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Application-Aware NPM: The Cascade Difference

and end-to-end visibility that. Cascade® is an applicationaware network performance management (NPM) solution from Riverbed Technology that understands the relationship between application performance and the network. no matter the architecture – whether using a traditional network. leading to slow troubleshooting and insufficient understanding of the IT environment. consolidation. Cascade® Profiler Virtual Edition software is a virtualized version of the Cascade Profiler appliance that runs on VMware vSphere to provide added deployment flexibility. virtualization. automated discovery and dependency mapping. analysis. and Riverbed® Steelhead® appliances to provide proactive monitoring. virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). It correlates information collected by Cascade® Shark. and Cascade® Gateway flow collection appliance. early warning of brewing performance issues.Data Sheet: Riverbed Cascade Profiler and Cascade Gateway Overview Managing a corporate network and maintaining predictable and reliable application performance is a challenging task that is getting harder with industry trends such as cloud computing. A key focal point and strength of the Cascade solution is Cascade® Profiler appliance. Historically. server virtualization. It utilizes network flow data and complements it with packet-based performance metrics to troubleshoot application and network performance. and other industry trends. and a consistent and reliable end-user experience. according to IDC. performance management solutions have managed network and application performance in isolation. The Cascade Difference • Maintain business continuity: preserve revenue • Avoid or reduce IT costs • Protect user experience and productivity • Enhance IT collaboration and operational efficiency • Speed problem identification and resolution Centralized analysis and reporting Cascade® Profiler appliance. or software-defined network (SDN). The Cascade solution provides a centralized view of all applications running across networks. are an integral part of Cascade solution family that gives IT and network managers the power to quickly and holistically view network and application performance problems and dramatically accelerate mented a Cascade solution typically experience 519 % ROI in less than six months. It is the centralized analysis and reporting console. capacity and WAN optimization planning and analysis. Cascade Gateway. the centralized reporting and analysis console. It is the only solution to enable network operations teams to find and fix network and application performance issues. dramatically accelerates troubleshooting by as much as 67%. 2 . and reporting of network and applications performance problems.

and which hosts and virtual tunnel endpoints are generating the traffic. Service monitoring – Cascade Profiler appliance features advanced analytics to automatically detect and alert on meaningful changes in performance. Riverbed and VMware have developed the new VXLAN-aware IPFIX format. Guided drill down gets deeper and deeper into the details of the most critical applications and provides essential data for fast troubleshooting. and virtualization initiatives. The service maps created become the basis of service dashboards and are invaluable tools for accelerating troubleshooting across complex application ecosystems. Cascade Profiler appliance tracks abnormanl events and gives off alerts raised based on the deviation from historical baseline. it uses proactive monitoring to trigger an alert once a deviation is detected. path dependencies. providing proactive notification of brewing issues. Riverbed Stingray™ Traffic Manager and other application delivery controllers (ADCs). the green band shows typical historical ranges of normal behavior responsiveness. Discovery and dependency mapping – Cascade Profiler appliance includes a discovery wizard that creates application dashboards that automate the process of mapping transactions to their underlying infrastructure so that application definitions and interdependencies are accurate – including discovering through F5. it obscures visibility into traffic details. and the pink column shows the event trigger where current activity exceeded normal expectations.Cascade Profiler features Automated analytics – Proactive network management based on automated analytics is the single best way to identify problems before they impact the business. blue line represents current behavior. After learning baseline statistics. all without prior knowledge of specific apllications. and number of users or even router changes. Its service dashboards provide a quick view into the end-to-end health of a business service that are visually shown by red-yellow-green health status indicators. what applications are involved. Figure 1: Alert raised based on deviation from historical baseline. disaster recovery. Figure 3: Service dashboards provide a quick view into the end-to-end health of critical applications that are visually shown by red-yellow-green health status indicators Support for server virtualization and VMware VXLAN SDN – VXLAN virtual overlay networks solves the problem of quickly provisioning network and security services and removes the barrier to vMotion across clusters. but because the traffic is UDP encapsulated. Application services are created using a discovery wizard that automates the process of mapping transactions to its underlying infrastructure and ensures that service definitions are always accurate and up to date. Figure 2: Uncovering underlying dependencies through the discover wizard is an essential tool for planning and keeping today’s strategic IT initiatives on-track 3 . and planning for data center consolidation or cloud. which enables Cascade products to provide detailed information about what virtual overlay networks are running on the physical network.

