTL fulfills the demand through over time. High.Can you tell us about the capacity cushion set in your organization? Ans.Up to what extent the companies use the TOC in the organization to remove the bottleneck? Ans. 45.How much your organization capacity utilization? Ans.G khan . What is your long term capacity planning? What is your short term capacity planning? Ans. Purchase components in large scale.competitors living in remote area. 41. 39. 40. 44. . 42.Can you explain the bottleneck? Ans: Hurdles in production process.What type of inventory do you have? How you can control your inventory? Ans: Three types of inventory used.What you think about the bottleneck in your whole process? Ans .