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Define Organizational Value Maps

Use In this Customizing activity, you can maintain the organizational value maps used for role derivation. Organizational value mapping is the hierarchical structuring of organizational values. You can use organizational value maps to group organizational values in ways that facilitate mass assignment of authorizations and derivation of roles. For example: If you want to restrict user access by organizational area, you can use the organizational value mapping feature to map roles to different organizational levels. To define all associated organizational values, you can create an organizational value map for each organizational area (such as North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific). You always create an organizational value map with a parent (or primary) organizational level and value, because access control uses that to store and search for the organizational value map. You can create multiple maps for the same parent organizational level and value combination. After the primary organizational level and value are set, you can define the values for all child organizational levels within the map to complete the organizational value map creation. After you create the organizational value map, it can be used by all users as a basis to derive any master role. Activities 1. Create the organizational value map. a) Choose New Entries. b) In the Organizational Value Mapping field, enter a value. This is a unique identifier and can be a number or letter. 2. Maintain the parent organizational level. Select Organizational Level and choose an organization from the dropdown list. Access Control pulls the organizations from the SAP back end. 3. Maintain the child organizational levels: a) Select a parent organizational level and double-click Org Level Mapping Details. b) Choose New Entries. c) Select Cld. Org. Level and choose a child organizational level. d) Select the Sequence field and then enter any number. The application uses the sequence number to differentiate the values for the child organizational level. 4. Select the organizational values for the child organizational levels. You have the following options to choosing the organizational values:


Choose only one value: Select the From field and select the organizational value from the dropdown list. Choose a range of values from the available organizational values: In the From field, choose the first organizational value in the range. In the To field, choose the last organizational value in the range.


Example Following is an example of possible values for the fields in this activity: Your company has 10 plants on the West Coast with the following organizational values:

West_Coast01…. You specify the following for the Org. Level Sequence From To West_Coast 0 01 05 The application only includes the following values in the organizational value map:      West_Coast01 West_Coast02 West_Coast03 West_Coast04 West_Coast05 .West_Coast10. Level Mapping Details. Child Org.