Enhanced cross team collaboration Cross team collaboration is becoming essential between network operators and application managers. “We now have a much more effective network management process and can quickly determine where a problem is in the network and what applications and services are being impacted. With Cascade we achieved this” Joe Harrington. Our goal is to be in an increasingly proactive mode where we know all about network and application problems before the user reports on them. or better yet. Benefits of Cascade Gateway appliance over traditional flow collectors: • End-to-end visibility into a flow. Director Network Services. saving money while boosting efficiency. a capacity planning project or implementing data center virtualization or consolidation Cascade’s end-to-end visibility gets all teams involved working together to do accurate planning so critical projects are done efficiently and expediently the first time. A discovery wizard maps application dependencies to allow teams to visually understand what the dependencies are before any action takes place. Cascade products reduce the time time projects take to complete. and then forwards the data to the Cascade Profiler console for analysis. but unique information is stored • Lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) with flow deduplication “Cascade’s ability to provide service maps to the various application and infrastructure support teams is very powerful. This type of visibility is critical for these projects so all teams have the same view of what the project entails. Cascade products enable this collaboration by empowering the application manager with new sets of the knowledge on how applications are operating. enabling reports from different devices to track packet loss or changing QoS • Minimizes storage requirements as common information is stored only once. IPFIX and other popular flow statistics) from network devices. J-Flow. greatly diminishing the potential of any downtime. so they can continuously monitor what they are responsible for. VP of Technology. enterprise-wide view Cascade Gateway appliance collects flow data (NetFlow. Customized views of how a specific application is running can be downloaded and forwarded to the application manager. so much so that we incorporated it into our change process” Joe Garland. de-duplicates common information. Boston College 4 . Cascade® Gateway Virtual Edition software is a virtualized version of the Cascade Gateway appliance that runs on VMware vSphere to provide added deployment flexibility. Deploying Cascade Gateway appliances in conjunction with Cascade Profiler appliance provides an easy and cost-effective way to gain end-toend visibility into the network without having to install probes everywhere. Jeffries & Company Whether preparing for a data center move. the applications manager can have these views available for them when they need it most. sFlow.Data Sheet: Riverbed Cascade Profiler and Cascade Gateway Gain an end-to-end.

Cascade® Shark and Cascade® Pilot products are designed to be integrated seamlessly. Network managers are empowered to easily plan for successful WAN optimization and application rollouts. etc. on the road or working from home. Cascade Profiler.End-user experience Whether they are in the office. Figure 4: Cascade Profiler appliance dashboards provide high level views of application and network performance with one-click drill-down for root cause analysis and problem isolation. NON-OPTIMIZED BRANCH Cascade Shark VE Cascade Pilot Cascad e Pilot DATA CENTER Cascade Shark Ca C a as sc ca ad de e Pro P ler Virtu Steelhead Cascade Profiler VE Cascade Gateway VE Cascade Shark VE d al E on itiio it Ca C asc as ca ad de e Ga G l Ed tewa Virtua y ition INTERNET WAN G P Cascade Profiler. Cascade products also provide unparalleled reporting on Riverbed Steelhead® WAN optimized environments that quantify the benefits of using Steelhead appliances. QoS settings. Cascade Gateway. and performance from their applications. users expect increasing levels of reliability. It accurately reports on application performance across optimized and non-optimized sites and can help identify additional optimization candidates. Cascade products provide monitoring and reporting on VDI (Ctrix and VMware view) and CIFs traffic to validate or troubleshoot QoS classifications and performance issues with these commonly accelerated applications. whether dealing with network latency. Consistent and reliable services to the end user are essential for successful business operations and productivity. Cascade products allow the network operations team to pinpoint and respond quickly to performance issues. stability. server response time issues. Cascade Pilot software is used to access packet level information stored on Cascade Shark appliances for packet and transactional analysis or multi-segment analysis. Sensor & Gateway Steelhead with embedded Shark functionality OPTIMIZED BRANCH Figure 5: Deployment of the complete Cascade solution 5 .

ranging from 100.0000 F1 100.000 F4 800. 30.0000 L 100.000 N/A CAP-4260 CAP-4260-UI CAP-4260-DB N/A CAP-4260-N 800.4 million 6 . Cascade Profiler VE Model Configurations Flow Capacity Cascade Gateway VE Flow Capacity Comes in 15.000 N/A Cascade Gateway appliance is sized according to flow capacity and is available in five models.000 – 90.000 flows per minute. 30. Cascade Gateways Model Configurations Flow Capacity Cascade Gateway VE Flow Capacity Comes in flows per minute to 1. 90.000 – 800.4 million flows per minute as well as the virtual edition (VE) that ranges from 15.000 F5 1. analysis.000 F2 200.000 H 500.Data Sheet: Riverbed Cascade Profiler and Cascade Gateway Product Models Cascade Profiler appliance is typically deployed with Cascade Gateway appliance.000.000.000 CAG-2260 Series F3 500. Cascade Shark and Steelhead products also send performance metrics called CascadeFlow to Cascade Profiler appliance for centralized monitoring.000 flows per minute. Cascade Profiler appliance supports from 100.000 CAP-4260 Expansion CAP-4260-EX CAP-4260-DP 400.000. 60. 60.000. and reporting. 90.000 CAP-2260 Series M 200. which collects and forwards flow metrics from network devices such as routers and switches.

encrypts it. IPFIX. V7 and V9).323. SIP and Cisco SCCP (“Skinny”) signaling protocols • 95th percentile reporting – a calculation for evaluating the regular and sustained utilization of a network connection and is useful for network capacity planning and billing • Monitoring and reporting of optimized and non-optimized environments. NBAR. Packeteer FDR and Cascadeflow from Steelhead appliances • Deduplicates flows for end-to-end flow visibility. cFlow. across the WAN. iTouch and Android. and R-Factor for H. packet loss.4 million flows per minute. and actions to business priorities • Behavioral analytics that monitor performance metrics to uncover performance problems. which enables network managers to plan for WAN optimization. analysis views and report on mobile devices and tablets for anywhere. depending on product model • Supports all popular flow types.000 to 1. and bandwidth utilization • Response time analysis and latency metrics provide granular understanding of application behavior and user experience • VoIP quality monitoring and reporting on jitter. V5. and then transmits it to Cascade Profiler for automated analysis. on-demand and scheduled reporting abilities • Compatible with iPad.Cascade Profiler key capabilities Cascade Profiler provides end-to-end visibility into network and application performance to enable and assure a consistent and reliable experience to all users. anytime access Cascade Gateway key capabilities Cascade Gateway collects flow data from across the enterprise. including NetFlow (V1. assess the impact of the deployment. regardless of where they sit in the enterprise. compresses it. Cascade Profiler provides the following capabilities: • Visibility everywhere: from the branch LAN. and reporting. View dashboards. and lower total cost of ownership • Easily scales from small enterprises up to the world’s largest networks • Transmits data to Cascade Profiler via TCP for enhanced reliability • Compresses flow data between 5x to 10x for reduced impact on the network • Forwards raw flow data to up to five other destinations • Supports 1 minute data granularity 7 . Enhanced NetFlow. MOS. Some of the capabilities of Cascade Gateway include: • Track 100% of all flow traffic on the network • A range of flow capacity from 100. providing early warning and enabling more efficient IT operations • Discovery wizard that automates the process of discovery and dependency mapping of applications. visibility. alerting. • sFlow V2 and V5. virtual and load balanced environments • Service-level dashboards organize performance data by application and location to align awareness. user connections. better accuracy in reporting. including conversations. and deep into the data center – across physical. J-Flow. and quantify benefits • Facilitates effective communications across teams and colleagues by having a highly flexible. for monitoring in dashboards that gives accurate and up-to-date understanding of application dependencies and performance • Layer 7 application and network behavior monitoring. de-duplicates it.

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